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What do you folks do in real life ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Samseed, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. Samseed

    Samseed Guest

    Sounds like fun, I'll play /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Age - 24 (25 in August)

    Unmarried, but might as well be. Live with my gf.

    Religion - closer to Catholic, but really non-denomonational. I have noticed that most people who call themselves one thing or another tend to be very biased toward their religion and often think that other religions are wrong. It tends to make them close minded and they sometimes get so set in their ways that you cant even talk to them about it. It's not really their fault, its just something they were taught to believe, and those who disagree are influenced by the devil and are evil. (I hear a lot of this from these churches like the "diciples of Christ). I prefer to listen to what all religions have to say, and think with my heart as well as my mind. I feel that being non-denomonational allows me to still have belifs, but also allows me the freedom to choose what i feel is right, as opposed to what others may think or say.

    Location - Portland, Maine. (About 2 hours north of Boston, 5 hours north of New York City). I moved here October 1st from Hamden, CT (about 30 min from NYC)

    Employment - Commuter Pilot. I mostly fly small commuter flights around the New England / New York area. Prior to this, I was working as a Network Admin for a National Defense contractor in Norwich, CT. (I got to play with the systems that contained the data for weapons, tanks, subs, ships, jets, coptors, etc).

    Interests - I love playing with computers and fixing them. Also I love flying small planes. I love the bigger ones that I fly for work, but sometimes just juimping in a two seather can be so much fun. You have a great sense of freedom when in a small 1250 pound aircraft. I also love to make mixed CDs, mostly techno / trance / house. If anyone is curious, I can probably send them a sample of some of the stuff I have mixed myself /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif I also love messing around with cars and going to car shows / drag races.

    Sports - Until last year, I was in the ASA (aggressive Skaters Association) but I retired. I skated the street competitions, kind of like what you see in the X-Games, but I was nowhere near as good as them, lol. I got to travel to local comps and things around the east coast for free, but I never made the cut for the X-Games (although I have tried). I also used to play NCAA Div III hoops at Daniel Webster. D III is nothing great, but it was still pretty fun. If I am bored, I will play tennis, baseball, football (both American and Eurpoean) /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif and on occasion I will play golf.

    Music - I am a huge fan of alternative rock (Rage, Disturbed, System of a down), I also love Hip-Hop (Bustarhymes, DMX, Wu-Tang). When I make mixed CDs I play techno, trance, house. And sometimes I listen to groups like Matchbox 20, Dave Matthews, Train. But I WONT listen to country or 80's music. Gawdz Aston, how can you listen to that crap!?!?

    Political Orientation - Undeclared here. I like some republican ideas, but I also tend to side with democrats as well. It's kind iof like religion, I listen to everything and go with what I feel is right at the time. If you buy into one or the other, you often find yourself voting "with the crowd" which isnt always how you feel. I am not a big fan of partisanship.

    Hates - Ignorance is a BIG number one on my list. Usually I leave them alone and let them live in their dreamworld, but when they start to spread their ignorance around me and start to attack people, then I usually tend to step in. It's really sad sometimes.

    I also hate Brit soccer fans... you people freaking scare me and you all should seek professional help. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif It's nothing personal, you just act all weird. Actually, let it would be easier to show you as opposed to talking about it. Here's what I think of when I think of Brit soccer fans. Actually, I think this is a Brit soccer fan preparing the Asians for the World Cup.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ok, why not.

    age: 33
    Status: Single (getting married in 2 months)
    Religion: Catholic - I'm not 100% practicing either and If I go to hell Satan will be in for some trouble.
    Location: Houston, TX
    Employment: Co-Owner of my own business
    Interests: I read, I play UO, I go salt water fishing, and I have recently been forced into playing scrabble with my fiance and her girlfriends.
    Sport: I still golf and play softball. At 28 I started a basketball team at the YMCA and we won the championship. I gave the championship shirt to my mom and retired.:p
    Music: I burn cd's off my computer all the time. Huge fan of Def Lepard, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, ZZ Top, Madonna (I have learned to love her), and many others.
    Political Orientation: I am a bleeding heart Conservative. Hehehe, I identify with both the republicans and the libertarians.
    Hates: I hate when I hear a ringing in my ears that won't go away.

    If I could have one wish? I would wish for a piece of the world. Let someone else waste it on asking for world peace.
  3. I am glad I have broadband, and use Download Accelarator Plus - 5.5mb !! jeez...
    You have a pretty decent host for your site, I managed a download transfer rate of around 65k per second... not bad from the UK.

    I am unable to play that movie file, I need some kind of filter to render the stream ?
  4. retsiger

    retsiger Guest

    I usually don't respond to these sorts of things (You never know WHO is gathering data against you!!) heh but I'll go for this one.

    Age - 29

    Married, no children, other than two cats and some fish.

    I own a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT pickup. My wife owns a 2000 Mercury Cougar.

    Religion - No specific religion. I believe more in people than in concepts. I consider the concept of an All-Powerful God to be a cop-out to explain away things ("Its God's will!") and as something people with no purpose in life can use to give themselves direction. However, I dont seriously ridicule others for their beliefs (contrary to my occasional posts here!).

    Employment - I'm the Security Manager at a large insurance company (actually, the largest one worldwide).

