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What is the point or goal?

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Jacey626, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Jacey626

    Jacey626 Guest

    Hi, I am new to both the game and the forums. I only have experience in one other MMORPG and while it was a good start for me into online games... it didn't really prepare me for UO. But hey, what really could? lol (You could max out all your stats and it had step by step guides that really held your hand)

    I have been playing for a little less than a month (on Legends), am in a guild (that doesn't seem to be very active while I am on however VERY helpful when I do have a question) and trying to be a mage and scribe. Oh, and I lost my "young" status very early because I got too many skill points before I knew what that even meant! hehe

    I realize the title of my post is a very big and broad question... but what in the world am I supposed to be doing in this game? Yes, I know it is different for every player... but I feel like I am spending most of my time standing at the bank in New Haven or at my house scribing becuase I don't know what else to do.

    I don't want to give up on UO becuase it is the nicest community of players I have ever met. But, I don't know how to make money and killing the ettins by New Haven are making me go crosseyed from boredom. I am still so confused by all the different items in the game, stats, maps, etc.

    I saw a post about a class for newbies. I am thinking of trying that out. But if any of you want to chat about some good things a new player can do and explore... or maybe what your goal in the game is that I can try... anything really. I really appreciate any and all help!
  2. Nine Dark Moons

    Nine Dark Moons Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Dec 7, 2006
    Likes Received:
    <font color="brown">Welcome to the game! I have been playing UO for 4 years now. I have tried all kinds of things. For the first 2 years I played, I was really into growing plants at home and cross-pollinating them to get the rarer varieties. And doing the ant quest in the Solen Hive for rare seeds and killing Earth Eles in SHAME for the fertile dirt to make my plants grow faster.

    But that gold old by year 2, especially since the plant system hasn't changed at all and it's the same old stuff and no new plants. So then I decided to be a rares collector (on a very small scale since I don't the cash to be a real rares collector). I have a blast! I created "rare collector" characters on 7 different shards (Napa is my home shard) and so when I'm bored doing stuff on Napa I login to the other shards and poke through vendors in Luna and follow runes that players drop to their personal vendor homes, etc. - it's a blast and the more stuff I started collecting, the more I learned about the variety of items a person can collect. So my collections have grown and my focus has changed many times. When I collect a fair bit of rares on the other shards, I transfer them to my house in Napa. A few months ago I cleaned out my Napa house and had so much stuff from 2 years of collecting that I now rent a vendor in Luna and sell off my extra stuff, and that has been a blast too! And I also started a scribe vendor at my house in Napa so I can provide the Napa player base with individual spells and spell sets - it's very rewarding knowing I'm helping out players and especially the newer ones like yourself that have no way of getting all 64 spells unless they buy a spell book that's already full.

    I have just recently joined a guild, but it's a very tiny one - there's only 3 of us in it! I met my guildies during the Candle of Love quest last year and we bonded [​IMG] Quests are a lot of fun (at least some are) and they can take a while to complete, and in the process you learn a lot about the game and the lands. Heartwood - the Elf city accessed via the gate in Yew - offers a lot of quests. When I first started I learned a lot about the different avenues my characters could take and the different things I could do in the game through the stratics page itself. It wasn't until last year that I started reading these boards and they have helped me immensely. I mostly play alone, so I guess I would just suggest scrolling through the different portions of these boards - if you are interested in trying out a profession I'd recommend reading through those specific boards, etc.

    Good luck! I think the classes for newbs sounds awesome and is a great idea. I hope they follow through with that! PS - SHAME dungeon level 1 is a great place to go as a fairly newbie character - I spent about a year whacking away at earth eles there, and then running away and healing when they hit me too hard. I never could survive much deeper than level 2, but level one would give you a change of pace from ettins or whatever you've been thumping, and they're easy enough (slow moving) for a newbie to kill. The lizard men in the top level of DESPISE are pretty easy too, if you keep moving. My favorite thumping ground lately has been fighting deamons and dragons at the Fire Temple in Fel (or Tram) but I barely escape with my life sometimes and I'm a GM swordsman now! They're very tough but I find them really fun to kill. There's such a variety of monsters in the game that if you wander around or find a rune library and try different dungeons or locations you should find some to fight that are a lot of fun for you! When you first explore new places I'd highly recommend either leaving your stuff at home or making sure it's all insured and that auto-insure is ON. I like to go to a new place basically naked and die pretty quickly and then I wander through the dungeons as a ghost which gives me a much better idea of if I want to come back.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Some players just like the community atmospere, some players are in it to kill monsters and some are in it to kill other players. Sure this is very basic and I am only covering the basics but hehe your ? was very broad based.

