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what's this .cfg file?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Sevin0oo0, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Sevin0oo0

    Sevin0oo0 Guest

    vercfg.cfg - what is this? looked inside
    first I thought it was just old Patch Notes, but it's not
    Originally back in Aug?, it has a 2-21-2011 file date, same as when they ran metrics
    Is it only intended to be displayed at patch time? Who's gonna open a cfg file looking for information? I sure don't remember seeing any of it.

    ULTIMA ONLINE August 28, 2:37 PM CT (August 28, 7:37 PM UTC/GMT) Current Version(s): Latest Patch Size(s): - 2D Client: 4.0.0p - 2D Client: 555k - 3D Client: 4.0.0p - 3D Client: 579k
    CURRENT NEWS - We have released a client patch today, Thursday, August 28 CDT. For more information, please see the "GAMEPLAY ADDITIONS / CHANGES" section below. - Ultima X: Odyssey! Origin Systems is proud to announce the development of this brand new massively-multiplayer online game! Based on the renowned Ultima single-player role-playing series, UXO will debut this winter. For more information on this upcoming new game, please visit: EA Video Games - Electronic Arts - Bring a Friend to Britannia and receive a free month of UO game time and the +200 Luck Fortuity Necklace! Read the details at: ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Main ***************************************************************************
    KNOWN ISSUES - Blocked Treasure Locations: The non-blocking code in Publish 19 may make it possible for houses to be placed over some treasure locations once it is published to the live shards. We are aware of this concern and will find a way to improve the situation for treasure hunters in UO in the near future. - Brambles: A few brambles in Felucca will still cause a "rubberbanding" effect until the next phase of fixing the non-blocking objects in a future publish. - Juka Bows: Juka bows will have a "hidden" requirement of 80 strength and 80 dexterity (in other words, the proper requirements are not being displayed in the Item Properties Display). This will be fixed in a future publish.
    GAMEPLAY ADDITIONS / CHANGES == August 28, 2:37 PM CT (August 28, 7:37 PM UTC/GMT) == We have released Client Patch 4.0.0p patch today which contains the following changes: 2D Game Client Only - For users with partial installs, please be aware that now you will get a message informing you that we will not support partial installs beginning with Publish 21. 3D Game Client Only - The "permanent darkness" lighting bug was fixed in 3D -- let there be light! - We have corrected visible black line "seams" with in-game art and text garbling issues. As a result, 3D graphics will remain sharp when zooming the camera in. Players may experience visual side effects of these changes, but additional related fixes will be released as soon as possible. - Some text wrapping issues in the 3D client were addressed. Both the 3D and 2D Game Client - Celebrate UO's new patcher software, now displaying HTML-enhanced messages! - Information about the new HTML patcher can be found at ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Main - The new patch message can be viewed with a normal web browser at Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online Patcher - Better communication with Customer Support is now possible, thanks to the improved in-game Game Master text messaging system. - Additional information on these changes can be found at ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Main - Yay! Fixed the launcher bug that would occasionally cause uo.exe to display an "already running" error. - Ping times reported on the shard selection screen are now more accurate. - Updated bulletin board art to enhance the vendor system. - For more information about the Vendor Improvements, please visit ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Main - Updated some localization files.
    DID YOU KNOW...? If your foe dies behind a mountain and you can't see it to loot it, don't forget you can use an "all names" macro to see the name of the corpse. (You can create an "all names" macro in the Macro section of your Options menu.) You can then double-click the name to open it and grab your booty!
    REMINDERS == Promotions & Special Services == - Power-Up! your account with our advanced services! Visit us at ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Main to find out more about purchasing additional accounts. - Get FREE Game Time in UO! Get all the details on our Buddy Program at: ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Main == Scam Prevention and Safety == - Be sure to check out ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Main for valuable tips on ways to prevent being scammed out of goods or gold! - Please be sure to run frequent virus scans and change your account password periodically to ensure the greatest amount of account security! - NEVER give out your UO account password. No one at OSI will ever ask for your password...for ANY reason! == Can't Patch? == - Try disabling your antivirus and internet security software before proceeding. If you are still unable to patch, please see: ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Main