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What's New at Dragonstorm Marketplace (Wk of 4-19)

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Assia Penryn, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Assia Penryn

    Assia Penryn The Sleeping Dragon
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Our vendors have a constantly rotating stock of items and stock will change throughout the week as customers purchase items. We regularly carry not only high-end items like rares, artifacts, event items, peerless, puzzle rewards and more, but also a selection of scribe goods, repair deeds, dyes, stone tables and other more functional goods.

    We also have a freebie vendor with some special surprises for our customers as well as dyes for use with our complete set of public dye tubs, including a 1st year leather dye tub.

    Map to our location:

    These are only some of the current deals on our vendors as of 4-21-2010.

    We currently have two featured vendors on our steps labeled "Very Old Rares I" and "Very Old Rares II" in place of our normal weekly sales vendors. On these vendors you can find double exceptional items, prepatch crafting deeds, prepatch shipwreck and more. We have additional items that will be stocked as space allows. Great opportunity to replace some furnishing in your house with rare items or finish off a prepatch collection.

    Don't worry our weekly sales will return soon!

    On High-End Rares I

    Gold Wrapping Paper - 7.5m
    Purple Wrapping Paper - 7.5m
    Holiday Egg-Nog - 12.5m
    Jar of Stuffing - 12.5m
    Rice Pudding - 12.5m
    Green Potatoes - 7.5m
    Sasparilla - 15m
    A Large Holiday Festival Cookie - 7.5m
    Lemon Fudge - 6.5m
    Trifle - 7.5m
    A Fruity Sponge Cake - 7.5m
    Queen Dawn's Royal Investigator Spyglass - 3.5m
    Empty Nest - 150k (From Thanksgiving Event. No longer obtainable)
    Hitching Post (Replica) - 995k
    Plucked Turkey - 3.5m
    Harvester's Blade - 3.5m
    Orc Chieftain Helm (Replica) - 3.25m
    Vollem Held In a Crystal - 3.95m (Special Price)
    Covered Bod Books (All Smithing, Tailoring and Some Specialty Colors) - 25k
    Rubble Clay Pot - 250k
    Whispering Roses - 65k
    ... and more!

    On High-End Rares II

    Large Pink Tombstone of the Damned - 800k
    Large Faction Tombstone of the Damned - 600k
    Small Tombstone of the Damned - 175k
    Leggings of Bane - 775k
    Darkened Sky - 350k
    Legacy of the Dreadlord - 175k
    Flute of Renewal - 325k
    Overseer Sundered Blade - 700k
    Rune Carving Knife - 450k
    Gauntlets of Nobility - 225k
    Shield of Invulnerability - 225k
    Calm (Replica) - 800k
    Midnight Bracers - 850k
    Luminous Rune Blade - 750k
    Voice of the Fallen King - 650k
    Staff of the Magi - 750k
    Breath of the Dead - 275k
    Kasa of the Raj-In - 600k
    Axe of the Heavens - 275k
    Boura Tail Shield - 100k
    ... and more!

    On High-End Rares III

    "Green" Tunic - 900k (Can no longer be made - Dyeable with Tokuno Dyes)
    Reaper Statuette - 800k
    Gold Veteran Reward Dress - 450k
    Copper Veteran Reward Dress - 225k
    Bronze Veteran Reward Dress- 225k
    Furniture and Black Dye Tubs - 95k ea
    Leather Dye Tub - 195k
    Hitching Rope - 225k
    Smuggler's Toolbox - 40k
    Slime Statuette - 50k
    Halloween Ghoul Statuette - 850k
    Navigator's World Map - 350k
    Mariner's Brass Sextant - 350k
    Abyssal Infernal Statuette - 125k
    Cloak of Corruption - 175k
    Sherry the Mouse statuette - 995k
    Harrow - 1.35m
    "Tree Growing Project" Event Male Kimono - 750k
    Melissa's Cloak - 175k
    Dragon Brazier - 350k
    Blessed Statue (Cat-Spring Decor) - 350k
    Collector's Edition Books - 15k
    Scrap of Paper - 95k
    Braziers, Fruit Basket, Rocks, Skinned Goat - 5k ea
    Swamp Tile - 950k
    ... and more!

    On Rare Natural Dyes

    White, Black, Ice and Dark Dyes for 350k
    Fire, Magenta, Aqua and Rare Pink Dyes for 100k
    Bright and Regular Dyes for 30k
    Check out our Purple Clearance Chest on that vendor for bulk discounts!

    On 500gp or Less

    You can find the following for 500gp or less! Stealable artifact decor, colored bonsai, house add-ons, floured bread board, masonry decorations and more!

    On Clearance Sale I

    Cursed Ring Vile - 225k
    Various Armor Set Pieces (Hunter's Garb, Elven Leafweave, etc) - 15k
    Corn stalks - 15k
    Stuffy Mongbats - 10k
    Aos Blessed Cloak - 40k
    An Icy Patch - 10k
    New Haven Blessed Quest Items - 15k
    Snow Statues/Nutcrackers - 15k
    Scrolls of Alacrity (Camping, Taste) - 75k ea
    Holiday Garland - 15k (Dyeable)
    Troll Trophy Deed - 75k
    Boats - 4.5k each
    Snow Piles - 25k-35k
    Icicles - 5k
    Large Lightable Pumpkins - 1k
    Black Cat Statuettes - 1k
    ... and more!

    On our other vendors you can find great deals on stone tables/chairs (all colors/sizes), recall scrolls for 45gp, potions, many types of repair deeds, bulk bod timer reset packages, scroll binders and much more.

    So swing by and check us out. We hope you'll find something you are looking for at a great price and that you'll stop by again soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and feel free to leave us a message on our bulletin board and let us know how we can better serve you!

    Assia Penryn,
    Manager of Dragonstorm Marketplace