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Who shaped your first days on Siege?

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by kyrie_m, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. kyrie_m

    kyrie_m Guest

    Think back to when you first came to Siege. Who had the most profound imapact on your experience?

    Ru and Siofra are the ones that forced me over here when I^A was in it's infancy. I was dedicated to a guild I was a part of on Pacific (RSB), but their persuasiveness won me over. The original group of I^A people (Asmodi, Kelmo, Ragman..and one other) were being joined by a steady stream of people from the Ianstorm site. There was the day I met up with a guildmate whose name I did not recognize. We spent a few hours together and they helped me out quite a bit. At the end of the day, the person (Spree) told me who they were on ianstorm, and I did the same (I was playing my Serena Mae). It was quite a shock because we had always verbally battled each other on ianstorm boards before then, but Spree became a wonderful, loyal friend who was a part of my daily life on Siege.

    Aside from my guildmates, I would have to say that Corwin had the biggest influence on my early days as a siege player. His nightly raids with Star (his ww)were huge. His insulting of our guild, his taunts, his nightly murder rampages really helped us to grow as a guild. His goal was to give us a big wake-up call to the siege experience, as we'd all come from different shards, and it forced us band together as a group and withstand the daily onslaught he unleashed upon us. Through his constant pressure on us to prove ourselves, we grew stronger and our hides became tougher. He was the first person to spend time with me (aside from guildmates), helping me improve my dueling ability (which has bever been amazing, but it helped to beat off I^A raiders eventually). It was before we even had a dueling pit in Iantown, and we did our battles on the roof of Kelmo's tavern.

    So tell it people, who had the biggest effect on your early days of Siege? Who helped define what Siege was/is to you and who would your early experiences here not be the same without?

    [EDIT: Of course there were many people who became friends, or who were friends before I even moved over to Siege, but I'm just talking about the person or people who really formed your siege experience at the very beginning]
  2. qqqa

    qqqa Guest

    wyrm and hel
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest


    (Asmodi, Kelmo, Ragman..and one other

    [/ QUOTE ]
    The one other was Paradox. [​IMG]

    Hmmm well to be honest, I had no desire, no plan to come to Siege.
    I met Asmodi on the message boards and we started talking. After awhile, he showed up on my home shard of Chessy and I gave him a tour. He offered to give me a tour of Siege. I was scared. LOL
    But he showed me around Siege and Iantown (Iantown was 5 months old at the time). He friended me to his home and told me that it would be my new home now.
    He was right.

    I started wandering around (but didnt stray outside of Iantown) here and there over the next few days. Then Asmodi brought me over to meet some I^A folks. There was a group there (I have screen shots somewhere) and everyone was so nice and welcoming. Delilah Jones and Syrin were very sweet, I immediately liked them.

    Ok, so I had NO skills but they suited me up, Asmo gave me an ethy and out I went on a Champ Spawn with them. This was my first EVER spawn and it was on Siege. I died an aweful lot and all I could do was heals and cures... oh and fizzles. I was really no assistance to I^A but they acted like it was all ok.

    At the end, Syrin asked me how much I collected from the spawn. I only had taken 2k, heck, I had no STR to carry anything. So she said that wasnt good enough and gave me 20k. I was impressed with the kind gesture.

    Asmodi set me up with a chest in his Iantown home and I have pretty much been there ever since.

    The fun Corwin [WE] raids were great too. And they helped me realize what a fun place Siege was.

    All in all, I can definitely say it was Asmodi who was my driving force in making Siege my home. With help from the people who were so kind to me in the early days.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Started my character in Brit. Got through the mountain pass on my way to Skera.
    Fade to grey. Didn't catch his name, but that pretty much set the tone.

    PS. Didn't log back onto Siege for a week...
  5. kyrie_m

    kyrie_m Guest

    Severina, I was just thinking about the first "big" event I went to on Siege. It was the Winter Solstice party that ICE had in 2003. I remember specifically it was a few weeks (or less?) after you came over to Siege, and I was thinking about how it was one of the first times we had gone out as a group and that you and asmo were there. That was such a fun time. I wish I had the same passion for UO I had back then.
  6. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    Who shaped your first days on Siege?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Can't see the post it's self so responding to the question in the subject line...

    Sloan, Kelmo, WyRm, Py/Tyrfang, Memnoch, Shiro, Toejam, Brook, Evermoor, Dark Schneider, Rumpy, Ghost Knight and a bunch I'm sure I'm forgetting.

    Edit: Just noticed people were telling stories too.. ok..

