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Where Should New Players Go?

Discussion in 'FINAL FANTASY XI General Discussion' started by Anthalas, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Anthalas

    Anthalas Guest

    Hey guys. I just bought the 2008 Vana'diel collection and would like to find people to team up with. I played some FFXI when it first came out, but since then I've played my share of WoW. Unfortunately, Warcraft just doesn't appeal to me in quite the same way.

    That being said, I'm worried there aren't many people playing it anymore. A lot of the forums seem dead, but I haven't had much chance to explore in the game yet (I have been configuring graphics and settings mostly). Thankfully, after browsing these forums I discovered that, yes, people still play...thank god.

    Anywho, how about some suggestions for servers and linkshells? Unlike last time, when I tried soloing too much, I would love to join a server bustling with activity so I can socialize and go on bigger quests. Which would that be? Carbuncle? Ifrit? Where are all the linkshell communities?

    I want to be a white mage, so any help you give me may become help for you on the battlefield. :)

    Also, I've noticed that a few others have asked about good servers. If the demand is high enough, maybe we can turn this thread into a comprehensive "recommended servers/linkshells" guide for newbies.
  2. Onewing

    Onewing Guest

    Hey, welcome back to FFXI! If you want to play with Stratics members, I think we've converged onto the Titan server. Unfortunately, I've been on the Asura server since the beginning and haven't moved over.

    Trish will jump in any moment to give you all she knows about being a white mage. It's really a great job to start with!

    Last statistic I heard there were still half a million people playing FFXI, possibly more. :)
  3. Anthalas

    Anthalas Guest

    Half a million? Wow, I am in the WRONG place. Windurst on Alexander...talk about lonely. Titan it is!
    Yeah, I'll definitely play with you guys. If the Asura server is busy enough, maybe I'll make another character to hang out there.
    Thanks for the help, Onewing. Hopefully we'll see each other online soon.

    By the way, Trish, I have a player's guide from when FFXI first came out, so I've covered a lot of basics for the white mage. Of course I'll welcome any advice, but I don't want you to waste your time being redundant. I know I can't fight behemoths alone. :thumbup1:
  4. YoungUn

    YoungUn Guest

    Hi! I play on Caitsith with Trishy, and no nothing about the whm job other than the following macro is very very helpful

    /ma "spell here" <stpc>

    I was using <t> instead of the <stpc> for a while. My whm is only level 13 so can't tell ya much more.
  5. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Ok as a WHM, I would recommend /ma "Spell" <t> over <stpc> for WHM. It's far easier to look at the list of people in your party, when the 4th on the list needs a cure, hit F4 on your keyboard then your "Cure" macro. Not sure if your guides go that far, but <t> is target, <stpc> is subtarget player character. I use <stpc> macros on RDM but never for WHM. If you have any questions, WHM or not, feel free to ask. We do our best to help around here.

    Welcome to Stratics!
  6. YoungUn

    YoungUn Guest

    See, this is why I stink as a whm. Thf is muh job!
  7. Anthalas

    Anthalas Guest

    Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely use that macro. I dunno if I'll stick with white mage, though...we'll see.

    I'm on Titan now, and it seems populated enough. I'm in San d'Oria, and there are just enough people around to find a teammate or two. I'll make a few more characters shortly to explore other servers and towns. Perhaps Caitsith and Asura. :)

    If anyone wants to add me, my Playonline handle is Anthalas. rolleyes:
  8. Onewing

    Onewing Guest

    I'm a pretty weird player myself. As a game designer myself, I have to spend time playing through a variety of games as a form of "research". When I feel comfortable where I'm at, I'll turn on FFXI and play a little further, grinding several days in a row.

    So I play hardcore for a while and then I'm off for a while, sometimes months. If you looked at a graph of my activity, it'd make for a good rollercoster ride.

    Because of this, I'm not very socially connected to Asura. I don't even have a linkshell. A lonely Paladin facing the dangers of the world by myself. I'd love to have ya on Asura, but if you're looking to join and be interconnected to a social network, I'd stick with Trish and Young'un on Caitsith. ;)

    Best wishes!
  9. jamison

    jamison Guest

    Why do people keep thinking that the game is a ghost town?

