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What would you do with 7xUseless ?

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by imperterritus, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Ok, his name is actually SvenXUseless (you can't make a character with numbers in name). I created him as a concept character years and years ago, when "7x GM" was the goal for most fully developed characters. He was going for begging, itemId, armsLore, tasteId camping, music without any other barding skill, etc. He's a wanderer, and has no mount.

    But eventually I decided it's nice to not fear mongbats. After about two years, his template changed to be more useful. His goals are:

    110: Mace
    105: Music, Peacemaking
    100: Cooking, Chivalry
    100: Herding, Begging

    Now I'm thinking about being even more pragmatic. His herding skill is in the high 70s, and getting gamans to move just doesn't have the allure it once had. Thus I may stone his Herding skill, and revise the template. I'm thinking of going one of two ways:

    the bard
    120: Mace
    120: Music, Peacemaking, Discordance
    100: Cooking, Begging
    40: Camping (and recall with runebook charges)

    still the wanderer
    120: Mace
    120: Music, Peacemaking
    100: Cooking, Begging, Chivalry
    60: Camping or Focus

    Either way he could face off with much higher level PvM foes than he can now. The third alternative I'm thinking about is keeping his current template, and keep them gamans movin'. (git along lil doggie!)

    I'm open for other possibilities. What have folks done along similiar lines that's fun to play?
  2. Fink

    Fink Guest

    At 70 Herding you can pretty much herd any herdable in the game including all the aggressive types, if you don't mind a few fails. Herding has any number of uses if you're creative about it, so I'm not sure how "useless" this one is.

    With Mace you could use a gnarled staff (beggar's starting tool) or shepherd's crook. Cooking & Camping go well together but you don't need more than 20 Camping. I'm guessing you're human, at 7 years of age, so you won't need real Camping skill at all.

    If the Peace/Music is just to avoid being attacked, 100 Hide/80 Stealth would do as well. If you go the stealth route, pick up Ninjitsu and your Herding will improve geometrically. You can also hide with eggbombs you make yourself with Cooking.

    Chivalry is useful, perhaps a little too useful if you're trying to stay true to your original path. I guess you want to heal/cure and recall. Myself I would stick with the nomad idea and use Camping/Hide to simply log out wherever you are, rather than recalling to a house or inn.

    As for health concerns, you could whomp low-level monsters with your staff as these tend to carry heals, cures, and so on. You would have to be careful as to how much trouble you got into, but therein lies the art of being self-sufficient.

    All gear can be looted from overland spawn in Britannia, so you wouldn't need insurance, as no beggar should. You can always buy basic provisions with your begged income.

    The only real issue is you won't be able to GM Taste ID as it caps out at 75.
  3. Wulf2k

    Wulf2k Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Crusader of Chaos

    Feb 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    You can use SoTs to get Taste ID higher, or train it while discorded by Satyrs.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, folks. 7x won't go back to TasteID, but it's interesting the Satyr trick would let you go higher than the "max".

    Let me ask a more general question. GM begging is 100 skill points. We have from 600 to 620 other points. What do other beggers do with them?
  5. Black Sun

    Black Sun Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Mar 19, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Here's my beggar's template. I haven't completely finished him yet, but here's what I'm aiming for.

    100 Begging
    100 Cooking
    100 Fishing
    100 Archery
    100 Tactics
    80 Healing
    80 Anatomy
    60 Chivalry

    If I ever get motivated I think I might start another beggar on my 2nd account. He'd be a real useless character.

    100 Begging
    100 Herding
    100 Taste ID
    100 Cooking
    100 Camping
    100 Forensic Eval
    100 Focus
    20 Taming
  6. Saunders

    Saunders Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 6, 2008
    Likes Received:
    My beggar/ninja and other things wears the blessed ninja clothes from the New Haven newbie quests, plus a couple of of other items from those quests. No insurance, but she never has to run around naked.
  7. I am sorry, but I see no reason to make a useless char.
    I want to use it all year. I worked hard to GM begging . I also want to use her. I also want to use all the points. Yes keep the skills at 100. Then turn all skills down with only the GM begging up.

    Why not work on a char that is a beggar / thief. Either a PVP or PVM. to steal in doom. I know you need at least 115 to steal in doom with any success. Make the 100 actual stealing and a scroll and jewelry to get to 115. With the GM magery it is not hard to get karma back up to neutral. Also a thief dies a lot. Why insure anything on either one. Protect your beggar with GM magery. You need it for both.

    Make a char that you will never use if you like. I can still use all my work to get a beggar. A beggar / thief. Any time I want to see if a char will work out. Go to test shard. I say work smarter not harder. Look at a template for a thief. Then add begging. Also if you want people to see that your a beggar. You need to have the karma. I want others to know I am a GM beggar after that work. Not just me.

    Seems everyone thinks begging is, or should be worthless. I actually beg a lot, not just so often.