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Where have all the people gone?

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Elga, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Elga

    Elga Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Hello everybody! This is just a general checking up on everybody thread. Tonight at the boss battles we had a very low turnout. It was almost like the beginning of the Stratics runs. VP we had two groups of 5 and 6 (I think), and only one group in CFO and CJ. Where are da people at! I know a lot are playing other games, but just wanted to make sure we don't smell or anything? Check in and let us know what you've been up to!
  2. We have alot of users but nobody shows up. Getting very quite and alot of people I dont even know. Come out of hiding stratics members!
  3. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    The cfo was a minor mixup - we had a group in both Kooky Grove and one in Funnyfield. I think that's it....

    I know I've been really busy lately. Most of the time people are reminding me what day it is and where I should be so that could be a bit of it.
  4. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    I feel terribly guilty about continuing to miss Sunday runs, but real life has just been so hectic and the fact that my family of four has one computer capable of internet access has severely cramped my style. My husband is taking an online course, my daughter is a Youtube junkie, my son and his friends all need to check on their neopets and then there's my own little foray into wizardland. I just sat down at the computer to get caught up, and my daughter came up and said "I need to get on in an hour." JEEZ!!

    Anyway, sorry sorry sorry. I will REALLY try to be on next Sunday. (Hubby's gonna be out of town - so one down!)
  5. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Hubby's been needing my help with stuff every Sunday. I thought when the kid went to basic I'd have more time, but alas I was wrong. It's really not looking good for me. I can't even remember the last time I logged into TT.
  6. alisagrace86

    alisagrace86 Guest

    hey all,
    as you know i've been dealing with my dad's passing so won't be able to make it for a while. but everyone is in my prayers love and hugs

  7. LinkManiac

    LinkManiac Guest

    Well, I hope that my showing up to the VP fight helped- I brought along my friend's Bumbleflap and Snoop, but I'm not sure if Snoop went in with a group or not.

    I'm working on getting my cashbot suit right now- and as soon as I do, I'll come along to fight there, too. :]

    Unless, of course, you hate my guts and don't want me to come. xD

    Edit: Oh, and what have I been up to? I've just been trying to regain my sanity, and stop myself from smashing things against my computer. Hah.

    But honestly, I don't know why I quit. I guess I just didn't see the interest in Toontown for awhile. Recently, however, I've been having a lot of fun on it, and I hope to stay longer this time. :3
  8. I have been really busy with the game stuff, I'm taking a college class, I have had a lot of orders in my painting business, and I have a daughter graduating this year and her open house is this Saturday. Due to the lovely MI economy, my husband is living out of state for work again which will also severely limit my play time. I am hoping that once our first game gets out (1-2 months) I will be able to make the runs more consistently but then there will be the next game..........

    I'm not sure it is the Sunday runs alone, I think it is TT in general. I think a lot have just stopped playing or have slowed way down. When I do get a chance to log on, no one is on-line so I usually end up just logging off!
  9. Loopy Moe 27

    Loopy Moe 27 Guest

    Sorry i havent been able to make it. I've been busy lately. I will make one of these weeks though :wall:
  10. I was there!

    But i had fun.
  11. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    Sorry, I haven't been on TT since May 3rd. LOL! I like my new game too much. Hoepfully some new people with join you all on the Sunday runs.
  12. kingsgal

    kingsgal Guest

    Sorry been busy with real life stuff, You know the usual work, kids, and the weather has been gorgeous here lately been doing outside things. Don't even remember what my toons needs to go on a Sunday run anymore. probably everything. I will try to get back soon!!
  13. Dane1980

    Dane1980 Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I know I was never really a presence on the Boss runs anyway, but I used to always try to make it to Beanfest. I've just lost my desire to play, well not really exactly. I WANT to play, I MISS playing, but when I do get logged in, the repetition just smacks me in the face. I never enjoyed the Boss stuff that much, and I have 3 toons at 111, which is my maxing point. I have a 4th in DDL one in DG. I think if there was something totally new, a new gag or a new playground with tasks, I'd be back in hot and heavy.
  14. rainwatercat

    rainwatercat Guest

    i'm kinda like kathy...i need to be reminded what day of the week it is. lol :loser: i think it's gotten worse since school has been out for the summer, too (at least it has around here).