    Interests - Debating politics, Sci-Fantasy type stuff, etc. I'm a former role-playing gamer (AD&D, Star Frontiers, Call of Cthulhu, you name it). I collect replica firearms and old computer parts. I run a MUD (and have done so for 10 years), and am interested in Linux and its design. This list is not exhaustive.

    Music - Mostly rock & roll. Heavy metal, Classic rock, modern rock, '50s rock, you name it. I like some country, some classical, no gospel. Electronic, trance, and techno round out my listening tastes.

    Sports - I used to play street hockey (in the South, there were very few ice rinks), and am a big fan of Major League Baseball.. GO BRAVES! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Political Orientation - I'm probably best described as a Libertarian. I used to vote Republican, but the far right has taken over the party way too much. I'm conservative without being an extremist. I support Israel's right to exist and be left alone as much as I support Palestinian's rights to exist and have their own Nation. Death Penalty? All for it. Women's rights? All for em, but really detest FemNazis who seek to "go the other way" on past wrongs by creating new, anti-male wrongs. Same goes for issues like Slavery and minority rights as well.

    Hates - People who think they are automatically better than you because they work at a certain place, can play a certain instrument, can write a certain style, can program a certain computer language, make a certain amount of money, or are from a certain cultural background.

    Photos available upon request :p
  5. Age - 30

    Married, with 1 Boy

    Religion - Agnostic

    Location - West Norritown PA

    Employment - Network Engineer and hopefully soon Adult Film Producer<not joking> also a Radio Operator for the 56th Brigade 28th Mechanized Infantry Division US Army National Guard.

    Interests - Military History esp WWII, Computer Sims, RPGs and Wargames. Table Top Miniature games like Battletech, and Warhammer. Reading Horror and Science Ficton. Also enjoy paintball and other shooting hobbies

    Sport - I follow Professional Box Lacrosse and play it recreationally as well

    Music - I mainly listen to Industrial EBM and Darkwave with some old heavy metal and classical thrown into the mix.

    Political Orientation - I have no real leaning I am an issued based person and sadly alot of times I vote for the lesser of 2 evils. I do not agree with either Parties' Platform since they seem to be the polar opposite of each other just for the sake of being so.

    Hates - I don't truly hate anyone, that is usually a complete waste of energy and time. I do dislike certain aspects of humanity as a whole however.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Age 28


    Religion - nada. Read stuff on the big monotheistic ones, and couldn't manage to tie it in with the history books. Far too many inconsistencies for my liking.

    Location: Lovely, charming Luxembourg - blah!- working on moving to a wamer climate.

    Employment: Operations Manager at a US stockbroker

    Interests: Travelling - I simply love going to far off places that are different from Europe, mainly Asia. I also love Hong Kong/Chinese films, all the early Jackie Chan stuff thru to Jet Li (his remake of Fist of Fury is excellent) and many other classics. I have a stupid amount of books, mainly fantasy and horror, although I still have many books on politic theory still from my uni days (not much read). And, erm, I kinda like cooking - mainly mediteranean fish dishes, Indian and Chinese.

    Sport: Not exactly the most energetic of people, but I like a good rugby match (far better than the cheap imitation they call American Football -*ducks*-)

    Music: I have seriously bizarre music tastes, but my current faves are Timo Maas, Faye Wong and Rammstein (completely contrasting).

    Political Orientation: Oooo, tricky. Mainly to the right of things, although I have a liberals tolerance of many things.

    Hates: People who make no effort; People who take things for granted; People who try to force their viewpoint; People who do not take responsibility for their actions; Old Ladies wearing an obscene amount of make up; People who are grossly overweight; Young Ladies wearing an obscene amount of make up; People who show no consideration for others; My ex-girlfriend for deleting all but one of my UO characters and dumping all of their gear; and, erm, marmite.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Age: 25

    Marital Status: Dating

    Religion: All are the same in many ways and promote the same message, be good to others and believe that there is a God.

    Location: Illinois, USA.

    Employment: Network Admin

    Interest: Playing paintball, fishing, camping, UO, Fantasy Books, RPG Games, and watching movies.

    Sports: American Football Chicago Bears, Chicago White Sox, and Bass Fishing.

    Music: Mostly Blues, also like Classic Rock, Oldies, some heavy metal, some rap, and very little country, oh and some Classical stuff.

    Political: Hmmm, not sure how to classify my self on this one.

    Hates: I also hate blatantly ignorant people cuz lets face it we are all ignorant to a certain extent, just some more then others. Red Necks. Lazy ass welfare reciepients. Racist which include those losers that filed the slave reprievation lawsuit. People who still cry about equal rights while they watch there Miss Black America beauty contest. America bashers. Lawyers. Politicians. Helmet laws for any age. Seat belt laws for all ages. 0 tolerance DUI zones.

    Any other questions just ask away.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Age: 34 (Born Christmas Day, 1967. Yes it sucks)

    Married with 2 girls, ages 15 and 11.

    Religion: Non-demoninational christian who's started looking at other things. (don't ask)

    Location: Napa Valley, CA

    Employment: I am the technical/safety coordinator for a public school district

    Interests: Family mostly, politics, sci-fi/fantasy, fishing, UO, reading, poker, cars, etc.

    Sport: Could care less

    Music: All types except hip-hop/rap. Don't know why, but something in the tonal range gives me the creeps.

    Political Orientation: Law and Order Liberal. Actually, I'm pretty close to being a centrist, but with definate liberal leanings. I try and take things on a case by case basis though, and have spent a lot of time telling people who thought I was on their side that they're idiots.

