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What Siege player (past or present) has made the biggest positive impact on you?

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by imported_MoonglowMerchant, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. For any who who remember her, mine is Rose Fairchild (aka Rachel Schmied et. al.).

    When I began on Siege, it was a tough tough place. I can remember going to the most desolate spots imaginable to farm gold and being found by a PK within minutes.

    Once, I had lost everything and was just about to leave. But, luck shone upon me. I wandered by Brit bank to find that someone had dumped a few house deco items there. A fishing net or two, a painting, etc..

    I greedily scooped up the goods and ran north out of Brit, on foot of course, I couldn't afford a horse.

    Heading north, I found a large tower in a clearing. I could see that someone was inside. After a time, she went up to the roof of her tower where we could talk even though I was on the ground outside (that was a special tower [​IMG]).

    That is when I met Rose. I sold her my deco items and began farming leather for her. She always needed it for the two vendor shops she ran in Yew and Moonglow. After that, I never looked back.

    It was great luck and the start of a great friendship.

    Thanks Rose!
  2. myself... I like to make a personal impact on myself as often as possible
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest


    myself... I like to make a personal impact on myself as often as possible

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I don't think Moonglow was talking about stink factor Mo.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    When I first came here, shortly after being in NEW, I attended a player run town festival. There were assorted guilds and players there attending for the various events.

    That town was KiN near Minoc. In the midst of all those people there seemed to me, to be *voices of thunder* guys that were roleplayers yet seemed to be surely leader types, and had the PR public relations and yet voices of thunder and forces in their own rights to be reckoned with. . fire and thunder both going on for em.

    It was like these were males whom were friends, playing basically *the good guys* in different ways, one a knight, one an assortment of chrs. crafter included ! Surely each of these men were leaders in their own right I felt even though I had *just met them* back then... and I felt like if I follow any one, I usually prefer *voices of thunder*.

    Those two players were :

    Lord Py Lethius giving a speech there and the runner of that town and festival also a voice and leader .........whom was the one we know as Aeric Horn/ Ginsu.

    These two guys rank up there as number 1 both each.. for impressing me with their playing roleplaying and leadership qualities when I first came here. [​IMG] They still remain my #1 as whom impressed me coming here to Siege being a long time UO vet myself .........not many peeps playing styles leader styles impress .. me at all any more, they DID !

    There was another chap there...still kinda new here but he was feisty too yet also kind, ...more like one would want for their *big brother* ...he impressed me too...his name and the lady with him, both did she was all bubbly of personality bakin cakes and such [​IMG]........ His name was Castor...her name was Skylark.

    *toss in a mayor and people of a town called Iantown* back then.

    I usually DO prefer non wishywashy types of folks yet those that just some how command ye respect and are not just *mouths* no they are far deeper and more. I kept running into that type here from time to time, the ones whom also someway impressed me when I met when I was relatively new here, and one of these..well her name is Lady Pyrite.

    *remembers also fleeing first time I seen * a red lonely vampire lady* she was not going to slay me.. she just had some advice and a welcome to siege for me here too her name freja. *

    And the very first person................whom seen a crafter with no gp left, trying to tinker no tools left no gp to buy a tinker tool ..nor *tinker one up* She asked me how I was doing. I said... out of gold out of tools, would be nice to just get TO gm my skills here..forgot things wear out faster here. She asked me what ya need ?? I said.............a tinker tool, and a shovel..with the shovel I will get more ore..with the ore I get ingots to make more..tinker tools and shovels up my skills maybe I can then stick around. [​IMG] She told me about NEW her name was Shalimar. So you can all BLAME HER for giving me a shovel, tinker tools, and a place for my homeless self to hang my 50.0 tailored ...floppy hat............to enable me to remain back then, here on Siege.

