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Who Am I? (Remaining stories from last weeks Story Night)

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    To finish what I started earlier, below are the remaining stories told from last weeks Story Night, where the theme was "Your Story." I thought it might be interesting to remove the names of the story-tellers and any parts that would give away who they were, to see if the rest of Siege could guess who the player was, sort of a contest to see how well we know our fellow Siege players.

    I posted the first story a bit back, and its in my previous thread. Here are the remaining stories told last week. Do you know who these people are?

    Story 2 -

    Xxxxx: I was born in the City of Britain, the third of my family
    Xxxxx: My eldest brother from Trinsic, a noble Paladin
    Xxxxx: My next brother from Minoc, a miner and crafter
    Xxxxx: And then myself...
    Xxxxx: I have always taken to nature, to the woods, and to all that it encoumapasses
    Xxxxx: So at a young age I took up the arts of archery, animal taming, and fishing!
    Xxxxx: Just outside east Britain, I would tame small animals such as timber wolves, and fight
    Xxxxx: Ogres with my pets and my arrows
    Xxxxx: After a long hard day, I would simply sit by the beach and cast off my fishing pole...
    Xxxxx: Soon thereafter I joined a guild known as Rangers of Skara Brae, part of the
    Xxxxx: Skara Brae community at the time. Soon though, that community died
    Xxxxx: And I was reborn into these lands
    Xxxxx: Here I found a very active community within xxxxx, and soon became a part of it
    Xxxxx: Enjoying simply ale amongst friends at xxxxx tavern
    Xxxxx: Defending xxxxx city from those who would harm its citizens
    Xxxxx: And...
    Xxxxx: Who knows what is next?

    Story #3

    Xxxxx: Ok I'm new to these lands a shy one only a year
    Xxxxx: ago it seems time has flown
    Xxxxx: bye my twin brother in arms Zal Kindo and I came from a land called Lake Austin
    Xxxxx: and settled in the town of trinsic
    Xxxxx: knowing no home but the bank and a few good friends it's hard to believe how time has gone by
    Xxxxx: we would do quests like that of the old Hag quest
    Xxxxx: Did i mention how much i luv beer
    Xxxxx: i really must thank a lad named Ktorr for introducing me to that quest
    Xxxxx: thou i think i drink more than that pirate any day
    Xxxxx: any ways i went from a loner to a friend to a bunch of friends in that short time i really like everyone
    Xxxxx: especially All my xxxxx and Alliance buddies even the occasional pvp is cool for me
    Xxxxx: well that is it short and sweet

    Story #4

    Xxxxx: no im here to tell the crappy one
    Xxxxx: i was a loner on a trammy shard called chesapeake
    Xxxxx: i barded in fel
    Xxxxx: no one ever came to fel
    Xxxxx: so one day i made a char here
    Xxxxx: when i logged in i was stuck in the water
    Xxxxx: i couldnt move
    Xxxxx: so i help stuck to glow where i raised fencing
    Xxxxx: after getting my fighting skillz up
    Xxxxx: i started doin champ spawn
    Xxxxx: with some guild i dont even remember the name
    Xxxxx: it was so long ago
    Xxxxx: well i ended up winning a 120 magery
    Xxxxx: this was years back
    Xxxxx: before koc watched the spawns
    Xxxxx: withe thos foul gost cams
    Xxxxx: my heads rolled more than a hundred times
    Xxxxx: to them
    Xxxxx: doin champs
    Xxxxx: im not complaining
    Xxxxx: they make the game more fun..
    Xxxxx: until the use those double spells
    Xxxxx: or running cast...
    Xxxxx: well my story goes on
    Xxxxx: basically if it werent for that 120 magery i wouldnt have met you all
    Xxxxx: i wouldnt have been as interested
    Xxxxx: on comming back
    Xxxxx: and now i have many friends
    Xxxxx: all whome i like alot
    Xxxxx: even though we have no order we are the good guys here
    Xxxxx: its always harder to be good than evil
    Xxxxx: well my story was long enough

