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(RP) When it wanes....

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Livvie Dell, May 5, 2012.

  1. Livvie Dell

    Livvie Dell Guest

    She was never cold. Side effect from the change, it had been some time since she felt a chill sneak across across her bones. But now it was forcing her to rub her arms in a helpless attempt at warming. Somehow time had gotten away from her.

    "Aye, It's a beautiful sight isn't it?" Glancing back at the Archeologist, Livvie smiled warmly. Turning back with her chin tilted up, she glanced to the sky and tried to swallow the bile that rose in her throat. The globe above was mocking her with its fullness, laughing at her lack of control. Tonight it would be only she... and that moon.

    Hand drifting to her throat out of instinct, she cringed inwardly at the recognition of the missing bottle. Positioning herself between the innuendo and reality she grabbed a last call bottle and walked over..

    "Archeologist, I'll send word tomorrow. I have a ... topic, I'd like to go over."

    For now, she would wait it out. She wasn't even down the stairs when the first wave hit. Her knee buckled and she caught herself on the stone. It was going to be a long night.
  2. Zapa

    Zapa Guest

    The night was still, with the rare event one of Sosaria's moons filling the sky, drowning the light from the other two. It silvery disc glowing brightly, turning night into twilight. The sounds of the Sea Witch Tavern faded into the distance, as Delfan's racing mind became capitivated, not only by it's beauty, but of the lore and myth surrounding that type of moon.

    Drifting into the present, he noticed another beautiful site, but refrained from the drink into raunchiness. The silvery light glistened off the palish skin of Livvie Dell. She was leaning on the window frame, resting the side of the head on the glass, looking upward to the same glowing interest. Clearing his throat, he said admirely, "Aye, it's a beautiful sight isn't it?" She turned her head slightly towards him and smiled. A warm gentle smile as a small connection was met in sharing that site. She resumed her position, reaching for her throat almost agressively at first then gently rested on it. She looked to be in pain. He hoped he wasn't too forward, but wanted to share the experience they both shared. However, that pain was a bit deaper than just a dismissal of a nuisance. He saw something Primal.

    The noise of the Sea Witch seems to returned, and Delfan shook himself into the present and partaked into his ale. Livvie, grabbed the few remaining bottles left as last call approaches. Delfan noticed every curve and was facinated on her almost unnaturaly flexibility, she stooped infront of the Archeologist. "Archeologist, I'll send word in dawn, tomorrow. I have a ... topic I'd like to go over." she said plainly.

    Delfan was 'interpenating' things slightly off. "Aye, what topic would that be?" he said drunkenly and half-witted coquetry. There was a bit of seriousiness in her eyes, he straiten up. "Of coarse m'Lady, good night." He thought to himself, "Wake up Delfan! ... She's trying to hire you! ... No wonder Volker never drinks!" As Levvie walked out the door, he studied her. "Bah!" he bursted out and said to himself, "if your going to solve things, you'd better get a hold of yourself!" He motioned to the barmaid for a strong cup of coffee. He hopes he may find out what Livvie needs, but he cannot do so druken or hungover. "Time to get with it! ... There's much to discuss!"

    He thought to himself, "Well life is getting interesting! Not only the Black Hand is following me, perhaps to kill me.... but I have a beauty looking for help in something perhaps I do not need to know." He scanned the tavern, "Mr. Tarrant! I must have a word with you regarding your quest for me!" He couldn't help think of what possible horrors that Livvie is facing, but he attempts to focous on another urgent problem that faces him and all of Sosaria. Seems all those lores and myths have a bit more truth to them than he first thought.
  3. Livvie Dell

    Livvie Dell Guest

    "62 bottles of heal on the wall! 62 bottles of heal. Take one down.... drink it until you're sick and it still doesn't do a flipping thing... 61 bottles of heal.." Wiping her mouth on her forearm she pitched the empty bottle to the side and grabbed her leggings from their position on the back of the chair. On nights like last..when she saw it coming, even if only for a few minutes she had time to salvage some of her wardrobe. Glancing to the pile in the corner of tattered rags and ribbons of fabric she exhaled, "Yeah, other times not so lucky."