    Such a tiny hand full of people really...yet when I was new here each one impressed me in their own ways for being just whom they ARE and what they stood for, and utterly unalike set apart in my mind.. from..all the others !~
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I remember Rose too. [​IMG]
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Probably Mastah/Ozymandius from LTK. when i started siege as a noob I hunted the ophidians by terra keep alot and kept running into the guild that fought there. I found out Siege pks are alot different than and quickly learned that on siege most reds were more honorable than the blues! within some time I joined the guild and had my best siege memories to date around 2000-2001 fighting guilds like KGB TAK AaA WC TRU UDL GC OGD.. ect too many to name &gt;_&gt; today is likely the last day i'll be logging on uo for maybe an eternity. I spent my last minutes getting ress killed about 40 times in luna. Its not the same game it was [​IMG]
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I must add another name........ a TAXman.. his name is ...Dagashi ! [​IMG]
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kaia Za'fiene
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    william x
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmm...this will require a UO novel! [​IMG]

    Shalimar, I remember because she found me wandering Ocllo the first time I logged on Siege, as a paladin, pretty fresh to UO. I was waiting at the bank area, for Mac to show up, and was horrified by my mismatched armor that I arrived in. What impressed me was that her outfit was truly a coordinated ensemble from head to toe, and I learned she had this AMAZING power to dye leather armor! Soon I was running around in MATCHING junk startup gear, thanks to her. She did make me a set of leather armor, which I banked for later, having been assured I would soon be relieved of my junk, no matter how junky it was. Alas, I never got to wear that armor...Angelica, my char, was deleted the next day, and Skylark was born a week later after the timer expired.

    Ikichet (Uvtha) was the very first person who spoke to me on Siege. She seemed like a very nice lady, for a rat.

    Mac who had been kicking around on Siege for about 3 weeks (while I was n00bing up Atlantic) finally found me, and mentioned this great group of people he had met that roleplayed knights, and he wasn't sure he wanted to play on Atlantic anymore, in spite of his riches there. He introduced me to Aeric Horn, who mentioned that he was considering leaving the knights to start a new RP town project. Then I met Severina/Mekare, and Chenonceau (naughty murderer!), and Py Lethius (chasing naughty murderers), while Aeric was showing me the spot he was considering near Minoc to start his town, and explaining his vision. I gave Chen some cookies, and he gave me a mage weapon staff, which he said would help with my training. I never did figure out what I was supposed to do with it back then, but it looked nice with my outfit so I carried it everywhere (until it got swiped).

    Those people are the ones who hooked me on Siege (and UO). Atlantic was great fun for the 3 weeks I was there, but it was more like an interactive chat room. Siege, and the people I played with there, were different.

    A couple of weeks later, I bumped into this shockingly badly dressed scoundrel at a moongate, named Castor (found out later he had recently claimed his vet reward copper robe - I thought it looked dirty, and shapeless like a potato sack [​IMG]). I said hi, but he appeared to napping, and didn't respond. I window shopped, while mentally listing his fashion crimes. The nap turned into a power nap, so I also read his very RP-ish profile, and waited some more. Finally, he woke up, and expressed surprise to still be alive after losing conn for so long, with someone standing next to him. He then said ladies should not be wandering alone in those parts, and asked if I needed an escort anywhere. I said I was just on my way to see my RP cousin-knight-in-training's tiny new house he had placed somewhere near Trinsic, and would be OK. I waved goodbye. I recall a couple of minutes later, evil Ozcko of UND killed me (and my horse grrrr) near Trinsic gate, and someone in BFI took my Ginsu made sandals (*sigh* AGAIN).

    I ran into that Castor guy again, a couple of weeks later after our town was built, while Sevi and I were admiring the new garden. We invited him to our event - the first UO event I helped coordinate. It was a big picnic and scavenger hunt for our town to introduce it to the shard - I think that was around the 4th of July in 2004. I needed lots of help with the scavenger hunt list because I wasn't familiar with very many items in the game. I met a newbie archer among the guests (Brigette I think it was), a nice friendly lady, but later I spent far more time with her alter egos: Miranda, Hughes of Gray, and Queen Zen. My first house (the house that dragons built) was largely decorated with Miranda made goods.

    A blind blacksmith named Blind Otto also eventually wandered into our town, with seeing eye beetle leading the way. And every now and then, his elusive scribe Beatrice Quill would make an appearance. I didn't see them as much as I would have liked because of this strange malady they suffered from called GMT.

    There was this sort of psychotic vampire guy that I was convinced had chronic respiratory problems, because he gasped all the time, when he wasn't chasing me, after my blood. Heh, WyRm is WyRm...he certainly makes an impression on a person in game.

