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What is your T.Hunter Template!?

Discussion in 'UO Fishing and Treasure Hunting' started by Guest, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Please post and give as must detail as you wish, about your Treasure Hunter Template!

    If you have any questions on someone's Template, please PM them or Post a New Thread about it. We'd like to keep this thread as a database only, discussions will certainly be allowed in the form of a New Thread, however!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My Tamer Treasure Hunter Template (PvM - No Meditation)

    Animal Taming ----------- Max 115.0 (stop at 110, use jewelry for rest)
    Veterinary -------------- Max 110.0 (stop at 100, use jewelry for rest)
    Animal Lore ------------- Max 115.0 (stop at 110, use jewelry for rest)
    Magery ------------------ Max 100.0
    Cartography ------------- Max 100.0
    Lockpicking ------------- Max 100.0
    Evaluating Intelligence - Max 100.0
    Total Skill Points ---------- 720.0

    Strength ----- 125
    Dexterity ---- 10
    Intelligence - 105
    Total Stats -- 240

    Normal Hunting Garb: (Wearing Gear to make up for no Meditation)
    +5 Int
    +13 Mana Increase
    +7 Stamina Increase
    +8 Mana Regeneration
    +1 Stamina Regeneration
    100% Lower Reagent Cost
    176 Luck

    Resists: 29/34/15/21/20 (lol @ resists)

    Luck Suit: (I only wear this when I am solo-farming and not casual/group-hunting)
    +2 Hit Point Increase
    +4 Stamina Increase
    +2 Stamina Regeneration
    +2 Mana Regeneration
    9% Lower Mana Cost
    11% Lower Reagent Cost
    1280 Luck

    Resists: 49/30/35/20/20 (still lol @ resists)

    My Main two Pets:
    White Wyrm
    7x GM Skills
    Resists: 69/23/88/47/50
    HP: 433
    Stamina: 126
    Mana: 414
    Str: 733
    Dex: 126
    Int: 414

    Pure Mare (dies alot, lol)
    No GM Skills
    Resists: 59/35/40/31/29
    HP: 300
    Stamina: 110
    Mana: 125
    Str: 514
    Dex: 110
    Int: 125
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is my bard Treasure Hunter on Europa

    Carto - 100
    Locks - 100
    Magery - 107
    Music - 89 (120)
    Provoke - 102 (120)
    Disco - 120
    Peace - 102 (120)

    Str: 125
    Int: 105 (135 mana)
    Dex: 25

    I rely heavily on jewels and items to boost the music skills to 120 for all but disco as I was able to get there without jewels.

    Life Of A Travelling Minstrel Talisman - +5 music +5 provoke
    Song Woven Mantle - +10 music
    Ring - +10 music +12 peace
    Bracelet - +6 music +6 peace +13 provoke

    My suit gives me:

    100% lrc
    15% lmc
    Mana regen 11
    2/2 casting
    A mighty 140 luck

    I summon 2 earth eles to take the hits from the initial spawn while I provoke and get everything fighting. Then I disco the toughest monsters so they drop faster and mop up the rest. When a single monster spawna while looting the chest, I set the eles on them, disco and then peace when the timer lets me. On a level 6 hunt, the Blood/Poison Eles and Titans drop so fast I often don't get a peace attempt in. Balrons are no trouble at all and I have a fairly decent success rate on Ancient Wyrms.

    I carry the following instruments on hunts. Demon slayer, Dragon/Reptile slayer and an exceptional tamobourine
  4. LeBaiton

    LeBaiton New Player Protector
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 1999
    Likes Received:
    Cheers for the template... *quotes*...

    My Tamer/T-Hunter

    Animal Taming ----------- Max 110.0
    Veterinary -------------- Max 105.0
    Animal Lore ------------- Max 110.0
    Magery ------------------ Max 110.0
    Cartography ------------- Max 100.0
    Lockpicking ------------- Max 100.0
    Meditation -------------- Max 100.0
    Total Skill Points ---------- 720.0

    Strength ----- 123
    Dexterity ---- 46
    Intelligence - 100
    Total Stats -- 255

    I use the 40 dexterity veterinary bonus on this character for the increase in healing. I've used a +25 stat scroll to be able to increase the stat...

    +5 Mana Increase
    +1 Hit Point Regeneration
    +5 Stamina Regeneration
    5% Lower Mana Cost
    10% Reflect Physical Damage
    30% Defence Chance Increase
    19% Hit Chance Increase
    100% Lower Reagent Cost
    1283 Luck

    Resists: 31/24/19/21/40

    Crap resists, so if I'm targetted, there's a very good chance I'm very dead. This does not happen a lot though. I never think about switching...

    I have a secure filled with additional garbs for my t-hunter. The max luck I am able to equip is 1479 luck / 100% LRC, or 1483 luck / 95% LRC. 95% LRC not being preferred due to the possible Invisibility casting failures...

    My Main Pet:
    Cu Sidhe
    4x GM Skills, 90.0 Healing
    Resists: 61/36/84/33/82
    HP: 567
    Stamina: 125
    Mana: 287
    Str: 612
    Dex: 125
    Int: 287

    I do every level of map with it. I used to hunt with a mare/wyrm combo, like Orvago above, but switched once I returned to UO after ML...

    I also do Peerless hunts with him, and PvM in dungeons with this character. He's versatile, that's what I enjoy most about him...
  5. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Psycho Melee Treasure Hunter (Paladin Swordsman T-Hunter)
    Swords: 101 (120)
    Cartography: 100
    Lockpicking: 100
    Anatomy: 100
    Parry: 90 (105)
    Healing: 90
    Chivalry: 70 (90)
    Tactics: 69 (100)
    720+85 = 805 points

    Plus, Human JOAT bonus lowers my weapon special moves costs by 10.

    Stats 100/100/68 (100/95/60 plus equipment)

    Resists with standard suit: 70/69/67/68/70

    My Standard Suit
    Brightsight Lenses
    Ancient Samurai Do
    Arms of Tactical Excellence
    Dupre's Shield
    Soul Seeker
    Totem of the Void (Wailing Banshee Summoner, and Giant Serpent Protection 46% - always a plus on the Treasure Chest Islands)
    Robe of the Eclipse
    62-resist enhanced Barbed Leather gorget
    56-resist enhanced Barbed Leather leggings
    (additional 0/5/5/5/5 resists from GM-Inscription cast Reactive Armor and Magic Reflection, since soulstoned back off)
    Matched Jewelry set with total of +19 Swords, +19 Tactics, +20 Chivalry (other attributes include minor amounts of HCI, LRC, physical resist and EP)

    Total Bonuses from equipment:
    Luck 311
    Mana Regen 3, HP Regen 3 (plus leeches from the seeker)
    +8 Int, +5 Dex, +5 HP
    LMC 10%, nightsight
    85 skill points, all in template, from Jewelry and equipment, which gave me the breathing room to pick up Healing (played 3 years using only Close Wounds for self-healing).

    Pets/Mounts: Choice of Swampy, Ethereals, or a Giant Beetle (the latter typically for group hunts, to haul multiple chests' loot back at once - a lot of people don't want their regs from a level 6 box - their loss is my alchemist's gain). Also, the Banshee from the Talisman (only swings at what I actively click on to target, but does some damage, and occasionally takes a hit that would have been me otherwise).

    Besides Soul Seeker-
    Long Sword (old style) Undead slayer, Mana and life leech around 50%, plus good DI. Lich Lords hate this thing when I AI.
    Demon slayer Broadsword: exceptionally crafted out of gold, 8% DCI and 15% SSI. Two-hits Daemons on the upper-mid maps.
    Blood ele slayer katana with leeches better than the Undead slayer above. usually good enough to use on Poisons too.
    I REALLY need to make/find a good Dragon or Reptile slayer, but they have eluded me.
  6. ZidjiN

    ZidjiN Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 18, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Hail Fellow TreasureHunters of sosaria!
    Im just in the middle of putting together a new Treasure hunter, i got the most of the skills on other chars or on stones so i dont have to work that much on gains.
    I have never seen a treasurehunter like this so im posting it here so that ppl might get some inspiration. Just like Mich Ryans, this build relyes heavy on jewels but the jewels is rather easy to find.

    Animal taming 60 (95) (+30 from jewels and 5 from talisman)
    Animal lore 115 (120) (+5 from talisman)
    Vetrinary 120
    Musicmanship 110 (+10 from songwooven )(If Elf otherwise lower your vet by 10)
    Peacemaking 120
    Magery 80 (95) (+15 from tome of lost knowledge)
    Lock/Carto 100

    125 STR
    10 DEX
    100 Int

    My set is 100% LRC, 1034 luck, MR4, JoaT and the skill boost of course, nothing special really.
    This charecter works REALLY good at solo Thunts!
    The 95 Taming 120 AnimalLore Gives me 99% Control Chanse on my Nightmare/RuneBeetle combo.
    The 95 Magery Gives me 100% Succes chanse with Invis. (I just use this for the first spawn then i change to Clainins spellbook)

    I dont think i need to tell you why I have 120 Music/Peace/Vet, do i?

    You could actually lower the vet to 100 if you want to, but i personly like the stable slots and high vetting that i do get from 120. My skill cap is only at 705, so there is 15 more points you could foolaround with if you have the right cap.

    Many ppl might think that this is a lame template or maybe ******** but i like it alot! I got 5 Stones at home so i just stone this template on when i want to do some maps.

    Try it out on the test shard and be amazed! I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

    Best Regards Loise Moonstone of europe!
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here's mine: I have several soulstones to move stuff around

    100 Cartography (soulstoned after i decode all my maps)
    100 Lockpicking (moved back on after i move Cart off)
    120 Music
    120 Provoke
    120 Discord
    120 Peace
    120 Magery

    I wear a +14 Mana Regen suit that is all 70's & 60's and is 80 LRC (can be 100 when necessary by switching from Staff of Magi to Boomstick). I use a Staff of Magi to keep decent defense chance.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is Rellik...My Treasure Hunter/ Tamer
    I solo lvl 6's without difficulty or fuss!

