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Where's the barding skill guide for profit and gain?

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Surindur, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Surindur

    Surindur Guest

    There used to be a guide here for what to bard when for best gains and loot, anyone know what happened to that one?

    Didn't there also used to be a barding calulator that was in a list format.. you enter your numbers and it had two alphabetical lists, one for animals, and one for monsters with your percentage display for each? Liked that one better than this new one.
  2. Remyi

    Remyi Guest

  3. Surindur

    Surindur Guest

    Those aren't the ones I was thinking of but the uoguide is close enough.

    I know Poo's method is the fastest but I'm more interested in fast and fun.. rather than fastest and boring as all hell.

    That's sorta where I'm at right now, getting decent gains fighting Ogre Lords with my Disco Fencer but I've been fighting OLs for awhile now and it's starting to feel like work again.

    There is or was a barding calc I liked better than what is on Stratics now, it was on another website that used to be linked from the bard forums. I'm not having any luck finding it and hoped someone had a link. It had all the animals and monsters listed out and you plugged your numbers in and it calc'd everything at once so you could see what was in your range without having to select and calc each one individualy.

    If I can't find it I might just make my own...