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What makes the current SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) sucks?

Discussion in 'SWG General Discussion' started by Grover19, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Grover19

    Grover19 Guest

    I am always interested to play SWG, I never had a chance, recently I have the chance to play! But many people said that SWG sucked now with many reasons that made me confused, can anybody please explain to me??
  2. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Usually when you hear someone state that "SWG sucks now" they are people that haven't played the game for four years.

    It was four years ago that SWG went through a drastic change in gameplay which alienated many of the players, many of who never got over the change and continue to spread negativity about the game to this day.

    I can't say I blame them, the change in gameplay four years ago was probably the biggest mistake in MMORPG history, but SoE seem to have learnt from it.

    They make sure that they listen to the community now and the game is vastly improved from that day four years ago with tons of new content and fun systems.

    Dont take my word for it though, or the word of disgruntled veterans from several years past, try it yourself for free and make up your own mind: WELCOME TO THE STAR WARS GALAXIES™ TRIAL PROGRAM!
  3. gak21

    gak21 Guest

    I was one of those people that was upset with SoE when they changed everything while straight out lying to the players about what was happening. I quit for 2 years then used their bribe to come back and try it out, which I still disliked the game.

    I returned earlier this year and played until they closed my server (wanderhome). I thought the game was fine, but with my friends spread out across multiple servers and the announcement of Bioware creating a new Star Wars game I just packed it in for good. I have no resentment toward SoE anymore, they have learned from their mistake and are trying hard to make the game the best it can be.
  4. RainStar

    RainStar Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 20, 2003
    Likes Received:
    It wasn't SOE that wanted to implement the NGE anyway, Lucas Arts demanded it.

    Good luck with TOR, Julio Torres of Lucas Arts, the same jackass that is responsible for the NGE is on the TOR team. lol
  5. gak21

    gak21 Guest

    Nah, not going to play that either for the reason you said. I just get that gut feeling that over time Lucas Arts is going to severely limit SWG somehow and put their muscle behind TOR. I don't want to get back into the game and invest time, money, and effort only to see it wiped away again.
  6. Kinsa Lestin

    Kinsa Lestin Guest

    I just joined Star Wars Galaxies, using their 14 day trial. There are some parts of the game that are a tad slow. I, for instance, am in Eclipse Galaxy, so there are not as many players hovering around Mos Eisley (though I am only a level 12 Jedi right now). I do hope it speeds up for me so I can interact with other people more. The only time I get to interact with people is when another player walks up and hits on me (yeah, in the game). So, Im working my way around.

    I love the expertise tree, though I do not like how long it takes to level up but that is what perseverance is for! lol.

    I hope to make it to level 90 someday though I have a long way to go. Overall I like the game, its just a bit slow and so far I plan to pay the $15.00 a month membership once its done.
  7. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Be sure to roll out a second character on the Starsider server to compare the difference in population. Starsider is the busiest server and Eclipse is one of the least populated.
  8. MiranConti

    MiranConti Guest

    It's been so long since I've played. I hear they added Hoth as an instance? I'm sure there are plenty of things I've missed in the past year!
  9. Bud_Weiser

    Bud_Weiser Guest

    I was around SWG here on Stratics when they opened these forums up about... cripes it's been years... Skabre, Akanah and a bunch of regulars could not WAIT for this game. When it came out we played like crazy. Then they NGE and we all left. Been thinking about coming back.... but it seems like this one is taking the TSO route and I don't wanna invest the time and money if it's just gonna close up on me.

    Pity to hear about Wanderhome.... :( That means my toon is gone.
  10. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    SWG has plenty of years left I think, if you log a ticket with customer services they are likely to move your character to a live sever at no cost.
  11. MrJaffo

    MrJaffo Guest

    I too was one of the Stratics'ers (unofficial) that even got to muk around in the beta... I stuck it out after they ruined droids... I even stuck around for a while after NGE... But everyone left, and I got bored.

    Now that I've read in this thred that Wanderhome is no more (I didnt know that) *wipes tear*, now there is zero chance of my returning to SWG.

    Im thinking about that Star Trek Online thing... But im not sure about MMO's anymore... Im older now... Married... Kid on the way... Self employed... Sleep, from time to time is nice...
  12. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    There will be a free returning vet trial on February 1st, you could log in and get your character moved to an open server for free and check out the new changes... wont cost you anything.
  13. Penti

    Penti Guest

    WOuld be nice to see some of the old faces return and give the game a second chance. I've been having a blast with the new GCW update, even managing 50+ PvP kills on my Trader :)