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What do you think chivalry needs right now?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Agarwaen-ME, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Agarwaen-ME

    Agarwaen-ME Guest


    Making EOO non-cumulative with slayer weapons.
  2. A gate spell for Siege Players. As of right now, everyone and their mother has at least 60 magery.
  3. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    You're kidding, right????

    That's what makes it useful. Half the time, I don't even bother using the spell when fighting something that isn't slayer bait, because the increase isn't worth it.
  4. Leopard

    Leopard Guest

    Something for pvp.. we have Divine Fury, Consecrate, Holy Light.. that's pretty much it. Divine Fury doesn't make much difference in my experience, Consecrate is pretty useless when everyone has suits with 60 in all resists. Holy light is nice (too bad you need so much skill to use it) for breaking up mage spells. Yes chivalry is a 'support' skill so it shouldn't be your main weapon. Necromancy is supposed to be the same idea, but they have a lot more useful spells for pvp. Maybe another direct damage spell for paladins, or some kind of counter to necro spells. Or how about an aura-effect.. say give friendly near-by players some kind of offence or defence bonus. Or a negative affect to gray/reds with in perhaps the same radius as Holy Light works. Make it stronger with higher skill.. so you need over GM for it to be effective. Could be over-powered in pvm though. Just some ideas...
  5. I would like to see a summon creature and summon mount these would help pallys in doom. Summons holy knight guy/girl shows up wearing all white and carrying a big sword or a mage in all white would be cool. Make them blue and can be attacked. You could make it skill based so low levels would summon the holy pack lama lol. Another spell could be holy aura that stays cast for a period of time doing damage to all neg karma in area like two steps around player this would be boosted holy light depends on karma and skill it would act like cold damage in ice or heat damage in fire.
  6. <blockquote><hr>

    I would like to see a summon ... mount these would help pallys in doom.


    Paladins don't dabble in the 'dark arts'. A Paladin Mount like a warhorse would be nice. Played/scrolled properly - a Paladin is pretty formidable right now. Soloing is an individual choice and has a downside. The current design is aimed toward team playing. Now if someone could convince Selene of that ... Sigh.

    I'd settle for a special shield.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    All i would like to see is some eyecandy, SJ added directly into the runebooks, and lower mana requirement for remove curse.

    1.) eyecandy:
    Be able to summon a ride only mount(like an ethy) with the model of a silver steed.
    Be able to cast a spell that hues your current shield/Weapon white (maybe gives +2 physical resist to the shield and 5% damage increase to the wep or something like that but not neccessary just the hue would make it worth it to me so you could get the better rp'ing experience)

    2.)SJ in runebooks
    Put it in the rune book similar to that of recall/gating for magery.

    3.) I agree with the fact that remove curse should only be 15 not 20 since it only takes 11 to curse.

    In My Perfect World:
    Another thing I wouldn't mind seeing is CW be charge based rather than time (say 3 hits or something like that maybe one charge for each level of karma you have) as i use a slow hitting macer, but I relize this maybe overpowering as it would allow precast in pvp so i dont expect it and i relize it is just a dream.
  8. I too would like to see Sacred Journey as a button in Rune Books. I wouldn't call that eye candy though. I would find that very useful.
  9. GSG9

    GSG9 Guest

    A tad off-topic, but for warriors nonetheless...how about reducing the cost of 'paralyzing blow?' I'm hard pressed to find a time where it is useful for the amount of mana it costs.
  10. Miphisto

    Miphisto Guest

    Remove curse to lowered to 15 mana is a must, its way to expensive right now.

    Divine fury needs to be improved, right now it does virtually nothing noticable.