    Dislikes: To many to list. I'm getting an early start on my reputation as a curmugeon.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Jolly good.

    I am in love with a beautiful woman (and her 2 year old son).

    Religion- More philosophy to me . . . I just do not do the faith thing very well. I believe in the people that I know and trust, and myself, but little beyond that save for my thoughts on the nature of man. (see Thomas Hobbes) I am partial to Buddhism and Taoism as they focus on the individual rather than a pantheon of gods. I am agnostic in that I believe in the possibility of a higher power, but an Athiest in that I have seen insufficient (but not 'no') evidence of the existence of 'God'.

    Location- Bay Area CA

    Employment- IT Consultant currently working on a software implementation for a Tech firm.

    Interests- Alcohol Connoisseur (I like beer primarily, but am fond of high end Scotch and Tequila as well), Archery, Billiards, Collecting Matchbox (et al) cars, Computer Gaming, Cooking, Film (I was a few credits away from a degree when I had to drop out to start working, so I like good meaty cinema, though I like gratuitous violence, anime, porn, etc, etc as well) Fishing, Hunting, Music, (Metal, Classic, Classical, etc), Reading (classics to novels to sci fi to historical), Scuba (I am almost ashmed to put this as I need to reup my certification), Swimming

    Sport- I played football (US) in school and I love the Washington Redskins, despite the fact that the Karma gods smited our arrogant ass of an owner for signing Deion, baseball bores the crap out of me, golf is fun to play but I suck and watching it on tv is about as exciting as starving to death, I used to play keeper and love soccer, especially since the US has gone from the laughing stock in the World Cup to almost being a viable team.

    Music- Well there is so much. -old- REM, Metallica, Beethoven, Enya, 10000 Manics, -old- Ministry, Green Day, Pantera, -old- GnR, BTO, -old- U2, Kid Rock, Pet Shop Boys, Midnight Oil (saw them at the Fillmore last October . . .bitchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin'!!*S*) the Cure, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bush, blah blah blah . . . I like so much . . .

    Political Orientation- Left Wing Fascist

    Hates- Bubblegum Pop (Britney, NSuck etc), people that do not know how to drive (85% rate in the US), people that live life as if they were a company . . . everything has a cost benefit analysis etc, Joan Rivers, Barney the Dinosaur, Carson Daly, dubya, predatory people, the amount of useless bs legislation in the world, prejudice, a bunch of people from my childhood -too many to list here-, ignorance -specifically ignorant people that refuse to acknowledge the flaw-, traffic, decaf, tofu, vegan anything, Rollo Tomasse (see LA Confidential), Bette Midler, injustice, bad intent, the office of the police officer as it is defined in the US, religious zealotry, people that cannot comprehend the concept of personal sovereignty in the absence of effect on others, Ross Perot, long disjointed lists... well you get the idea, I don't want to take too much space . . . and if you are astonished you should have seen the list when I was 17 *S*

    Bah! I feel so naked now . . .
  10. thunderbirde

    thunderbirde Guest

    alright...i'll bite on this one thread. though i don't quite know why. *hopes The Man isn't taking notes*

    The Thunderbirde FAQ

    so how old are you?


    aaaand where are you from?

    originally? the chicago area. lived there for most of my life. my wife, the native wisconsinite (read: cheesehead) convinced me to move to her native madison wisconsin shortly before we married.

    so you're married?


    i've heard you're really gay.

    only according to the PvP denizens of felucca due to my repeated use of deadly poison and healing potions. my wife vouches for my sexuality.

    what do you do for a living?

    i'm a cardiac intensive care unit nurse. i'm thinking of grad school eventually. probably shoot for nurse anesthesia or something of the like.

    do you believe in God?

    yes. though i'm a nondenominational christian. like aston though, i am not the most pious member of my religion and have done a few things that may get me tossed into Hades regardless of my current forgiveness status. [/joke]

    so what do you like to do?

    well.....lots of things. i like to read, but mostly nonfiction. i love video games and have since my parents got an Intellivision game console set in the early 80s (remember those??). i'm a huge final fantasy fan--ever since the game series came out for the 8 bit nintendo. i love to play all sorts of games, trivia games, chess, card games--especially rook, hearts, spades, board games. i love music of many diferent kinds. i like to swim, bike, play basketball and the violin (played since i was 8). sometimes, when properly motivated, i like to write poetry. (it won The Other Half over, so i guess i was writing something good). i also love to spend quality time with The Other Half. i also love cats.

    who's The Other Half?

    aka the wife. she prefers to think of herself as The Better Half. oddly enough, sometimes she's right.

    any kids?

    nope. though we're planning on kids later this year or next.

    are you sure you're not gay...i've heard...


    how would you describe yourself politically?

    a real live member of the vast right-wing conspiracy. j/k. i'm mostly a conservative/libertarian.

    so is there anything you hate?

    well....hate is such a strong word. =) things i really really really dislike: strawberries, dogs, especially schnauzers, green veggies, communists, left wing loons, backwoods rural right-wing loons of the "i saw a black helicopter hovering by my house" variety, idiots, people who frequently piss me off, surgeons. all surgeons, basically. i never met a surgeon that i haven't had a healthy dislike or distrust of. religious wackos who like to blow things up. french intellectuals, rap music, country music, kid rock and limp bizkit. that should sum things up.

    why don't you use capital letters in your posts?

    i'm too lazy to hit the caps key.

    and what's with those crazy quotes you use at the end of your posts?

    they're mostly selected lines from favorite alt rock songs. if you can guess the song and the group they all come from, you get a cookie!

    what kind of cookie? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    it's a surprise! hehe

    i've heard that your wife thinks you're sort of a slob sometimes.

    lies, all lies!

