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Who are you and What do you play?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by XCodes, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. XCodes

    XCodes Guest

    I'm doing a research paper for my college Statistics class. I'm looking to find out who plays what games. So for now through the rest of October I ask that you all reply to this thread with the following information.

    1) Your Gender
    2) Your Age
    3) All online games you have played or spent money on in the last month.
    4) For each online game from #3, the primary reason you play that game picked from the options below:
    - Online Community (your online friends play the game)
    - RL Friends (your RL friends play the game)
    - PvE Mechanics (you like specifically the questing/hunting/leveling/whatever system)
    - PvP Mechanics (you like the PvP in the game)
    - Other

    Thanks in advance for your help, and please get your friends to submit their answers as well! If you don't want to post this information on a public forum for any reason, feel free to send me a PM instead and it will be kept confidential. I'll be looking to collect information on this project well into November.
  2. Bunkermonkey

    Bunkermonkey Guest

    1) Gender : M
    2) Age : 33
    3) All online games you have played or spent money on in the last month.

    - DDO
    as a previous subscriber I am able to download content for free and have extended access to this now Free to play game.

    I have online friends and RL friends that play this game

    PVP leaves some to be desired but I find the combat system in DDO is second to none.

    -COD MW2
    the newest and latest incarnation of an excellent fps series.

    I have online and RL friends that play this game.

    PVE campaign was the best fps campaign I can remember playing

    PVP is the whole reason to buy this game .. it is unbelievably smooth and character progression is excellent. Game types seem varied and allow for a good change of pace.

    Thats the last month.. if you go to 6 months this list would be a ton longer..

  3. Black Sun

    Black Sun Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Mar 19, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Game: Ultima Online
    Why do I play: I have tried other MMO's and can't find one that has the unique feel UO has when it comes to customization. In other MMO's I felt locked down by class structures. Only in UO can I have a totally unique template which reflects my favorite play styles. The community of UO players is also another big reason. I have met a lot of great people playing. Other MMO communities never gave me the feeling like I belonged. UO has been the only MMO I have stuck with for any length of time. My main game account has 6 years paid game time so far on it. Unless they shut down the game tomorrow I'm sure it will have plenty more to come.
  4. 1) Male
    2) 20
    3) WoW, Gunbound, Diablo2
    WoW - PvP Mechanics (you like the PvP in the game)

    Gunbound - PvP Mechanics (you like the PvP in the game)

    Diablo2 - PvE Mechanics (you like specifically the questing/hunting/leveling/whatever system)
  5. zombiember

    zombiember Guest

    Hi friends,

    I am Zombiember I am new to the Forum so thought I should say hello!This forums looks like its full of good info, I'll be visiting here often.Nice place to study and related topic discussion.

    Nd I am playing "Roller Coaster Tycoon 2".
  6. CaptRex

    CaptRex Guest

    My name is Cryotek in any games.. I got very deep pocket!

    That's all.. No money, no game! That's my own point of view :pint:
  7. 00saturday00

    00saturday00 Guest

    okay, this is an interesting topic. ^^

    gender: female
    age: 25
    online games played: right now, this are the games Im interested with:
    Cabal - i love the bg sound, the characters and quest. XD
    CTRacing - like this one, its an online car racing game just like the "Initial D" anime
    Audition Dance Battle - just to try a different game..^^,i like dressing the character in here.
  8. Ally Oop

    Ally Oop Guest

    I hope Im not to late for this

    Im Female
    Age Im 65
    Ive been playing UO for well the acct age is 140 months now. I love the people there and I have met a lot of them. Sad to say some are no longer with us. This is the only game I have played like this and I love the interaction with other people.
    My daughter got me hooked on the game but she no longer plays.
  9. CaptRex

    CaptRex Guest

    Obviously I'm a AO fanatic :gee:
  10. Argoas

    Argoas Guest

    1) Female
    2) Age: 23
    3) Ultima Online
    4) it's a sandbox mmorpg.

    You are wellcome