    "What's the good of being learning cures, when you can't fix your yourself?" She was arguing with no one, again. The bad part was there were times when she expected an answer from the air. In fact she could almost hear one. "Ready or not, Archeologist here I come."

    - - - - - -

    She'd never cared for Felucca. It was barren, it was dead, and it smelled of constant mulch. There was a word for places with that scent. They were called zoo's and needed to be kept as far away from her as possible. Dawn however, seemed to keep up with the animal waste and bi-products making it more than tolerable. "Is that?" Her eyes scanned south of the The Dragon's Breath, hitting on the dozens of broken up trees as they were all neatly piled. She could see a crew in the distance, ever busy with their work.

    The Kingdom sprawled for a good clip. Even so, he still wasn't hard to find. Not for her anyway. She stepped up onto the Ter Mur Style tiles of various degrees of brown, her green eyes scanning as her ears tuned in, as if trying to catch the frequency of breathing. She didn't hide her footsteps, there was no need.

    Laughing she called out,"Delivery!"
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  4. Zapa

    Zapa Guest

    "Oh my head!" Deflan cried out as he wandered into his Mage study, at first light. "Ye really needs to know moderation." Grabbing a flask from a Shadow Ore table, he inspected its cleanliness. "Bah, this will do." He mixed a concoction that Zapa taught him for his cousin’s excessive nights. "Ah, Zapa's-Morning-After... " He pinched his nose and swallowed the contents in one gulp. As he felt potency rage through his body, Delfan gave a quick twitch and a disgusting nod. Although tired, he felt much better and continues to swear that he felt the energy dissipated and expelled in smoke at both ends. However, when he told this to his cousin, it gave Zapa much amusement.

    Grabbing a set of ‘cleaner’ clothing, Delfan heads out the mage study. As he dresses and shuffles down to his study, he scans his house and realizes how disheveled it looked. He thought, "Well hopefully Master Tarawyn can figure and finish this out, today. Ye, Delfan, can build a house, but hell if ye make it look nice!" He grinned, knowing his last residence was not much better, perhaps looking much as it does now in its finished state, except it was smaller. Since he moved to Dawn, he wanted a new start on life and to impress his new masters. Entering his study, his mind was turned to last night's events. Besides drinking himself into a stupor, he learned a lot about old myths coming back and being less myth and more real. “It appears that Minax and the Black Order is secretively planning some unforeseen goal.” He thought, “Planning to disrupt and control Britannia... Possibly…”, but that was another dilemma he must push aside for now. He has a client that needed his council, and she'll be here soon.

    Entering his study, Delfan rummaged through his boxes, until he came to one labeled 'Mythology and Lore'. Opening it, he scanned through them, until he found what he was looking for... 'Monsters of Myth'. He smirked at it, thinking, "Of all the real ones out there; Harpies, Trolls, Undead, Giant insects, and Gazers... are there really any 'monsters' that don't exist." He pushed away such conjecture, and focused on the task on hand. Opening the dusty book, he looked at the page about Werewolves. He remembered how Levvie Dell acted that night and it reminded him of an old story told to children to scare them at night. The moon and her primal acts were all too familiar. His mind drifted a bit. Admiring from afar, he remembered how the moonlight reflected off her skin and the shear natural beauty glowed from her. His keen observation skills are one of his main traits; however his lack of wisdom and sense of beauty is his weakness. Only his intellect tempers foolish acts of self-indulgence. Once and awhile, he’ll relax and have a few drinks at his favorite tavern and interact with the outside world, but even that sometimes leave certain liabilities. He shook the thought from his head and spitted, "Remember last time, Delfan... the old liquor-filled spyglasses will play tricks on ye... think of her as having a big bent nose, rotten teeth, and hairy moles... I'm sure that's more like it... Get a hold of yourself... she's a client! ...” he continued to rant, “Ye was never good with the whole romance thing. Sure ye can sing about it with the soul of an experienced hopeless romantic, but honestly, ye have no desire for romance. For the time being, focus on ye profession. Oh and one more thing, stop referring ‘yourself’ in the third person and stop using commoner slang and use proper Britannian verbiage. Yare a profession. UGG!” He scoffs at his use of commoner language, and then begins to laugh at himself. At times he wonders if he’s going mad. His focus finally returns and he begins to read quickly for key things, mainly, if there was a thing called werewolves, defense. Then came a call from a voice all too familiar, “Delivery!” He sat down the book, quickly opening another box labeled ‘Regents’, grabbing a small object from a jar, and placing that object in his pocket. Heading towards the door, he now wondered who it may be outside, thinking of two possibilities, Master Tarawyn or Lady Dell. One will bring possible decorations and furniture, and the other possible intrigue and death.
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  5. Livvie Dell

