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Whispers of Chaos [PVX, US, EST]

Discussion in 'Guild and Event Announcements' started by Zahra, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Zahra

    Zahra Guest

    Name: Whispers of Chaos
    Server: Unknown
    Type: RP/PvP/PvE end-game achievement guild
    Leader(s): Zurual Drahl
    Recruiting: Currently Open. Interviews are required.
    Classes/Races: All
    VOIP: Ventrilo is required
    Roster: 50+ roster of players who have been playing together for many years. We have strict pre-game and post release activity requirements.


    Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with Chaos

    --Website --About Us --Forums

    Whispers of Chaos (WoC)

    Whispers of Chaos was formed in January of 2012 by members of Legend-Gaming. Whispers of Chaos hopes to continue the spirit of the great gaming community by following in the footsteps of original masterpieces, Jenjidai and Hand of Set. A string of very bad games has left the community upset with the MMO circuit. But the community, as always, has performed flawlessly by establishing the #1 guilds on their respective servers in Age of Conan (Hand of Set) and SW:Tor (Jenjidai). Legend Gaming also established one of the #1 guilds on it's server in Warhammer (Volkmar-Legend), though Warhammer was short lived due to the sad nature of the game. Whispers of Chaos hopes to continue those traditions.


    A RP/PvP/PvE guild for the MMO, Guild Wars 2. This guild is a chapter of the multi-gaming network, Legend-Gaming. Legend-Gaming was first established in early 2007 by Zurual Drahl, Sanakhti, and other leaders of the AoC guild, Hand of Set. Since then they have expanded into other games like Warhammer Online, SWTOR, and Darkfall. Currently Legend-Gaming is active in Star Wars The Old Republic as the guild Jen’jidai, which is a top guild that dominates Jung Ma server.

    Whispers of Chaos and Legend-Gaming have always prided themselves on organization and lore driven gaming. We feel it elevates the player’s gaming experience if he/she is in an environment where they can completely engross themselves with the game and all it has to offer. What makes us unique is our equal focus on Lore, PvP, and PvE. We consider ourselves a guild of hardcore gamers that embraces the immersion which can come from being in a MMORPG world.

    It is well known that Guild Wars 2 will highly focus on PvP. But there are also elements of PvE and plenty of opportunity for Role-Play. Whispers of Chaos embraces all of these elements. For in our lore, we seek to achieve a perfect destiny. In game, we seek the same ideal. We wish to conquer all the content in a manner befitting the play styles of *All* our members, rather they be casual, hardcore, or Role-Play focused.

    Whispers of Chaos is a US based guild.
    Our official time zone is Eastern Standard Time. We do, however, accept Europeans if they are able to play on US servers.


    You, as the human player sitting at your computer reading this, must realize and accept that this guild is dark, evil, and embraces concepts within the game that are abominable in the real world. These include slavery, murder, bigotry, and basic abhorrent behavior to be expected from Chaos.

    To apply to Whispers of Chaos is to understand and accept this.

    "Be warned. This will be a PvP guild full of evil players. Betray us at your own peril."

    Whispers of Chaos is accepting Applications

    *Please note that though we accept applications, we are quite picky on who we accept. Our application process is long and detailed. If you wish to join this guild, be prepared for such.

    1. Who are we?

    Whispers of Chaos is a RP/PvP guild for the game Whispers of Chaos. The guild was created in Jan of 2012 by members of the Legend Gaming Inner Sanctum. The guild is now run by Zurual Drahl, Founder of Legend Gaming. He is assisted by officers and their vice officers who head departments within the guild. The departments within Whispers of Chaos are; PvP, PvE/Crafting, Rp/Lore, Activity, and Recruitment.

    2. How many members does Whispers of Chaos have?

    Currently we have 31 active members in Whispers of Chaos. Unlike many of the other guilds out there, we do monthly roll calls at random times. Thus if you are not active in guild, you are removed from the guild. Some guilds boast high numbers, we boast active and dedicated members.

