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What Event for Oceania.

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by ECO Director, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. ECO Director

    ECO Director Guest

    ECO has a long list of events it plans to run but we are looking for your input.

    ECO wants to know what event you would like to see AND take part in on Oceania.

    Once the current war is over we will run our next event, so have your say now.

    Don't forget our Battle Chicken fights will be coming soon, so start breeding and training.

    May, ECO Events Director
  2. Dain

    Dain Guest

    Perhaps ECO could organise an event the co-incides with the current war!

    One that say encourages a big group of players to participate in the war in an organised way.

    It could be fun if it could organised that there were 2 equal teams, one for Bane one for Orphids!
  3. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Are you going to bring back the CIGO Casino? I think that was my favourite Fox event as it was a regular thing. Cymoril did a really good job with keeping that going. :thumbup1:
  4. ECO Director

    ECO Director Guest

    Yes we are, the casino has already been built in our main Luna premises.

    Basically we are waiting to see if any interest is alive on oceania.

    I will just point out that the casino was built with Miss Echo's permission.

    May, Eco Director
  5. Fink

    Fink Guest

    I think "that CIGO guy", as he became known, invented the game and basically endorsed its use on various shards. I remember him giving his blessing to Brenna & Constable Fox. Another outfit started "copying" the game at one point around the same time that Fox were operating, but they messed with the game plan and stacked the odds heavily in their own favour. He wasn't thrilled about that.

    Anyhow, good to see it return in its original format. It was a popular game for the Foxes & I'm sure it can't help but be popular again.
  6. Venus_AUPK

    Venus_AUPK Guest

    My 2 cents

    Boxing let people train up pure wrestle warriors n have them fight naked (no healing) then again the damage out put may be so low no one will ever win

    or Create a newbie char with 50 50 in 2 skills or 40 30 30 etc and have them fight it out using only npc brought gear