    Livvie Dell Guest

    "Son of a...!!!" She pulled her hand back in a yelp. The man had handed her Wolfsbane. Shaking it wildly she tried to extinguish the sting.

    "That answers that. It's time you were straight with me, Lady Dell." What was left of her gem shaped locket rested in Delfan's hand. The sharp edges still laced with the residue of her potion.

    "Does this stop the change completely or just alter it?"

    "I can change at will." She bit the words out a little faster than she would have liked, but pain still radiated from her palm.

    She thought she heard the breath escape at her admission. "That's new."

    "That..." she gestured to the necklace, "Allows me to slow the process and ease some of the pain."

    If he was wary before, he was down right skeptical now as she used the word control. He seemed to doubt that was even a possibility. "How many of us have you met, Delfan?"

    "Just you."

    "You didn't say what this was going to cost."

    Holding up her lifesblood encased in a glass tube he answered. "This is payment enough. The job I currently have is more than enough at the moment." His reference to the current job being the possible end of times had the sunrise colored hairs on her neck standing on end. The chit chat was idle, their minds both too busy to verbalize what was running in the air. Somewhere between his logical doubts and her desperation she had agreed to give him a live specimen to study and in return he would track down the reagents needed for the mixture. She was no sooner out the door than it occurred to her that blood in the right hands, was a dangerous tool. For the right spellcaster, blood magic could mean a permanent end. Of course, if he chose to mix the quantities even the slightest bit off she could be playing dead to.
  6. Zapa

    Zapa Guest

    The Tillerman pulled hard on the rudder, bring the ship to rest on a shallow Clift on a small island northeast of Hyloth. Delfan and the captain’s two sons rushed to bring the sails down and threw the anchor to stop the ship moving from its position. Astonished, Delfan blinked at the Captain, he has sailed before, but he never imagined such skill as just demonstrated, even with a captain of a small vessel as this one. Delfan gathered his belonging, pulling a small bag of gold coins from his backpack. “There you go kind sir!” tossing it into the caring arms of the Captain.

    “Ye sure you want to do this, this place has bad omens, so close to that wretched isle.” Opening and inspecting the bag of coins, “They say that Exodus was buried here!”

    “Bah!” Delfan dismissed, “Just rumor and speculation… Exodus was left under its crumbling fortress, wherever that may be...” He grinned; I assure you it’s all there.

    “Mean no disrespect” Captain apologized.

    “None taken” Delfan extended the plank; looking back he saw the concern of the Captain’s face. It wasn’t for him. No his concern is of fear for him and his sons. “It’s okay; I’ll signal you when I’m ready. You can wait in the bay.”

    “Aye, I thank ye. I’ll do my best, but these waters have strange currents.”

    Delfan nodded and head down the plank and skipped onto sandy rocky shoreline. Waving he proceeded to walk, studying a map and book he brought with. “The descriptions are similar,” he thought, “This must be it.” Looking at an ancient map, he saw that this was a small island just southwest of a long sunken volcano. The book read, between to pillars of brimstone. This is what he thought that riddle meant. He walked what looked to be an overgrown path. Where, it leads, he will find out.

