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What creature kill/protect can come on talisman?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Derrick83, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Derrick83

    Derrick83 Guest

    I know I have seen "brown bear" 10000 times but I dont seem to have seen "greater dragon protection" or "Hiryu protection" anywhere... the killers are good, but the protections could be useful if we could get a talisman that have a creature we would ACTUALLY need protection from..

    Most of the stuff that comes on those (id say 80%-90%) you dont need protection from if you have a 50's+ suit... however, these could be used in pvp or pvm if you could put some of the big hitters in there..

    Any chance we can see this?
  2. Coppelia

    Coppelia Guest

    I've seen ancient liche and stuff like that. Also bird slayer means hiryu too.
  3. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Listed in order of the super slayer they fall under. *most* of these spawn on talismans, i think there are a few that dont.

    Greater Mongbat
    Vampire Bat

    Grizzly Bear
    -Raging Grizzly Bear (?)
    Polar Bear
    Black Bear
    Brown Bear

    Giant Beetle
    Rune Beetle
    Fire Beetle
    Deathwatch Beetle
    Deathwatch Beetle Hatchling

    Tropical Bird
    Frenzied Ostard
    Forest Ostard
    Desert Ostard
    Stone Harpy
    *Pyre is either a named eagle or a named phoenix

    Minotaur Scout
    Minotaur Captain
    Tormented Minotaur

    Fire Steed
    Fire Elemental
    Predator Hellcat
    Lava Lizard
    Lava Serpent
    Lava Snake
    Fire Beetle
    Flaming Gargoyles
    Fire Bunnies

    Snow Elemental
    Ice Fiend
    Ice Elemental
    Frost Troll
    Frost Ooze
    Lady of the Snow
    Snow Leopard
    Giant Ice Worm
    Giant Ice Serpent
    Ice Snake
    Frost Spider
    Arctic Ogre Lords
    White Wyrms

    Evil Mage
    Evil Mage Lord
    -Master Theophilus
    Orc Mage
    Lich Lord
    Ancient Lich
    Juka Mage
    Meer Mage
    Skeletal Mage
    -Master Mikael
    -Master Jonath
    Zealot of Khaldun
    Dark Guardians

    Giant Rat
    Sewer Rat
    Ratman Archer
    Ratman Shaman

    Orc Scout
    Orc Lord
    Orc Captain
    Orc Chopper
    Orc Brute
    Orc Bomber
    Frightened Orc
    Giant Black Widow
    Dread Spider
    Giant Spider
    Silver Serpent
    Deep Sea Serpent
    Giant Serpent
    Horde Minion

    Talisman of Creatures
    Vorpal Bunny
    Great Hart
    Wailing Banshee
    Giant Lava Snake
    Frost Spider
    Skeleton Knight
    Orc Brute*
    Clean Bandage
    *Only spawns on the “Grammar of Orchish” Talisman
  4. Derrick83

    Derrick83 Guest

    I appreciate the list..

    So somehow none of the main pets(other than hiru being on the slayer list for birds) made it under the protection property..

    Why are certain creatures left out of this? No dragon(other than the hiru, and thats because its a bird too) made it into the list. Really, nothing used as a high end tamer pet made the protection list.. why is this?
  5. Tinsil

    Tinsil Guest

    I know I have some that are like Ratman Shaman Protection... Do these even exist?
  6. Derrick83

    Derrick83 Guest

    I have lots that say rat shaman protection.. but again.. when PvE I 1 hit kill them.. when doing spawns I kill a whole screen of them in 1 WW so.. agian .. pretty useless.. any creature that spawns on the talisman for protections, you dont need protection from lol
  7. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Ratman Shamans are the correct term for the more commonly misnamed "Ratman Mages"
  8. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Yea... Pyres are such newbs. Same with Ancient Liches, Lich Lord Paragons, yamadons... etc.
  9. Derrick83

    Derrick83 Guest

    Ok.. their are a few.. however I have never seen a Pyre as a protection.. with slayer and a decent suit or tamer/peacer any of the liches are 2-4 second kills.. I will give you the paragon liches(tho in order to NEED the talisman for lich lords they have to be paragon and make them speedhack and 3x as strong THEN it comes in handy) and really yamandons are the one that would help the most because they are pretty nasty.