    "you're the fuel to the fire. you're the weapons of war. you're the irony of justice and the father of law."

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "Naked Sunday"

    By Stone Temple Pilots.

    Now I want my damn cookie!

  12. Age - 29

    Married, with 3 girls, 10,11,13

    Religion - Agnostic

    Location - McKean County, PA (born in Kane County, Il)

    Employment - Network Engineer

    Interests - UO, Bass guitar, music, etc..

    Sport - Chicago White Sox!!!

    Music - Everything minus Rap, Techo, Trance, Dance stuff.

    Political Orientation - None really.

    Hates - People who hate for no reason, people who psycho analyze others on these boards.
  13. Glaston

    Glaston Guest


    I am in agreement with many of you.
    IE, Astons's choice of music arghh. Duran Duran
    Zagamabeach and Madonna. LoL When I was at Agricultural College
    my best mate was an avid Rush fan, a couple of years later to my intense amusement he had become an avid Madonna fan.
    Guess he has the last laugh as Ray of Light is my current fave CD.

    Well I guess I should give it a go.
    Age, Just turned 42
    Born in Fiji, as was my Father ( from a long line of colonials)

    Status Single , suffers from a severe case of commitmentophobia, I just hate being tied down.

    Religion, None

    Location, Somerset, England

    Employment, formerly in Dairy farming but now I work for a Cheese company

    Interests, Trout fishing, Sci fi, travel (90% of my relatives live outside the UK, I have spent more than a third of my life living outside the UK) messing about with computers. Reading History.

    Sport, Spurs fan but dont follow football so much these days.
    RUGBY is THE game, Wasps fan since I was 11, our school coach was also Captain of Wasps.
    Last game of rugby played when at college a long long time ago, boy did it hurt too.

    Music, I like a vast array of stuff. Currently Madonna is probably my favourite
    but anything by U2, INXS, REM, Oasis, Style Council/Paul Weller, Joe Jackson plus
    old time favs like Genesis, Beatles, Clapton, Bowie etc etc.
    Loathe manufactured groups/singers like Pop Idols, Hearsay, "boy bands" at least the girl bands you can "watch".

    Politics. well I am a Conservative. I believe in personal responsibility for ones actions, that their is a limit to how much the state should intervene in peoples lives.
    That people make better choices for their future than does the state. IE, I hate the European Union and wish it would DIE. The British fought 3 world wars trying to keep the EU style of Govt out of Britain. ( The war against France in the late 18th early 19th century should have been called a world war)

    Hates; Absolutes. poorly backed up arguments ( i have been known to argue against someone because they have crap reasoning in their argument even though I fundamentally agree with their position)
    Crap TV, ie home decor, garden makeovers, fashion makeovers, British tv soaps,
    excuse me while I puke!!!!!

    What wrong with poor old Rolf? Though I hate his stupid pet programme
    I hate Barrymore.

  14. Samseed

    Samseed Guest

    It's a quicktie movie, so you will need to download quicktime if you don't already have it. The web addy is http://www.quicktime.com and don't let the apple symbol fool ya. It's about the only good thing that Apple has that can be used on a PC.

    Nothing but the best hosting companies for me /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  15. Zagamabeach2

    Zagamabeach2 Guest

    You sound like what we call a libertarian. Less goverment = better government.
  16. pipuis

    pipuis Guest

    Why not

    Age 25 Today
    Location-Ohio Youngstown-Waren Area
    Employment-Auto Worker Just stated
    Interests-Sci-Fi Fantasy, Reading, History, and playing with peoples mind.
    Sport- not to intested in
    Music- Hard Rock Clasical and most everything but Rap
    Political- Just a mix depening on the things talking about from Conservative to Liberal
    Hates- People that burn books, Thoughs that do not look at both side, people that think they are right all the time.
  17. thunderbirde

    thunderbirde Guest

    you didn't guess them all. no cookie for you!

    "safe outside my gilded cage with an ounce of pain i wield a ton of rage..."

  18. Age: 30
    Marital Status: Married with no children.
    Occupation: Network Analyst...at least thats what they call me. I'm actually the administrator.
    Religion: Agnostic
    Hobbies: UO, treating CPUs like normal guys treat Chevy 350 small blocks and technology in general. Used to play RPGs and tabletop strategy games.
    Likes: Beer. Any and all types.
    Dislikes: Lack of beer and people who obviously don't get enough beer.
    Politics: Conservative Libertarian.
    Origin: Weston, MO - Day trip capital of Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas.
  19. Feenicks

    Feenicks Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
  20. Phelk

    Phelk Guest

    Eh... could hurt anything I suppose. ...Unless you're one of them...!

    Age: 22

    Single, no current relationship (well, no current emotional relationship) Always on the look out for Ms. Right tho.

    Religion: Pfft... no thanks.

