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what do drop for necro?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by aarons6, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. aarons6

    aarons6 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 14, 2007
    Likes Received:
    i have a warrior. he is pretty sucessfull pvm but i am thinking about a sampire.
    my temp is now like this.

    swords 115
    bushido 115
    parry 115

    tactics 90
    anatomy 100
    healing 90

    and some chiv 70..

    i have some +skill jewelery to fill in the skill pts.
    his suit right now is pretty basic.
    161 stam 148 dex 107str and 40 int.
    20 hci
    30 dci
    upper 50s to mid 60s resists.

    any suggestions to make this guy shine?
    not for pvp, only pvm..
  2. For a Sampire you'd drop Healing and 10 points of Chiv. That frees up the 100 skill points you'd need for the Necro. You're going to want to start looking for new jewels with HCI/DCI/DI and maybe LMC as well. Forget about the +Skill jewels, they'll take up mod slots you need for other things. Your suit defintely needs work too. You need to be at minimum 65 in all resists, except possibly poison.
  3. Fumoffu

    Fumoffu Guest

    If you drop healing though, can you take on the harder peerless like Dreadhorn? Just wondering.

    Nickydishes has a template which he uses for pvm (another thread titled "dreadhorn...what did we do wrong") that has healing but he drops tactics to 70 and anat to 85 while keeping healing at 90. You need +skill jewels, midnight bracers (+20 necro), and ecru ring for the EP i guess.
  4. Konge

    Konge Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 16, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I know quite a few sampires without healing who've soloed dread. One of them uses resists instead of anatomy and uses macing to make up for the damage.
  5. Fumoffu

    Fumoffu Guest


    I'm a returning player, but from what I gathered from the experts on these boards was that a regular sampire template has

    120 weapon skill
    120 bushido (perfection which I think gives back mana and stuff, and damage)
    120 parry AND i guess something like this:

    100 Tactics
    100 Anat (can switch with resist for doom or as Konge said for Dreadhorn)
    100 Necro or 99 necro
    60 Chiv or 61 Chiv (if my calculations are right, at 60 chiv, you have 30% to cast EoO, and 61 Chiv, 32%) Kinda troublesome, but not that big of a problem. I'm planning to add some +chiv on my bracelet if i can find one with dci on it.

    Above is 720 skill points.

    As for equipment i have:

    Mace and Shield
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Jackal's collar
    Fey Leggings
    Ring of the vile
    Quiver of infinity
    Primer on Arms or Conjurer's trinket?
    Crafted sleeves with SI, MI, MR
    Bracelet with HCI and DCI now.

    And having trouble finding a good runeblade or ornate axe with high HML, HSL, SSI.

    Might be switching to fencing for leafblade (feint) or a macing for the diamond mace.

    Need to work on my HCI and DCI. Honor everything. Well hope that gives you some idea. Kinda what I gotten from around these boards. I'm sure someone else can better fill in.
  6. Yes, you can. Healing isn't part of any Sampire's template except Lynk's, and he uses many +skill items in order to have it.

    As far as your weapon, all you can do is keep burning runics until you come up with what you're looking for. Be prepared to go through a LOT of them unless you get really lucky with the RNG.