    Sounds like you are into killing monsters - so lets start there. Haven is created for chars with little or no skills and the challenges are weak. Once you feel you have progressed past Haven its time to move out and explore dungeons and new landmasses. Yes you will die at times (we all do) but that is the challenge to pit your char against progressively tougher monsters and challenges.
    Now the guild that you joined in Haven is probably one of those guilds that likes to help out the new player and their good to stay in touch with but at some point you will want to get into a guild that does more PvM fights (or whatever that your interested in) as some of the bigger challenges in the game are hard for a solo player to accomplish. **Warning** set your char that guildmates cant loot corpse, this avoids some of the unscruplous ploys that do happen (wish I could say everyone is great in UO but like RL we have our jerks here to). As most things are similar in Tram to Fel I wouldnt suggest going to Fel till you feel ready to PvP or tackle a Champ spawn.
    For the dungeons you can find maps and a list of critters that each level holds here on stratics choose one you feel comfortable with and explore, the lower you go the tougher it usually gets. Lots of new players like to start with Shame but the first two floors of any dungeon should be doable at your level. Check with the guild your in right now im sure that someone has atleast a dungeon rune library that you can use to make travel/exploring easier.
    I found areas I liked to hunt and after abit I would notice others that hunt the same, chat with them, they might show you other new interesting places to hunt or they might introduce you into a guild that you might enjoy fighting with.

    The only real point or goal in UO is to enjoy yourself! :)
  4. im going to assume being new to the game that you have minimal gear. As your playing a mage and would most likely be using reagents, i would suggest your first goal be to get yourself a 100% lower reagent suit. this will allow u to cast spells continuously without needing to purchase more reagents.

    a good way to do this is to goto heartwood and take dread horn quest which will get u into twisted weald. theres usually someone there killing swoops (small purple bird) while u'd probably have trouble taking him on yourself you could ask the person there if it is o.k. to look thru the corpses as they drop pretty good armor and rings for a new player. look for leather and mage armor and bracelets/rings that has ## lrc properties.

    if u have an lrc suit your goal could be to upgrade it for lower mana cost, higher spell damage etc... as an elite mage suit will cost mega gold which im sure ur lacking, unless new haven ettins started dropping 50k gold lately which i have not seen.

    but maybe before that i would suggest finding where the good rune library is on legends shard. most shards have extensive rune libraries that will take u to the most sought after spots in game. another good thing to do is run around sosaria and get a feel for the land.

    u say ur a scribe. if u can find a free vendor spot recall scrolls sell pretty good and will make a new player some gold. or u can spam in luna bank to try to sell your goods. many people will be more than willing to help out new players.

    10th aniversary items still drop in the virtue dungeons. you can easily kill lizard men in despise, skin them for leather, get gold and sell the leather to make some cash. also u can get the virtue item pieces, some of which sell for 500,000 gold.

    getting with a bigger guild at some point and getting in ventrillo or teamspeak with that guild will vastly open up the game to you. it did for me.

    lastly, read the boards and guides on stratics pertaining to the char u are playing. there are some pretty extensive posts that will explain much for you.

    uostuff is also a good source for info.

    i think you'll find that there is not enough time in the day for you to accomplish what u want, once you get more education to all that the game entails.

    good luck
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Heheheh. This is UO, your alternative life. There is no end goal, you simply live in this world the way you wish to live.

    As for needing help you will always find helpful people here on Stratics. Don't be afraid to post all the time in the new player forum, there are many people who enjoy helping new players. And the truth is that new players absolutely need to be helped because this game is soooooooooooo in-depth.

    PM me if I can help, and I'll check the new player forum continuously.

