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What I think about the item turn-in and the way it was announced

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_Hawkeye_Pike, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. First off, I despise the item-collecting-and-hoping-to-get-something-useful-from-it phliosophy. Somehow this doesn't seem appropriate for a role playing game. It leads to massive item hoarding without any sense behind it.

    Another mistake is (to my opinion), that the Development Team makes unclear announcements. Which always leads to false expectations (see the discussions of people complaining about the quality of the turn-ins). I think, the Devs should...

    - either announce nothing at all and make sure everyone gets a fair reward matching his effort to liberate Moonglow
    - or make a clear statement about what each player can expect.

    I'd personally prefer that each player who participated in the Moonglow event would get a reward once the event is over. The value of the reward should depend on the effort a player has put into the event (for example, the number of creatures he has slain). Even low-level players who are not able to face Berserkers or Shadowlords should be rewarded for their contribution. And be it only with a minor artifact.

    I really hate all this being left in the dark for a long time, then receive not really useful hints, and finding out afterwards that the promised turn-ins are not really useful, but rather collection items.
    I really begin to ask myself what this game is all about. It seems like it is about spending days and weeks mindlessly slaying the same monster type over and over again, collecting hundreds of useless items hoping that one day they will be worth something, then after 6 weeks being able to turn them into snake skin boots with +2 poison resist! Doesn't this sound somehow pathetic?

    The best thing about the event was the two happenings in the beginning, where hundreds of players showed up. The rest was really boring. I do not expect much. I don't expect uber rewards, I just wish a little more effort and fantasy would be invested when developing these kinds of "epic" events.

    The United Pirates of Catskills
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was thinking how the best way to make the ear rings and I come up with a new idea that works on a system we have in place now..
    The personal bless deeds for the Ear Rings.. Have the for ear rings that blesses them and adds the mod of night sight.. if used like the personal bless it can be changed from one set to another.. If they would bind the deed like a person bless no one that did not turn them in could have this item... only the collectors per say..
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ear Ring Personal Bless Deeds.. + Night Sight
    Bless a pair that crafters can make. This would allow us to use this even if they add better ear rings later.
  4. People have been begging for collectable/clothing/alternate items vs PVP leetness rewards because alot of people are sick of getting arties.

    And altho the turn-in consists of minor things, the logic behind moonglow wasn't dedicated for this turn in. If you follow the story appropriately, we are in the middle of a war (shadow lords). Some peoples intentions may be different than others, but the dropped items are just things to pick up for later uses (turn ins).
    That doesn't mean the whole objective behind moonglow was to get a leet rare.

    As for announcing the items, I don't think they could have done it any better. Its as they've done in the past with ToT 1-2. If you were expecting an uber leet item only to be dissapointed, you have your self to blame for that.