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What are you wearing?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So I did make a change in the ol template and now find myself in need of different gear. My question to you is this. What are you wearing for your set up and why? No need to be overly detailed, but if you wish to take the time and share I'd be interested in anything!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Currently, I am running a chiv/ninja archer.

    He's currently using a hunter's headress, RBC, and really good runic barbed armor in other slots. Jewelry has HCI / + ninjitsu skills (like +27 total).

    I am thinking about taking off Ninja and using bushi-do though. He was going to be PvP, but with changing guilds and people who I thought were friends back stabbing me, I mostly PvM with him, but I REALLY like dog and wolf forms.
  3. My Chiv/Bushido Archer uses Mace & Shield Glasses, Rune Beetle Carapace, Stormgrip, Ring of the Vile, and Primer on Arms talisman. Other than that, everything else is enhanced monster loot.
  4. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest


    My Chiv/Bushido Archer uses Mace &amp; Shield Glasses, Rune Beetle Carapace, Stormgrip, Ring of the Vile, and Primer on Arms talisman. Other than that, everything else is enhanced monster loot.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    You don't use Jackels Collar?

    How's your HCI/DCI?
  5. I'm at 149 Dex w/154 Stam without the Jackals. Have 30% HCI and only the 5% DCI, but then I'm an Archer, I don't intend to get hit by a melee creature. [​IMG]
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have 130 dex, 156 stamina (stamina from barbed armor).

    I would take my dex higher if I could break 180 stamina, because the SSI formula only takes stamina divisible by 30 whole numbers. Example, a 125 stamina is the same as 145 for determining your swing speed. Same goes for 155 and 175....if you are above 150, there is no reason to have any higher unless you can break 180.
  7. You should do some shopping around. You should be able to find a Hunter's Headdress and Jackal's Collar cursed version for pretty much a disposable price, so if you lose one of em, it's no big deal. In PvM, it's pretty hard to lose anything, especially when you can just honor yourself after being rezzed and walk right up to your corpse, even if a DF is standing on top of it. I know I've dropped the prices on all of my cursed arties to 5-75k. I sell the Hunter's for 40k and the Jackal's for 75, which is what, 20 minutes of gold farming to replace?
  8. Yale

    Yale Guest

    Been gearing up myself the last year or so, learning from my experiences of template creation during my DAOC adventures. *grins* Been involved with UO since late Alpha.

    I aquired a great gear template that's been working nicely for my play style. I RP a ranger/stalker type on catskills. Just finally hit 120 archery in Magincia so this character has been in the works for oh about 8 years or so. *laughs* I didn't want to mess with Chiv or Bush with this character. Ninja is a distant, remote possibility as it fits his playstyle the most, however I don't really want to change anything else except perhaps 120 swords someday, which would have me drop Anatomy or Healing 5 pts most likely. I've always liked having the flexibility to jump right in and melee, or shoot and scoot depending on the situation! I'm really happy with this character, he's my favorite and allows me to express my inner ranger archtype.



    Stats(total w/gear)



    -Mace and Sheild Glasses
    -Voice of the Fallen King
    -Heart of the Lion
    -Fey Leggings(human version)
    -Primer on Damage Removal
    -Crimson Cinture
    -Quiver of Infinity
    -Ring of the Vile

    Then I found and currently use:

    -Crafted Barbed Leather Sleeves

    Bracelet with either +5 Anatomy, +7 Tactics, +5 HCI, +9 DCI, +13 DI
    or +4 INT, +5 DEX, +11 HCI, +12 DCI, +16 DI

    Still looking for that perfect bracelet and a bit better sleeves to fill little holes in fire and poison resists and would love to max HCI and DI of course. The result without weapons yet:

    30 HLD
    49-52 DCI
    20-26 HCI
    58-61 DI
    All Mage(Med) armor

    and of course the 10% quiver Damage Mod. (where does that come into the equation anyway?)


    70 Energy

    My weapons cover the rest of the DI and usually look for/prefer some HLA/HLD/HCI in them with Leeches and a DD like Fireball or Lightning. (hehe who wouldn't?) I carry a few extra jewels to swap if I need 115 steath for a sensitive stalking job or some magery to mark runes, stuff like that. And what would be complete without carrying lots of enhanced bandies, potions of all kinds, petals, apples, trapped box, all that fun stuff. :)

    I love regular bows for the mortal strike and para, shortbows for the lightning special and machine gun abilities, a heavy crossbow for dismount/moving shot. I like elven machetes for the bladeweave special, bone harvesters for melee para/mortal, a butcher knife for some poisoning/disarm, and usually carry a nice vanq/mystic plain ole axe for the melee dismount. (UOA needs more weapon slots!)
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey Yale, Shoot me a PM on the brace you are looking for (min-max specs). I own the Westborough Jewelry Mall and Auction Hall just outside the west gates of Luna on Cats. I have a ton of things squirreled away and do regular consignments for folks. I will surely keep my eyes open for you! Cant promise, but cant hurt!
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My thanks to everyone. You guys are a wealth of info. I did put together a suit that gets me 70/70/69/60/70 using many doom items based on what I have read. I still need better sleeves and more mana regen. I will tweek as I go.

    But...one more question. [​IMG]
    Hp regen. Is there a cap? I am at 16. I would love to put some in mana, I am at 4, but just have not found the right item yet.
    Thanks again for your time!