    I was cross-reporting events with Sloan while I was a Sonoma Reporter for Stratics and was returning the favor by attending Evermore's tournament. I was dazzled by the fact that Reds and Blues could mingle on a facet usually not available to Reds.

    Needless to say I stuck around for the weekend. Sloan and I opened a bar at the Yard and I would spend my evening bartending. Best move I made cause I got to know so many people that way. I met WyRm one night... he showed up while I was 15 minutes into a battle with a Vampire Bat (Irony?). He didn't kill me cause I threw a vial of blood on the ground and he accepted it and accepted my invite into the Yard. We chatted for a long while.. completely in character the whole time.

    That night I decided to pack up and make Siege my home.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    No recall and no stat loss was the two main reasons I choose Siege over a better ping on DF, I was still on dial up.

    I did bring one of my old guildmates with me and together we placed the first guildhouse for The Dark Outlaws, TDO, the guild I started on Atlantic. Later when we got the house a few more members did follow, but they are all long gone.

    Alot had affected my life on Siege, UDL, FA (a large japaneses guild), old SH guild. Sadly the names of the people (chars) won't be remembered of many here.
  8. Blind Otto mostly, perhaps the reason I ended up KSS...
    I didn't actually die here (at all) for three weeks (lucky I suppose, probably just because I'm European and no one was on while I was), first person I think to kill me was Aikaeli near Brit gate while I was buying repair deeds from the vendor that was next to the road there... Never forget that paralyse - explosion - flamestrike combo, har [​IMG]
  9. Who shaped your first days on Siege?

    Wicked Clowns(WC) they begged me to play but I quit uo when the tremmy lands came out, WC took my account made my char got me a tower told me how different sp was from the tremmies. So how could i not come back. Was fun days when you could own dungeons and let no one else pass. Safe haven was the place to go has no guard zones, if u ever were lookin for a fight ya run there, there was always always action, but then the new rules came out for mages and all WC quit:( well mostly cause devs promised SP would always be old school. Anyway ran into bian/andersyn joined bhp. Darth and yoda also had a big impact, we were always enimies for 4 yrs, I never thought in a million yrs I woulda became friends with them lol they been here as long as me.
    theres alot more people but these are people from my first yr;)
  10. marichessy

    marichessy Guest

    My sister Severina asked me to come to Siege to join a guild that she and ginsu were working on. I told her there was no way I could leave all my trammy pixel crack behind and start all over somewhere else. lol!! [​IMG]

    She asked me again and again to just come try it. They were really trying to get a new guild going, a town and all, so I figured I would try it for her. KIN didn't last very long and when it fell apart I packed up my house and prepared to leave. I was so upset with the way KIN ended I thought I was done here.

    During my time in KIN there was one group that I was totally impressed with and looked up to. I was in awe of their bravery. PVP was very new and scarey for me at the time. hehe. I felt that they were So brave and nobody on a production shard had ever been so friendly to me and gone out of their way to help me or were as nice to me as the people in this group. That group was KSS.

    When KIN was over with and I was packing I got a message from Rizarium saying I should join the knights. I told him there was no way I could ever aspire to be that noble and brave. He convinced me to spend some time in Wintermoor and I fell in love with the place and the entire guild. I remember feeling so honored that they would even consider wanting me in their guild. I am still there to this day, and love them all. KSS is the reason I am still here as well as my sister who brought me to UO in the first place. Everytime I get discouraged with all the changes and think I am leaving she talks me down and pulls me back in.

    I will never forget the nightly KSS patrols in Amity. Protecting us villagers from the evil vampires. Skylark and I throwing muffins at the vampires from the rooftops of our homes. The knights, Py Lethius, Mac, Siofra, Iris Sertam...all riding in to protect and serve. The handsome newcomer Castor....*sigh*

    I lubs joo all!! [​IMG]
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If I remember correctly (is has been years and years now). A guild called "Knights of Avalon" (I think) took me in and helped me.

    Funny thing was when I met them was: I was wearing NPC type of clothes in Minoc and a guild member was saying "i wish to take thee" to me as he thought I was a NPC escort! [​IMG]

    I had a different character name too (and on a different account).
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For me it was a variety of assorted different people with varying character types that suckered me into staying on Siege.

    There was Shalimar NEW her help her kindness and one day she introduced me to this red vampire lady...and I was thinking...OMG she's gonna kill me ! [​IMG] Shal introduced me to freja. [​IMG]

    There was another vampire lady Lady Flame, whom was extremely kind to me and I will never forget her kindness.

