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What to work on next

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by codemonkey84, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. codemonkey84

    codemonkey84 Adventurer

    Jul 13, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I'm a returning player starting a brand new account with about 3 months into playing. I've gotten a good house (max storage for customizable houses) And I've got a lot of skills either gmed or above.

    A large part of my problem stems from not knowing what is the most effective use of my time. I keep making plans and to-do lists that take up large chunks of play time. There's just so many possibilities that it kinda freezes me from actually playing sometimes.

    Personally I've got a mental list that's 4x the size of this entire post and adding more all the time (like finding a better GD, grinding to 120 taming for the expansion etc).

    Some of my bigger goals right now include:
    - Have each char with either a fully imbued suit or something equivalent that is made by my chars.
    - Getting inscription, carto, and alchemy gmed (mainly bulk mats are what's stopping me atm, blank scrolls especially) also i want to lvl inscription with 120 magery so i can do spellbooks mainly when lvling (for slayers and 3x property books)
    - Finishing up archery currently in the 80's with hunter's headdress so it's at gm modified
    - Getting 120 scrolls - Incl. archery, swords, 2x tactics, 2-3x magery, and other template specific scrolls
    - Getting a ship ready to hunt merchants (good resource collections here i heard)
    - Getting a platinum coin and a castle(long term goal)
    - Getting each and every skill soulstoned at max skill (almost end game goal here)

    What i have to work with:
    - Tamer/mage w/ decent GD (3.8) with bleue set but nothing spectacular after that 105 tame/vet 120 lore gm mage/eval/med
    - Sampire w/ gm swords/tact/chiv/necro/bush/focus 80's parry
    - Archer/Fisher w/ gm fish/focus 90 chiv 80's archery/tactics/anat 60's healing (thinking of adding bush here somehow)
    - Mystic/Mage T-hunter(who still needs cart trained) gm Myst/mage/focus/eval/ 95+lock 90+mining
    - Physical craft mule (max bs/tail/tink/carp/fletch/)
    - Magical craft mule (work in progress Nothing above 80 with alchemy/inscription/imbuing gm magery/focus etc...
    - Skill dump char (that I'll change into a bard i think when i get enough soulstones)
    - About 15 million in gold

    All fighting chars have at least near 70's resist suits right now.

    The templates are flexible as long as the build is viable. I don't mind grinding a skill to max it as long as the time and effort is worth it in the end.

    I don't like things that are too easy but not being rez killed constantly is a plus (fel champ spawns are probably out for soloing) I'm just wondering what minor goals or tasks should i be working on in order to complete my larger goals (120 scrolls and imbued suits especially).

    Right now i can make about 500k a day. That seems a bit low though but i think that is more due to a lack of knowledge than anything else.

    And before anyones says, "do what is fun for you". To me, advancement is fun. Getting better in playstyle, knowledge, skills, and equipment is fun for me. I do this in a community so I can chat with people and tell stories to past the boring times between the intense fights that can sporadically happen in a game like this. Like walking into a group of 6 rune beetles and somehow not only winning the fight but stopping your pet from killing a 4+ rated one so you can lead it to a safe area to tame it.
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