  6. Another thing you can do is just run around and explore. Go find the dungeons on your own instead of buying a runebook or looking at a map with their locations. Exploring and progressing through dungeons your first time is exciting.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    2 Month Point of View.

    I have played for 2 going on 3 months. I feel your worry. Here is my insight:

    There is plenty to do in this game. The terrain is huge. However, what I find is very few places/quests are worth the effort.

    If a new player can make a character, equip it, and hunt the best items in the game within a month..whats left?

    Ok, so I made a bunch of crafters. Already Legend Smith/Tailor, GM tinker miner..you get the point...it wasnt too hard. Taming seems to be the only skill I have not been able to get up. But after working it to 75 and with items, I own a CU Sidhe and Rune Bettle (higher up pets)

    So, what we need are new content, events. I came as Magincia was in full swing. I was pretty weak but had a blast there. For me to keep playing I will constant events. there is no way I can wait 1 to 2 years for an expansion and keep doing the same thing over and over.

    Some people love to role play and use MMorpgs as a sort of graphical IRC. I do like to enjoy a community of players in any game. There are lots of helpful and friendly people here.

    I am trying to be open minded and find things to do. I've just recently done some minotaur relic quest in which you get a stronghold box. It has some great items.

    I made a Treasure hunter and do some level 6 maps alone. Its hard, and the reward is not great. If i had a friend interested it would actually be fun.

    So, what I find is, after 2 months. I can hunt for hours and hope to upgrade my armor/demon slayer/undead - weapons just a tad. Or try to stock pile gold for which i have no idea what i would spend it on.

    I realise the developers are on a moving month, but do events happen every month? That was one thing I really liked about Asheron's Call. Not the best game but always a new storyline/event every month. Well worth the bucks. It just never had a good community [​IMG]

    Anyway I found that Atlantic server is booming with people and that is why I chose it. If you find Legends too slow, switch over before you spend too much time. And I hate guild hopping on any game, but I left 1 and about to leave another here. The game seems to be plagued with "wishful" guilds. Players with good intentions but they dont play enough for a "fresh" player. Get out of that guild if no one is around. You need people to take you hunting and introduce you to useful quests etc.

    I am eagerly awaiting the crafting patch. Since I made my crafters a month ago, i dont think i have made a single thing. I spent a most of my money and a lot of time leveling them and now they sit. I have been collecting BODS but saving them for the upcoming patch.

    I hope this comes soon.

    So, other than getting a couple more Doom Artifacts I think gear wise a couple Crimson Cinctures and a few Runic Valorite Hammers are the "win" all for UO. Item wise. LOL

    What kind of game has 99% of the players running around in leather. Why no use for plate and chain? Where is the story line. Besides playing Ultima 1 to 5, where is the lore? Lord British, Blackthorn etc. Is there no purpose? Who was responsible for burning up Maginicia? Where do I read about that?

  8. Highball

    Highball Guest

    Hail ...

    Well if you show up in the school, as you suggested you might find some points of view and shared experience from different teachers.
  9. Clextor

    Clextor Guest

    Hi, I am Darla of the HELP guild on Sonoma.

    Many suggestions here and making a list to put next to your 'puter might help remind of things to delve into.

    I RP my peeps. Each has a different part of my personality and they have different skill sets that they stay within. Each peep even about my other peeps faults and inuendos.

    As to things to get into; I explore, learn new skills, go different places and try new things.

    I am also much into the human owners. Many games are geared towards development and in-game rewards. I icq (written chat) and am in Teamspeak (voice chat) and Ventrillo (voice chat) with many. I find that that is a big selling point for UO. (I do wish there were more players)

    Something else is that if you are in a small guild, get your guild into an alliance with other guilds so that there is more interactions and event participation/opportunities. Each of my peeps are in different guilds, so I have a wide connectivity to the community.

    I also read the shard forum for events. UO is geared moreso to interaction, I think, than many MORPHs.

    I guess I am big on interaction. But, since I can't easily leave the house physically, it helps fill a social gap.

    If on Sonoma, look me up.

    Darla - New Haven (I help peeps - just be careful of my uncle, he is a sneaky sort)