    During the journey, he thought about Levvie Dell.
    Angrily, he chopped his way through the bush.
    Perhaps he could trick her into curing her lycanthropy even though she wished to have it.
    “Swooshpfft”, the blade sounded as it sliced through thick foliage as it fell to his feet.
    Na, such thing would go against the virtue of honesty and he wished his Karma intact. He could give her a fatal dose, one less lycanthrope in the world, perhaps the last of them.
    Thunk”, another branch fell to the ground.
    Fame would increase, but Karma would be affected.
    “By the Virtues,” he exclaimed, “one just cannot win.” The only option was to keep his end of the bargain, that he was hired to do, find this regent and complete this potion. Perhaps the Council of Soriana or Mages will find out. Then, the worry of letting a potential monster roam free will be off his conscience would be satisfied.
    “Phfft-ping! The machete’s blade reverberated as it did not cut through a harden branch. Instead the branch fought back and slapped Delfan backwards to the ground. He sat up, wrapped his arms around his legs, and looked up briefly at the stuck machete. He wiped his hands of dirt and debris; he had the misfortunate to picking up. He contemplated on his feelings of regret for her decision and his subdued attraction to Lady Dell. However, she had made her own choice, and nothing will turn that around, so he let go of any responsibility. He hoped the best for her and will keep her secret. Besides himself, the only one else that knows of this predicament is his cousin, Zapa Zachary.

    “Ye absolutely mad!” Zapa exclaimed towards Delfan. “If the council hears of this, yell surely be ripped from your title, if not burned to the stake!”

    Delfan sighed, “Aye, I know, but she needs my help and she trusted me to do so…” He placed his hands on his hips, looked downward, and shook his head, “Look, I understand your reservations, but I could really use the help!”

    “Tis be a monster, not a damsel in distress. She’ll rip yeas, mine, the first beggar’s throat out she sees!” Zap’s lecture hits home, but instead of acknowledgement, he sees sadness in Delran’s eyes. “Bah!” Zapa spits, “fine… I’ll help… But expect me saying I told ye so!”

    Showing gratitude, Delran’s eyes light up, “I do thank ye! Perhaps we have her all wrong. She could have killed me even though I had the wolfsbane, but perhaps I should carry a silver dagger.” He rang his hands in fearful anticipation. Zapa scoffs and laughs at the statement. “And what good will that do? Hate to tell you this old man, but silver will do nothing! This isn’t a demon or undead spirit. It will do the same as you and I, but perhaps nullify her accelerated healing. Of course ye would have known this if you went to the Magical Conservatory!” Zap’s teases were always had a bit of a sting to Delfan. Not only his family would never allow him to go, but also his family’s heritage prevented him to going to the Mage School. Zapa was lucky enough to have a noble marry his mother. Zapa is a full mage now, with specialization in Alchemy and Inscription. He’s a natural almost legendary in magic, but his true love is in cooking and fishing on the high seas. In a way, Zapa and Delfan are similar in that Magic was became second in their lives as other interest seem to take hold, even though their magical prowess are uncanny.

    Zapa turns and reads the Delran’s book regarding lore about this type of Lycanthropy. “I’m surprised… even though this is lore and mythology… it does hold many specifics that I can use.” Turning towards Delfan, “Bring me this regent and I’ll do what I can. Oh if you can get a bit more blood of this or any Lycanthrope as well as a… tuff of hair. That could speed the process of it…. Umm… perhaps some Blackrock as well…” Zapa knows that last ingredient was risky to get, since it is illegal, but it does hold a special magical quality to it. “Good luck cousin!” They shook hands. Delfan frowned and thought, “This is looking more and more complicated.”

    Delfan stood up and yanked the machete from the branch. Thunk-phfft, the branch fell this time. A few more meters downward and he came to a small clearing with a large hole on a side of a rock cropping. “Ah, the cave…” he relaxed, “this looks much easier than I thought.”
  7. Livvie Dell

    Livvie Dell Guest

    People had said a lot of things over the years about Olivia Dell. They called her passionate, confident, incorrigible, uncontrollable, driven and a few others that weren't repeatable in anything higher than the back alley taverns she'd once worked in. Quiet wasn't on that list. As she sat there letting the weight of Delfan's words settle it was a new adjective to be added. Ragged, she took a breath and exhaled with a slow growl. Compartmentalizing wasn't her. So every new piece of information got shoved into the same slot for her to digest rather than getting its own for dissection later. She felt very much like the mouth of large bass when the fisher decides he's going to reach down it's throat. There was no room, save for the flesh of the hand for her jaws to clench around. Even air, had ceased its passage.

