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What to make from 30 to 120 smithing skill-FINAL REVISIONS

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Guest, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ok some discussion first.
    i have done a number of tailors and lots of smiths with powerhour. im doing one now without powerhour and i learned something interesting that applies to all of us now.
    when doing oil cloths as a tailor you can run those to 99.6 at which point the chance of success is 100% and gain is impossible. now at 99.5 the chance of success is 99.9% and i get a tenth after 125 oil cloths. this applies to all skills. you can count on a gain after around 125 successes. now as to how that applies here.
    smithing at 106 puts you into 99% range for plate gorgets and i GAINED A TENTH THERE after a number of gorgets( way less than 100)
    i was making iron ex sets while working my 115 smith. now since noticing GOOD GAINS on elbows, helms and legs at 105 i have revised my method to gm a smith considerably. (i have 25 gm smiths, btw, so i have done this often)

    considering my past experience and noting ingot useage and number of ingots required per item, i think this method will work for best ingot useage.


    daggers from 30 to 44
    maces from 44 to 48
    cutlasses from 48 to 60
    krysses from 60 to 68
    short spears from 68 to 83
    plate gorgets from 83 to 94
    plate gloves from 94 to 97
    plate elbows from 98 to gm.

    past gm:
    plate elbows from 100 to 116.2 NO HIGHER!
    plate legs from 116.2 TO 118.6 NO HIGHER!
    plate tunics from 118.6 to 120.

    i had tremendous gains from 110 to 115 making plate elbows ONLY. the chance of success to make a plate elbow at 115.0 is 97.4% and i gained well, better than oil cloths for tailoring.
    this pegs the high end of elbows and legs at 99.8% chance of success. that is how i am able to peg the transition points. if i gain great at 97% chance of success im gonna gain great at 99.6% chance of success. i have verifed this over and over before. now im not sure that making something near 99% chance of success below skill of 90 is good because you can gain faster on a harder cheap ingot item below 90 smith skill.
    but past gm, you only have high ingot items to work with and the worst one, plate tunics, burns much more ingots than elbows so it is feasable to run elbows to the limit. YOU WILL SAVE A TON OF INGOTS THAT WAY.
    the gains from 50 to 100 are valid as they are a good trade off between difficulty and ingot burn.

    now as for numbers:
    my character is Joe Noob from AOL Legends shard.
    he is part of the hog family there.
    i posted below that i was all over the map in ingot useage as i was doing plate chests from 100 to 105 and many legs and tunics to 110.
    if you use the above method, you definately will beat these numbers:

    100 to 105, all plate tunics burned 34k ingots.
    105 to 110, making all plate types burned 34870 ingots.
    110 to 115, making ELBOWS ONLY burned 26750 ingots.
    total ingots burned from 100 to 115 was 95620 ingots.

    when i finally get that 120 scroll i will post how i did there.

    well my 26th gm smith on AOL Legends had these numbers and i used the EXACT guide as listed above:
    ingots burned from 30 real to 50 real was 1500.
    ingots burned from 50 real to 70 real was 3900
    ingots burned from 70 real to 85 real was 6500
    ingots burned from 85 real to 90 real was 6400
    ingots burned from 90 real to 95 real was 9800
    ingots burned from 95 real to 97.4 real was 8200
    ingots burned from 97.4 real to gm was 9800

    total ingots burned from 30 to gm was 46100
    total ingots burned from 50 to gm was 44600.

    the floor fell out of my gains at 95.0
    i have some opinions on this.
    first of all plate helms are not needed at all as they give a poor return on ingots vs the other items.
    plate gorgets and gloves are very similar and plate elbows are a good jump in difficulty and in ingots burned.
    you can reliably gm from 95 making elbows but at a higher cost in ingots.
    i burned 28100 ingots from 30 to 95 and then burned 18000 ingots from 95 to gm.
    the guide listed above will work but if you panic, then start making elbows.
    i would suggest following it and make a bag of elbows if you are not gaining. at 97, just switch to elbows and tough it out.

    please INCLUDE the ingots burned from 100 to 115 in the faq also.
    this guide is finished now.
    good luck to you all!
    i hope this guide helps.
  2. Thanks for the info and good luck to you!

    This will likely be added to the FAQ once complete. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  3. Omnikus

    Omnikus Guest

    A little comfirmation on this guide.