    Conscrete weapon should make your weapon glow white or something cool, and should have a longer duration. I think perhaps instead of targeting lowest resist it should lower the targets armour level base by -10 when it hits.
    Also I think the 3 hit thing is a great idea, perhaps make it 5 hits or 30 seconds at high karma (instead of the 5 seconds or less it is now)

    Holy light it a pretty good spell, though giving it a minimum damage of 10 would be a good idea, it only does about 7 damamge to people with good armour, thats just not enough

    A few other spells perhaps:
    Conscrete armour, 15 mana, lasts a minute at high karma, add's 5 to all resists at gm chiv, adds 2 to all resists at 70 chiv

    Summon Avatar, requires high chivilry to cast (like divine sacrifice), is about as hard as a fire elle but instead of casting mage spells casts pally spells to help blues around it (eg, close wounds if they close, remove curse, and cleanse by fire), it could also cast holy light every now and again.
    The drawback would be that it cannot attack blue players and/or perhaps other pallies with say above 80 chiv (or perhaps = or higher then the casters chiv skill)

    Thats my two cents, what ya's think?
  11. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    Remove curse -- the only spell in the game that can remove strangle (which costs 23 mana), and you want it to be cheaper? I believe Remove Curse is the reason they're thinking of letting mages remove curse with dispel, which, incidentilly, also costs 20 mana.

    Divine Fury; refills stamina fully, adds swing speed increase and a damage increase as well -- what exactly do you want it to do?

    Concecrate weapon is a-okay too. Making it do what you're describing will basically negate the GM armor changes of publish 19, cause gm armor will not be good enough anymore (take a suit of barbed with 40/70/70/70/70 resists due to gm resist -- if you suddenly hit vs 30 physical, its useless; 40 is barely useful).

    Holy light with increased damage? Take a look at the u-hall; plenty of posts there wanting holy light nerfed!

    Concecrate armor? I don't know if you've noticed this, but most duration spells in the game, has some sort of downside. Take a look at the mage protective spells -- they all have huge drawbacks.

    Summon avatar? So, basically, a personal healer that would make you, quite literally, invulnerable? I think it would be preferred that it didn't attack anyone else, cause that'd mean it would 100% focus on healing you -- and you don't see a problem with that? Seriously, if you want a blue healer, bring a friend, and be realistic about it.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmm i was unaware that remove curse was the way to remove strangle. I guess form that perspective it should cost 20 unless they lowered strangles mana cost as well. I just hate spending 20 mana cause my war hammer drops into my bag. I agree divine fury is fine as is and the -10 on armor is no good like i said only thing i might do is make it charge based if this didnt overpower it for pvp maybe make it take the 5 to cast than add a 4 mana cost to use a charge in the long run making it cost 12 (3 charges time 4 per) + intial 5 for a total of 17 mana for 3 hits(perhaps make this karma based so you get one charge per karma level) means that someone with level five would get 2 additional hits over those with 3 before having to rechage ie spend another 5 mana. I sincerely believe that if they dont add SJ to the runebooks in a fashion similar to recall/gate it will be a horrible injust being done to pallidins. And beyond that i would like the eyecandy stuff from my first post.
  13. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    How about a spell that adds to your resist for a couple of minutes.
  14. Rotte

    Rotte Guest

    Divine fury doesn't add damage increase, just swing speed increase but also lowers defense so you get hit more.

    From trying to use the Divine Fury spell over several months of gameplay, it doesn't really do much at all. My sword is supposed to swing a tad faster, but I don't really see a difference. From normal use, I find that I only use it when I need to refresh my stamina other than that (for my char, maybe it helps others swing faster) it's just a waste of mana to me. (My dex is only 75 and I use a Katana, maybe others with higher dex see a difference)

    Rotte - The Friendly Ogre
  15. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    Haven't used it extensively, so I can't tell for sure on the damage.

    It does, however, add 10+% to swing speed increase (my 80 dex paladin swings once/2 seconds without divine fury and a 15% SSI katana, and once/1.5 seconds with it).

    It also increases hit chance, which would be the part that is countered by lowered defense chance.

    Divine fury definently does what its supposed to, considering its only 15 mana, and lasts a pretty good while.

    Im sure someone can come along and give you a more extensive explanation of the full benefit range of divine fury; Id do the same if I had the will to log in for more than a couple of minutes, but I'll tell you this much -- for a 15 mana cost, 10 tithing point, and 25 minimum skill spell, divine fury is very nice.
  16. krbays

    krbays Guest

    How about a spell to hide you or a bless spell
  17. A.Entreri

    A.Entreri Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    a pally mount would be really nice, sacred journey added to rune books would be great and should be a top priority, i dont think pallies should have a gate spell but maybe change sacred journey so that escorts would journey with you.
  18. Jaromir

    Jaromir Guest

    Why would u "hide" as a paladin? Not really in the spirit of what they stand for..
    Bless I could see, that could be worked into the spirit of what they stand for. However, hide.. nah.. can't hide as a paladin. Gonna attack from the shadows are we??
  19. I would like Holy Light to double as a night sight spell. I mean it has the word Light in the title.

