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Where Should I Put my Last 74 Skill Points for a PVM Necro/Mage

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Guest, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here's where my PVM Necro/Mage is right now

    Kasa of the Raj-In
    Pendant of the Magi
    Midnight Bracers
    Stitchers Mittens
    Horned Leather Tunic
    Spell Woven Britches
    Crystaline Ring
    Ornament of the Magician
    Scrapper's Compendium
    Bloodwood Spirit
    Earrings with Spell Refection 60 Charges
    FC1/FCR2 Chaos Shield

    With this equipment my Resists and Mods are this
    Physical Resist 65
    Fire Resist 45
    Cold Resist 55
    Poison Resist 45
    Energy Resist 43
    FC 4
    FCR 6
    LRC 100
    LMC 40
    SDI 82
    MR 6
    +26 Intelligence
    +5 Dexterity
    +4 Stamina
    Reflect Physical Damage 15
    +20 Magery
    +9 Resist
    +10 Healing
    +10 Meditation
    +20 Focus
    +10 Hit Points
    +25 Necromancy
    +10 Spirit Speak

    My Skills (All have been scrolled to 120)
    Base Magery 100 (120 with +20 Bonus)
    Base Evaluate Int 120
    Base Meditation 110 (120 with +10 Bonus)
    Base Spirit Speak 110 (120 with +10 Bonus)
    Base Necromancy 95 (120 with +25 Bonus)
    Base Resisting Spells 111 (120 with +9 Bonus)
    Base Focus 0 (20 with +20 Bonus)

    For a total of 646 ... I have 74 Skill Points Left ...

    What should I use them on ... or maybe I should drop Resist and have 184 points to use
  2. Jaimes

    Jaimes Guest

    If you want some easy defensive evasion, you could go with Anatomy -- with 74 Anatomy and 120 Eval you would have the equivalent of 107 Wrestling for defense purposes (but you wouldn't be able to use specials).

    Edit: I mean it's not like you would need it much, but it's always nice to have. And if you like using Wither, it's good for that, too.
  3. I completely agree with putting the points into anatomy, escpecially with no mage weapon, low resists, and lack of DCI.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for the replies .....

    I built this character but in all honesty I am a rookie as far as using her is concerned. I was away for over a year ... I had a bunch of gold (been playing since 1st Beta) and lots of skills on Soulstones ... plus the patience to sit at the keyboard and work on new skills.

    By the way she's an Elf ....

    Question: .... I've read that resist may not be all that needed for PVM ... will I need it for High Level Beasties? Should I drop it and replace it with something else? I'm off till next year so it's a good time to build on the new stuff ...

    Also ... I'm at 255 Cap ... how would you align her STATS

    Let me know .... Thanks ... Ardonia
  5. Even with all 70 resists, spellcasters like dragons and lich lords can do a good amount of damage with spell combos; 15-50 damage depending on the spells used. A weapon skill and DCI only help to avoid getting hit with melee attacks but can be useful when trying to dispel a revenant or if a monster teleports onto you.

    Resisting spells isnt absolutely needed. You may find yourself getting poisoned a lot and debuff spells like curse, mind rot, etc. will be stronger and last longer.

    For stats, I would have 125 INT, 15 in DEX, and the rest in STR. Just dont get hit a lot physically or you wont be able to move.
  6. i play almost the same char but have 100 sw on istd of res.

    it is awesome at spawns and lady m's as wod with a level 6 focus hits for 500-600 for me. also level 6 essense of wind is great too, as well as attunement and gor for getting in the middle of spawn.
  7. Jaimes

    Jaimes Guest

    Does WoD + Wraith Form work?

    You could chain WoDs like that if it does.
  8. BeerManVI

    BeerManVI Guest

    I would drop my necro to 105 instead of 120, and have 89 spellweaving.

    Even if u do not have any buddies to get a level 6 focus, you can tame Orge Lords, Orc Brutes ect and use them like a tamer, and just heal with your spell.

    Or you could drop your resist like you mentioned and go with Music/Provoke
    Or Music/Discord. Or Music/Peace. Or Inscribe/Spellweaving.

    I think Provoke might be the nicest of the combos, would allow you to fight in high spawn areas.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest


    FC 4
    FCR 6

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I think it's capped at FC 2.
  10. imo take couple points out of resist and get GM inscribe for the damage bonus, imo.

    If not that then 80 poisoning for DP poison fields is always fun too.