    Carto 100 (stoned)
    LP 100
    Taming 115 Talismen and lots of Jewels (real skill around low 80's)
    Ani Lore 110 Talismen
    Vet 105 Talismen
    peace 110 Jewels
    Music 105 mantle and jewels
    magery 110 Tomb of Knowledge

    I can peace tame just about anything.....mounted on a well trained Cu side I can solo most maps. I take different pets if I am bringing a group along.
    I perfer riding a well trained mare....and digging for a party. I only dismount if they have big trouble! ( Like me spawning a Balron and three Aw's ) hehehe
    I also have a rep for spawning multiple AW's during looting!
    This is just a real good Hunter/Farmer/Tamer.

    Hope this helps someone!
  9. absimiliard

    absimiliard Guest

    Chalk me up as a probable disappointment. I can't solo lvl 6s. Even a lvl 5 takes me 43 minutes to do safely, and yes, I timed it.

    What I do do is lead treasure hunts. I lead them very well. So if you like call me a treasure-hunt leader. Though in my defence I do a lot of lower level maps solo, mostly to get my lockdowns back. But for me t-hunting is mainly a social activity, and deliberately so.

    That said, here's my template.

    50 Detect
    Remainder in Stealth (Like 80-ish)

    Lindisfarne (THB-SP) the Sig-less Wonder
    *gets a res*
    "I wonder if I'd die less with a different template?"
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The World's Best Treasure Hunter: Waiki'k the Legendary Bard

    Music 120
    Peace 120 (108 real)
    Magery 115
    Med 115
    LP 100
    Carto 100
    Focus 42ish

    My ring/brace combo is awesome for what I do.

    +12 Peace
    16% LRC
    92 luck

    Luck 81

    My armor has ~30 resists in everything. But that's not what its built for.
    102% LRC (using AOF)
    MR 8
    Luck 1200+ (AOF + Lucky Necklace and 130ish luck pieces)
    Chaos Vesper Shield (FC1/FCR2)
    Lucky Spellbook (MR3, 80 luck)

    My fiancee plays a Provoke Mage in support, and while I can solo Lv. 6's with ease, its like playing Pong with her on.

    Magery 115
    Eval 110
    Med 110
    Focus 100
    Music 110
    Provoke 102 (jewled to 110)
    Hiding ~60 hiding

    She also have 100% LRC, with about 1000 luck.
  11. Fisher King

    Fisher King Guest

    Fisher King, Provo Thunter

    Carto 100 (Decoded about 500 maps, then soulstoned off Cart)

    Locks 100
    Magery 115
    Med 100 (110 with Jewel)
    Music 120
    Provoke 107 (120 with jewel)
    Disco 105
    Eval Int 73

    Total 720

    I got Disco on this Char because I got fed up with endlessly EV'ing the last AW/Bally to spawn when forcing, with no other beastie to provo against it I got fed up. With Disco, they damage the EV much less, and rarely dispel the EVs at all making short work of them.

    With Disco and a little bit of time, I can also provoke 2 Paragon Cu Sidhes to fight to the death, which is a beatiful sight.

    I wear a rubbish resist suit with 1436 Luck, way I figure it is.. If Im stuck on a nasty piece of Jungle, or am too fat to move because I forgot to offload Gold.. Then it don't matter whether I'm 2 hits or 1, the AW still has my arse for breakfast.

    I've solo'd around 100 Level 6's, they take me an average of 35 minutes including looting, Forcing the spawn... Sorting and leaving a Newbie Bag at haven, then selling the scrolls and gems.. Can't argue really.

    Oh, And I used to be GM fisher.. but gave it up for Bard Skills... Then they invent soulstones **Cries**
  12. ZippyTwitch

    ZippyTwitch Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 5, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I consider myself a REAL treasure hunter:

    Gm Cart
    Gm Lockpicking
    Gm Detect hidden
    Gm Remove trap
    Gm Magery
    Gm Med
    Gm Hiding.

    I use a full 100% lrc suit.

    I dont consider any temp that does not have detect and remove trap a real treasure hunter. But thats my opinion.
  13. maccabee

    maccabee Guest

    Howdy! Maccabee, from Lake Superior THB, is my treasure hunter. He's pretty much the only char I play on nowadays.