    Story #5 –

    Xxxxx: greetings to you all
    Xxxxx: i am but a humble elf
    Xxxxx: and here is my brief tale
    Xxxxx: *clears his throat*
    Xxxxx: I came to this land day while escorting folks around
    Xxxxx: there happen to have been a odd occurance that day
    Xxxxx: in that there was an eclipse of the sun!
    Xxxxx: Well needless to say I and the poor fellow I was
    Xxxxx: traveling with arrived in this realm not far from the shire.
    Xxxxx: It was not where we had intended to go but we have made the
    Xxxxx: The land I came from was near to being a pardise of wine and honey.
    Xxxxx: but we have found much pleasure the the lands here and would not ever leave now
    Xxxxx: I still make most of my living escorting folks,
    Xxxxx: and performing the healing arts in those I can.
    Xxxxx: I very much like to wander and am more the willing
    Xxxxx: to venture forth the lands that are near in search
    Xxxxx: of knowlegde and to have fun exploring.
    Xxxxx: so if you are ever in need of a traveling companion please feel free to ask
    Xxxxx: i thank you for listening to my tale
    Xxxxx: *bows*

    Story #6

    Xxxxx: My father's name is Tony!
    Xxxxx: He isnt much into the killing for no reason!
    Xxxxx: And he sure knows how to drink!
    Xxxxx: The other day im out looking for goods on a vendor
    Xxxxx: And he was attacked in yew!
    Xxxxx: I found him later by the blood bowl at our house..
    Xxxxx: I thought he was dead for hours and in search of him i found....
    Xxxxx: CWS at yew gate!
    Xxxxx: The koc suckas came and killed us all
    Xxxxx: and tryed to kill TONY MONTORO
    Xxxxx: but he shall be back one day
    Xxxxx: not a story
    Xxxxx: but a message
    Xxxxx: k thank
    Xxxxx: hand down!

    Story # 7 –

    Xxxxx: *steps up to the podium*
    Xxxxx: *her eyes drop nervously and she toes the ground.*
    Xxxxx: My name is xxxx....xxxxx.
    Xxxxx: I have these nightmares. I think...
    Xxxxx: Well I think it might be my memories returning
    Xxxxx: I do not know.
    Xxxxx: The first thing I remember was pain.
    Xxxxx: I wanted to retreat back into the numbing cold.
    Xxxxx: *peers up into the crowd*
    Xxxxx: Yes, I wanted to die..
    Xxxxx: Though I do not remember why.
    Xxxxx: But she pulled me out of that and into the cold.
    Xxxxx: The pain.
    Xxxxx: She...was an angel in white.
    Xxxxx: She reached down to me from the sweet heavens.
    Xxxxx: And plunged me into the reality that was soon to be my life.
    Xxxxx: My life in these lands called Sosaria
    Xxxxx: Her name was Shalimar.
    Xxxxx: My Sosaria...and yet, like a dream...it was different.
    Xxxxx: It was not the Sosaria I remembered.
    Xxxxx: *she sighed, reflective. But only for a moment*
    Xxxxx: Folks here were more...well, just -more-.
    Xxxxx: They were kinder.
    Xxxxx: They were more terrible.
    Xxxxx: And some...were even monsters.
    Xxxxx: *unconsciously, she rubbed the side of her neck*
    Xxxxx: Often I wonder, will this story..
    Xxxxx: This path of my life...
    Xxxxx: Will it have a happy ending?
    Xxxxx: Or will the nightmares manifest in day,
    Xxxxx: as they had before.
    Xxxxx: xxxxx welcomed me to xxxxx.
    Xxxxx: xxxxx told me the legends of xxxxx.
    Xxxxx: A xxxxx man told me the perils and joys of xxxxx.
    Xxxxx: But in the end I found my home among..
    Xxxxx: *she chuckles softly*
    Xxxxx: The bandits of xxxxx
    Xxxxx: Isn't that odd? *she asked this earnestly*
    Xxxxx: Back then it was as if I were a child.
    Xxxxx: Why would I find solace there?
    Xxxxx: Somehow, it was with these folks that I found
    Xxxxx: something I had not seen with the purely good, or the insanely evil.
    Xxxxx: I found truth.
    Xxxxx: The first time the vampires caught me, I was
    Xxxxx: hunting dragons in a dark cave.
    Xxxxx: Roaring and chittering was all I heard as they approached.
    Xxxxx: All of my attention was taken by trying to keep my ostards alive.
    Xxxxx: Three ostards were down and by some arcane evil, I was frozen in place!
    Xxxxx: That quick moment before death was the most frightening in all my memory.
    Xxxxx: They pilfered my clothing and stole my scissors, while my remaining beast chittered insistantly.
    Xxxxx: Apparently, vampires have a hearing intolerance, for in the end, he died too.
    Xxxxx: For simply being too loud.
    Xxxxx: *takes a moment to still her heart racing from that memory*
    Xxxxx: Kat...well she is like a mother to us, you know.
    Xxxxx: And suddenly I had brothers and sisters..
    Xxxxx: Not blood relations, but folks that stood by me..
    Xxxxx: Even when I was wrong.
    Xxxxx: *she nodded* Even when I was wrong.
    Xxxxx: I realized something in myself.
    Xxxxx: I realized that even though I search for someone..
    Xxxxx: Someone who was true and just..
    Xxxxx: I didn't truely expect to find it and so..
    Xxxxx: I did not be the person who deserved such a friend.
    Xxxxx: and so..
    Xxxxx: My own Hero.
    Xxxxx: And so started my path.
    Xxxxx: A path of failure.
    Xxxxx: A path of picking myself back up.
    Xxxxx: And trying again.
    Xxxxx: I do not still live up to my own standards.
    Xxxxx: I do not believe I ever will.
    Xxxxx: But I will keep trying.
    Xxxxx: And hope it will be enough...
    Xxxxx: To deserve the friend I seek.

