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Where have all the Simmies Gone?

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by brownie, May 12, 2008.

  1. brownie

    brownie Guest

    So where are all the people that swore up & down that they would be here until EALand took its last breath? At this rate, with players dropping like flies, we will be lucky if the game last until August 1st.
  2. LadiLuck

    LadiLuck Guest

    many are having log in issues, others disgusted with CC going poof, others cant land so could be a number of things....
  3. labyrinth

    labyrinth Guest

    I think a lot have left because of the freezing and booting...you just can't play.
    I can't play at my own lots, I have to go to another open lot.
    I can't go to sim work either.

    No money houses are open hardly.
    So, sims are very limited as to where they can go right now.
  4. brownie

    brownie Guest

    Yes, I can see that, I log on only to find no one is open. I too am having the booting problem as well. As I have said before, I could skill in my own house, with my 5 accounts and the raised speed percentage, but the # of sims required is so high in money houses that its not worth my time. I don't blame ppl for leaving, but I dont see the game lasting until august unless they fix the problems and change the money situation so that ppl have more to do than just stare at skilling sims.
  5. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I too have landing issues, I get stuck then disco'd from the lot. I put all my remaining CC in inventory and that helped some, but I sometimes still get a cannot load message. All you can do is keep trying eventually you will stay.
  6. Avyi

    Avyi Guest

    the disconnect from property bug is keeping me from participating in game at this time...I have put together an email and sent it, and will continue to send regarding this bug and the disappearing CC

    my email sent:
    As per the Promises outlined for EA Land I respectfully request your attention to the aspects that are making the game unplayable until sunset.

    1. The Disconnect from Property Bug
    2. The Disappearing Custom Content Bug

    1. Are you going to fix bugs? We will address critical bugs that seriously affect your ability to play the game.
    2. Will Custom Content still be approved? Can I still use Custom Content in-game? Yes, Custom Content will continue to be approved, though the approval process may end or slow as we get closer to the end of the Sunset. Existing content that has already been approved may continue to be used.
  7. Krysanya

    Krysanya Guest

    A lot of the free accounts were disabled because their "2 week trial" time was up, so that accounts for the drop in Test center 3. :(
  8. TradeMark

    TradeMark Guest

    In an effort to recover our game and/or start a new game, a lot of us signed up at www.playercampaigns.com . So far there are over 400 members their, including maxis EA Parizad and former EA programmer Lee Fancy. I hope you will all join us in our efforts,

  9. Raisin

    Raisin Guest

    I did think I would be there until the end.

    Well, my reason for not playing is that

    :eek: a) I can't stay on my lot for more than 5 minutes before I'm booted, which is probably related to:

    :eek: b) All the cc I was making and selling has disappeared, and I don't find much pleasure in selling catalog items anymore - also my store lot is ruined by the invisible cc that is still there preventing me to put anything else in that big empty space.

    I'm still playing a little bit though, but there is no point in being online 24-7.
  10. Pami1

    Pami1 Guest

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  11. im here everyday no bugs or problems.im going down with the ship wish more would
  12. EgtBallShark

    EgtBallShark Guest

    I've haven't been playing much because after i was switched to a free account, I can't do anything! It's very frustrating. I had one goal and that was to make ot to Supra on the factory job track. I can't even enter my house. I still log on everyday to see whos on and there is barely anyone there. I can't expect, with all the problems that are going on, that anyone would keep on signing on!
  13. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon Guest

    Yeah, I think the account thing is the big problem for a lot of people. I was the victim of very unfortunate timing on my account--I had to change my billing date so I temporarily canceled it. It was just supposed to be for a week, but the announcement came the very day after my account lapsed for day one, and got automatically converted to a free account. Now I can't do anything, can't reinstate it, can't pay, nothing. Founder, continuous player the whole time for the history of the game, and now I'm being cut short because of a technicality.

    So if you wondered where the simmies have gone, 6 of them are rotting on my lot and there's nothing that I can do about it. They'll probably get deleted in a couple of weeks when we get to the 30 day mark from the announcement.