    Besides the knights, for whom I risked freezing to death every time I visited them in Wintermoor, there was a really nice group of people that had a town near the shores of Gravewater Lake in Malas, but they had an upstart mayor that everyone thought was a n00b. I think his name was Kelmo or something. They were always doing fun stuff, and inviting people to join them.

    Another fine group of people had a firmly established town called Wispwood Shire, not far from the Yew gate, which you could find by following the convenient barrel road. There were some forest dwelling elves there, Felinious and others. They had better sense, and more refinement than that crazy Iron Claw Empire elf (who peed on the floor near me as I recall, when I met him. Hmmpfff! I think he confused elf with orc). Took me a while to figure out that some of those fine citizens had alter egos as TAX men. All of them were fun to be around, in whichever role they happened to be in.

    Later that year, a really stabby guy killed Castor in the solen tunnels while he was trying to get a pet ball of summoning for me. It seems that maniac left more stuff on Castor's corpse than he started with, though. Little did we know that Wulf was about to take a year long UO break. I only heard about him in passing for that random act of post stabby kindness. I met him later when he started playing again, and resumed his minion recruiting efforts, and he joined the handful of people whom I have enjoyed most in UO.

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My list of people:
    My brother Roentgen
    (Barely know her but,) Kat
    March Hare
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You may find mine an odd assortment.

    Shalimar - The NEW guild experience probably kept me on the shard.

    Aeric Horn - Recruited me into my guild/alliance (online family). This also kept me on the shard when I was about to lose interest.

    Kat - Gives me constant guidance.

    Krystal - I hated her because she killed me many times while I was farming. Now I call her friend. This enlightened me to some significant truths about this game.

    So, thank you Shal, Aeric (MHRIP), Kat, and Krys, you have made this addiction a fun one!
  13. Patty Pickaxe

    Patty Pickaxe Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Shalimar and the members of I^A.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Pyrite, for helping me and showing me Siege was where I belonged
    Krystal, for killing me and showing me Siege was where I belonged

    Kind regards
  15. Scuzzlebutt

    Scuzzlebutt Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 9, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Id say Yasou Wakayama and Sloan. I would have never made the jump over to siege without Yasou talkin me into it. That and he let me do things to his sister I'm sure are illegal in most countries. As for Sloanie, shes the biggest sweetheart on the shard and she's got that sexy southern accent too.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have a sigil dyed spell book from March Hare. It was a gift from her to Castor, a peace offering following some PK incident with her, when he was giving me a tour of Blackthorn's Castle area, that I have forgotten the details regarding. I do recall that I later ran into her in Moonglow, and she gave me the pretty book to deliver to him. Since he did not use magery, he asked me to hang on to it for him...and it has been in Skylark's pack now for over 3 years. [​IMG]

  17. Kemo/Dras

    Kemo/Dras Guest

    Py Lethius
    Aryana the Just
    and of course Katherine and spiderbyte

    kelmo and the I^A fall in there too just thought I made a long enough list.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Some red in moonglow. Shalimar. Pappy Joe. Pyrite. Otto....even Krystal in about that order. I also met some others who made a very positive impact on me
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have several who made a lasting mark on me.

    Aeric Horn/Ginsu (and all of his 'brothers'), Kelmo, Py, Rigorvan, Spree, Miss T, Sissy, Kahmul, Blind Otto, Freja...there are more [​IMG]

    But these are the ones who have made the biggest mark on myself
  20. ill toss mine out there. it was Zerial. without him i wouldnt have ever heard of the game. Nor would i have made it as far as i had, without his help. from year on sonoma and atl, all the way to SP for the remander of the years.
    Zerial where are you? hehe JK, I know where your at!
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Shalimar of NEW &amp; Jalabaster of KOC now ... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Aeric Horn.
  23. alot of people have had impacts on me but the biggest impact has to be

    He taught me to have fun (kill all &amp; spare no one!) and not care what others say!
  24. Death of hemp for killing me and offering to help me by bringing me into the guild. getting me started on the right foot.

    And Tide. Remeber the hiryus! i think ru or Mr t helped with that one.
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Kit - aka - Nymrod

    [/ QUOTE ]

  26. Number one is the obvious. After I left MYTH a year ago, I ran alone for awhile and Kelmo PMed me here and I cried for like an hour. The old fart has since then wedged himself into the, 'my best friend' slot.

