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What does everyone think about the kingdom reborn patch?

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Nico-SP, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Nico-SP

    Nico-SP Guest

    meaning graphics and user friendliness and do you lag more with it?
  2. Do you mean KR in general? Or the most recent patch?
  3. Nico-SP

    Nico-SP Guest

    KR in general
  4. I will like the targeting system once they fix the pets related macros. You can target, not just next mobile. But next enemy, next friendly, next party member, etc. And then macro whatever your attack combo is. Or heals.

    I do not mind the graphics, except that when your deocrating your house, it ends up with a different 'feel' than what you intended in 2D. And your character in game looks like a lego man.

    Biggest gripe is the map. Siege depends on group coordination which we have with UOAM. They need something like that in KR. And it needs to either coordinate with UOAM, or also be integrated with 2D. Folks like me cannot fully integrate KR until we can coordinate with those still in 2D.

    Lag...I lagged on my 2 year old laptop that could play WoW, DDO and LotRO fairly well. On my brand new desktop, no lag. What this means is even if folks want to try it, unless they have top of the line machines, they will not becasue why switch if your current game runs faster. Choose to die to PKs? I think not.

    And again, until it is playable by the majority, those of us that would like to try it, can't becasue we need to coordinate with our mates.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think some dev pooped it out and missed the potty so we got stuck with the mess, still waiting for the clean up crew.
  6. I heard its not possible for thieves to steal in KR, is this true? From other players packs , that is.
  7. The last time I tried to steal in KR I could steal freely from another pack. And because you can change views on the inventory, no amount of stacking tricks did diddly. I have not tried in awhile, my thief is on inforced hiatus. So this may have changed.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    speaking of kr i dled the patch but dont know how to apply it
    stupid technology
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It has great potential. So do many things in life.
    Whether it will ever reach that potential, remains to be seen.
    Personally, I don't mind when some server-based software requires me to upgrade my hardware, or a new operating system, but a game... that's a bit much.

    It is laggy. That is my number one complaint about it.
    I don't mind the graphics. In SOME cases they are an improvement, in some cases, equal to 2D, and in some cases, I am glad my monitor has an off switch.
    But, the lag... the lag... the lag....

    I cannot play it - at least, not unless I simply want to slowly wander about the inside of my house, or be the slowest corpse on Siege. Fix the lag, and I'll give more of an opinion.

    That, or have the devs mail me a brand new PC that they believe KR will scream along on. [​IMG]