    "This is the last flower. There should be enough to last a century or two, but that will be it."

    It was all smooshed together. He'd found the plant and another of her kind. The other of her kind was dead and the plant would be the last one.

    Dead. Last one. Finite. Dead. Last one. Finite. Dead. Last one. Finite. Dead. Last one. Finite. Dead. Last one. Finite.

    It was a never ending mash of words, racing through veins filled with adrenaline. She stared at the table, the thundering of her own heart beat racing wildly in her ears. That was blood she felt moving from cell to cell. And that was control she felt slipping... until he took her hand in his.

    He squeezed her fingers reassuringly and just as quick as the touch had come, it went taking with it any urgency to run. Every trace of rush ebbed back as his hand retreated. And just like a lever had been pulled communication was once more possible.

    Had she imagined it or was that a flicker of remorse in his eyes? Fear was a reaction she was only mildly aware of, until now. The pack she'd come from were proud, steadfast and sheltering. The outside world's opinion hadn't factored in. It did now. The difference between support and misunderstanding was palpable. Maybe it was possible to show him another way, another face to the animal.

    “Are you familiar with Umbra? There's a cave between the Eastern bridge side and the sand. It would be a good place to start your studies.”

    “Is it one of the places you go to turn?”

    “It's one of the places I use for a lot of things. Send word for me when the potion's ready.”
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  8. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
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    I'm having a hell of a time trying to keep up with all the excellent articles to read.

    Keep up the good work folks~!
  9. Zapa

    Zapa Guest

    (Continuation from Delfan and the cave. written in 3rd person.)

    This cave was odd, as if a giant molded a black tube of partially dried clay and thrusted it into the sandy ground. It seemed out of place, as there was no vegetation around it, just an opening jetting up from a sandy clearing in the middle of a dense jungle like forest. Touching the rock, he noticed it felt surprisingly smooth despite its many fissures, cracks and rippled appearance. It felt cool, even though barely-noticeable white steam rolled off its top lip of its dark foreboding opening. Despite his fear and curiosity, Delfan entered into the maw of this tube. Partially into its shallow descending corridor, an unwelcoming shake and rumble of the earth occurred around him. It lasted briefly, but he tensed and examined the walls and ceiling around him. He prayed that not too many of those will come and collapse the tunnel around him. He continued to descend. As he went, it felt more humid and hot; like walking into a Yew Bathhouse in the middle of winter. “Well, looks ye found your cave.” Delfan chuckled. Two more quakes occurred, slightly placing Delfan off balance. “Better make this quick!” He thought about casting a night vision spell as the light from the opening beginning to fade. He soon realized it would just mask the light from this mysterious flower, instead he lit a torch. The light from the torch faintly lit the area around him, shining off objects from the cave’s wall. Delfan paused to look at his new discovery and found the cave’s walls were lined with quartz and sparsely imbedded gems. Briefly noted his new found wealth and scientific intrigue, but he pushed on to finish his quest for Lady Dell.

    Delfan descended a few more feet into the cave which opened up into a wide, dark, humid cavern. Occasionally dripping water from its tips, stalagmites hang menacingly from the cavern’s 12 foot ceilings. Sweat beads from his forehead, stinging his eyes, as this room is intensively warm and humid. Wiping his eyes, he notices a faint green glow radiating further into the cavern. Weaving and ducking around the pillars of hanging stalagmites, Delfan cautiously approaches the glow. Reaching its location, he dropped his torch, reached into a small crevice, and removed the last green glowing flower. Delfan blobs off the moisture from his forehead and neck, as he examines his newly found specimen. Vargumorph appears very similar to the wolvesbane he had collected over the years, except this one glows a sickly green, while the other stays its non-glowing blue. One to turn those into or out of a werewolf, while the other to kill them. Delfan took off his backpack, was beginning to open it, as he saw something else glowing a few feet away. In the darkness glowed to gems horizontal of each other, one sickly green, and the other dull orange.