    Sure it's nothing like it was when FINAL FANTASY XI hit North America, but then neither is World of Warcraft.

    Here's the facts:

    1) World of Warcraft is the ONLY MMO that can be played on multiple platforms. On the day it came to the US, I started playing. It was not long after that the PS2 was added (it was already in use in Japan). It was also ported to the Xbox 360.

    If this was a dead game... why port it to the 360?

    Also note that this game was is the only way to get the HD for your PS2. (The HD only works on the classic PS2, not the new thin client)

    2) New expansions come out all the time!

    Rise of the Zilart Released: Oct 28, 2003 (Note that this is the release date for North America and they kindly included the expansion that was sold seperately in Japan)

    Chains of Promathia Released: Sep 21, 2004

    Treasures of the Aht Urhgan Released: Apr 18, 2006

    Wings of the Goddess Released: Nov 21, 2007

    3) The best support in the industry! Now I am a bit bias, but I say that because I am a technical analyst by trade (Forum Admin and Analyst??? What an amazing guy!!! Humble too...) and as such, I am impressed with no only the willingness their support reps to help, but their knowledge as well. I am not sure if they really know how to fix everything, or if they have a KB to do it, but either way, the end result is a professional support call with the help you needed. Much better than the classic "We cannot help you with that" response of many other companies. Just hit the link https://secure.playonline.com/supportus/index.html and enter your issue, they'll even chat online with you!

    4) It's Square Enix!! To be honest, this is all I had to say from the start. Their FINAL FANTASY product line is the hottest selling of all time. They're the people that invented the RPG as we know it. They set the bar with such classics as Final Fantasy VII (7) and then raised the bar again with Final Fantasy X (10).

    Their products have such a fan base that there are two full length motion pictures (The Spirits Within) and (Advent Children). Shops in my town sell everything from the Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword, the Final Fantasy VIII Gunblade to various clothing accessories and even potion bottles shaped like those in game.

    Final Fantasy XII is a stand alone for the PS2 and was amazing! Final Fantasy XIII is rumored to be destined for the PS3 and they've even teamed up with Disney for the Kingdom Hearts series.

    4) The game is basicly a Japanese game with North America and Europe invited for the ride. They've included a simple translator service that translates terms so that the language barrier does not affect gameplay. I can honestly say that some of my favorite people to game with speak about as much english as I do Japanese (a year in highschool). But with time differances, if you're playing, then you're most likely going to be with other players from your general area.

    5) The game's last expansion is only 8 months old!

    6) All Players play together. Sure I may be on Unicorn and you may be on Titain, but you play together along side the PC, 360 and PS2 players. Win Win!

    7) Many MMO's out there are fly-by-night companies. They pop-up with an MMO and then they and the game vanish... Shadowrun online anyone? This is not the case with Square Enix.

    8) This is a Japanese game. Like Lineage and Lineage 2, there are some differances between asian games and western games that must be noted. One of these is the social aspect. You're expected to group and soloing might be possible, but it will not be as easy or rewarding and that's intended and not a flaw in the game design.

    9) Every Final Fantasy title has a new world. The mercenaries of Seed in Final Fantasy VII Did not have to deal with SIN as they did in Final Fantasy X. In Final Fantasy XII, there are no Mithra like in FINAL FANTASY XI. So if something is not identical to the previous titles... it's not the same world. So the lack of Materia etc are to be expected, but you can expect some universal aspects.

    A) Moogles!
    B) Airships!
    C) Great looking Pixel People!
    D) Dragoons
    E) Summoners
    F) White Mage
    G) Black Mages
    H) A storyline that puts YOU in as the main character
    I) Comedy

    And more! There are just some things that are universal for Final Fantasy games, and this is definately true for FINAL FANTASY XI

    So in conclusion, this game has a highly dedicated fan base that spreads over multiple platforms. The company is strong and has a history of gaming excellence and a willingness to go where others do not (when was the last Warcraft movie?) With regular expansions and international popularity, this game will be around for a long time and will survive despite other games coming and going over it's life.

