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Which is more important?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Mordocuo, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Mordocuo

    Mordocuo Guest

    In reading threads regarding 24 hr bans for mentioning web sites I feel the need to come here and ask the player base what are the most important items in UO that need to be looked at. Because it seems that EA/Mythic has a skewed view on matters.

    So I ask the player base:

    Is it more important to ban players for 24 hrs for mentioning a web site?

    Is it more important to investigate bugs?

    Is it more important to investigate exploits?

    Is it more important to investigate hacks?

    The list can go on and on. But instead of just one person saying what is important maybe players showing what the majority feel are real issues with the game are. I am not asking what should be nerfed, just opinions on the biggest issues that UO should focus on.

    My opinion:

    Since the GM's are suddenly on a 24 Ban spree for mentioning web sites, I think they need to review what is happening. Since EVERY website is illegal and since UO.com is so out of date and lacking in player information. EA/Mythic either needs to make a revamp of thier boards or stop giving problems to fansite boards. If these bans are because of sites placing Trojans to visitors, then UO.com REALLY needs work. If you can't trust any site other than the companies, then it is the responsibility of that company to provide up to date quality information, and have a means of TWO WAY communication on that web site, ie. FORUMS.

    To me this looks like a Multi Player game that is looking to have no communication between players except for in game. To me that sounds like a bad idea and one that will contribute to fewer and fewer subscriptions.

    I am sure EVERY company out there worries about thier player base and issues with web sites hurting the player base. But, every game I have tried has their OWN FORUMS as well as supports fansites. But it seems UO is breaking with this concept. But wait---even the Developers and Community Relations personnel have posted on sites that players are now getting a ban for. Something stinks here, and I already took a shower.

    Thank you your time is reading and responding.
  2. Smokey of LS

    Smokey of LS Guest

    sounds to me like ea/mythis is tryin to act like they are doin something good but focusin it all in the wrong direction because thats one of the easier things to enforce rather than dupes/hacks/exploits all the stuff. buncha bs if you ask me.
  3. Speaking as a concerned customer and player ...

    My priority list would look something like this ...
    1. 24-hour suspensions are marks on accounts if I recall ... thus endangering a customers good standing IF the web site mentioned truly was non-offensive. That is not right, IMO - and should get corrected ASAP.

    I often help new players or even old ones who are confused. In doing so, I do mention Stratics and UO Guide (often in the same "breath"). If I get suspended for doing that, you can be sure I would raise holy hob as often and as loud as I could. And I currently have several accounts - mark-free. They should stay that way unless *I* screw up.

    2. Hacks/exploits ... definitely address these equitably. That means making all sorts of effort to determine if a dupe is created by the person holding it or not. If not, the item disappears ... period. If created by that character, ,then by all means drop the hammer.

    Hacks, same way ... if someone is caught using an illegal hack, ban-hammer immediate and suspension on all associated accounts - just as the ToS states could happen. <shrug>

    3. Bugs ... though I would love to say these should be #1, I can't. The other issues are more game-destroying than the bugs we have lived with for years. By now many of us have developed work-arounds for many of them anyway.

    I'm hoping EA will see these threads and at least do some checking into the allegations of inappropriate suspensions.
  4. BartofCats

    BartofCats Guest

    I do agree with you T'Amon... except the last part. It seems like the fine folks at Mythic entertainment have taken the "shoot first and dont bother askin questions later" attitude here. (some dev or official is always able to prove me wrong over here)

    Mind you, I think the list should be:

    Cheats in game (hacks/dupes etc)
    actual player help for those things that just need a "god" to help with
    Enforce the rules of the TOS. (equally)

    thats just my opinion of course. And as mentioned in another thread, uo.stratics.com according to EA IS the official boards for UO.