    A small quake as he stared with curiously at those gems. Thinking he may have a bit more time to examine them, unfortunately those eyes blinked. A guttural growl crescendo, “THAT IS MINE!!!...” Leaping from the darkness was a horrible aberration. It lunged and tries to strike Delfan where he stood! Luckfully, he fell and scurried backwards before the strike and the snapping jaws closed upon him.

    “IN SANCT GRAV!” Delfan cast with a pinch of prepared spell regents. He was glad he prepared such things in advance in case of surprises like this. His energy field stopped the advance of the creature so that Delfan can study and ready against his foe. This creature was like no other he had seen before. It was large, almost 10 feet tall and wolf like. It had a grey mangled coat with patches of intact grey, festering red, and rotten black bare patches throughout. It’s wolf like ears partially torn and nipped off. It had a wrinkled snout with long stringy jowls that frothy saliva poured from. On each side of that snout eyes, one glowing green while the other is white stared into Delfan’s soul. Its hands and feet were huge with nails larger than sharpen dagger blades. This was more than a werewolf. It was a mutant beyond anything imagined.

    Delfan had little time, the field will collapse, or the creature will notice it can simple go around it. He reached for his spell bag of prepared regents. He will have to do battle, in order to survive this creature.

    “For entering my cave, I would have killed you quick!” The creature growled, “But you stole what is clearly not yours… for that I will do it slowly and eat the marrow of your bones as you watch!” Saliva increasingly dripped from its jowls, “I can feel your fear… I can hear your heart race… I can see your blood flow… I can smell your flesh!”

    Delfan stood quickly, and casted night vision, “In Lor.” He studied for a quick retreat, but before acting the field fell. The beast roared and leaped, barely missing the diving Delfan.

    “COR POR!” he casted as a ball of energy catapulted from his hands hitting the werewolf directly in the chest. Most creatures would at least flinch at such electrical power; however the creature simply absorbed it. Another quake occurred. Pieces of rock fall from the ceiling, as the creature marches towards the retreating dodging Delfan.

    “VAS FLAM!” The fireball only singed the hair on the beast, making it madder. “What sort of creature are you!” puffed Delfan.

    “Ye Harbinger of Death, human!”

    Another quake, its intensity is much greater and louder than before. Delfan fell backwards on the ground, looking at the off balanced behemoth falling toward him for the final kill. He closed his eyes, not wishing to see those jaws close upon him. A large crash is heard! Instead of pain, a choking sensation as dust is kicked up into the air. Cracking his eyelids show the creature, groaning its last breath. Its eye loses its greenish yew to blackness, while blood flowed around a large stalagmite impaling the creature to the floor. The quake stopped briefly as Delfan looked upon the monster, thinking it may rise suddenly, but nothing. He quickly collected a tuff of fur with skin, and a small vial of blood. Another large quake, steady this time, as more parts of the cave collapses. Quickly he rises to gather his things. Bouncing of stalagmite to stalagmite, he dashed for the exit.

    Delfan bursted outward from the Cave, but his problems seem to just begun. He began to feel the heat increase from behind him. Looking back, he saw the light of molten rock coming from the cave’s entrance. Delfan sighed deeply and puffed his way back up toward the shore, where surely the ship will be waiting. Atlas not so, for there is no ship to be seen! The seas rocked and churned violently. He couldn’t blame them from leaving, for staying would be their doom. He only hoped they made it safely. Off in the distance he could see Hyloth erupt. “It appears the second ‘Brimstone Pillar’ will also erupt,” he thought to himself. Behind him, he glanced to see the advancing lake of molten rock. He looked forward to see a wall of water approaching him. They are both opposite conclusions; one death by fire and one death by drowning. All together in the middle, with him, will be chaos and death. Only option left is to teleport back, however he had never done it this far before, or with such disturbances to the fabric of magic. He closed his eyes and thought of home as he chanted, “KAL ORT POR!”

    Zapa was comfortably puffing on his pipe, with feet upon the alchemy desk of the Mage study. His stool was slightly leaning on two legs against the Shadow Ore table. In the middle of the room was a pentagram and within that pentagram, a swirl of smoke shaped as a mini cyclone appeared. Raising an eyebrow, Zapa starred at the conjured whirlwind. Puffing out of existence, the smoke cleared to show the kneeling balled up form of Delfan as steam rolled off his dampened body.

    “Ye must have fun.” Zapa jested.

    Thrusting his arm, still from a balled up position, he held the Vargumorph out, “Just get to work!”
  10. Zapa

    Zapa Guest

    (OOC) I'm glad you like. This has been especially fun for us. Who knows, as our writting improves, there may be an actually novel or two for the UO universe. Thank you, so much for reading!
  11. Zapa

    Zapa Guest

    Seeing Livvie last night left a bad taste in my mouth. It was hard to tell her about the finite amount of regent that helped her. Without that flower, her shape shifting will be random and uncontrolled; the animal within her will be unleashed. And without that control, she and her kind will not be able to hide. They will be discovered and hunted to extinction; as such things happen from the xenophobic views of humanity. Also, I told her about finding and losing one of her kind, to which I saw a great sadness tear up in her eyes. On her face, it told me of the fear of being the last one; such possibilities of loneliness are hard for anyone to bear. All spells the end of Lycanthrope, and I may have played an intentional role in that. It appears that I had nothing to share her but bad news, and now she faced so many uncertainties. Well, I hope that Zapa has some good news for me. I could need some.

    Walking up the stairs to the mage room, behind a closed door, I can hear the muffled cursing as well as clinking of glass. I grinned knowing that Zapa will be in a rather amusing mood because of his love of alchemy. For him, alchemy is a passion, even if he hates to admit it. He loves to find new concoctions to amuse himself; for it’s one part hobby and one part profession. At the Mage Academy, he specialized in it. By becoming a better Alchemist, all of his cooking, brewing and alcohol mixing improved. Seems they are all shared the same aspect; trying different combinations to make new things. For potion-making, it is to make a new magical enhancement, while for cooking and bartending, it is to make the best tasting items on the menu. Although he’s reluctant to admit it, he loves to cook and fish more than practice magic. Perhaps that’s what we share in common. We both accept magic as part of our lives, but it’s not our passion.

    Opening the door, I first whiffed the putrid smell of alchemy, and then heard the rolling boils of concoctions, in clinking glass beakers on heating stands. Lastly, I saw Zapa seated on a stool by the Alchemy table; carefully dripping a liquid green substance on a Petri dish. Poof! A puff of smoke came from dish. Zapa waved his hands to disperse the smoke, “Blast it!” He yelped.

    “I hope that doesn’t mean that thou aren’t done?” I first jested at his misfortune, but soon showed concern for my own needs. Zapa spun around in surprise, unaware of my entrance.

    “Ah, Delfan! Please come in!” He beckoned with his hands to encourage me further into the room, next to him. I thought he put something into his pocket, but instead he pulled out his pipe and snuff. As he prepared his pipe, I approached, curious to see 3 cages in the room with a rodent in each of them. “Ye must see this… While ye where gone…” He paused to light his pipe, “I did a bit of experiment with the sample.”

    “I take it thou were successful?” I interrupted.

    Zapa said quite irritated by my pestering, he hates it when I interrupt and show impatience, especially when he’s started on a roll. However, I was curious to know what he has been up to. Motioning to the cages, we walked and examined each as he continued. “I gave each of these rats the sample,” He raised his hand to stop another interruption, “Will ye shut thee sphincter and let me talk … and yes, I finished it… I swear thou are going to make an excellent wench to someone one day!” He collected himself in thought, “Where was I, anyways, as ye can see the first cage the rat is dead. This one I gave double the standard dose, and as ye can see that the were… -ism is gone. This is the way that was told in the tragic cure outlined in thou texts; however let’s continue to the next…”

    The next cage was a bit disturbing and I winced when I saw it more closely. The rat was huge and mangy with exaggerated features and green glowing eyes. The cage was ransacked, worse than a normal rat’s cage would be. “This one, I gave one and a half the amount needed to stabilize its morphing. It resulted in as somone in long-term use or a simple over usage of the substance. It kept its form and beckons for more of the substance to which it seems almost depended on it.” It shocked me as it lunged at us, bouncing off the already bent chicken wire. "Without the substance, the rat will not survive," Zapa concluded.

    “So ye say…” I tried to interject.

