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Which Dragon is Better? *help*

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by GamonHunter, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. GamonHunter

    GamonHunter Guest

    Currently I have 2 super dragons that I'm trying to decide on. (I don't have the time or desire to farm forever for the *perfect* one, which may be impossible to find anyway [​IMG]). I just want to choose one, and then train/bond and make him my companion heh.

    So, 1st:

    Hp 836
    Str 643
    post tame wrestle 102.3
    post tame mage 114.2


    70 phy
    72 fire
    51 cold
    60 poison
    67 ene


    736 hp
    557 str
    post tame wrestle 96.6
    post tame mage 100.9


    82 phy
    87 fire
    40 cold
    55 poison
    74 ene

    The second has amazing resists, but really low hp, and pretty low wrestle/mage and str

    the 1st has higher max wrestle and mage, but lower on the 3 big resists (phy, fire, ene).

    Which one would you keep?

    I'm looking for survivability. And im unsure why 120+ magery on a drag is much better than say ~100. Its not like they cast 8th lvl spells [​IMG]
  2. GamonHunter

    GamonHunter Guest

    lol just got another,

    606 str

    mage 108


    85 phy
    80 fire
    51 cold
    60 poison
    73 ene.

    I'm thinking this one, with max Phy, higher cold and poison, and a tiny bit more hps, and a bit better magery?

    Basically is this drag better than a 900+ hps one with average resists? (70's for phy/fire?)

    Thanks [​IMG]
  3. This is probably the wrong forum, but dragon number 3 is best.

    Resists are the most important thing if you hunt big game... HP just make fire breath hit harder and let you take more punishment when your drag is tanking big game... If resists aren't high enough, you won't be able to out heal the dmg your drag is taking.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'd go with 3 too, good phys/fire which is usually the damage ya take the most. 700 isn't 900 but its still alot of hps [​IMG]

  5. Lord Kotan

    Lord Kotan Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I like your 2nd one
  6. I think number three is best too. Number one is second best and number two has low cold resist. I wouldn't want to take it into Mel.

    Resists help make for wonderful tanks. I may take a throwaway out to the ancient wyrm and test one vs it. I know that vs a blackrock infected greater dragon a greater dragon does very well.
  7. My rating formula is explained in another post:

    rating = hit points / (1-phys resist)

    The above dragons score:

    #1 = 836 / 0.3 = 2787

    #2 = 736 / .18 = 4088

    #3 = 765 / 0.15 = 5100

    Obviously #3 is much more survivable against big game. Ties the best I have ever seen.
  8. ok so if i have one with this i should call it a keeper? 966/.18 = 5366?
    some of the resists are not much to brag about but the first 2 are decent.



  9. Chyna you win the prize, best dragon seen so far.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i'd have to disagree here, a bit. dragon one's wrestling is going to be over 125 (likely 127.8), assuming it is possible to train up this high. it's strength is higher than two and three, and so is its cold resist. it would be best to know its magic resist and tactics as well, but, for pure damage, dragon one is the best. as a tank, dragon three is the best. dragon three doesn't list wrestling though, so I can't know what it will do the best overall :p

    oh, and by the way, greater magery means more damage healed with greater heal spells
  11. After 3 weeks of looking, farming, and taming Greater Dragons I have finally found the ultimate keeper!!!!

    HP = 942
    STR = 635


    WRESTLING = 92.1/115.1
    TACTICS = 111.3
    MAGERY = 119.0/119.0
    RESIST SPELLS = 83.4/104.3

    That would be a HP/1-Phys Resis rating of 6280 with great strength and solid wrestling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!