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Where is the gold nowdays ?

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by maximusss, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. maximusss

    maximusss Guest

    Some returning player asked me what is a good way to make gold nowdays. As im a returning player myself too, I couldn't really tell, but based on my observations I told him that atleast imbuing ingrediants and pof seem to be something in high demand.

    Now im beginning to think that my answer was actually correct. Other than the two things above only some useful rare items(which don't spawn anymore or are very hard to get) seem to be the only ones changing owner in the economy.

    Does the economy nowdays roll around imbuing completely ? Artifacts,power scrolls,runics and everything that was preSA valuable....they don't seem to have much value anymore.

    Also if this is the case, is it only because of imbuing or has there been a dupe wave or similar ?

    Im playing on Europa, if that matters anything.
  2. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    The first question actually would be, for what and how much gold does someone need.
    With the latest changes, fishing is not too bad. (Gold inside fished up chests have been increased lately. Thought training fishing takes some time and is very relaxing. Mibs seem to sell well at the moment as well, if you dont dare to fish them up by your own.)
    One of the former changes have been to treasure hunting. The hottest time seem to be over but you can still make some gold from selling alacrity scrolls. I get them at a good rate from low level chests. (My maps are mostly fished up but doing the hags quest would work too.)
    As you already mentioned imbuing ingredients. One that only needs some time to spend over a longer period are seeds of renewal. (You get them randomly from plant growing. It takes 17 days for a fully grown plant for collecting seeds. With 5-10 minutes spend over that time youc an make a good profit. Not to forget that you can get another nice profit from player made stains. Those use plants, too. Thought theres mostly only demand for the rare colours like black.)
    Farming imbuing essences is not that easy. (Actually: faming - yes, selling - no. T-hunters had too many of them in stock and only very few are still aftersought.) With some luck you might get a decent artefact from hunting mini spawns within the abyss. (From the renowneds when you are hunting for essences.)
    Runics from heartwood can fetch some nice gold, too. The prices for the high end ones have beeen decreased a lot but in exchange the demand for the lower runics has been greatly increased. All you would need is a lumberjack, a bowyer and maybe some tinkering on your bowyer to earn some gold there. (And pay attention to the talismans that you get randomly as quest reward. Not too many have picked them up int he past and at the right time, you can get lucky and find a good buyer for them. Like when someone is looking for a vermin slayer talisman but cannot find one. Or with crafting talismans about 20% bonus. Or 100% elemental weapons from those quests.)
    Fishing again seems no to be too bad. I havent seen someone selling uncommon crabs and lobsters on europa but someone probably could earn good gold with it.

    There are many ways to earn gold. You only have to find them and hope that not too many other have found them, too. *g*