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What is RP Highseas

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Pirate Blackfoot, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. It is assumed that everyone in the world knows what RP'ing is all about, Right? Well, don't be surprised if I say, there are alot that don't know. May be a bit shocking, but people know what RP stands for, thats easy. But actually playing RP is a whole different realm unto itself.

    RP'ing Highseas in UO is probably one of the best things that could have happened to the game.(Wether Tram or Fel). If one were to RP (Role Play) according to what it is suppose to be, then one would think the seas would be over-run with ships wanting to get in on the fun of acting out what it was like back during the time when one went to battle with the Royal Navy, Pirates that roamed the seas, going against the Royal Guard, creating trade routes using ships to transport goods to other markets. I don't mean using runes from place to place or moongates to tele goods. I'm refering to landing a ship in port from your port of call, going to the person or place thats selling the goods you want, (acting in character), loading (in this case) pack mules or Llamas, head back to where you landed, load the ship and head out to your next port, wether home port or another port-o-call. All the time acting in character and playing the actual part of the person you want to be or suppose to be.

    In the mean time, while in that shipping lane/route, you may encounter pirates or free running marauders, hell bent on either taking your booty or everything your ship has to offer. But all the time, acting in character. You play the RP part as if you were actually back in the time of when all this exsisted. It's not easy for some and real easy for others. It takes a little practice, but the benefits are great if played right and very enjoyable. So you as an individual can play this when you feel like, running goods or as an organized team effort, maybe with mulitple ships (merchant and escorts) or just the opposite and run as a solo pirate or as a group (acting in character as a pirate would act). The arrangements are wide open to imagination and can be capitalized on.

    As an example,All pirates dress in Pirate garb and Merchants look like Merchants. (but a good idea, if you want, to have on your person a battle gear set in order to change fast). I know its kind of hard for a tamer not to have his dragon with them, but did you ever see a dragon on a pirate ship? nah....:). and what about Colossus? Did they have them too when they attacked other ships of the maritime? Well, the game play is open to how ever one wants to play it, but think about how it should be played if acting out the part that you're playing.

    Interesting? Isn't it?..Well this is only food for thought and I personally would like to see some of the game play played like they would have acted during the time of Pirates, Merchants, Marauders, etc.

    Just my opinion............I just hope to see alot more activity in RP'ing. Especially on the Highseas. Chessy has some of the best in the game.