    It would be nice for my warrior to be able to put on better jewelry that doesnt have the night sight mod.

    And maybe have it so its an area night sight spell. So any blue players and guild mates will be affected by it so they will see. But any grey or red players will still receive damage and not get "Lit"
  20. Suby Indraha

    Suby Indraha Guest

    Remove curse-less mana. 20 mana is quite a bit just to remove a curse. 15 mana would not hard.
  21. I'm gonna sticky this thread and get rid of the old "changes to Chivalry" thread, since it's outdated. Now that we're all used to being paladins, I think we have a better grasp of what's useful and what's useless.
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    there are a few thngs id like to see changed about chiv
    but nothing major
    except 1
    a gate spell is a must
    i have a tamer. i personally hate magery. so im a tamer/pali
    sure be great to have a gate. with not allowing a gate spell in chiv basically you are making it so only way to be a tamer is to have magery. well thats wrong. have to wait 1 week to bond your pet then it can recall with ya? or tame a pet and have someone else gate for you or walk it out?
    indeed this is the only way to be a tamer/pali and that should be changed. uo is supposed to be a world where you can be what you desire(on the exception of necro/pali, that would be plain wrong). so a chiv gate spell would be most needed. and for the rp experience? what would be more chivalrous then gating the innocent out of harms way?
  23. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    And a mark spell as well (same for necromancers actually).

    I will, however, agree violently with your reasons for wanting a gate spell.

    You want a gate spell so you can gate . . . pets? That recall with you? I mean, c'mon now.

    A gate spell should be for applying a bit more group versality to a paladin, as well as making the skill more useful on Siege Perilous.

    Honestly, cause you're one of like 10 tamer paladins out there, isn't enough of a reason for adding a gate spell to chivalry.


    what would be more chivalrous then gating the innocent out of harms way?

    Killing the agressors?
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well be nice to have it for my tamer/pali
    but i also have a pure pali warrior that be great to gate people with
    the tamer part came way after i mage my first pali /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    but you say in im a great minority with the pali tamers
    thats true
    but how many more you think there might be with a gate spell?
    but however you look at it gate spell a must /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  25. Rotte

    Rotte Guest

    Does a "horn of retreat" work for non-young players? If so, that is one way to get your newly acquired pets out of harms way.

    Maybe a spell that works like a horn of retreat, a limited gate that takes you to the nearest city. You wouldn't be able to gate into battle, but you can help others escape. That way the mages still have their unique gate ability, but the paladins get something they can use to help other people escape out of dungeons. (or just make horns of retreat refillable with translocation powder like bags of sending)

    I would like to have a spell added just to let paladins reach legendary without the AOS gift. Anything really.. Summon noble mongbat.. ANYTHING.. hheheheh (If they do add 'Summon noble mongbat' based on this post.. Please feel free to kill my char on sight for being foolish enough to post something completely absurd that gets the attention of the devs, then kill the dev for actually doing it.) :p

    Rotte - The Friendly Ogre
    The Knights who say Ni!
    Citizen of Sonoma
  26. toby918

    toby918 Guest

    I like the idea of the rune book for the sacred jouney. Its somewhat a pain always setting a rune as the primary to travel somewhere. But thats just me i'm kind of lazy
  27. Uncle Isty

    Uncle Isty Guest

    Give paladins spells equal to the LOWER DEFENSE and LOWER ATTACK effects on weapons.

    Prolly make it at around 10 mana. Also adding these spells to the paladin arsenal shouldn't be too unbalancing.

  28. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    They actually have it, somewhat.

    Divine Fury increases your to hit chance, eg, the same as lowering your opponents defense.

    Granted, there's no lower attack, but seriously, combining hit chance with hit defense might be a tad too much for one spell.