    Edit: The nice folks at EA were able to fix my account, so looks like I'll be there until the end. If anyone else is having similar problems, give them a call. They were very nice about it.
  14. MandiK

    MandiK Guest

    I log in, look around & see there are hardly no properties open, then log back out. I actually went to TC3 for a few minutes yesterday and it seemed more active. Sucked though.
  15. Kaylee

    Kaylee Guest

    I know it's sad :( I log on when I can, but now I get booted. They did say in the dev announcements that they would more or less take care of bugs and still approve cc. To of course make our final days comfortable. LOL! I'm going to call the number they have posted in these forums and send an email. Feel like I'm going to a funeral geez
  16. Last time I tried to log in, with my free account, it wouldn't let me ... did that get fixed?
  17. I personally have been working so very hard at saving the game that I have not had a chance to play not to mention its just so depressing :( check it out www.playercampagns.com
  18. Qute Pi

    Qute Pi Guest

    I did say I'd be around till the end. I guess what I meant was I'd sign in every day or two and see if anything is happening.

    Since none of my friends play, I sign in, see nothing happening and sign off.
    Or I sign in, see my 50-200 cc items missing, and it depresses me even more.

    I want so bad to get involved in something, but I think I lost the love of this game.

    Its such a disappointment, from taking a dying game and killing it, silence during the "silent time", waiting for EA to keep its word with automatic refunds, bugs that won't be fixed most likely, getting our hopes up, everyone spending their rl time giving ideas for the 5th time on blueprints, and then for it to end in bad news. EA left such a bad taste in my mouth I can't even enjoy my game play at this point.

    Hopefully my feelings will change and I'll enjoy playing at some point before the end, but from the way it looks to me, I have missed stratics and the community far more than the game.
  19. uggh knew i shouldnt of bragged.i logged in went to work and got froze when trying to go home couldnt omg their gonna bug us outta game i dont have 1 piece cc left now :(
  20. Wyld Cherry

    Wyld Cherry Guest

    Thanks ok, oh well Second Life is taking my money now lol. It was fun while it somewhat lasted

  21. It's gonna cost too much to have EVERYONE still online in August, so they hired me to delete certain people's sims, one by one. Sorry if you're on the list. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  22. DutchAmerica

    DutchAmerica Guest

    I'm busy getting kicked out of WoW guilds cause I won't conform to the rules laid down by 16 year old anger management class rejects who just get their kicks out of 'ordering' people around.

    I hope my new one "Get In The Van" works out this time.

    I do however, stop in each evening to see who's on and who may have left me messages...but alas....no one is and no one does.
  23. There are hundreds of guilds across the various realms, keep looking and you're bound to find one that fits.

    I avoid pvp servers because they tend to attract the most annoying kids, exactly as you describe. Did you try the two Stratics guilds?
  24. Raisin

    Raisin Guest

    lol :p

    I remember a guild I was in way back when.
    This was back when there were almost no lvl 60:s yet.
    The guild leader suddenly decided that

    a) Everyone should give him money for a tabard
    b) Everyone had to be lvl 30 by friday


    But more to the point of this thread:
    Now that the cc bug seems fixed, I can very well see myself playing until the end. If only some other people stay. :)
  25. Palin

    Palin Guest

    There are 2 Stratics guilds??? I know of the one but nobody's ever on it.

    I'm tryin to find a guild too... long live the k... WOW... lol
  26. culbert123

    culbert123 Guest

    I'm at the same point you are, Qute. I am trying to log in and find stuff to do, but it's getting quieter and quieter in our little online world. I did watch someone make a pee pool last night which was pretty funny. I'm weird like that, though.
  27. With no sims (i have to reactivate all of my accts if i want to play) and no computer (my tso laptop is in the shop atm, it killed over a few days ago)

    I cant play :cursing::mad::cursing::mad:
  28. There's one from Stratics 'Off Topic', and one from the Stratics WoW forums.... which one did you find?