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Whats up with store ratees reverting back to 0% off

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Guest, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi all,

    I have multi sims in game on one account and I finally used one to create a store category and buy the already overpriced items (over $400 per typewriter alone starting price) I bought about 10-12 typewriters, 12 plus chairs, 2 expensive tables etc and finally got the price around $200 each per typewriter. Logged, came back within 10 min and I had NO discount on anything!!! Not on typewriters (which I bought 12), the expensive tables (which I bought 2) and chairs (which I bought twelve). I basically blew 9k total buying all these items and did not get the discount on many which I should have. I had an order to fill so no time to come here to complain as it happened. I spent 9k tonight on barely anything and NOT happy here when my store rates when back to 0 off when I relogged and was forced to buy everything full price again to fill an order after I already bought many of the same item to get discounts just minutes before

    If this is a bug, please review my purchases and fix them If its not-well lets just say I came back after a year long absence and at first was excited to see something happen with the game and now not so much anymore...I spent the past few days in the game for which I left TSO and its starting to look good again after seeing that it would take me months just to buy enough pianos to run my new creative place I planned unless I use YOUR atms to buy YOUR money I was thrilled with TC3-it seemed fair-this does not. More on this later.

    Thank you

    Lynn Valente
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    These 2 blog posts may explain what happened:


    One of the key change we announced a few month back, was that the prices of objects would fluctuate in the city based on the demand of objects by users. A true object economy.

    We are testing this now on TC3 (as of a few minutes ago). The objects the most demanded in the cost a little more now, and the objects that were not in as much demand are cheaper. This will be updated daily at the beginning and then maybe even hourly.

    The cheaper objects might be as muh as 10 times cheapers and the high demand objects will become more expensive enabling the smart entrepreneurs to make some profits.

    Once we confirm that this works well on TC3, these system will move to ea-land. The prices will not be the same, as ea-land has already a different object distribution due to the lower income of the users.

    More on this in the next few days.



    [/ QUOTE ]


    Object prices will now slowly update based on the demand by users as mentioned in the previous post.

    This means that object prices are different now in Test Center 3 and in EA-Land.

    Please visit the stores and check things out.

    Store owners can now play the object market.

    I plan to provide web services to enable the webmasters to track the object economy. There are about 800 objects to track in the world now (without counting custom content).



    [/ QUOTE ]
  3. legscroft

    legscroft Guest

    Did you have the chairs, typewriters &amp; tables sitting out on your store lot when attempting to purchase more? I was unclear if you had bought them to fill an order and therefore no longer had them on your lot when you tried to buy more....The only way the discount works is if those items are on your property when you're buying more. Normally takes 5 of an item sitting out to reach max discount. Sometimes takes more if you don't have enough items from that category or if they're higher end items. Sorry if you already knew that, just trying to help.