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What will you do with your Runic kits?

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Maj, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Maj

    Maj Guest

    Just wondering what people will do with barb kits. I've got a couple of barb kits that I was looking forward on burning through, but now that imbuing has come out and things made from the skill are just incredible I am having seconds thoughts on what do with them.

    Use them to make leather peices to unravel and maybe imbue? Or just burn through them.

    I'm not so worried about having the imbued armor being destroyed after time becuase I figure if repaired by a legendary crafter only when it hits the 0/255 or 1/255 losing only one durability point each repair the item should last a fairly long time.

    Even if imbueing with only 3 properties like LRC, MR and resists sounds like it could be made fairly easy and consitant enough that barb kits will no longer be needed to make armor unless just to use to unravel...I mean just to make a peice with LRC, MR 2 and reisists require a couple kits and thats only if lucky.

    As I am writing this, I am starting to lean to the create with leather just to unravel and then imbue, maybe other crafters will do the same and then there will be enough surplus and it will become the new GM crafted Armor norm like in the old days except that it would just be peices instead of sets. Say your 20 LRC, MR 2, LMC 8 sleeves broke, no worries go to "joe schmoes" on the east corner of Luna, his vendor is stocked with nothing but sleeves with those mods.

    I think we've gotten by with items with less than 5 max mods and that there is no real need for me to have all my items maxed out with bonuses.

    As for the weapons tho...jeebus, thats just nuts, 50 fire ball, 50 velocity, etc. "ouch"
    I hope this does not lead to the days of the one hit kills from archers and dexxors. Please give mages soemthing. Maybe bring back being able to toggle specials while casting spells that should level out the field maybe.

    Gah its getting late and I'm starting to ramble, anyways looks like I'll be saving my barb kits to use as imbued armor surplus of tad above average gear. What about you guys?

    *I'm gonna need to create a fisher for white pearls...thats the one ingridient I don't have the means to get on my own. Of course for decent price I would'nt mind buying from fellow citizens of Origin.*
  2. I'm saving all the kits I get till SA comes out. Imbuing is going to be an awesome skill to have.
    Been fishing for pearls for about an hour every couple of days and I'm lucky to get maybe one or two =/ Maybe its where I'm fishing, but either way I hope they change the drop rate on them when SA comes out, otherwise buying them is going to get very expensive very quick when the people who have been hoarding them for years start to sell them.
  3. Maj

    Maj Guest

    Ya, I'm going to save my kits too. For weapons tho, I figure I'll just burn the kits.

    I haven't tested it myself, but have read that you can imbue a vednor bought item into a maxed mod item so imbued weapons should not be to hard to come by. So many things I wish I could test for myself...just not enough time. Best to just spend time gathering resources for SA.

    I lied tho...I won't be making a fisher >.<
    Hopefully prices won't be too rediculous.
  4. CassieDarksong

    CassieDarksong Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Pearls can be a royal pain to fish up (kinda like getting real fish when RL fishing can be). I charge anywhere from 25k-40k per because they are hard to get.
  5. TimberWolf

    TimberWolf Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I sell pearls on at CCC for 25k each...we will have to see if that price goes up after SA.
  6. Maj

    Maj Guest

    No pearls >.<

    I don`t mind paying 25k a pearl tho ^.^
    I hope price doesn`t go up too much, if what I remeber is right, even if you fail on imbuing you won`t lose the high end gems and ingridients but the lower end loot jewels and resources will be lost in the process.
  7. Hey Maj, im back. Give me a yell to get together.
  8. Maj

    Maj Guest

    Long time no see Jimmy, ya man I just back from almost 3 year break myself. Just when getting used to things now they got this new expansion >.<

    Sucks but "D" is done. Main reason I keep chars on the stone is hope that some old players will log on again. If you looking to roll and do some things tho, I'm down for sure, but it's in your best interest to join an established guild to get you up to par on all the changes in game.
    You still play a fencer? I could use a PK partner hehe. With you tanking, I'd be able to drop spells on folks.

    I have'nt been on much but hopefully I catch you in game. Im in middle of opening a bar on top of my day job so things getting kinda busy.

    Welcome back man, it's real good to see an old friend.
  9. That account was given away and sold by someone. I wish i still had it. I do have the old account with a char still on D guildstone. i got a 120x5 archer and a 120x swordsman as well as a couple mages. Drop me a pm with you icq and we can go people hunting sometime.