    Location: Northern Kentucky, US

    Employment: temp services... *blah*

    Interest: UO, art (I'm a semi-decent artist), pen & paper RPGs (currently playing Rifts with some friends and trying to convert them to the Light Side - aka: D&D 3rd Edition). Oh, and one of my latest passions is anime and manga (japanese style anamation and comic books), oh, and baiting the faithful. Religious folk are just too much fun to mess with... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smash.gif

    Sports: Hm... Do driving too fast or target shooting count (not at the same time)?

    Music: Predomiantly classic Rock & Roll, flavored with a little bit of everything else.

    Political Orientation: *points* that way.

    Hates: Organized religions; single ply toilet paper; CD/DVD packaging; censorship of *ANY* kind; accidently smacking myself in the happy pouch; people who make snap judgements; political parties; really short, skinny, agressive men (try working with a hyper-agressive 19 year old for a week or so); boy bands
    and the number 1 thing Phelk hates is........... Not Getting Any! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/livid.gif
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What the heck. Nothing surprising here that isn't in my profile already.

    Age: 52 this June

    Marital status: divorced twice, living with GF, three kids, a boy 25 and a girl 18.

    Religion: Agnostic, but I'm working on a book about how God has revealed the plan of salvation through UO.

    Location: Bay Area, California. What say we get together for a beer, Tarantalus?

    Employment: PKI Operations manager for NASA.

    Interests (in no particular order): UO, literature, writing stories and poetry, composing and playing music (concert coming up April 14th at Mills College, Oakland), and most recently, art and drawing.

    Sport: Weight lifting and I used to watch the 49ers. I don't watch TV anymore.

    Music: I like everything but (here we go again) Country, Rap, and Frank Sinatra (and Robert Plant), but I concentrate on Classical, Rock, Folk, and Celtic.

    Political Orientation: I dislike politicians almost as much as I do lawyers. I have what I would consider eclectic views and will steal any good idea I come across, but it from a liberal, conservative, radical, reactionary, anarchist, or dictator. I generally feel conservatives are less trustworthy than liberals.

    Dislikes: Incompetent people and intolerance in general. There is no black and no white, neither in art, nature, nor human nature--only varying shades of gray with a lot of color thrown in.

    Can I shut up now?
  22. thunderbirde

    thunderbirde Guest

    at least there's someone who agrees with me.....

    "you're the fuel to the fire. you're the weapons of war. you're the irony of justice and the father of law."

  23. Samseed

    Samseed Guest

    Sheesh, am I the young one on the board? I know there has to be someone under 24 on here!!

    This kind of makes me think of a rant. Something has been bugging me for quite some time now, and that is my auto insurance. Because I am under 25, my insurance is a lot higher than "adults". They feel that those under the age of 25 are not mature enough and not responsible enough on the road, and thus are a greater risk.

    So if I am understanding this correctly, I am not mature / responsible enough to drive a $15,000 automobile on the road due to my age. I would be a greater risk than someone older than me. But apparently, I am responsible enough (at least according to the FAA) to fly a multi-million dollar aircraft packed full of people 30,000 feet above a major city!

    That is one thing that really pisses me off!!! grrrrr
  24. Yeah thats right kiddy, go play with your GI Joe /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  25. Taishakutin

    Taishakutin Guest

    Age: am now 18.

    Marital Status: Single, for the moment - I've found the girl I want to marry, but she's about 7 years older than me. We'll see what happens when I finish uni.

    Religion: Islam - Practising. I tend to pray on time, but sometimes I miss the times allotted and simply make it up as soon as I can. I fast when required, intend to go on Hajj next year, will pay Zakat when I start learning and am constantly repeating the Shadah. Badda Bing Badda Boom. *reminds Aston that "even if a muslim's sins were as numerous as the grains of sand in the desert and the foam on the waves of the sea, Allah may forgive him" - sincere repentence is what does - as long as you try your best without being an extremist - forgiveness will be given insha'allah*

    Location: South West London, UK.

    Employment: None. Am currently at school. A Levels in June. Hopefully Warwick Uni to read history come October.

    Interests: Reading - people used to call me bookboy when I was 10 - I was always walking around with a book in my hands, reading whenever I could. Now, I read on journeys (however short they may be) and always before I sleep. I love movies, games, TV, Music - media in general. I like Cycling, Swimming and have recently got into jogging.

    Sport: I prefer playing to watching. I feel that the only watchable sports are football and Ice Hockey.

    Music: I love all music except all that techno/jungle/garage/dance/etc crap. I like bits and peices from everywhere - classical, rap, pop etc. Queen are my fave band and I am particularly fond of Swan Lake.

    Political Orientation: I am a liberal verging on the left. I took some wierd online test recently - it showed that I was a lib with some righist and leftist views - but not extreme in any of them.

    Hates: Anti-Arabs and people who will automatically label you anti-[insert nation/denomination/anything here] for criticising actions. Lorenzo and Nina - you two know why... *thinks* oh yes, and Marina. You know why too. *thinks* Crap movies *points at the avengers*

    Things idiots think I hate: Americans and Jews.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sorry man, but they are right. Not in every case, but most of them. I am, and always have been a good (talented) driver, but responsibility (safe driver) took me a few years to get a handle on.

    -"Alignment? What are you talking about? I can't align this car until it gets new shocks, struts, points, bushings..."
    Moral: Ford Station Wagons are not meant for aerial stunts

    -"Duuuuude! There were speaks, no, flames coming out from under your car!!"
    Moral: Don't go offroad in a Chevy Malibu

    -"How come the whole truck pulls to the right?"
    Moral: Yield to oncoming traffic no matter how fast off the line your pickup is.

