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What is the best ROgue build to start out with? for a nooobbby

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Delaro, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Delaro

    Delaro Guest

    I mean complete noobbiee [​IMG] After 7 years of UO I find myself drawn to WoW and want to start with my favorite class.. the Thief.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Something like this might be a good template to start on. Obviously down the line as you get used to the class you can adapt it to your playstye. Not everyones talent build is the same, and there really isn't a wrong way as long as it works for you.

    This is currently what I'm using now but this build isn't for everyone
  3. Delaro

    Delaro Guest

    How much time would it take to cap Lockpicking? Im guessing a good amount of effort?
  4. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    Time to cap Lockpicking? Well a fast player can get their character to 60th in 12-14days of playing. To 70th? Maybe 10 more days? So at level 70th your lockpicking skill would be what 375/375? So you'd be at the top of your skill range in about 19-24 days playing, on average.

    WoW, is not like UO where you can create a character and GM its skills or one skill the day you make it. Your not even given the lockpicking skill until level 16 then your only given the first window, 0-100 to gain in a training area. From 101-375 its 5 points at a time per level.

    Example, my 58th Rogue is currently at 278/285 skill. She will hit 300 once she hits 60th, and that will open the 300-305 skill gain window. So at 60th she'll be 300 Lockipicking. No noob GM Characters in WoW, all skills, ie Jewelcrafting, posioning is level based gains.

  5. Duskmourn

    Duskmourn Guest

    several areas designated specifically for lockpicking. Just talk to a trainer to see where the junk boxes sit. They put the junk boxes in specific camps for each zone. Lockpicking maxes at 350. I'm level 70 and I spent the better part of 30 minutes grinding what I needed to be maxed out.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    WOW makes it easy by having only 5 skill points to gain per level. Sometimes you just don't get to the places where there are lockboxes around to practice on, especially now that leveling is much faster. So, Pickpocket all the humanoids you can because they sometimes drop junk boxes that you can raise your skill on. Also, if you find yourself kinda behind, its quite ok, because now you're at a higher level than the mobs in the area with the lockboxes and can easily stealth around without getting aggro. Remember to pickpocket as you steath around too.

    I just brought my 61 rogue up to 305 this morning in EPL at Tyr by doing just that. They were all green to me so it was easy to stealth around and not get aggro. I love being a rogue.