    3. What are Whisper of Chaos' plans?

    Whispers of Chaos is a RP/PvP guild. WoC does not require it's members to role-play, but it does not look down upon those who do. WoC will be a major player in Player verses Player and we intend to put much of our resources and effort into such. We also plan to conquer all of the PvE content. Basically we are attempting to achieve everything possible in the world of GW2. The guild wishes to be a suitable home for die hard pvpers, role-players, and PvErs. Expect WvWvW guild action daily, a couple of Role-Play events a week, and sPvP through Team Chaos daily.

    4. What are the requirements for becoming a member of WoC?

    In order to become a member, you must:

    a). Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, and so forth.

    You must be at least 17 years of age.

    Go here and fill out an application. After submitting your application, you will be contacted via the forums for a voice interview in Ventrilo. If the applicant is approved, he/she becomes a trial member. This is for Pre-Game only.

    Once GW2 is out, WoC will continue to take applications, though we will be much more selective. Obviously once the is game out, we will have an easier time assessing the applicant's abilities. The same process will continue after the game is out.

    4. Are Europeans welcome in WoC? Or is it US only?

    Though we do accept European members, we are a US based guild. Our official time zone is EST. We will be on a US server. Europeans are highly advised to consider this before they apply to WoC. The majority of our events, raids, etc will be done during US prime time hours, which is basically while the Europeans are asleep. This is simply because we are a US guild on a US server.

    5. Is WoC really a guild of evil people?

    Evil in game, not in real life..well not all of us..Yes WoC is an evil guild and we will play it that way. As one of our community founders said back in 2006, "Be warned. This will be a PVP guild full of evil players with many friends in the community. Betray us at your own peril."

    6. What is this Legend Gaming I keep hearing about?

    Legend Gaming™ is a Multi-gaming network, focused in the area of Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games. The goal of Legend Gaming™ is to provide a community, encompassing several games, that allows it's community members to enjoy each other's company, get to know each other, and make friends in the gaming world.

    Legend Gaming™ was started, officially, in Janurary of 2008. However, it's first chapter, Hand of Set was started in June of 2006. The creators of Hand of Set are the same folks who decided to branch out and begin Legend Gaming™. Currently, Legend Gaming is composed of Jen'jidai (Sw:ToR) and Whispers of Chaos (GW2). However, we have guilds/chapters starting up for Elder Scrolls Online and World of Darkness. For more information, see our Legend Gaming F.A.Q.

    7. What have you guys accomplished while gaming together for so long?

    As many of us have been gaming together since Hand of Set (2006), we've become quite a close knit community. In AoC, we were one of the top guilds on Cimmeria server (Hand of Set) and one of the most recognizable names in Age of Conan. In Warhammer online, our guild Legend was server first on Volkmar in most of the buggy PvE content and ran the first successful city raid. In SW:ToR, Jen'jidai is still going strong is often regarded as the #1 guild on Jung Ma server. Jen'jidai was the first guild to clear all tier 1 nightmare content and is highly respected in both PvE and PvP as well as being a world ranked guild. Though we were quite late in getting into the GW2 universe, we hope to be able to enjoy ourselves and accomplish a lot.

    Website: http://www.legend-gaming.net
    Forums: Forums
    WoC Promotional Video (YouTube) - Coming Soon
  2. Reykjavik

    Reykjavik Guest

    I just joined and already I feel so welcome. Come join us for some good laughs and some great people. Also WvW domination =)
  3. Zahra

    Zahra Guest

    Exactly what Reyk said.
    Come join us for a good time! Despite us being evil we don't bite... at least not all the time. ;)
  4. Great group here with a solid mix of PvE, RP, PvP & WvW. I've not been here too long but for the time spent it's been fantastic...brilliant in fact. Guild Wars 2 is shaped up to be very friendly to all guilds but it's always nice to have ONE group to call home, this is it ;) Come have some ales with us...on the house!
  5. Zahra

    Zahra Guest

    Click here to read our Dogma.
    Click here to view our forums.
    Click here to browse our application process.

    Hope to see you around!