    “I believe this is what thou saw in that cave. Was an old lycanthrope… and I use that term loosely….” I shrugged, unsure on what he meant. “Here this will be present itself more clearly… the last cage is the most interesting…” There sat another normal rat is in the last cage grooming itself.

    “Okay, this one is alive?”

    “Now watch…” Zapa disturbed the creature with a long thin rod. He continued until the rat became annoyed and to my astonishment, the rat grew and changed shape. “As ye can see, when it’s threatened, it sparked its were-ism. But watch as I give it a dose of the specimen.” A small bottle of greenish tinted water was introduced to the side of the cage. The wererat scurried to the mixture and began to lap at its ball. The rat calmed and reduces in size back to its original state.

    My jaw dropped as I said in astonishment, “So it does work!”

    “Aye, but there is one other thing ye must know… There was a fourth specimen. That one I used the dose and then… depraved it from substance.”

    “I don’t see it, what happened?”

    “I…. released it.”

    “YE WHAT!” I had an image of a wererat running through the sewers of Britain.

    “The rat was not ‘infected’. Thou aren’t seeing? This is a diabolical potion. Someone, way back in the past, found a way to contain a curse in liquid form. It uses two main things, werewolfish polymorphism and magical resistance. Quite brilliant I assure thee. A lad takes the potion, perhaps slipped it in his drink. Next full moon, he transforms, do to intense moonlight being the substances catalyst. He’s concerned, and looks for this apothecary for help. He gives him the substance telling him that he is a werewolf and to take a bit each week to prevent the change. This concoction has a the second compound a bit stronger than the next to prevent the morphing, but its half-life is much smaller than the polymorph. If he doesn’t take it each week and during the full moon, he’ll transforms. So diabolical. I wished I thought of it…”

    “So what of Livvie!” I interjected.

    “Oh…” clears throat, “yes, well, it may or may not be too later for her. If she was taking it for a long time, it’s more part of her. Her body will need it forever, however if it was a shorter unknown amount of time, she will be… normal.”

    “She was transformed by a bite, explain that!” My anger building within.

    “Yes with the wererat, I found that the saliva has the chemical in it as well… injecting, chemically altering the victim. So diabolical…”

    “Aye, ye already said it too many times, ‘Diabolical… wished I’d thought of it’. Then explain the change at will.” My anger more pronounced.

    “Oh come on, ye know how that works. You concentrate on what you want to be and be that, and then return when you don’t. The potion works the same way, but lasts longer and only turns to one form… the Werewolf.”

    “This is crazy!” I was upset, but not sure why. Was it because I felt duped into believing a supernatural existence or that someone can make such a compound? I do not know, and perhaps it doesn’t matter. What matters is what Zapa said next.

    “What are ye going to tell Lady Dell?”
  12. Livvie Dell

    Livvie Dell Guest

    "I... said.. get!"

    Bounce. Bounce. Bounce...... Thunk!

    Metal would clang.. if it wasn't being smacked against a really hairy back. With a final strike the lamp came down on the spider's head effectively splitting open all 6 of its beady little eyes, splattering her with a light green juice. That had always been the drawback to Umbra. It's critters. Skittering Hoppers, Vampire Bats, and Spiders.

    "I'd rather have the Gargoyle's." she muttered to herself as she entered the cave. Tripping over a set of glass bottles laying sideways on the floor, she stuck her hand out and planted it against the wall to get her footing back. Beyond the glass lay a varied selection of rolling pins, lanterns, and two sentimental blades. Two different nights, two different reasons, both belonged on shelves or in the bank, but she couldn't bring herself to part with them.

    She was going to have to clean up before he got there. "You ought to just move in to your actual house." Said aloud to thin air, she exhaled. The spot in Magincia with the rest of the trading company made better sense than a remote piece of rock in the middle of Malas. But Malas, had been home for years.

    "Fresh air is going to kill me."

    "Like the flour and the nightshade did?"

    "People are going to think I'm nuts." Sanity was overrated. It also wasn't a discussion she could argue considering she was standing in a cave packed with mismatched items, covered in arachnid and talking to herself.

    She would move... after he saw it.