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Whats the strongest single-slot pet, disregarding pack bonuses?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Assuming you only had 1 control slot, what pet would be the strongest all-around?
  2. Llewen

    Llewen Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Frenzied ostard would be my guess.
  3. Oh. Hmm. Gaman are hard to kill. I might go for a Deathwatch Beetle though if I could only choose one. Good resists and pretty good fighters when trained. And they can spit that poison. Giant Ice Worms are great. One on one it eats others. During tourney mine ate a trained hellhound and trained frenzied. Took very little damage. Never fought it against a trained deathwatch beetle. I may have to train one up and see. I think they have great potential.
  4. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Gaman are really good but my favorite is still the giant ice worm (it leathals)!
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So what would be best for taking on paragon cu's, for example? Your own cu to tank, and what? Frenzied? Deathwatch? Ice Worm?
  6. Disregarding pack instinct, I think the giant ice worm is the strongest. That 90% cold resist gives you some utility too.

    Has anyone worked out what are good things to run with one, though? Maybe 2 bakes an a GIW?

    The interesting thing is that giant ice worms actually do more damage than bakes on avg... bakes have survivability, though.
  7. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Now I know its a hard switch to make but....

    I run a warrior tamer for para cu killing. I tame the best cold.energy cu in the field then sick it on the para cu. Then I take out my trusty pixi swatter and chive up. The swatter has a special that is very important for para cu killing. Mortal strike.It prevents the cu from healing its self! Its 100% fire damage so no need for CW and Cus are in the fey slayer category. Take em down in less than 1 minute.
    Other than that and havering a friend around, if your vet is high, enough the Rune bake combo seems to have its own particular "pack" instinct. Its not listed anywhere but if you try it out, well, at least I was surprised. No mount but ehh in this case it may be worth the run. Hrmm ninja animal tamers running in animal form LOL
  8. Ok...
    everything I said about giant ice worms was based on incorrect data... I went to UOGuide.com to get the stats of a giant ice worm... whoever entered the data on that particular page doesn't seem to understand what base damage is... so I calculated dmg range using the base dmg number they had there...

    I guess it should have occurred to me that something was off when a 1 slotter had the same max base dmg as an ancient wyrm, but anyway.

    GIW have 7-17 base dmg, which is close to the same as a predator hellcat. I think the poison and cold resist and hp on on GIW help them out a lot, though. They're still definitely the best 1 slotter in some situations, but they aren't even close to as powerful as I was led to believe by that incorrect data lol

    btw... hell hounds and frenzies have a base dmg of 11-17, so they actually hit harder than GIW and have pack instinct.

    I decided I'd run 2x bake + GIW against targets that are vulnerable to cold and poison and I'll run the 5x hellhound pack against targets that are vulnerable to fire.

    I SOOO wish they were really 15-35 base dmg [​IMG]
  9. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    I too am a fan of the deathwatch beetle. I had two of them trained pretty well and I thought they were fun, I sadly ditched them due to stable space. If/when I get maxed out stats I will search for a strong one and train it up.

    Hitpoints is a problem with a deatchwatch beetle, but I suppose most one slot pets have similar problems. I think they are cool and kind of unique (not a lot of people roll with one).

    - To the Paragon Cu Q - A deathwatch beetle might be killed in one bite by a paragon and I think Paragon Cu's readily change targets.
  10. so... I'm trying out ice worms cause I never have and I think they will fill a certain niche.

    I've discovered a great way to train them too... they do 90% cold damage and have up to 90% cold resist...

    The best way to train them is to tame 2 that have 90ish cold resist and just make them spar (guilded). It's really easy. I've got to tell ya. I've trained pets that have really low wrestling skill before and it's usually a real pain. Doing these is a piece of cake. Since both pets are roughly around the same, low level of skills, they are gaining skills very quickly.

    I'm really curious how well these things will do once fully trained. For the most part they have sub-par base damage, but maybe the poison and cold resist will make up for it. They seem about like hellcat kittens with higher base damage, but no pack instinct.
  11. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    That's how I train pets for GM. I go to a secluded spot in Fel, near Yew, yeah, Yew. *snickers to himself* But it is tough to get two good pets, I mean real keepers, around the time that I want to do the training so I get one good one and a mediocre one and it still trains OK but he isn't the best. You're lucky you got two good ones. I can always (it seems) find one good one and then the next 100 are all mediocre or OK but never aces.

    Then I am always having stable issues!! The whole thing is a mess.

    It is good to train Vet though (also Lore) and is a nice break from taming. But it stinks when there is no place to sell or keep a well trained minor pet.
    I was keeping some records on how many aids I was using and the gains I was getting but I stopped doing. You go through like 2500 aids though and like 4 movies. Problem is, is when I am maxed in vet, then what? I'm just wasting time training in that manner.

    I'd like to try an ice worm some day. I got my first rune beetle today. That was a real cluster of pain. But I got him.
  12. I train most of my pets off shadow elementals, but ice worms are perfect for training off each other because 90% cold damage against 90% cold resist and poison immunity makes them do next to no damage to each other.

    I don't vet when I'm trainin creatures. Acutally, when I hunt, I only vet when I'm resing a pet or when a pet is in trouble. My pets tend to be tough enough that they only require vetting when tanking something like a paragon balron or a peerless boss. Even then they sometimes only need greater heals.

    I use greater heals with an LRC suit. I prefer using magery to heal over vet because I don't have to worry about bandages.

    I can train pretty much any pet against a shadow elemental because I have a 70% phys resist gaman that can tank a shadow elemental like nothing (so I could train a chicken on a shadow ele np)

    I always take the path of least resistance. That path being the path that requires the least keystrokes for me (save the hands)
  13. moratha

    moratha Guest

    If you're lookin for para cu's, just take a pet that poisons often. Ice worm an it's lethal is a great benefit. The key being, that the cu is going to heal itself constantly. I use a mare/rune to solo para cu's.. due to the cu constantly needing to cure itself instead of healing itself. I'm sure the same would apply to a cu/iceworm combo.
  14. Pendarth

    Pendarth Guest

    I have started playing UO recently ... and am training my first tamer.

    A very very newbie question, please -- what is "tanking" (ie. tank the cu) ??

    And another thing, can you tame paragons ??
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Tanking is where you use a big pet like a CU or a hiryu literally as a tank. The large pet takes all the abuse from the target while a lesser pet does damage or gains skill.

    No, paragons of any type cannot be tamed.
  16. the swoop as now beefed up is a great way to train. especially if u let it sit on the rocks after spawning. i've found this works good to get my mare's and ww's magery up