    Cart 100
    LP 100
    Mage 110
    Med 80
    Eval 90
    Music 120
    Peace 120

    I wear a pretty good all around suit. Good resists, all 60s and 70s, with around 85 LRC, nearly 40 LMC, 5/2 FCR/FC, around 30 SDI and 3 MR. I keep eval just to speed things up a little on the maps. Earth ellys just don't do that much damage to blood/poison ellys. Oh, and I'm an elf. I enjoy the extra mana points.
    Since I only really play on my treasure hunter now I was thinking about creating another one, maybe with provo and disco.
  14. This is my awesome stealth mage Treasure hunter. I only do level 6 maps from the Miasmas. I always solo them; I haven't tried any of the lower level chests since ML came out, but I assume they would still be as easy as pie, though. You can actually do level 6 chests naked with just a few regs, but it's better to wear some low grade LMC/MR stuff.
    I turned my character into an Elf for the awesome +20 mana.
    115 str, 10 dex, 110 int (one of these days I'll use a better stat scroll)
    720 Skill Cap, but you really only need 600 points
    100 Cartography
    100 Lockpicking
    115 Magery (Can't afford 120 scroll)
    100 Meditation
    100 Hiding
    85 Stealth (use rabbit form and it's 100)
    100 Ninjitsu (not necessary; you can substitute any skill here)
    The rest of the points aren't really used; I think they're in EI right now.

    a small boat
    12 lockpicks
    2 blank runes
    bag of sending
    etherial Ridgeback
    Spellbook: 14% LRC, 5% LMC, 5 mana
    Rune Beetle Carapace, PBD blessed
    20% LRC, 5% LMC, +5 mana hat, CBD blessed
    Quiver of Infinity, Blessed
    boomstick, insured (not really necessary, but the extra MR is great to have sometimes)
    The rest of the suit is all low grade LRC, LMC and MR stuff that isn't worth insuring.
    My current totals are:
    MR 11, LMC 28%, LRC 100%, all resists below 30.
    if you don't mind spending a little for insurance occasionally, you can use better equipment; I figure on dying about once per 2 or 3 chests, though, so I don't bother with using stuff good enough to insure. Besides, even with good equipment, you'll die when 2 Ancient Wyrms hit you.
    1. place a boat if there's water close by. They can come in handy, especially on those small islands where some demon masquerading as a dev decided not to put any wandering healers.
    2. bring 2 blank runes. Mark one right next to the chest, one offscreen; recall to the bank and drop these in the box, just in case. If the island is too small to mark one offscreen, move the boat far enough away that if you die and have to use help to get to town and get rezzed, when you recall off the boat key, you won't get insta-killed by anything.
    3. Cast 2 EVs before digging up the chest
    4. As soon as the chest pops up, hit the hiding key. Make sure it's a handy shortcut, because timing is everything and you don't want to be dead on a tiny island with 2 AWs and 2 bloods and no wandering healers; I hate using the help option.
    5. Calmly walk offscreen; as soon as one EV dies, cast another one. Keep two EVs fighting until the original guardians are all dead. With decent MR equipment, you shouldn't have any problem with this.
    6. If anything gets within targeting range, hide! Cast the EVs at the very corner of the screen, so that you don't get targeted, if possible.
    7. Once the guardians are dead, unlock the chest and use telekinesis to blow the trap, then cast two more EVs.
    8. Grab the bright green bag and the gold; use the Bag of Sending to send the gold to the bank. Most of the Marties aren't worth sending, but just in case you get a good one, you can send that, too.
    9. Just keep casting EVs when they die; keep your finger on the hiding button. Every time you loot something, if a monster pops up, hit that button! FAST! The EVs can handle a blood ele, poison ele or titan, but not an Ancient Wyrm. If it's an AW that spawns, just hide, stealth to the corner of the screen while it's killing those EVs, then cast more EVs till it dies. If you have enough MR and LMC equipment on to keep casting them as fast as they die, it won't take long to kill it. Try for at least 12 MR, 40% LMC if possible. It isn't hard to do if you do a lot of chests. I forgot to change sets of armor when I went to Felucca to do some chests, and I lost everything when I got PK'd a few days ago, so I'm slowly building it back as I get stuff that's better.
    10. Go back to Miasma, grab another map (there are usually a bunch of chests lying around there just waiting to be picked), rinse and repeat.
  15. SubZeroMPS

    SubZeroMPS Guest

    Since I have 24 working soulstones soloing a Lvl. 6 map is pretty easy.

    Step one: Put Carto skill on my tamer/bard/mage and decode all of my level 6 maps.

    Step two: Remove Carto skill and head out and dig. Jump off the dog, peace or discord the spawn, pick the lock and loot away. All in all a level 6 map takes me about 30 minutes from start to finish.
  16. argor

    argor Guest

    100 Cartography
    100 Lockpicking (i switch carto/lockpick with soulstone, save up 100skillpoints!!)
    120 Music
    110 evalint
    115 Peace
    110 Magery
    50 meditation

    still not sure 100%, might get skill bonus armour though my suit now is 2/6 100lrc high mr lmc ( and i like stam reg cuz im elf and my stamina runs out too quickly when running !! )

    My friend who helps me at spawns is a tamer/peacer
    Together we can do lvl 6 maps easily....though the loot aint worth it (personal opinion, but i like doing em :p )
  17. maccabee

    maccabee Guest

    Just created a second treasure hunter. My first is a peacer/mage, you can see his template above. My second is as follows:

    Cart 100
    LP 100
    Magery 110
    Music 120
    Provo 120
    Disco 120
    Med 50
    **This is the template I hope to reach. Currently my skills are not at this level.