    Here's hoping that, like Ultima Online, we'll be playing for a decade and more!

  10. tanls

    tanls Guest

    And with the Addition of WoTG, SE has the ability to double the size of the current game. Expect many more updates and a whole lot more content to the game. The original expansion plan was to go East in the ToAU area, which they haven't done yet, So basically as currently set up, the game could actually more than double in size. Many years of game play left indeed.
  11. landoa10

    landoa10 Guest

    damn i would like to try this game once more, last played in 2004 but i had no money for playing back then, now im currently waiting for Darkfall and stumbled over this forum in search of something to read, i think i only played for 2 months or so last time but i thought it was really fun.........also there is one thing that bothers me, i tried to install the game again some months ago and installation went fine but when i wanted to create the account it was not possible.. does anyone kbow why that would not be possible??
  12. tanls

    tanls Guest

    It kinda depends on the time frame you were trying to create an account. If you did it right around the time that an update or server maintenance was happening, then that might be your answer. I'd suggest trying again. Or you can call the help desk. Jamison linked it above.
  13. landoa10

    landoa10 Guest

    ok thanx for your quick response.....ill now wait till i get my new rig to play on, right now i have only a laptop that i got when i moved from denmark to germany(not too good to play on).......soo in about 1 week ill try it out :p
  14. Righty

    Righty Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    how can i wtfpwn someone?
  15. newtoallthis

    newtoallthis Guest

    I’m about to buy the game for 360 and any help at all given will be greatly appreciated. From reading all I can about this game it’s no fun solo so I am also looking for other people new or veterans of the game to quest and mission with.
  16. tanls

    tanls Guest

    Righty.. You can do PvP in this game. There's a couple different ways to do it. There's Ballista and Brenner. You need to be licensed (meaning there are some quests involved). Also, how well you do will depend on what jobs you use, what gear you have, who you fight, and your overall play ability. There are capped and uncapped fights/areas. I don't know your experience, and some servers don't have a great PvP base, but it is done, and sometimes fairly often by ppl and linkshells. The thing is, most of the ppl you will be fighting will have jobs at 75, and even though they might be fighting in capped areas, they will have merits that will help them and they will have access to gear that you might not have. This will make it harder for you to Pwn anyone for a little while. Good luck though.

    New.. Welcome to the game. Any and all question can be answered here. I'm sure you've already seen and read some of the other threads asking for information. If you would like to know anything more specific, just ask. Otherwise, you can always ask in game and most ppl are very willing to help new ppl out.
  17. Kallios

    Kallios Guest

    sorry I,m Kinda new to the forum But anyway its was quite Interesting fact out there

    first I will answer the guys who think that titan has over 500 K its not true the ENTIRE GAME has 500 K of people (excluded the Mule )

    but I suggest Valefor its a Nice place to buy and there is kinda lot of people well not compared to ODIn since all the free trial gamer was set there in the beginning

    I'm Mylena on Valefor On a French LS, and seriously its a Nice place to be

    and its an urgent need of bastokain In the past ( 1 territories )

    well I'm san d'orian so I don't really care about Bastokan

    anyway allied campaign is easier because of physician but they are not ALWAYS THERE and thats a true fact, there is always place for white mage around the corner and black mage too

    what else I can said I prefer FFXI to WOW just because of the 14 day trial CD I had of WOW and its said 10 days trial when tried to create an account - 1 for wow

    and after they asked me my CC and if I just wanted to Try it and not really suscribe to it ? - 1 for wow again

    In FFXI the PVP is Good and nice since its Team spirit ( brenner and Ballista )

    Wow its PVP solo

    WOw the quest are so easy and the mov too you can max out in solo Mainly in FFXI its very hard YOU MUST play In party so we still have social issue

    so the No life in world of warcraft its Might be true after all