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Which Template?

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by bordegan, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. bordegan

    bordegan Guest

    Ok Right now I'm deciding between two templates..Here they are...

    120 Magery
    120 Evaluate Intelligence
    120 Resisting Spells
    120 Meditation
    120 Spellweaving
    120 Wrestling


    120 Spellweaving
    120 Necromancy
    120 spirit speak
    120 Magery
    120 Evaluate Intelligence
    120 Meditation

    I'm really thinking of going with the first template as it has more defensive capabilities since I like to hunt in felucca and do peerless there as well. I was thinking of the second one because of its damage output capabilities.

    Also do you think that I should go all out spelldamage increase on my suit or do you think a minimal amount and go with resists/mana regen?
  2. imo too many schools of magic are useless so i wouldn't choose the second one. the first one imo could be improved too imo by substituting resspell with something else, like inscription, so you would do 10% more spell damage, or focus (you need tons of mana on that) or poisoning...

    if you go felucca doing pvm you could leave resspell if you paln to do some pvp try maybe ou should also consider parrying as well.
  3. Well, the first template will let you use a scrapper's for SDI and Slayer books without getting your face pounded. This will greatly help magery damage. Also the wrestling gets you stun punch, wich can get you a 6 second breather when a very fast mob is in your face and you don't have protection cast. (or just to irritate guildmates !)

    The second template will have to rely on a staff of magi or boomstick for melee defense, this means no slayer books for magery. Also dropping resist means debuff casting mobs and PvP para spells will stick like mad to you. But I have seen crazy hits from corpse skin (fire debuff) + arcane empowerment + flamestrike, so there is a trae off to be had.

    Depends on your goals and how you like to play and your budget.
  4. bordegan

    bordegan Guest

    I would rather keep wrestling than parry I have 120 wrestle on stone as a back up and have a 2/6 29 dci jewel set so its very easy for me to get 45+ DCI. The reason I posted the second one is I was thinking it would be more beneficial for doing the harder end bosses like champs/peerless bosses/gauntlet etc...
  5. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    Regarding that last template you are pretty much right on for doing high end stuff, peerless and doom, although I think that your necro is probably too high, certainly not required anyway. I tweaked mine around a bunch and ended up with the following:

    I run the followign for doom/peerless:

    120 Disco
    120 Music
    120 magery
    120 eval (yeah finally got a scroll)
    110 Spirit Speak
    115 Weaving
    15 Necro (plus 20 for midnite bracers, 10 ossian, 5 bloodwood=50)

    I run in wraith form. Have 12 MR on my suit, but the real regen in this template is in wraith with awesome SDI. If my scrappers is on i have 82SDI, 57 if not and w/ a slayer instead. When end time comes and you have a lvl 5 or 6 focus you can literrally chain WoD (like 15 if it lasts that long). When im in lady M I am almost always top damager and I have earned no shortage of doom arties either w/ this temp.

    As for someone saying too much different mage stuff, i find them very complimentary as well......between disco/corspe skin....I am hitting DF for 240 on flamestrikes with full mana regen due to high spirit speak. 650+ on WoD w/ a lvl 5+. Disco/Corpsed Lady M I hit for 105 FS and 650+ WOD....again full regen every time. So Necro for wraith and corpse, magery for FS/FB/LB and weaving for backcracking WoDs and Gift of Life (and fire for spawns).
  6. bordegan

    bordegan Guest

    Thanks for the input all.

    Just one more thing...do you think the sdi from a scrappers/kasa of rajin would be enough for the template or should I go all out sdi?....reason I'm asking is because I don't really want to go elf if the spellwoven britches aren't all they are cracked up to be. Thanks
  7. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    I built this char specifically for peerless and doom....so I negated resists in lieu of Mana Increase, SDI, LMC and LRC in order to massive amount of damage.

    I use the following components:

    Midnite Bracers 10 SDI
    Scrappers 25 SDI
    PoM 5 SDI
    Crystalline Ring 20 SDI
    Wizard Crystal Glasses 15 SDI (with mana inc and MR)
    Brac w/ 7 SDI (LRC/FCR and resists)

    With woven britches im not sure I could do 100 LRC which is why i dont use them. POM and Stitchers is 60, legs and arms are 20 each so im exactly at 100 since i use RBC for chest. Forego RBC for a 20 LRC chest and bracelet with 20LRC and more SDI and you could easily swing 92 SDI+ and 100 LRC.
  8. Garaba

    Garaba Guest

    I run the second template as well. However I only take Meditation, Spirt Speak and Eval to GM. The extra points go into having some resit. then I use skill items to bost SS and EI.