    I wear a lmc/mr suit with all 60s resists FCR/FC 6/2 and a little lrc. Not sure about the 6/2 fcr/fc, I may switch that out for some more lmc or maybe skill since my bard skills are only about 80 right now.
  18. Seashell

    Seashell Guest

    Here's my template:

    110 magery
    100 med
    100 cartography
    100 lockpicking
    110 eval
    100 stealth
    100 hiding
  19. DarkOgham

    DarkOgham Guest

    Pretty Straightforward here:

    Carto 100
    Picking 100
    Magery 110
    Eval Int 110
    Med 100
    Hiding 100
    Stealth 80
  20. Mulan's

    Mulan's Guest

    I went the Scribe/Mage route. Plus fishing, so I can get to every single chest in game.
    Character is
    GM Carto
    GM lockpicking
    GM Fishing
    GM Scribe
    GM Magery (115 with spellbook)
    110 Eval
    110 Med

    My stats are
    90 str/102 hps with items
    30 dex/30 stam
    125 int/159 mana with items (could have 179 as an elf?)

    I wear as much spell damage increase, lower mana cost and mana regen items as I can get ahold of. Try for int/mana boost on those armor/items also.
    Almost unlimited mana with high lower mana cost #'s. Can dispatch serpents without any problems, just have to keep protection up, cause they cast alot of low level spells fairly quick.

    For T-maps I solo up to level 5s. Level 6 maps are a bit too much for me solo.
    Plus this character is great for all around dungeon crawling when you feel like picking every chest possible. [​IMG]
  21. Seashell

    Seashell Guest

    100 Hiding
    100 Stealth
    110 Magery
    100 Med
    100 Carto
    100 Lockpicking
    100 Eval

    I can solo a level 6 map if I lure the wyrms away from each other and ev them to death.
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Well, I didn't see one quite like mine in this list, so I thought I'd list her.

    Hanna, Elder Bard.
    (goal stats, including main jewelry currently worn)
    120 music
    120 provoke
    115 peace (I'd like to 120 this as well if I can find a reasonable scroll)
    110 mage
    100 carto
    100 lockpicking
    70 necro

    735 Total

    current skills [w/ jewels] (without)

    music 117.x (111.x)
    provoke 114.x (95.x)
    peace 115 (109)
    mage 110 (110)
    carto 96 (96)
    lockpicking 100 (100)
    necro 70.x (82)

    my suit is a bit overkill at 125% LRC (need to juggle some items about, suit isn't finished), 20% LMC, 5 MR, and 6 HR. I use Lich Form for my base mana regen, which free's up not only 40 skill points or so, but I can wear non-meddable armor which makes getting good stuff a whole lot easier.

    I only use two MArties right now, Boomstick and Gloves of the Sun.

    resists in lich form are 61 60 35 44 25 (ouch! EBolt hurts!!).

    I have no trouble at all with level 4 maps (which is the highest I can complete before GMing carto). The only time i die is if a lich lord pops and I think he's me, so that's a downside of this template hehe.

    I've heard today about some rare and mysterious MArty called Bard's Talisman which I'd love to get my hands on. In a template this cramped, you NEED those extra skill points.

    All in all, Hanna is my favourite character. I can sit around and do maps for hours and not get bored.
  23. jelake

    jelake Guest

    Stealth Mage, I love being able to sneak away from the intial spawn rather than running for the hills. Most of my maps were read by a different character so I left the cartography on.

    Magery 115
    Meditation 110
    Eval Intellect 110
    Cartography 100
    Lockpick 100
    Hiding 100
    Sneak 80

    Cast 2 EV, dig up chest, hide and sneak away while the EV's clean up the initial spawn. Did I mention I love hide and sneak? [​IMG]
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Marty McFly, Bard/T-Hunter.

    110 Magery
    100 Lockpicking
    100 Cartography
    115 Music
    115 Peacemaking
    120 Provocation
    120 Discordance

    Total Skill Cap: 720

    Currently at or working toward these caps, using items and allowing skills to creep up through normal use. Hoping to eventually get 4x120 Bard skills.
  25. Gilmour

    Gilmour Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 19, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Mary of Denmark, Bard/Thunter

    i recently finished disco and all skills are now real trained.

    i use alchemist bauble to boost magery to 115..

    Carto is on stone mostly, only take it off stone to decode a bunch of maps, then re-stone it..
  26. I started my Treasure Hunting at:

    Cartography: 100
    Lockpicking: 100
    Detect Hidden:100
    Remove Trap: 100
    Magery: 110
    Hiding: 100
    Stealth: 75
    Meditation: 35

    Only bad part about this template is I wouldn't dig up an Ingenious map on my own. I won't due to the utmost respect for my compadres in THB, and those who dedicate themselves to treasure hunting.