    -"What is that giant indent on the rear rocker panel?"
    Moral: Yield to the oncoming Acura, even if he does have his turn signal on.

    -"Why is the passenger door strapped shut with bungee cords?"
    Moral: Make sure all passengers close their doors before flooring it in reverse.

    -"No I'm not Ok. It's dark, I am upside down, I am hanging from a seat belt and I am covered in beer."
    Moral: Replace bald tires. It is worth the expense.

    At the risk of shaming myself, that (^) is why . . . sorry man, it is part my fault I guess /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif, anyway, they give you a break in a year or so.
  27. Taishakutin

    Taishakutin Guest

    Don't worry Samseed. I'm the...

    "Dudu dum dum
    Baby on booooooard,
    how I am...."

  28. Darek

    Darek Guest

    More caffeine-induced madness!

    Age - 16 (bit of a young'un on the OT board, aren't I?)


    Religion (or lack thereof) - Agnostic

    Location - Sacramento, CA

    Employment - I work at a Blockbuster part time...a GREAT job for me considering it's the only one that'll fit my high school/community college schedule, and I get free rentals! Woot!

    Interests - Any sort of vehicles (cars, trucks, and motorcycles come to mind), lurking in this and many other forums, building computers, wasting time on my PS2, my guitar (a sub-$500 ESP), some of my classes (I like the community college ones best...lack of ignorant morons usually)

    Sport - I'm not really a sports guy...I guess it would be any sort of motorcycle racing (sport or dirtbike (MOTOCROSS!), formula 1 racing, stock car racing.

    Music - Everything, really...minus rap and pop (Backstreet Boys, NSync, Britney Spears, etc.)

    Political Orientation - I don't really have one...I can't stay decided on one idea or another.

    Hates - Ignorant people, people who call things they don't like "gay" or the current trend-word "Jewish". I mean come on people, just say it's stupid or "I dislike (insert whatever here)" Asserting your masculinity by using a stupid insult makes you look like a moron.

    I think the world will end when- People start racing SUVs...such useless vehicles, really. Very few people use them for what they are intended for, and most buy them with TWO WHEEL DRIVE! What's the point of an SUV without 4WD? Not that many people who get them go off-roading anyway....sheesh, get a van.
  29. Samseed

    Samseed Guest

    You know what the sad thing is, I know every episode you have ever quoted. I actually recognize them as soon a I read them. I think I need help /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif I must have seen every episode about 100 times.
  30. Age: 18

    Sex: Male (last time I checked)

    Marital status: Single - Ladies call .... oops soory I forget myself sometimes...

    Religion: I hate religion

    Location: Australia

    Employment: Kangaroo farmer, highly specialised and well payed profession if I do say so myself.

    Interests: Kangaroo racing, beer, my multimode graded index optical fiber connection to the oceania UO server (300Mbps).

    Sport: Yes

    Music:Not really

    Political orientation: Huh?

    Hates: Blue jelly beans.. arrrggghhh they make me so mad!
  31. Taishakutin

    Taishakutin Guest

    Hhehe I know how ou feel!
  32. Prospero

    Prospero Guest

    I didn't post a whole lot recently, so not sure if I classify as a regular, but anyway /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Age - 31


    Religion - I'm an agnostic

    Location - Waedenswil, a small city near Zurich, Switzerland (that's in Europe, at least geographically, for those that don't know)

    Employment - I'm working on my PhD in experimental solid state physics, 65% employment as scientific assistant. I should finish soon and plan to stay in science afterwards.

    Interests - politics (I'm in the town council (legislative) of my home town, and an activist (well recently more passivist, as I concentrated more on my PhD) in an organisation pushing for Switzerland to join the EU, and in the European umbrella organisation pushing for more federalism in the EU), reading (mainly sci-fi, but also suspence, fantasy, ...), playing UO and sometimes other rpgs, cinema (focus on action).

    Sport - not my thing

    Music - I can enjoy very different kinds of music, almost anything excluding country, techno, and operets (sp? not operas, the other thing). I particularly like stuff like the one by Bruce Springsteen.

    Political orientation - I consider myself a slightly left-leaning liberal (in the European sense of the word, I think it comes close to what is in the US called libertarian); I'm in the social democratic party, where I find myself rather on the right wing.

    Hates - nothing as much as ignorance
  33. Age- 16

    Single and loving it!

    Employment- in grade 11

    Interests- Girls, UO and basketball. Not specifically in that order, but they all are damn fun!

    Religion- None, I believe in a "god" but dislike the idea needing to join up to a religion to stave off eternal damnation

    Sports: I play basketball on my high school team, and I watch every sport (real sports, not lawn bowling)

    Music- Everything short of country

    Political- Middle of the road democrate

    Hates: People who stereotype teenagers (yes, I saw YOU look at my age)
  34. Same, but I don't watch the new ones, they are crap
  35. BadDawg

    BadDawg Guest

    Okay, I'll bite.

    Age 27

    Single, 1 child, 2 yr old daughter

    I live in Louisville, Ky(USA)

    I work in law enforcement, and I spent 6yrs in the Army prior to that.