    I have followed almost the same pattern, and I'm currently on 89.0 and have only used about 15.000 ingots with resmelting.

    So I agree with Fischer that this is the way to go ..

    At least until 89.0 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  4. I got good gains from 100-120 on platemail tunics
  5. Hilljack

    Hilljack Guest

    I did plate tunics from GM to 115 in about 15 hours of play time. And it cost me 120,000 ingots to do so. If you include smelting in that equation (with +5 mining gloves), it actually took me about 180,000 ingots. With the +5 gloves I always got at least 1/2 the ingots back.

    The real question I have for you is what is your ingot usage?
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    current ingot useage is as follows:
    100 to 105 making plate tunics burned 34k ingots.

    105 to 108.4 making elbows, legs, some helms i burned 22k ingots. i hit one wall for 4 bags of elbows tho.

    keep in mind i discovered this when i was making sets of iron ex plate.

    total ingots burned so far is 46k ingots.
    i will report the ingot useage all the way to 115
  7. saxmund

    saxmund Guest

    This will be valuable info, but there is something all should keep in mind about P16:

    Skill gains from failure is NO LONGER POSSIBLE!

    You must be challenged to gain, but you will ONLY be able to gain when you succeed; I would advise everyone to review the Stratics Blacksmithy Essays.

    Good Luck, all!

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i was keying the change in item type when you hit 80% to 85% success rate on that particular item.
    i think that the % chance of success is more important than the difficulty of the item. actually the item difficulty is included in the % chance of success. this method is more refined i think.
    right now im testing the transition between plate elbow and legs at around 109.
    i do 5 bags of elbows, then 5 bags of legs, then 5 bags of chests and note the gains.
    the bags weigh 370 to 390 stones when full.
    you can make 75ish elbows, 55ish legs and 37 tunics in one bag.
    im beginning to think that the transition to legs is 108.
  9. Hilljack

    Hilljack Guest

    Actually, if I'm counting it correctly you have burned 56k of ingots.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am only at 104.1 right now, but about one half of my gains came from failures. I thought you could no longer gain on failures so the first time I saw myself gain on one I thought I had made a mistake. The next 20 times it happened proved to me that it is still possible to gain on failures.

    It is still alot tougher now anyway, which I am definitely not complaining about.
  11. i too have noticed gains on failures! i don't know how to explain that. i do have to say, though, THANK YOU to the author of this thread! his advice is working great! although, i was making sleeves up to 109.2, which is where i am now and moving on to legs (i hadn't seen the updates until now). regardless, i noticed good enough gains with the sleeves, even at 109.
  12. I just hit 110.0 smithing right now. I tried going from smithing plate arms to plate legs after 109.2, but noticed my gains slow way down, and i wasted quite a few ingots. I switched back to plate arms and the gains were as consistent as they had been before!! I would recommend plate arms to 110.0 at this rate! They just seemed to work better overall for me. Actually, I made a UO Assist macro to smith 4 plate arms, 1 plate tunic, 4 plate arms, 1 plate tunic, 4 plate arms, 1 plate tunic. Then I would sit and repeat the macro until it was time to smelt. It worked very well for me. I gained the last .4 in less than 30 minutes, whereas I spent almost 2 hours (i think, i lose track) smithing legs for .4 in gains.

    Disclaimer: Results may vary!!
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well i made it to 110, am going on to 115 now.
    now i did alot of plate tunics in this and i am not using my guide here as i am testing where the good transition points are for elbows to legs and legs to chests. once i feel i got a good place for these transitions, i will publish them and the guide will be done. (making chests from 115 to 120 will be obvious)
    i am gonna raise another smith to verify all of this from 30 to gm. hes one of my miner characters and as such has the skill space to gm smithing. i will publish what to make from 30 and test this entire guide to gm and publish how many ingots were used.

    now like i said i made alot of chests here from 100 to 110, (100 to 105 was all chests) so this is not the minimal ingot useage.
    from 100 to 110 smithing i burned 68870 ingots.
    am still keeping track onward.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hmm go figure.
    at 112.0 now
    did the following:
    10 bags of legs got me 3 tenths
    10 bags of tunics got me 1 tenth
    10 bags of elbows got me 5 tenths
    10 bags of elbows got me 11 tenths.

    so 20 bags of legs and tunics burned 8250 ingots and got me 4 tenths.
    then 20 bags of elbows burned 9850 ingots and got me 16 tenths.
    back to elbows.
    total ingots burned from 100 to 112.0 is 87k
  15. I concur with Rook and Bob of Catskills. I have also made somewhat consistant gains on failures. I know its not supposed to happen, but it has.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well i have gone from 30 to 70 so far and i made the weapons as published and edited above.
    total ingots burned so far is 5400.
    1500 from 30 to 50 and 3900 from 50 to 70.
  17. I tried to follow this guide, and admittedly it worked well until about 90.