    I realize the point you were trying to make, but they have bear protection, mongbat protection, rat protection... etc.. however no dragon protection, no ogre lord protection, no white wyrm protection, no ancient wyrm protection, no rune beetle protection, no nightmare protection etc, no Oni protection, etc....

    These are tough creatures that even with good suits can drop you down and even kill you in a matter of a second with the right hit/spell/fire breath combo ... and yet none of any type of those creatures make the list.. thats not even using your own point of "what about a paragon XXXX." Replace XXXX with paragon dragon, or ancient wyrm etc...makes that paragon LL look like a powder puff in a NFL lineup...
  10. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Pyre's a named Phoenix.

    PvM has too few tough enemies. Why make them easier?

    There actually is Rune beetle protection in that list.

    Granted, I have no idea why we have
    Protections and killers.
  11. Derrick83

    Derrick83 Guest

    I guess I never have been lucky enough to notice the Rune Beetle one yet..

    But as far as your logic goes with to few tough enemies and why make them easier... then why make the easy mobs easier.. why even have the mod at all?

    This "protection" is the only way to reduce damage other than resistances... but yet the "killer" property helps do more damage... but yet their is already EoO, slayers, anatomy, tactics, damage increase, consecrate weapon, special moves.. etc to enhance and maximize the amount of damage you can do per hit.. why do you need more?

    I am not saying I want to make the hardest mobs easier.. my main argument is that the mobs not listed in here are mobs used in PvP. Greater Dragons for instance.. in PvP they are way OP to the point where its the new gimp template and everyone is using them to the point where you have to have one to compete. As a pet they still can almost insta kill you, they are faster than normal and you have its owner to worry about too.. and then multiply that by 5 to 10 because everyone there is using one.. but aside from how OP greater drags are... other pets are a bit easier to manage, but still do too much damage, dont have to use the same restrictions as players with casting and such.. run at ALMOST mounted speed.. AND only take 2 skills to get all that power... in order for me to do what I do(and others not using taming as well) they need 720 skill points... most of the time more with items... greater drags you need 240. All kill and a bola .. sure other skills can help make killing easier but really thats too much power for that little skill. Again even if it wasnt greater drags... Hyiru dismounts and does crazy damage and does armor ignores for 60-70 dmg. Rune beetle + mare is stupid damage and a paralize(even for a split second) and both hit you you can redline/die real ezasy(especially if the beetle does his armor disolve thing and/or mare does firebreath)... again all for 240(or less) skill points used...

    I am not going to say "NERF TAMERS!" because it is really hard to balance a game from pve to pvp.. but I dont think it would absolutely kill the template to add common pets to the talisman list... we have to replace one we would be using for 10% lmc or the like to use it anyways, but it would help not getting hit 2x harder by a "NPC in PvP" than any other PC can hit you for 1/3 of the skill
  12. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    I agree, talisman slayers and protection aren't needed. I dont know why they introduced them; they were extraneous. But regardless they're here.

    As for greater dragon protection. There's a problem with GDs being overpowered. The way you go about fixing the problem is by making greater dragons weaker, not by introducing a random property to make them weaker if and only if you equip a certain item.

    GDs are overpowered across the board: in PvM, PvP, and PvWhatever-the-heck-else. Nerf them!

    (now lets stop derailing this topic)
  13. Noobish Noob

    Noobish Noob Guest

    I have a Yamandon killer talisman with Yamandon protection on it as well. Never seen one before, especially with killer and protection on the same tali. Like +50% each as well.
  14. ACB1961

    ACB1961 Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 8, 2008
    Likes Received:
    This is an excellent list, but I have a db. I make a lot of bows...

    Off the top of my head I don't see Meraktus. I think I might have some others you're missing, but it will take some time to check it.

    I've got a Chicken Summoner too...

    You guys be blessed