    Story #8 –

    Xxxxx: my story...
    Xxxxx: hmmm
    Xxxxx: my past is jaded
    Xxxxx: foggy to say the least
    Xxxxx: not sure where i came from
    Xxxxx: some think i was assembled piece my piece
    Xxxxx: from warriors around the shard
    Xxxxx: not true
    Xxxxx: i had spent time roaming
    Xxxxx: FREElancing if you will
    Xxxxx: till i met man
    Xxxxx: whom took me under his wing
    Xxxxx: and showed me siege
    Xxxxx: and a group of people whom i will forever be part of
    Xxxxx: his expectations were very high tho
    Xxxxx: and what i produced
    Xxxxx: was just as high
    Xxxxx: i earned my spot
    Xxxxx: me and my mance
    Xxxxx: er mace
    Xxxxx: =P
    Xxxxx: and wheter or not we have purpose
    Xxxxx: i stand by my mates
    Xxxxx: and still to this day
    Xxxxx: strive to impress the man who took me in
    Xxxxx: i think ive done an o.k. job
    Xxxxx: but all the bones ive crushed and the ghosts ive made
    Xxxxx: wouldnt be here
    Xxxxx: if kelmo hadnt said
    Xxxxx: MAKE IT SO
    Xxxxx: and so i made it
    Xxxxx: thank you

    Just another story, a tribute to a friend lost.

    Story #8

    Lindsey: i would like to tell the story of a man i once new
    Lindsey: he was a dear friend of mine, and now is long gone
    Lindsey: when i was first but a newb,
    Lindsey: i was running throught the forest of yew
    Lindsey: when out of a house
    Lindsey: came a man full spead, spear in hand
    Lindsey: with one hit, i was instantly a ghost
    Lindsey: after my death, he yelled at me...
    Lindsey: saddened, i quickly gathered my belongings,
    Lindsey: and continued to run
    Lindsey: being new, i decided to find a creature to battle
    Lindsey: i came across a troll, which was far too hard for me to handle
    Lindsey: while he was thoroughly kicking my a**,
    Lindsey: up came a kind fellow
    Lindsey: and peaced him for me
    Lindsey: startled from my previous experience with his neighbor,
    Lindsey: i didnn't know what quite to do
    Lindsey: he continued to say.... kill
    Lindsey: but not me, the troll
    Lindsey: after i beat him down. lol
    Lindsey: i spoke with this kind fellow....
    Lindsey: named Draven [​IMG]
    Lindsey: since then, we became great friends
    Lindsey: we played many of days, and nights
    Lindsey: and spoke almost daily on icq
    Lindsey: i was saddened several months ago, to hear
    Lindsey: that he would not return
    Lindsey: he sold his things, and......
    Lindsey: dropped his tower [​IMG]
    Lindsey: but i still have wishful thinking that one day he WILL RETURN
    Lindsey: so to those of you who new him, cheers to draven!
    Lindsey: and those of you who didn't......
    Lindsey: well, i feel sorry for you
    Lindsey: for he was one of the kindest people you can meet
    Lindsey: and we miss you dearly!
  2. #7 Queen zen?
    #8 tide
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    #7 Queen zen?

    [/ QUOTE ]
    I don't know her by her stratics name, only her in-game name which is not Queen zen.


    #8 tide

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Krystal has now won 2 murder counts from me!
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    #4 Pantero
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    #4 Pantero

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Yes! So for a prize, you'll get a tour of all the known places of player history on this shard. (I just need to find you a tour guide!)