    WyRm, because he is fun. He said what VmP was, and when I first started, that is who I ran from and I loved it. He would take my petball and my bandies and my scissors and leave whatever I was farming at the time. And I love him because one time when they killed me, they trashed talked my noobie gear while they looted and he finally killed my ostard because she was being noisy. I think Krystal was there then too.

    Krystal, because she is fun. See above. She used to pull off Lunacy to chase me down. I love her being with us now but I miss her being on the other side.

    Ibi used to make the farming rounds and I miss that. Beyond being a great enemy, she gave me some good deals on her vendors and helped out any time I had a question.

    Righty, because he would kill me then tell me what I was doing wrong. I did my first Dreadhorn with him back in the days I wasn't allowed to be his friend. Again, I love having him with us, but miss running from him.

    Otto...also made me cry a year ago. I just randomly think he is special.

    Leaf, because I really think her and I could be good friends if I wasn't so crazy right now.

    Kat because she deals with all our [censored] and keeps on leading us. I have led far larger guilds than we will ever be, so I know what its like.

    Bah, I am sure I am being all mushy because I am STILL snowed in at the UP!
  27. <blockquote><hr>


    Kit - aka - Nymrod

    [/ QUOTE ]


    [/ QUOTE ]

    Oh.. I'm sorry Kage...

    I did think of you but he said player and not players and Kit was there when I needed a friend to help me start having fun again... Kit did that and much more..

    Kage you are special to me because you were first and I still think you are probably the most knowledgeable player with such an amazing memory for the mechanics of this game we love and the templates of everyone... I keep a folder with all I printed out from your icq lessons you sent to me years ago..

    You wetted my appetite for the excitement of Siege... Thank you..
  28. mabesiege

    mabesiege Guest

    Myon, Death, Pest, Nym..Thank you
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *smiles* Nice thread. The folks that have impacted me in significant ways know who they are. Here's to all my friends, enemies, and those that fall in both categories. With out you, this game would be much less interesting.
  30. Probably the first player to do so was Glendor of [BLD]. I had known him on Sonoma (Dor is in some of the Sonoma pics on that page), and hugely enjoyed playing with him. Sonoma's loss was definitely Siege's gain. Glendor was/is a great guy, both ingame and out. Nuts, though! *grins*

    I was a loner for the first couple of years I was here, living out of my bankbox in Skara Brae, and sleeping at the inn. Though I did bunk briefly with my good friend Bob McDeath, he departed UO shortly thereafter. After that, Lister (BlueBottle) whisked me off to Ocllo, where he friended me to the House of a Thousand Deadly Wisps. hehe! I soon had to abandon his generosity in favor of a mainland existance though, as I've no magery for travel. *waves to Lister* A genuinely good man, and a player I wish I saw more often! :)

    Py Lethius, of course. *smiles* I'd known Py for several years before playing on Siege, and count him friend above all else. He is honorable to the marrow.

    Dagashi, for being so amazing. He was an absolute inspiration!

    Kush, for taking time (and using up an incredible amount of patience, I'm sure) and dragging me along, forcing me to socialize and hunt despite my protests.

    Kemo, in all of his various guises, for being a true friend and weird, bright light in so many overly-long nights. *grins* Kemo just rocks.

    Aeric Horn ingame, and Ginsu on the boards. We spent countless hours discussing philosphy and making plans for the community. His heart could never be questioned, and will rarely be matched.

    Felinious! He taught me so much about fighting, and made it so fun! Training nights were some of the best entertainment I've had on Siege. Thanks, Fel :)

    Yancey de Florio. Got me writing again.

    Blind Otto, in so many ways. He continues to inspire me :)

    Krystal. Best solo fight EVER...and my first (only took me forever!) kill. *grins* She is good, and so FUN! Fantastic attitude. Har!

    Wulf. I wouldn't still be here, were it not for Wulf. He taught me more than everyone else combined, and the adventures we had were incredible - to me, anyway! He helped me beyond measure, and I shall never forget it. "Danger? I laugh in the face of danger! HAH!" Definitely one of a kind. :)

    So many others, but as I am not much of a joiner, I am sure to have overlooked many. (my apologies)

    P.S. Sitric is quite influential, as well *winks*
  31. Ru Atl

    Ru Atl Guest

    Spree, because he got me to come visit Siege.
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Dor - instrumental in getting me here in the first place

    Shalimar &amp; Unforgiven - For their open handed generosity during my first month, when I needed something I couldn't get by myself.

