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Who Are You Loyal To???

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Eyes of Sosaria, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Seems that after the Confrontation between Lord Valyon, Santiago, & Sir Jacob Talvun at the Sons of the Sea building the other night, Loyalty may play a factor in who you side with in the event of War.

    Lord Valyon of Britian has Mustered a Naval War Fleet to embark for Trinisic in an aggressive move towards that city. Sir Talvun has asked that you decide on your loyalty, wether you support the Northern Cities or the Southern Cities.

    Something is strangely amiss as the territory of "PAWS" has come to light as the possible motive behind Lord Valyon sending a Naval Fleet in a move that has a possible hidden meaning to it.

    So be prepared to make your decisions on which city you have Loyalties to and be prepared to defend it till the death.

    (in other news):

    *Nidaros, a member of the PaxLair Alliance, has in response to Sir Talvun's word of Lord Valyon's dispatch of a British fleet, has dispatched it's own Naval Battle Fleet to the area of Trinisic. Battlecruisers, along with their support vessels, have departed from Skara Brea and are, at this time, in-route to the vicinity of Trinisic. This move is to give support to the city and be on board when and if hostilities should break out.
    The Mayor of Nidaros is asking that anyone with a battle ready ship help support this aggressive act by Britian and station your ship with flying colors near Trinisic.

    *Also in the news: Nidaros has created a "Mitita" to help in anyway they can and they stand at the ready for further word from Sir Jacob Talvun. At the present time, they overlook the 2nd floor of Nidaros Townhall, at the ready, with Commander Johnson leading the troops to where ever they are needed.

    *** (by the way, this story is in line with the EM's events being held. Another EM event is scheduled for this Saturday. So we are trying to ready for battle). ***





    ::from the reporters desk of Nidaros
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    SlobberKnocker Slightly Crazed
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    Mar 4, 2012
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  3. LOL. as long as you're Loyal........:)