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which greater dragon is better? pls advise my tamer fellows

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by wwktam, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. wwktam

    wwktam Guest

    after killing 100+ dragons my stable now hv only these 4 dragons left.
    what do u guys think abt them??

    HITS 927
    STR 621
    INT 563
    Physical 82%
    Fire 88%
    Cold 42%
    Poison 57%
    Energy 75%

    HITS 906
    STR 635
    INT 589
    Physical 85%
    Fire 85%
    Cold 48%
    Poison 60%
    Energy 73%

    HITS 990
    STR 640
    INT 600
    Physical 80%
    Fire 72%
    Cold 41%
    Poison 55%
    Energy 58%

    HITS 946
    STR 583
    INT 532
    Physical 85%
    Fire 83%
    Cold 42%
    Poison 60%
    Energy 55%
  2. Pfloyd

    Pfloyd Colorblind Collector
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 10, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I like the 2nd one best:

    Has high reists but max phys which is the most important imho.
    high str for more damage biting and clawing
    good enough hps for firebreath output damage
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I agree with Pfloyd #2 is the best overall pet. #1 is worth keeping and the other two would not even see my stables as the resists are just too far off.
  4. simonovsk

    simonovsk Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2007
    Likes Received:
    It would be nice to have their pre-tamed skill levels (wretling/tactics/resist/magery) to compare them acurately.
  5. wwktam

    wwktam Guest


    It would be nice to have their pre-tamed skill levels (wretling/tactics/resist/magery) to compare them acurately.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    i would love to provide that info
    but i dont hv the skills for dragon#2 anymore cuz i kept updating its skills after trainning, the other 3 i hvnt started trainning yet so i still hv the figures

    Wrestling 97.8
    Tactics 95.0
    Resisting Spells 90.5
    Anatomy 21.2
    Magery 110.6
    EI 43.2
    Meditation 56.1

    Wrestling 95.2
    Tactics 94.1
    Resisting Spells 97.4
    Anatomy 30.8
    Magery 100.8
    EI 56.9
    Meditation 75.1

    Wrestling 99.3
    Tactics 96.1
    Resisting Spells 82.5
    Anatomy 18.9
    Magery 110.9
    EI 49.9
    Meditation 38.0
  6. IMO these dragons are mostly similar, and are good for similar jobs. They are primarily PVM phys-damage-tank type dragons,with one exception.

    Knowing the skill caps is really important; I can't say as much about Dragon #2 since it's skills weren't posted.

    Dragon #1 is a great all-around tank dragon that will have decent hit chance and fair Magic Resist. The high fire resist makes it your choice if you ever go to Grizzled. Dragon #3 is not a turd, it will have nice magic resist if trained up and very high damage in the fire breath due to it being at the extreme top end of HP. It's wrestling skill and magery skill levels are not distinctive, though, and its fire resist is the pits. Dragon #4 would do well being used to kill other superdragons, it's wrestling will go quite high, but Dragon #1 will be almost as good at it. Dragon #2 MIGHT be like this too, but without seeing the skills, can't say.

    Dragons #3 and #4 have terrible energy and cold resist, this means that they will take significant damage from Cu Sidhes if they ever have to fight them. Dragon #2 is the exception in terms of its best jobs, in that it's resists make it better suited for dealing with cu sidhes, but it's wrestling must be decent or it can't work well (skills not posted on dragon #2).

    They all have a nice, powerful fire breath attack due to the HP, obviously.

    It's not always clear which dragon to pitch and which to keep, as dragons can be used for different things due to their variability. It's also not true that Phys resist is always the most important thing - - it's very important for many applications, but for others it's not as critical.

    For example, one of my certain "keepers" only has 77 phys resist, 577 str, 515 mana, and his wrestling topped out at 116.8. His resist pattern, however, is:


    and it's backed up by 941 hit points. It's a tank for elemental resists, especially fire.

    This dragon is prime for Grizzled, he can stand right in the fire pools like a good Hiryu and be vet healed through it. I'm hoping to solo Grizzled with him soon (heh), I did Griz with a small group and he worked great for it. On the first Grizzled run, I took a different superdragon (my general-purpose phys which had 86 fire resist) and it was significantly harder to keep alive, I think he actually died once. You wouldn't think 86% vs 90% is all that big a deal, but it's evidently touchy when you have to keep something alive through that much fire damage.
  7. Prudentis

    Prudentis Guest

    I will only comment about the tanking ability of the dragons, because this is the easiest to determine. I haven't found out or settled yet, how much skills and str/dex/int should cont in determining the overall pet fitness.
    What I use, is a very simple multiplication.
    resilience = HP/1-(resist/100) for every resist.
    The result is the actual number of HP hitpoints a creature can handle while taking damage of this elemental damage type. The cumulated value is the overall tanking quality.
    While the cumulated number shows the pet's overall tanking streangth, for particullar foes, another pet with a smaller cumulated value but a higher specific value might be considered a better tank against particular targets.
    A white Wyrm for example, is overall a much weaker pet, than your greater dragon, but my WW has a cold tanking value of about 4500, so I would consider taking my WW over a greater drag against cold damaging mobs.

    1. Stat value resilience
    HP 927
    Physical 82/5150
    Fire 88/7725
    Cold 42/1598
    Poison 57/2156
    Energy 75/3708

    Cumulated: 344/20337

    2. Stat value resilience
    HP 906
    Physical 85/6040
    Fire 85/6040
    Cold 48/1742
    Poison 60/2265
    Energy 73/3356

    Cumulated: 351/19443

    3. Stat value resilience
    HP 990
    Physical 80/4950
    Fire 72/3536
    Cold 41/1678
    Poison 55/2200
    Energy 58/2357

    Cumulated: 306/14721

    4. Stat value/resilience
    HP 946
    Physical 85/6307
    Fire 83/5565
    Cold 42/1631
    Poison 60/2365
    Energy 55/2102

    Cumulated: 325/17970

    (sorry for the crappy formatting bu I'm lazy)

    You see, it is very difficult to say which pet is the strongest, even when only looking at resists.
    Pet one would be the preferable pet, if you deal with all kinds of damage types. But pet 4 would tank daemon berserkers much better, for example.

    I still hope this information helps you decide

    EDIT: Seems like dragon 3. is much weaker than any of the others, so I think he can easily be considered junk.