    Wulf - for giving me a hand with my training by allowing me to be his 'minion'. His bods and ingots, my gains. [​IMG]

    Alex, Mo'gluk and a couple of others I won't name for fear of spoiling their 'bad boy' reps. Just for being who they are, offering me friendship, playing for fun and not taking themselves too seriously.

    Shadow Tamer and MajorWoo, for allowing me to dump my vendors on their premises for a while.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have not been on siege very long, but have seen many positive players.
    Some positive in thier own special way.
    Through my eyes Shalimar is a huge blessing to the shard and positive difference
    to the survival of this shard.
  34. I don't normally like to respond in these kinds of threads but I think this one is very nice. Good post.

    Shalimar made the biggest positive impact on me. I created Goron years and years ago but never really played him. After logging on him for the first time after coming back to UO ~7 months ago I bumbed into Shalimar in Delucia within minutes. She was the first person I met after coming back to UO and she was the exact person I needed.
    I'd like to think that I would still have played UO had I not found NEW, but you never know... I know that NEW got me started, kept me interested, protected me, and helped get me going in the 'real world' after my time in NEW was up.
    Thanks Shalimar.

    Currently, I also need to give a moment of recognition for my enemies. Faction enemies, guild enemies, namely JSV. Every hero needs a nemesis, and JSV is just that right now. You guys keep things interesting and are (almost) always there to kill or get killed. Right now I am playing for pvp, and you guys give it. So, despite my (as some people seem to think) 'utter hatred and resentment and anger' (laugh), I have a blast because you all are there to challenge me.
    Thanks guys and gals. Please don't take it too personal when I [censored] talk and dry loot and res kill. Thats just part of the game for me.
  35. Sir Ha-ward

    Sir Ha-ward Guest

    AW, not even one metion of me no where?
  36. sir haward... no one has had me rush to the computer faster then him when my wife said "dear you have a link from some HaHa guy, want me to open it for you"
  37. <blockquote><hr>

    sir haward... no one has had me rush to the computer faster then him when my wife said "dear you have a link from some HaHa guy, want me to open it for you"

    [/ QUOTE ]

  38. <blockquote><hr>


    sir haward... no one has had me rush to the computer faster then him when my wife said "dear you have a link from some HaHa guy, want me to open it for you"

    [/ QUOTE ]


    [/ QUOTE ]
    I'll second that ROFL and add a [​IMG]
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Asmodi - he brought me to Siege ... and we left together to go to WoW. He dragged me to Siege from Chesapeake and opened his home in Iantown to me.

    Aeric Horn - He was a loyal friend. No matter the odds, he always came to my aid. He shared great visions and grand stories with me. When times were rough for me, it was he who convinced me to stay. Oddly enough, it was Aeric who introduced me to WoW, which caused me to leave UO.
  40. I would have to say Zerial, Pestilence and Pestilence's basement. I used to go watch these two, irl, play UO in Pest's basement. After a week or so of annoyingly asking questions over their shoulders, they finally gave me a game time code to try it for myself. It was the same old story, I was given my first taste of pixel crack for free because everyone knew it would hook me if they could get me to try it!
  41. Well I have a few, the first two are kind of a given, The Storm/Disket Bildo and Dante. They played uo for a year or so and finally got me to play here on siege. Then i think the others are down to Mag, Nym, Forsaken, Jaster, and Puffy. They all helped make the game a lot more fun for me at one point or another, and for that I say thanks!
  42. Sir Ha-ward

    Sir Ha-ward Guest


    sir haward... no one has had me rush to the computer faster then him when my wife said "dear you have a link from some HaHa guy, want me to open it for you"

    [/ QUOTE ]

    OMG, thank you for that, i just shot water out of my nose.
  43. In all of time, I would have to say my old guild members (my Stratics namesake, being primary). I had quit Lake Superior, and they convinced me to come back to play on the "brand new shard", Siege Perilous, on the first day after the shard was re-started. Not only did they bring me back to UO, but because of them I learned to truly enjoy UO. Possessions didn't matter. We stuck together... fought the "bad guys" and constantly had our butts handed to us. And when some of us actually became decent at PvP, we all still stuck together. Instead of jumping ship, to a better PvP guild, members stayed to help teach the others, even if it did mean continuing to lose battles.

    I've returned to UO and Siege, rather recently. Since my return, my new guild mates (one in particular) have been incredible.
    But the two people that most likely helped me decide to commit to my return, are not guild mates. They were 2 reds that I met, while running around Luna, on one of my first days back. After reading the boards for about a month, I was apprehensive about returning. But these 2 players took the time to talk to me (after killing me) and gave me a rundown on the state of the shard. They told me a bit about the 3 major guilds/alliances, without any bad mouthing. Since I knew that at least one of them was quite capable of trash talking, it made me feel that some people really do care about Siege and bringing in new players, even if it means the new players might not be fighting alongside them. That made a big impact.
  44. Shadow_Seer

    Shadow_Seer Guest

    Wacker and the old AoD crew...Savage, Johnny Bravo, Darkmane, Sataro.
    Lothar and the old LoD crew...AresII, Gara, Rich.
  45. Spree

    Spree Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 13, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Rico for all his post about siege on Ianstorm. Most of the original I^A members came over at that time. La
  46. The biggest impact for myself was

    1# Rick -------- For helping me with Game mechanics, when in OtF together great stand up guy

    2# HaHa------- For Helping me fine tune field fighting (on my old mage) and IMHO one of the best Field mages around, hard to die with him around, best cross healer Ive Seen----And his links for sure! My shrink sais im recovering nicely!

    3# Sir Daniel---- What else can ya say, whoever knows him understands exactly what im talking about, greatest guy on shard.

    Elmer Made Cupcakes 4 These 3
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Too many to mention all, but I will try.

    Moments after arriving here, I wandered out of the gates of Luna, only to find myself on the wrong end of a vampire's blade. He accused me of insolence, although I had not even had a chance to open my mouth, and then proceeded to drink the blood from my corpse. Upon realising I was new here, he advised me to carry some daemon blood, as it was tastier than human blood, and warned me to show vast amounts of respect to any vampires I should meet in the future. To any who say that VMP did not know the first thing about roleplay, I point to my first ten minutes on Siege, and the vampire lord called WyRm, back in his prime.

    I decided that Luna was not a safe spot for a blind miner, and so ventured towards Minoc. There, I spent my days mining in the cave, until I grew bored, and went in search of more interesting mining spots across the river. There, I encountered Castor for the first time, and ran, as every red I had met up to that point was intent on owning the contents of my backpack!

    Soon thereafter, some miners told me about NEW, and I met Shalimar, and many other folks who, although I do not remember their names, were a major part of convincing me that this was the community I wanted to spend the rest of my days in. During my time in NEW, I first encountered the Knights of the Silver Serpent, when some vampires were besieging the guild house. Led by an apparently invincible Knight Commander, they descended on the vampires like a wave of blue and silver, leaving none standing. I was highly impressed.

    After NEW, I was out mining, when a strange person named Mithril 'attacked' me, and, to my amazement, died to a blind miner who had no combat skills whatsoever, and was only holding a smithing hammer. Even more amazingly, he 'accidentally' dropped a large check on the ground as he died. In hindsight, this was obviously a well played out 'welcome to Siege', to help a blind newcomer, but, at the time, it certainly did my ego the world of good. I built my first house near Iantown, using the gold, and here I stayed.

    I was pondering joining I^A, when, on one of my trips to Minoc, I met Ginsu, and joined KIN for a while. Unfortunately, I fell ill for quite a while, and, when I had recovered, found Ginsu had left, and Amity was on the brink of collapse. *sigh*

    From there, there are too many influences to mention them all. Good, bad, extremely ugly (I still have several items crafted by the original orcs) and utterly insane. Folks such as Kelmo, Salt Foambreaker, Freja, Py, Siofra, Felinious, Grot, Kush, Arivia, Folger, and many more.

    I rejoined NEW for a long while, helping as many as I could, and each newcomer to Siege influenced me, as their need, their enthusiasm, and eagerness was infectious. I only wish I still had the hours in the day to continue that work, but it seems NEW has spilled over into real life for me these days, as most of my time is spent helping those who have next to nothing, and do not know their way through life.

    But, to all those who have shaped my life on Siege, thank you, and while Siege endures, it endures because of the people who make it what it is, and those who made it what it was!