    the only reason i remembered this last sunday was a very excited 9 year old who kept reminding me about the cfo about every hour for 6 days straight. lol he plans to hold onto that unite like it''s made of gold. :D

    i'm all for an IM to remind me it's time to come play. :danceb:

    you'd think sunday and thursday would be easy for me to remember. :blushing: :dunce:
  15. susan4633

    susan4633 Guest

    sister and kids have been visiting for 2 weeks they just left today. since they had been sleeping in the computer room, it limited amount of time i could be on the computer as well as the time of day. i made vp, but bowed out of cfo since we didn't have enough and the boys needed to go to bed. i will be at ceo tomorrow night and surprise surprise....moonlight mcboo finally finished her 1st 23k. so will be going for next suit level...and then oh joy ... .another 23k upcoming... be still my heart. :(
  16. james64468

    james64468 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I not been playing. It kinda nuts but i been doing other things.
  17. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    Well I just started back playing and when I logged on I noticed that I did not have any friends on. Back in the days I had around 10-15 friends on at a time. I guess they are either playing Wizards or have new toons they are working on. The way My work schedule is now, I work 7 days and off for 7. So I will try to be there every other Thursday's and Sunday's. Depending on the Baby. LOL!!! Which now determines everything. Its funny How you could just pack up and take trips and now its like we dont go anywhere. So I should be there next sunday.
  18. Holocog

    Holocog Guest

    Yea, ill start going back to boss runs, on Bonzo, untill i work another toon up who has lure... I should be there later today, as its myy last day before i go on my trip.
  19. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    So many familiar (and a few new) voices! Sweet! A few of us are still running at least one Tuesday CFO to take the odd couple of small stratics toons through. We usually supplement with our friends list but we do get it done. Again, I'm usually reminded to get over there but all works out in the end...
  20. ATIV7220

    ATIV7220 Guest

    I've been on less also due to RL, but also because my son found Wizard 101. He's only allowed one purchased game at a time, so he's dropped TT, as has my wife since she wasn't playing much either. My account is still active but Sunday's have had other activities (like Father's day get together) and the last two Thursdays didn't produce enough Stratics folks for one run. One week we just didn't go (or I didn't) and the other we went to River. I hate doing a boss in River - the lag can be deadly. Now I'm on TT and Wizard, but I really don't know if I'll keep the TT account. With so many of the other regulars missing on most of my recent runs, I've found it easier to shift to Wizards. I'll be around now and then, but not as much as I once was. I'd drop TT altogether, but I'd miss this community. It doesn't seem to be present in Wizard, or I just haven't found it yet.

    Anyway, on Wizard 101 I'm Alexander MythHunter and my son is Ryan RedTalon.
  21. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    Daddio, you need to send some codes my way for your wizard. I have Rachel moondust over there among a few others. She will finally be a Grand Master. We belong to a great adult group over there and you should join us.
  22. Lol im usally the voice that reminds kathy of the beanfests. I'll be your reminder too! LOL!
  23. princess kitty

    princess kitty Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I would join if I could but your Sunday evenings are my Monday mornings. I try to be there when my patient load is light but Mondays are usually busy days.
  24. SSniffleslam

    SSniffleslam Guest

    Well, as for me, I got sucked into Wizards 101, then my mom came for a month-long visit, and now I'm just trying to recover from that :)
  25. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    I have also become of a victim of Real Life. I am going to try to come back on some. I spend most evenings working on my line of jewelry. I have to do something to try to bring money into this household or we will lose this place, and I dont wanna do that! I will put the details of that in the Off Topic forum if you are interested. :thumbsup:

    Anyhow, I am sorry to have missed so much. Oh, I have also started a new toon. She is a pale pink duck named Pinky Gigglequack. If anyone needs a baby to help them complete a task, send me a code, ok? :D
  26. Malcoren

    Malcoren Guest

    Sunday runs are the best, i tried to make the VP last sunday but i missed it by 2 or 3 minuets, still got to the CFO though. :p :thumbsup:
  27. Voilet

    Voilet Guest

    Well, like they say better late then never..LOL I have so much drama (ehem as some of you know) I try to still get on TT when I can. I havent posted here in a long time and cant really commit to runs right now. (football season) But I will make an effort to try and post on the board. MWAH miss all of you! (well ok dont know ALL of you and I really havent missed ALL of you) but you know who are :grouphug: