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what swords are alterable?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by mjolnir131, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. mjolnir131

    mjolnir131 Guest

    which swords can be changed to gargy swords?
  2. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    List *might* be slightly out-dated.
    Seems the Devs in their incomprehensible wisdom decided to make it impossible to alter items into Glass Swords or Glass Staffs, so the items that did, not don't alter at all.

    Assassin Spike - Shortblade
    Axe - Dual Short Axes
    Bardiche - Gargish Talwar
    Battle Axe -Dual Short Axes
    Black Staff - No
    Bladed Staff - Dual Pointed Spear
    Bokuto - No
    Bone Harvester - No
    Broad Sword - Dread Sword
    Butcher Knife - No
    Cleaver - No
    Club - Disc Mace
    Crescent Blade - Gargish Talwar
    Cutlass - No
    Dagger - Gargish Dagger
    Daisho - Gargish Talwar
    Diamond mace - Disc Mace
    Double Axe - Dual Short Axes
    Double Bladed Staff - Dual Pointed Spear
    Elven Machete - No
    Elven Spellblade - Dual Pointed Spear
    Executioner's Axe - Dual Short Axes
    Fukiya - No
    Gnarled Staff - Serpentstone Staff
    Halberd - Gargish Talwar
    Hammer Pick - Disc Mace
    Kama - Dual Pointed Spear
    Katana - No
    Kryss - Bloodblade
    Lajatang - Dual Pointed Spear
    Lance - No
    Large Battle Axe - Dual Short Axes
    Leafblade - Bloodblade
    Long Sword - Dread Sword
    Mace - Disc Mace
    Maul - Disc Mace
    No-Dachi - Gargish Talwar
    Nunchaku - No
    Ornate Axe - Dual Short Axes
    Pickaxe - No (useable by gargs)
    Pike - Dual Pointed Spear
    Quarter Staff - No
    Radiant Scimitar - No
    Rune Blade - Gargish Talwar
    Sai - Dual Pointed Spear
    Scepter - Disc Mace
    Scimitar - No
    Scythe - Gargish Talwar
    Shepherds Crook - No (useable by gargs)
    Short Spear - Dual Pointed Spear
    Skinning Knife - Gargish Dagger (fencing weapon)
    Sledge Hammer - No (useable by gargs)
    Smith's Hammer - No (useable by gargs)
    Skinning Knife - Gargish Dagger
    Spear - Dual Pointed Spear
    Tessen - No
    Tekagi - No
    Two Handed Axe - Dual Short Axes
    Viking Sword - Stone Warsword
    Wakizashi - Gargish Talwar
    War Axe - Disc Mace
    War Cleaver - Shortblade
    Warfork - Shortblade
    Warhammer - Disc Mace
    War Mace - Disc Mace
    Wild Staff - Disc Mace

    Wooden Armor - Gargish Platemail
    Chain Armor - Stone Armor
    Ring Armor - Stone Armor
    Leather - Leather
    Leaf - Leather
    Studded Leather - Studded Leather
    Hide - Studded Leather
    Dragon Armor - Plate armor
    * Note: you can get Gargish Plate armor made out of Special woods if it's enhanced before it's altered

    Metal Kite Shield - Gargish Kite Shield
    Tear Kite Shield - Large Stone Shield
    Buckler - Small Plate Shield
    Bronze Shield - Small Plate Shield
    Heater Shield - Large Place Shield
    wooden shield - Gargish Wooden Shield
    Metal Shield - Medium Plate Shield
    Chaos Shield - Gargish Chaos Sheild
    Order Shield - Gargish Order Shield
  3. Nh'bdy

    Nh'bdy Guest

    Can you alter Garg Armor or Garg Weapons to Legacy items?
  4. mjolnir131

    mjolnir131 Guest

    thank you very much thats a good start
  5. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest