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What Lies Beneath?

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by EM Eris, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. EM Eris

    EM Eris Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Event Date: April 29, 2010 at 7:00 PM EST
    Meeting Place Lord British's Castle, Trammel

    The hiss of an alley cat alerted Abernathy the Beggar to the presence of a man wearing a heavy cloak and top hat. "Be careful with those barrels!" Abernathy watched from the shadows as several thugs carefully rolled heavy barrels up the cobblestone streets from the docks and down into the Britain sewers. The man paused checking a pocket watch. "We're on time; we'll only have this cargo for a few more minutes."

    "One spark and it all would... go boom!" the group of men burst into uneasy laughter. "At least we're being well paid for this."

    The thug leaned against the sewer wall which was thick with slime and watched the rats and alligators in the muck below. A bluish magical light reflected off the walls as a monk clad in a coarse black cassock approached. The monk acknowledged the men with an abrupt nod of his head "bring the barrels this way".

    Abernathy watched as the group cautiously made their way through the sewers and to a deserted section of the sewer wall. The monk knocked on the wall and removed a brick. The wall slid away revealing a tunnel. In the tunnel thousands of barrels bobbed up and down in the thick smelly sewer sledge. The men pushed their barrels into the tunnel. The monk passed a heavy bag to the men and they departed.

    Abernathy waited but the monk did not move. Soon a large group of robed men and women carrying torches passed through the sewers. A dog followed the group with a tambourine tied to it's back, shaking in the cold damp tunnel. The monk quietly followed them before revealing himself, Abernathy followed the monk. "You are the ones I have been expecting."

    “Who are you if I may?”

    “You will know soon enough. The Sun Ruby Gem is almost restored.”

    The others smiled and listened with glittering eyes as their leader continued to question the monk “See my fine Cabalists. They seek to recreate what Mondain took from his father. How can you be sure you won’t be killed for it as was he?”

    “A worthy question” the monk muttered.

    With a slanted nod the other replied “I will have to trust then.”

    “The Gem is not for me alone, it is for all who hold true to the Promise. Would you share in its power? Join our cause against the false Queen who sits in Castle Britannia. Even now she sits unaware of the danger that surrounds her, certainly never expecting the menace that will soon erupt beneath her feet.”

    “What is the plan? Flood the gates? Let the streets run foul with plague?” The leader of the Zog Cabalists replied.

    “The sewers are to be packed with explosives so that the Castle may be breached causing a conflagration from beneath. We are certain that the network of tunnels beneath the Castle were compromised that the whole thing and most of Western Britain could become a sink hole and ignite a huge fire.”

    “Honestly I’d like the entire place to be a sink hole. I wonder if I could watch from atop Lord Blackthorne’s Castle. We can supply explosives.”

    Amid the excited laughter and talk, Abernathy sneaked back into the sewers unnoticed. “I must warn the Royal Britannian Guard.” He thought to himself.