    So I have added:

    Taming: 92
    Animal Lore: 97
    Vet: 56
  27. StarlaUO

    StarlaUO Guest

    My T-hunter on Oceania:

    Misia, skills are (no items dependent skills)

    120 Music
    120 Peace
    120 Provo
    100 LP
    120 Magery
    120 Med
    20 Focus

    Carto is stoned and interchange with LP when i need to read new maps. Works great for all levels of T-map.
  28. Dalamos

    Dalamos Guest

    Right now (almost finished) its is looking like:

    100 Carto
    100 Lockpicking
    100 Medation
    120 Music (missing scroll)
    120 Peacemaking (Missing scroll)
    110 Magery

    I still have 70 points that don't have a home yet. Was going to do Provoke, but I really am to lazy to train it.
  29. vorius

    vorius Guest

    May I post a question about THunter templates?

    Cartography is pretty useless to the character who is actually going to dig up the treasure right? So is it safe to just have another char on your account handle all the decoding while your THunter can get his 7th GM in something else? Or does the one who decode it must be the one who digs it?
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    decode all your maps with the character you plan to hunt with....then stone off cartography...and use the skill pts elsewhere.

    As long as the maps are started off as tattered....you will forever be able to dig those maps with that character.

  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Carto- 100
    LockPick- 100
    Magery- 120
    Hiding- 100
    Stealth- 100
    Parry- 100
    Meditation- 100
  32. frodofeet

    frodofeet Guest

    Taming - 110
    Lore - 110
    Vet - 110
    Music - 110
    Provo - 100
    Lockpicking / Carto - 100
    Magery - 80

    STR - 125
    DEX - 20
    INT - 95

    I swap out Lock/Carto as needed, and Magery is jewelled up to 100. I changed to elf to get myself a cu sidhe. My Cu is used on pretty much every monster that spawns, even AW's. Sometimes I grab my Mare/Rune for a bit of variety [​IMG]

    Depending on the spawn, I'll either provo the trash like Titans/Elementals onto the Balrons or AW's, or if I get a bad spawn (not uncommon to get 2 AW's & 2 Balrons [​IMG]) I'll lure them away 1 by 1 and set my pet(s) on them.
  33. Barticus

    Barticus Guest

    Hi all,

    Recently reactivated my old account (last on in 2001), taking a while to figure out what is what in this modern UO. Spent half an hour at Britain bank trying to figure out where everyone was before someone showed up to show me the way to Luna.

    Yurgi Twinkletoe (Oceania)
    Cartography 100
    Lockpicking 98.5/100 (it is... still painful)
    Magery 100
    Alchemy 100
    Inscription 95.3/100
    Eval. Intelligence 100
    Meditation 100

    Alchemy and inscription for my mad grenadier approach to adventuring. Was thinking about dropping meditation for spellweaving or something similar but that could cripple me a little?

    Pretty stoked to see all the new content (invis & conflagration potions FTW) and quests, et cetera. Seems like there are plenty of options for good old aventuring, dungeon looting and general treasure seeking these days.

    Cartography craftables! Awesome! Need more!
  34. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
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    Jul 16, 2003
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    If you are human (and intend to stay human), and have one of the expansions that enables Mondain's legacy content (Mondain's Legacy, 9th Anniversary), go do the arcanist quest in Heartwood for spellweaving. Humans that are in the ML-enabled ruleset have what's called "JOAT" or Jack of all trades. It gives you a phantom 20 points in all skills. Completion of the arcanist quest, and the JOAT points, will let you cast arcane circle (which increases the power of Spellweaving spells via a focus), Gift of renewal, Nature's fury and a couple other spells.

    If you can find 4 non-spellweavers to do the circle with, and get a level 5 focus, it is downright scary what a 0-skill (just JOAT) human can do with those spells. With a level 5 focus, a human with 0 real skill can cast a gift of renewal that lasts between 1.5 to 2 minutes, and regens about 9-10 HP ever two seconds. Plus the duration of the nature's furies are increased to make them downright nasty (compared to the 2-slot blade spirit - heck 4 furies are better than 4 of the pre-SE 1-slot blade spirits)
  35. Edgemon

    Edgemon Guest

    Let's see...

    100 Cartography
    100 Eval Int (110 with spellbook)
    100 Lockpicking
    100 Magery (110 with spellbook)
    100 Meditation
    100 Musicianship
    108 Peacemaking (120 with a +12 ring bonus)
    12 Wrestling (left over from the ring bonus, what am I gonna do, eh?)