    At that point gains pretty much stopped from gorgets, so i picked up plate gloves till 94 (but by 93 they had slowed noticeably). As of now i'm at 94.7, and the last .7 i've gained have been off of Plate legs/tunics. I did 1200 ingots worth of gloves, got nothing, 1000 worth of gorgets, got nothing, and an equal amount of plate helms peppered with some arms.

    Most of my recent gains have been from failures on legs/chest only. MAybe its just a fluke, or one pancake of a wall. 7k ingots to break through one wall seems a bit rediculous though, as i've already used 42k Ingots and am only at 94.7.

    Just my experiances with GGS.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hmm, gains in the 90's are measured in bags full of items.
    each pouch takes 1200 to 1500 ingots to fill.
    gains there take 1 to 3 bags per tenth. depends.
    i am in the mid 70's now on my last smith and i will report what i get when i reach 90's

    now when i say 1200 to 1500 ingots to fill, that is before smelting out. you get bout 2/3 back smelting. each bag burns 500 or so ingots
  19. Volomite

    Volomite Guest

    I'm at 99.3, and I'm still getting my best gains off of helmets. I've experimented a lot, and the method at the top of this thread does seem like the best
  20. Alright let me put this next report in "proper" form then

    3 Bags of gloves, 2 bags of helms, 1 bag of arms, and a mixed bag full of chests/legs... I got .2 from all of that. I just now finished another 2 bags of gloves, one of arms, and one of helms, and got another whopping .1

    making solely gloves gets me even less, which is hard to do
  21. cashman000

    cashman000 Guest

    Plate Arms worked great.
    Could swear I gained faster from 105-110 making arms. then i did 100-105 doing Plate tunics.
  22. Another update;

    at 98 made 3 bags of plate helms - No gains
    First bag of arms at 98 - .4
    After that every bag of arms gave me .2 or .3 all the way to GM
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well my test smith is at 95.0 now and i burned 28100 ingots from 30 so far.
    still with plate gorgets as i am gaining from them better than with plate helms.
    we will see what i do from here to gm.
    i dont know about some of you but i gained ok all the way up from 85 to 95. there were a couple of small walls in there but i get at least one tenth per bagfull of gorgets. thats 1200 ingots used per bag and 600 ingots burned per bag.
    i am looking for that last transition point to gm.
    we will see.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    sheesh the bottom fell out at 95
    burned 28100 from 30 to 95 and 18000 more from 95 to gm.
    from 95 you can do plate elbows and gain good but you will burn more ingots.
    i found that plate helms are not needed.
    total ingots burned from 30 to gm was 46100
    total ingots burned from 50 to gm was 44600

    just finished my 26th and last! gm smith on legends.
  25. Zagama3

    Zagama3 Guest

    Simply.........insane. :p check your PM.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The way I read the FAQ on UO official site (could be wrong)...the GGS only takes into account the number of successful attempts at crafting an item. it works along side the old pre-PH gain system, which still does allow gains from failures. *scratches head*...does this make sense?

  27. Fman

    Fman Guest

    cant believe noone has asked this yet but 26 smiths, good god why would you make 26 of them?
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i thought i was bad with 15...lol
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    15 bronze hammers
    9 +10 ash
    6 +15 ash
    2 +30 ash
    and no stupid gold or above hammers.
    oh well, i keep trying.
    i get 8 bankable bods per run.
    thats colored armor of various types.
    8 out of 26. i turn down 18 per run.
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    bronze hammers were not that easy to get pre-Pub 16...now they're pretty common. i've had one on my vendor at 100K for days now, they used to fly off the vendor at 300K *sigh*...but the golds are still pretty rare, not got one yet either...