    Religion-Whats that? j/k, born and raised Catholic, but currently non-practicing

    Interests- Well, I like UO, MCO, and when I'm not glued to my computer, I like to enjoy the outdoors. I'm a nature freak. I love fresh air, and cool breezes. I like hunting and fishing, and hiking to.

    Music- too much to try to name. I like classic rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, blues.......too many to name.

    I like to play Foosball also.

    Thats about it.
  36. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Age: 18 on April 10

    Sex: Male

    Marital status: Dating

    Religion: Christian, although not really practicing.

    Location: Atlanta

    Employment: Just a senior in high school

    Interests: UO, hanging with friends, pool, flight sims, the Air Force

    Sport: not much, unless you count pool

    Music: Lots of techno. Some rock/alternative

    Political orientation: Right-wing capatilist pig

    Hates: Popcorn flavored anything other than popcorn. Oh, and newbies who log onto the advanced servers in flight sims and then ask how to turn.
  37. Samseed

    Samseed Guest

    I havent played a flight sim in a loooong time. I prefer general aviation flight sims as opposed to combat flight sims though. The best I have ever played was probably one called "FLY!". It was extremely realistic, right down to how you have to start the aircraft. I couldn't think of one thing that tehy missed in the ****pits of the aircraft they had.

    I have heard that some GA flight sims can be played online with others, but I never had the chance to play any. I would absolutely love to be able to fly with a few hundred people at teh same time in one of those /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Of course, I am assuming you mean combat flight sims. I like those, but it's not the same for me. They focus on combat and not flight characteristics and such, and tends to be less realistic. Before I takeoff, I want ot start up, contact ATIS, contact Clearance, contact ground, contact tower, then contact departure. I dont just want to turn the plane on, throttle up, and get going.
  38. Feenicks

    Feenicks Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Outdated info - deleted all for now... needs changing... will update again soon
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I want to find this easier for when I get a chance to work on it.
  40. Feenicks

    Feenicks Seasoned Veteran
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    Aug 1, 2000
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    Hey Bumping of posts is not allowed!!!
    I must punish you!

    Hmmm... Having to take time to delete this post when you work on it shall suffice!

  41. Wisty

    Wisty Guest

    Well, if all you peeps won't keep the margins in a nice normal length
    then I won't even bother to read your bio's. *hrrrmph* So who was the
    bozo who is making me scroll to the right again? I have vision
    problems. Meaning, I need my text a bit larger than what I used to.
    Perhaps this is why I wind up scrolling to the right into the next
    galaxy, while the rest of you prolly don't have to do that. I suppose
    there could be a "wrap long lines" option that I have overlooked in the
    Control Panel, like there is in my browser (but which doesn't work for
    stratics posts, for some odd reason).

    Suggestions? I *hate* (!!!!) scrolling to the right!!!! *grrrrrr*
  42. Try viewing in flat mode.
    If you already are, then I suggest you increase screen resolution to 1024*768 - provided your monitor is like 17" or more.

    Failing that, just scroll to the right, its not that difficult !

    Anyway, where is your bio ?
  43. Semi

    Semi Guest

    I'm a man *****. *Grasps Mouth Holding Chortle Back* J/K

    I design office space and sell furniture. Cool Job but much like the rest of you I'm sure I'm worth more.

    Whoops. I just read the first post completely and realized you people are telling more than your jobs. I'll edit this when I have a minute to talk about myself.
  44. Wisty

    Wisty Guest

    I am in flat mode. Though I don't know that I want to increase my resolution. As I said, I am visually impaired. That is, I didn't need any glasses at all until I was almost 50. (My family is long to glasses and even longer to gray hair and generally looks a bit to quite a bit younger than their age = genetics.) But suddenly my eyes are going to hell in a hand basket, urr, eyeglass case. They're even changing color and shape. Alas, one of my best features, too! I've had them tested, nothing is showing up. Could be old injuries. Could be from when I almost died (again) in 1992 (either poisoning, stroke, shock, or...I forget what the neurologist said.) My eye muscles just aren't working as they should. Vision gets blurry. That also occurs because of the FMS and CFS (Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndromes). And because of my mild hayfever. So who knows! I just know I can't use small print anymore on my 17" screen -- I opt for the larger fonts, more soothing to my eyes, in spite of prescription pc glasses which are the worst pair I've yet had!

    Guess I'm stuck scrolling to the right. Usually I just ignore posts that flood endlessly to the right.

    As for my bio, I've put a lot of that in my profile. Right click my name, you'll see all that is of any pertinence. Otherwise, my life is private. As am I. Apart from what I share with you all in posts and email, of course. Though whatever I have shared about my personal, is true; Cynewulf can vouche personally for probably all of that, having met me in person, met my son twice so far, and been emailing with me for eons, mostly because I just won't let him escape!! We fight like cats and dogs (me the cat; him the dog), and then don't speak for weeks, months, year... then I start wondering how he's doing, I email him, and it all happens all over again. hehe Oh well. Once someone has me for a friend, even virtually, I tend to stick around, specially if the person is interesting or intelligent or fun/funny or I happen to like them in spite of hating them. hehe lol Anyhoos....
  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *bumps one last time*

    I was thinking of making this sticky, but I forgot about the scroll off the edge problem. What say we start a fresh one and try to keep it from scrolling? Cut and paste from this one if you wish.

  46. Age: 12
    Religion: Catholic(Getting near 100%)
    Sports: Hockey. Crap that me and my friends make up(Usually violent).
    Music: Just about anything. 50s rock, some 80s stuff, absolutely no country except for that one dixie chicks song goodbye earl, twisted sister, bif naked, stuff like that. Anything that sounds good. Heavy metal is okay.
    Country: Canada
    Hobbies: I have some Warhammer 40k, I play road hockey, hockey, ps2, I watch hockey, playing violent games with my friends, i.e. putting on a bit of hockey equipment and a) bodycheck each other constantly or b) Get on our bikes with metal poles and joust each other(this one gets fun)
  47. Seashell

    Seashell Guest

    Age - 26

    Single and looking for a man that does NOT act like a child.

    Religion - Presbyterian

    Location - Western NC, USA

    Employment - Community Based Services Professional; I work with Developmentally Disabled children. It's a cool job.

    Political Orientation - I sit on the fence and throw stones at people.

    Hates - stereotypes; just because I can cook and am from the South, do not assume that I like to make grits and/or cornbread.

    That was fun. Rock on!
  48. Tarzan

    Tarzan Guest

    age 31

    married with a 3 year old daughter


    loacation-Shawnee,Oklahoma smack dab in the middle of the Citizens of Pottawotamie reservation

    Employment-sporting goods at Kmart (I sell guns for Rosie)

    Political orientation-I hate government

    hates-customers,bingo players,and living on an indian reservation

    Likes-making flash movies,designing websites,watching sci fi movies ,playing warhammer 40k (when the groups in the mood,its a god awful long game) reading harry potter and raising my daughter and being married

    where I see myself in five years-still in Oklahoma since i own my house haha
  49. Ling_ma

    Ling_ma Guest

    Age: 20

    Sex: not that often. Male - sorry to all those that thought i was a girlie and were plucking up the courage to icq me *aston*

    Marital status: Single - But i haven't told my girlifriend of 15 months that yet. don't you either! j/k

    Religion: Christian - i go to a baptist church, but only cos i like the people, not cos i prefer baptists to others (funny story there). i think denominations can cause large rifts between people who fundementally believe in the same thing damnit. I do believe it all, i really do. im just SO lazy.

    Location: Suffolk, England (you know, the little mmicroscope shaped island north of that europe place?)

    Employment: I work in a call centre, 192 - director enquiries. bt diorectories, which name please? but i AM the eternal student. going to newcastle to study drama and eventuall y teaching at uni.

    Interests: UO, Html, legal scamming (that possible? did i say that?). Hockey (not your poncy kevlar stylee ice one - see the football discussion, this also applies), drama.

    Sport: Hckey, football([email protected]), volleyball, sumo.

    Music:i have just emerged from a agrunge/new rock phase, enjoying all the current stuff in the uk. i love it all really. im mellowing a bit too

    Political orientation: politicians should be shot at birth, and thery should get a beautiful busty woman to make decisions, possibly by drawing them out of a hat.

    Hates: Ignorance. people who cant even entertain the idea of other opinions or possibilities, not through willfuillness, but just through KNOWING THERE ARE other ideas.

    Loves: Ginger pubed ivory skinned beauties. macromedia flash cartoons, like this one

    piccie!!! dont be scared though. not advised for pregnant, old, or easily disturbed people. URGHJ< I HAVEW A FAT FACE IN THAT PIC! URGHURGHURGH!
  50. After spending a short, but intriguing time on this forum, I find myself wondering what the other regulars here do - maybe a bit about their personal lives.

    I guess this is inspired in particular by Jaqdwulf and his eye-brow raising comments once in a while about his err.. 'domestic' situation. Samseed is another who is partially shrouded by a cloak of enigma (Oh my, I am a poet today).

    So, to get the ball rolling, I offer my own situation to scrutiny -

    Age - 30

    Married, with 3 children - two girls (5 and 4) and a boy (2)

    Religion - Muslim, not exactly 100% practicing, but doing what I can whilst acknowledging that I have probably got a one way ticket to hell pre-booked for past misdemeanours.

    Location - North London, UK.

    Employment - IT consultant, currently working for the Government (Not going to reveal which ministry, partly because you probably wouldn't believe me)

    Interests - Reading sci-fi and fantasy books; playing rpg and strategy games on PC; watching gratuitously violent action films; things to do with 200 foot lizards with radioactive breath; looking for new and successful methods of getting the kids out of the house and with a relative for the weekend.

    Sport - I follow Aston Villa FC, a football (Soccer for the benefit of the American majority) team from the city where I grew up - Birmingham.

    Music - I love music from the early eighties, particularly the so called 'New Romantics' era - Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Nick Kershaw, Go West and suchlike. More recently, I have a collection of Ice Cube, Bon Jovi and Guns & Roses albums.

    Political Orientation - Not sure; I have some very extreme views from across the political spectrum. I find myself agreeing with occassional ultra-conservative views from people like Dermott, and with liberal/socialist views from others like Feenicks. I guess overall, I am more 'left' than 'right'.

    Hates - I hate ignorant people. I hate those who take things for granted and never ever question what they are being spoon-fed. I also hate dog owners who say "Oh, he wont hurt you, he's just playing thats all the little sweetheart, whos a good boy ?" while their 170 pound Rottweiler is slowly mauling you to death...

    Oh, I nearly forgot; I also hate Rolf Harris and people who work part-time in McDonalds.

    So is anyone else brave enough to post information about themselves ?
    I dare you ! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif