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What we know....Or what we think we know...(Questors Read)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by War of the Roses, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. As I ponder greatly over this quest, my plants die, my horses wander off miffed at me, my bank mox in shambles...many things cross my mind...so many questions so few answers.

    What we know.

    1) The Wisps Know-Ok we get that, but WHAT do they know and HOW do we know what they know that we know they know? hmm??? I spent nearly 2 hours last evening speaking with the wisps, playing for them, enticing them...to no evail...it was a wash, all I got was a bunch of garbled wispish that I can hardly understand. Has anyone else had any luck?

    2) The Unseen Stairs- We KNOW it is Spirituality, the old man told us so in Moonglow the other eve, I personally have traversed there in Tram, Fel and Ishlenar to see what I could find...NADDA...*sigh*

    3)Honesty is the start-Again...the old man said so...ok..we have all gone there...looking for this "mysterious" cave in which he speaks of...NOTHING...*groans*

    4) Search Ye in Avalon-Again..words of wisdom from the crazy old man...search we did, and it was Hawk I believe that had the run in with Aros (who was in ghostly form and refused to be resurected) and led him on a little walk through the woods to the Justice shrine and to the little hidden spot beneath the water falls, where he stopped...ok...and that means?????? *tosses notes about the room*

    So friends...where are we? What do we really know? Where does it leave us? And how do we proceed?

    Lets start a little thread here since meeting in game seems only to prove a fruitless persuits of an old mans whims...we need to be reasonable and "discuss' this, instead of running full force into yet another brick wall.

    So....let the gates open!!
  2. Kalnar

    Kalnar Guest

    1) Has the Wisp Dungeon in Ilshenar been looked into in regards to this?
  3. Ascension

    Ascension Guest

    Yes, yes it has.....
  4. Nug the Ork

    Nug the Ork Guest

    I would like to add that i have found a secret cave directly next to honesty. if this is the cave the old man speaks of...thats another question.
  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Really????
  6. Gedov

    Gedov Guest

    I'm beginning to think we go back to the start. Appearances by Aros seem to give clues, but not necessarily in the order we find them in the books 1-8.

    Going back to "Awakening", I used the map someone had posted on the other thread and while I found no single stone with any clues on it, I did note that at that location is a ruined building, the floor of which contains an ankh (or spirituality symbol) made of the floor stones itself. Perhaps Awakening is just meant to verify "that the tales are true / the paths to virtue are quite old." The existence of an ankh from a previous civilazation would indicate that to me.
    Someone else had said they found a stone with a clue - Firebrand was it? What was that clue?

    "Beginning" seems to be simply backstory and guidance for further steps.

    "One", that's where we need to start. "On Northern Isle / Standing cold near frozen pile". I came up empty on Dagger's Isle but it sounds like Nug has found a secret cave there. Seems reasonable that's our start to find a clue. From there to "moon of Yore" (old moonglow? moongate of Fel?) to find "her on the southern shore" for the next step. Then sounds like she leads us back to Dagger's Isle (Daggar's) beneath the island (Deceit?) where we find a "hond of blue" that "unlocks a chamber".

    I think we need to start there. The new area Aros showed Hawk seems to be part of "The Ultimate". I've tried those falls on both facets and come up empty - no tunnel that I can find. On fel side, I even tried going through the Shadowlord stronghold to find access from the other side. I was greeted rather rudely, and I think they spoke wispish because all anyone managed to say to me was "wtf?!" From the last stanza of "The Ultimate", sounds like music will be the key to entrance and the fire outside Court of Truth is the portal - somehow.

    So, I'm thinking we go with Nug's discovered cave and see what we come up with - if nothing else it would put us at the start of book "One".
  7. Good points! But The words that were found hardly seem to be part of a mystery...*is tired*...I am still very puzzled on the whole "wisp" thing and the waterfall thing
  8. hmm okay.. i'm not involved at all, so i have *no clue* as to what any of you are talking about.. but i heard mention of spirituality, caves, and an island? in ilshenar spirituality is near the mushroom caves and nearby is something that says "to Reg Volom (the island)"...
  9. Kalnar

    Kalnar Guest

    Thanks for mentioning the cave Nug. I decided to go check it out, and ran into Gedov looking into the same thing. I was litterally trying to walking into some hidden entrance like the one that leads to Trinsic Hidden Valley, but was coming up short until I spotted a white wolf.

    Nothing odd there, until you notice where I see him at.

    So I did some clicking and found some cave floors.
    and where the water that feeds that lake comes from.

    Gedov then showed me the small hidden cavern under the Justice Falls, but I didn't think to get a screenshot of that, but I did mark a rune. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    now just got to get in there /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    wohoo i got in the uh small cave area but not much space to walk in
  12. Kalnar

    Kalnar Guest

    Which one?
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    the top area you can teleport in
  14. Gedov

    Gedov Guest

    Which shore did you teleport in from? We tried from where you see us in the screenshots and got messages that we could not reach that spot.
  15. I have said this a million times PK the old timer!!!!
  16. Nug the Ork

    Nug the Ork Guest

    ya its really quite easy to get in the cave just teleport to the tiles that say cave floor...it may take a couple tries but still very easy
  17. Gedov

    Gedov Guest

    Yep, got in. Tis a bit cramped in there! So... there's a hidden cave near Honesty shrine with apparently nothing in it which leads us to... Ok, I'm starting to side with Delekhan here.
  18. Cymeraen

    Cymeraen Guest

    Please post images of the Justice Falls. I am interested in doing some field research there. Thanks /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  19. Snowchief

    Snowchief Guest

    Well, for 2 days I have been trying to translate the Latin Phrases in the books: This is what I came up with:

    Solus Saceradotibus = only for the sanctified (or possibly = only for the initiated)


    This is a very old multi-directional palyndrome that has been associated with various occult organizations, but most notably with the Knights Templar. It translates: (as far as I can tell)

    Arepo the farmer (or sower, or harvester) operates (or initiates) the thing (or operation) by means of a wheel (or with the help of a wheel).

    Any Latin scholars out there may be able to do better.
    Also, arepo is listed in the "Names" book, (from an earlier post)

    I don't know that this helps any, but wasn't there an earlier quest involving the Templar Knights?

    Finally, the wisps are a main point in the Philosoper's Book" and also in the "Secrets" book. Like the Gargoyles, (and the Orcs[?]), they have a separate language and although it seems to be jibberish, maybe it is not. Just for what it's worth. *shrugs*
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Arepo was the greater deamon. He was the Protector of the stone or something. He was in the first book of names and was also mentioned in the first "Philosophers Stone" book. The book that the palindrome you just solved came from was from an old quest (2 or 3 years ago from what Dor said). The Arepo thing is interesting though that it was in the old and is now in the new.
  21. Snowchief

    Snowchief Guest

    Let me try and sort out the cast of characters here:
    Eudoxus: An old man. Speaks Gargoyle. A messenger. Gives books/clues.
    Appears randomly. Works for Mary.
    Aros: An old man. A ghost. Gives clues.
    Mary: Mistress of Eudoxus. Author of the books?
    Geofrey: A wanderer who kept a journal
    Winslow: An alchemist in Britain
    Arepo: A Greater Demon
    Silas: ???
    Rose: The Avatar, or one of several Avatars, or an Avatar candidate
    Minax: ? the witch?
    ?: A bard from Britain
    ?: A retired warrior who is now a farmer
    ?: A woman with a tattoo? on her breast on the southern shore
    ?: A women in the Yew Crypts? wearing an Ivy crown.
    ?: Rose's brother? (Do you have a brother?)
    ?: A woman miner at Lost Hope Bay
    ?: A woman shepard
    ?: A man with a Silver Serpent emblem
    ?: A woman captive in Shame?
    ?: Her captor
    ?: A Darkened Thorn (Blackthorn)?
    ?: A man in a black tunic, brown leggings, and a cape of green serpent

    Anyone else? please add info on any or all of the above.
  22. Cymeraen

    Cymeraen Guest

    In traditional Ultima Lore:

    Iolo was the bard of Brittian and as I recall, Geoffrey the warrior retired to plow the fields, both of whom were companions on the quest of the Avatar (U4) and several of the subsequent Ultimas.

    I dont know where all these references are coming from, as I have not been in constant attendance, but I would wager that when the time is right, many of these people will be making appearances.... You just need to get that far first.