    Look at it this way; because of divine fury, you can essentially focus all of your equipment towards defense chance increase items; not many templates have that luxury.
  29. borno006

    borno006 Guest

    we need a stat buff...like bless
    also an invisibility or hide ability
    in addition to the night site idea, how about when that is active, your opponents are "blinded" and lowers their hit chance on you.
  30. Iblis

    Iblis Guest


    i personally hate magery. so im a tamer/pali
    sure be great to have a gate. with not allowing a gate spell in chiv basically you are making it so only way to be a tamer is to have magery. well thats wrong.


    Oh boy. So you have to sacrifice some points to magery and use gate scrolls, it's not that big of a deal. By the way, allowing anyone else BUT mages cast gate without scrolls efficiently would destroy the scribe profession on Siege.

    Hybrid templates often require sacrifices, thus you deal with them instead of beg for improvements in your skillset so that you will have minimal weaknesses.
  31. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest


    By the way, allowing anyone else BUT mages cast gate without scrolls efficiently would destroy the scribe profession on Siege.

    So, its okay to squelch team work and character diversity on all production shards, but not to temper with the income of 1 class on 2 shards?

    Kinda ironic...
  32. Iblis

    Iblis Guest


    So, its okay to squelch team work and character diversity on all production shards, but not to temper with the income of 1 class on 2 shards?


    Honestly I don't see how teamwork would get hampered by letting only mages (or those with 60ish skill and scrolls) use gate travel. In fact it should promote hunting in parties, having a mage or two around for easy transportation. And isn't there more diversity in having both chivalry and a bit of magery on a character than just chiv? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif Of course you can't expect to create a very effective three-class (lack of a better word) hybrid anyhow. And that's good, otherwise there could be -the- PvM/PvP template that is above all others.

    As for the Siege/Mugen remark, the shards do benefit from the absence of recall/sacred journey. Although many are either mages or use scrolls, it most certainly encourages socializing which is pretty essential anyhow unless you are eager to get stomped upon by the less-than-virtuous characters roaming around. That scribes are insctrumental for some also results in improved player interaction. On other shards the only thing you can really sell are runebooks containing runes to popular locations.

    - Oh and let's leave it to this before the thread loses it's original purpose, ok? Just bringing out some issues that I see with the proposed abilities.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I would have to sacrifice SOME points???
    try 50 points to manage to cast the spell sometimes
    and i stress SOMETIMES
    my skills are taming, lore, vet, chiv, focus, sword, tactics
    and what exactly you think i should ditch 50 points on?
    many say can do with like 65 chiv
    i myself having a pure pali as well do not agree
    65 chiv you will fail at enemy of 1 often
    yes you can cast it but id rather be able to cast it when i need
    plus since no magery/anatomy/heal i cant res people so when i go out hunting nice to be able to help others out when they die cause im not stupid enough to think i wont ever die and if i expect a res then i should be able to res as well.
  34. F.Gordon

    F.Gordon Guest

    I think Paladins need a Resurrection ability.

    My current Paladin template is:
    GM Swordsmanship
    GM Chivalry (Was GM Lumberjacking a few days ago)
    GM Anatomy
    GM Tactics
    GM Healing
    GM Resist
    115 Parrying

    It'd be really nice to swap Healing out for Focus, but i'd loose the ability to resurrect friends... WE NEED A RESURRECTION ABILITY! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  35. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest


    I think Paladins need a Resurrection ability.

    You mean, something like Noble Sacrifice being able to resurrect, cure, and heal everyone around you in ONE casting, like it currently does?

    By all means drop healing for focus, cause you can already ressurrect without it!
  36. F.Gordon

    F.Gordon Guest

    I guess i missed that part /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    As i said i only took up Chiv a day or two ago... still haven't played about with all the spells...

    In future just ignore me.
  37. Zaran

    Zaran Guest

    Chilvary needs Summon Mount and Generate Light spells. They also need spells that are harder to cast so that Chilvary will gain easier through normal play.
  38. matez

    matez Guest

    I like the idea of gating being added. I am working on a palidan/tamer too. I love palidans and rather be that than a mage. If not at least make Sacred Journey usable on SP!
  39. Mr_Exo

    Mr_Exo Guest

    I think that Chivalry needs a tweak as many of you do my ideas are that the mount is a good idea and i think there should be a summon of a valkerie or some other type of holy warrior, i think that the idea for a shield buffer is a ok idea but what about people that dont use one handed items, i think there should be a move that increases your block percentage so its fair for everyone. i think that the spell clense evil should undo the paralyze spell from mages because in pvp all a mage has to do to kill a pally is paralyze him then throw some spells and maybe a summon, wich i find very unbalanced
  40. Nair

    Nair Guest

    Currently, Paladin's Ability is fine.

    CW is good, i agree the time is a little bit short, but a $15 dex potion and DFury can boost you up to the limit. If you are rich, try out the $70-80 dex potions.

    DFury is awesome!! +HIT +DMG +SPD refresh stamina for just 15 mana

    EoO is working very fine, who dont love it? and it has nothing to do with PvP . So I dont agree to make it won't work with Slayers.

    Close Wound, Cleansing, and Remove Curse provide full protection against any odds. And the mana comsumption is reasonable.

    SJ, Dear DEV are working on the SJ button in runebook, coming soon!

    Dispel Evil is amazing if you know when and how to use it. It saves my life a couple of time in critical moment. :"P

    Holy Light is as good as Wither. So it doesnt need to be changed.

    NS, it just rocks with its radius!! If more than 1 teamate dead or almost dead or odds and you have time to do bandage, 1 shot take out and you got the whole team back. But still i'm not sure if Sacrifice Virtue works with NS.

    Paladins are supposed to believe in the power, given by their god, coming out from their within. They believe their bodies are already blessed, imbued by god. As long as they have faith, the power remains.Thus they dont need help from third party. That's why you have never heard, seen a Paladin summoning anything in all fantasy or games.

    For the Summoning mount or Altar idea, I say nay to it.
  41. Nassau Kate

    Nassau Kate Guest

    maybe it's not needed... but I would really like some kind of distance attack for my Pally.
  42. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    &gt; But still i'm not sure if Sacrifice Virtue works with NS.

    It does....
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My pally is my favorite char atm and while I agree with the posters who would LIKE to see night sight, SJ on rune books (which will happen next pub) and a cool summon mount spell, I also know this. The Pally is deadly powerful as it is. I like to think of the inconvenience of no NS and no SJ in rune books as a trade off for the fact that chiv is SO strong. Basically I think it NEEDS nothing added, it is quite functional. I hope they don't nerf it.
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Needs a nerf pallys like the only guys who havnt been nerfed yet
    Damn you palladins

    Naw jk
    you guys r fine
    cept enemy of one
  45. Southern

    Southern Guest

    Just in case anyone missed it, there will be a button for "Sacred Journey" on each page of a runebook in Pub 21. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  46. Nerf-Herder

    Nerf-Herder Guest

    Id like to see noble sacrifice changed a tad -- when you use it to res people, i think it should give them full health//mana since you are paying all of your health//mana to do it

    it is very risky to res people with NS right now and if done at the wrong time it could kill the pally and whoever was just brought back

    some sort of magic light or night sighht ability is needed as well with pally skills -- it just doesnt make sense that we CAN summon holy light to damage evil, yet CANT summon any light to see in the dark

    there also really needs to be some incentive to GM chivalry -- unless you have 60+mana with good regen and cast holy light all the time as your main attack, there is no real need to take it much past 80-85 -- maybe add a damage//duration bonus at GM, Elder, and Legendary

    good to hear there will be SJ icons in runebooks!!
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    wana knwo why it takes all your hp and mana/stam away
    Because you can rez as many people aas you want in one spell
    You could get 100 ghos in one spot and rez em all at once

    thats why you gie away all hp mana dex
  48. acipk

    acipk Guest

    I have a non-paladin warrior and I have to use my 15 extra skill points for magery so that I can recall from a runebook. It would be nice, for consistancy, to have chivalry instead but you need something like a 30 chivalry to Sacred Journey reliably. Also a Night Sight spell would be a nice addition.
  49. Kane14

    Kane14 Guest

    Hmmm. I think CW could have a longer duration. DF needs better speed increase or maybe have it based on your weapons speed. Lower speed increase for faster weapons. And on Test Center, the runebooks do have SJ buttons. And I think they need a summonable mount. Maybe like the Necros way of doing it with a corpse. Just say the Paladin calls down the spirit of the dead thing to help the paladin. Use horse corpses. Other than that, I think Chiv is pretty good.