    I can solo every level chest, but I still have a bit of difficulty with AWs... Was thinking of stoning off Cartography and picking up Discord after viewing most of the replies in this thread, but for right now, I'm ok with what I have.
  36. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    100 carto
    100 Picking
    65 magery 85 Crystaline ring
    100 archer 120 Hunters
    100 tactics
    35 necro 30 jewlery 5 bloodwood 20 bracers 10 osirom grimore 100
    100 bushido
    100 spirtspeak

    This is just to take on the new buffed AW. The magery is just to invisi right after the dig. The sampire archer doesnt have trouble soloing the aw with a good bow. Its just slow. The discord provoke templates are a bit faster but since the aw buffing it seems dieing to the arrgo from a failed attempt is more likely and leaves that last unkillable AW. The bushido seems necessary for the HCI maxing out and the SS for the stacking of vamp form and curse weapon effects of health leech. So now i can solo a 6th lvl chest so long as my invisi dont fail with an insta reveal from the AW!
  37. LeBaiton

    LeBaiton New Player Protector
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    Feb 25, 1999
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    I've since created a second tamer / t-hunter. I'm using a slightly different setup, and am using a greater dragon for all levels now...

    <font face="courier new">Animal Taming ----------- Max 120.0
    Veterinary -------------- Max 100.0
    Animal Lore ------------- Max 115.0
    Magery ------------------ Max 110.0
    Cartography ------------- Max 100.0
    Lockpicking ------------- Max 100.0
    Meditation -------------- Max 100.0
    Total Skill Points ---------- 720.0 (using jewelry to bring up taming)

    Strength ----- 130
    Dexterity ---- 31
    Intelligence - 105
    Total Stats -- 255</font type=fixed>

    My Main Pet:
    Greater Dragon
    Resists: 83/85/41/55/73
    HP: 929
    Stamina: 125
    Mana: 563
    Str: 653
    Dex: 125
    Int: 563

    Pet still in training. Can handle AW's, but giving it the killing blow takes a lot of time due to the massive ammounts of healing the AW's do...
  38. Avalonia

    Avalonia Guest


    I consider myself a REAL treasure hunter:

    I dont consider any temp that does not have detect and remove trap a real treasure hunter. But thats my opinion.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I don't consider any template that leaves the spawn for the next person to deal with a real treasure hunter so I guess we are even.

    I think with the changes to AWs that the real way to go is taming. It never dawned on me (not sure why) that I can still fit meditation on my template. I still like having 50 chivalry (for Miasma) on my tamer though so it would probably work like...

    100 Cartography
    100 Lockpicking
    110 Taming (+5 bracelet/+5 talisman)
    110 Lore (+5 talisman)
    110 Veterinary
    110 Magery
    50 Chivalry
    45 Meditation

    I have a 100% LRC suit with around 1000+ luck.

    Swords of Prosperity
    Armor of Fortune
    Robe of the Equinox
    Lucky Necklace
    Ring of the Elements
    Birds of Britannia (Talisman)
  39. marcelom

    marcelom Guest

    Any suggestions to make a Tamer/Archer T-Hunter?
  40. King Durango

    King Durango Guest

    100 Animal Taming
    100 Animal Lore
    100 Veterinary
    100 Magery
    100 Lockpicking
    100 Cartography
    60 Evaluating Intelligence
    60 Meditation
  41. MatrixCubed

    MatrixCubed Guest

  42. Black Majick

    Black Majick Certifiable
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    Jun 14, 2004
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    Umm....suggestion for Archer Thunter....

    115-120 Archery
    100 Tactics
    100 Anat
    100 Heal
    100 Carto
    100 LP
    80 Chiv

    For something simple. With right set of slayer bows and making good use of invis pots...could do pretty decent on intial spawn. Then just be prepared for a fight the rest of the chest. Now this is probly not the most effective or fast template for doing tmaps, but with some time and ingenious thinking could be used to do even a LvL 6 map.

    Edit: Can also carry telekinis scrolls for releasing trap on the chest. With JoAT with humans can cast them almost 100% of the time I beleive.
  43. DuLang

    DuLang Guest

    110 Animal Taming - scrolled to 115 and using taming tali
    110 Animal Lore - scrolled to 115 and using taming tali
    110 Veterinary
    90 Magery

    100 Hiding
    100 Lockpicking

    Then I stone between 100 cartography and 100 stealthing

    Find this a fantastic character for soloing levels 1-6, GD can nearly do every initial level 6 spawn, only really need to take it easy if I get 2 AW's and 2 Ballys, or if I get 3+ AW's.

    Also the stealth is a great addition for soloing monsters, and getting into tight places with my pet, and good for stealthing about champs with pet in tow.
  44. BloodRavenFL

    BloodRavenFL Visitor

    Jul 24, 2009
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    This is Felix Phenox my Treasure Hunter/Fisher/Theif

    Cartoraphy 100
    Lockpicking 100
    Stealing 100 (120 w/ items)
    Hiding 100 (120 w/ items)
    Stealth 100 (120 w/ items)
    Snooping 100
    Fishing 100
  45. I originally created this character as a guild treasure hunter but now does only level 1 or 2 maps solo. Should I get to where I am confortable with level 2 I may attempt level 3 solo. Doubt I can do more than that with this template. Right now I am using a vollem to help and summon an earth elemental sometimes also.
    cartography 100
    lockpicking 100
    magery 100
    anatomy 100
    fencing 100
    tactics 100
    healing 100
    focus 20
  46. bjornef

    bjornef Guest

    my tresure hunter fisher necro poiserner is in training but i plan to have

    100 fishing
    100 carto
    100 lock
    100 necro 120 with item
    100 spirit 120 with item
    100 poisen
    100 hide
    100 remove trap
    100 detect hidden
    and if i am able to crack in 100 stelth might even try to kick in stealing and snoping would be fun lol

    any way is a build i am trying to make and not sure how it will turn out

    well is my fel hunter and i do all my stuff in fel
    so if any one play euro and got lots of lvl 1 fel maps let me know maby i can buy them or some thing:gee:
  47. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
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    Jul 16, 2003
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    An update to my template from the passing of time and changes in game rules.

    Psycho Melee Treasure Hunter (Paladin Swordsman T-Hunter)
    Swords: 101 (120)
    Cartography: 100
    Lockpicking: 100
    Anatomy: 100
    Parry: 85 (100)
    Healing: 90
    Chivalry: 53 (77)
    Tactics: 91 (100)
    720+67 = 787 (was 805 points before the BS change that required real tactics, forcing me to shuffle skills)

    Plus, Human JOAT bonus lowers my weapon special moves costs by 10.

    Stats., with equipment, 102/120/60 (120 HP, 12 Stamina, 60 Mana)

    Resists with standard suit: 69/64/70/69/69

    My Standard Suit: Note that I currently do not run ANY imbued gear. I only got my Imbuer to 120 10 days ago, and don't have the resources yet to start tweaking this suit by imbuing a couple new pieces.

    Brightsight Lenses
    Ancient Samurai Do
    Crafted sleeves, 68 resists (may replace with an Arms of Tactical Excellence that I enhanced, if already-imbued marties stay imbued after pub 65)
    Dupre's Shield
    Crimson Cincture
    Totem of the Void (Wailing Banshee Summoner, and Giant Serpent Protection 46% - always a plus on the Treasure Chest Islands)
    Conjurer's Garb (full version from curing a gypsy)
    Voice of the Fallen King
    Crafted Leather leggings (61 resists plus HPR 2 & HPI 4)
    Jewelry set with total of +19 Swords, +9 Tactics, +21 Chivalry (INT+4, LMC 4%, HCI 5% and EP 15% - probable best candidates for imbuing)
    Snake Skin Boots
    Twinkling Scimitar, HML 50%, HLL 40%, DCI 6%, HLD 34%, Hit Magic Arrow 38%, DI 36% (man, I wish I could change the Hit effect and DI on this - that's what I get for crafting it with an Aggy Hammer)

    Total Bonuses from equipment:
    Luck 265
    Mana Regen 5, HP Regen 14 (plus leeches from the sword), Stamina Regen 3
    +8 Str, +14 Int, +5 Dex, +19 HP, 61% DI
    HCI 5%, DCI 11%, LMC 14%, nightsight, EP 15%
    67 skill points, all in template, from Jewelry and equipment, which gave me the breathing room to pick up Healing (played 3 years using only Close Wounds for self-healing).

    Pets/Mounts: For many chests, I use two bonded Vollem from the SA gifts - gives me in effect two non-ridable Nightmares, but these are not usable on level 5s, and vulnerable to getting killed by Ogre Lords on level 3 & level 4 maps (all the other spawn from levels 3-5 they can take down easy).

    I take a Dragon's End out on level 6 maps, for jousting with AW, and a demon slayer with Armor ignore for Balrons.
  48. That is one interesting template Basara!

    I have two t-hunter characters, one pure template, and the other one that I'm finishing up now is a tamer template, but only at 90 taming so far, but maxed the rest of the skills.
  49. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
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    Jul 16, 2003
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    if you think it's interesting now, I'm playing with trying to craft better leggings (will take crafting because of the resists involved) and a new jewelry set imbued to have +20 Anatomy, +20 Swords, +18 Tactics (+12 more from the Arms of Tactical exellence that I raised the resists of), and as much Parry and Chivalry that I can pile on. I'll lose a little LMC and INT (hardly missed) but would end up with over 830 skill points, with at least 3 of my skills at 120. LP & carto at 100, and the other 3 skills 100/90/80. If I actually manage to land that new shield with +10 Chiv coming in publish 65, even better.
  50. jmholbr

    jmholbr Guest

    heres my new tamer/necro/thunter temp this will be my first thunter so far im doing 1-2 to get use to soloing working my way up as i gain in skill


    tame 94 +26 = 120
    lore 94 +26 = 120
    vet 94 +26 = 120
    cart/pick/fish 100/100/100 use stone to swap between the two
    magery 113
    Necro 115 +5 = 120
    Spirit S. 110 +10 = 120
    total 720 + 93 = 813

    the +26 on tame skills come from ring/brace set necro/SS is spirit tally
    i currently use a all 70 100% lrc 6MR +42 mana suit still way for away from a good luck suit i use sculpture to boost luck but thats about it i have a scrapper in hand till i can craft me a good necro book to use or a sick 3 mod scrapper ( a long time for that one)