    But even before them, I was wandering the land and I met a chap in KOS guild named Ryzal Kyved *yeh spelled it incorrectly* and he was really sweet and fun and mature and intelligent ! I had an alt that attacked a vampire *vmp*, natch my alt had lost, but that day that particular VMP let me as that alt up archery on his backside after resing me. Then the 3 of us sat an idoc together. He didn't have to do that, didnt have to let a newbie up skill on him for a few moments, but he did yeh a big bad vampire, alone he was a nice chap that day.

    I ran into this RED guy at a bank..oh scary fellow, and he began casting a spell, but he didnt *cast* it..he just laughed to see if this newbie would run, or shout for the guards or what she would end up doing, and he even told me so at that time..just testing you. I said ah..and then began something like an hour conversation with him ..till finally DARK finally got to flee from my yacking at him for forever just chatting. haha *hugs* Yet he some how shaped another puzzle piece of the bigger picture of this shard for me also.

    I sat this idoc by nw brit, and I was so wanting a house plot and gasp this vile soul named Revvo was there and a oddly he didnt kill me, no clue why save I was hid in house in front to place at the house falling behind me,..then he fell asleep on that idoc only to awaken by my new house plot. *well he had humor that day and I didnt know any one so I appreciated the humor and I got the plot and lived to tell the tale. That same guy had a char. dancing nakey in a green hat, at the siege meeting and he was not behaving. Yet I was giggling thinking oh this guy is TROUBLE but he was a comedian, back then sometimes too. [​IMG]

    One day I met this fellow named Gilfond Skyling, offering me Protection. I go yeh right me go outta town with YOU right OooO but heck I decided might as well get my feet wet and get another pking on myself by some chap in this guild called ISS ?? I had no clue who that guild was, I was too new here. I not only got protection I got to meet his mentor this huge figure of a character in the KSS. Then I got to meet another KSS, that was like some rpling voice of thunder named Py Lethius. Then I got to meet Gilfond's ISS guildmate named Kaisa. Then I met Rizarim and Piram and other KSS members, and I trembled at the sight of a fighting lady named SIO of KSS, she dirtnapped em fast back then and I thought oh never make the Sio angry. [​IMG] haha They all impacted me though to stay to learn more about this shard (and also to learn more about the guild KSS and to see if a lil non fighting crafter could even be accepted, by fighting knights)

    Then I met a fellow named.........CASTOR...hehe need I say more ! HAHA

    The tour of Siege was cool also impacted me, meeting this mayor of a town called Iantown, kelmo was his name I believe [​IMG] he seemed a nice chap, then I met miss tea, all themI^A folks, and later on also meeting "bbq chicken" first talking chicken I recall having met in uo and then a chicken as our tour guide with Sloan and others, toruing all player towns, meeting Brook then too, when I was still quite new here.

    I was a crafter, I remember meeting this lady whom was kind to me and had a very wonderfully strong leadership personality within herself. She took me into her guild DTA, when I was fresh out of NEW. I still show her respect first GM I had out of NEW and she is Lady Pyrite, and thru her I met that chap who's name made me want to go eat mexican foods like to go munch some Chalupas or something. They both impacted me to stay too even though they may not know it.

    There were others that rpld and just caught my attentions too, members of CWS and TSR like cranky Grots and Quentico's and the rest.

    And last but certainly not least...also at a bank this other vampire, some gospel preaching chap named WyRm shouting for the glory of the damned bs bs die insolent blue ...and all sorts of other stuff at that time OMG he was actually um kinda sorta roleplaying there with me as a newbie.

    I thought hmmmmmmmmmmm this shard is weird, tis full of weirdos and I like a lot of em and this shard full of cool people and I like lot of them too,..even this one sometimes when/if he is alone and actually RPLS even better by himself *one on one*

    So I thought..hmm maybe I will stick around on Siege I thought so many diverse guilds and character types and personalitys, many unique and all were interesting to say the least, and so..........I did stick around, lots of diversity here in the people least when I got here lots of LIFE here ..all of em shaped and somehow contributed to *suckerin me in to remain* here back then, upon a shard with strong distinct personalities and characters !
  13. Patty Pickaxe

    Patty Pickaxe Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    wow, great question delly. There were so many people, whom do I chose?

    Well, I'll start with Shalimar for all her help while I was in NEW. Then there was Sky and Winter Moon (Syrin was her alt I think?). I spent alot of time talking with them in Umbra. They gave me alot of help. I think I considered them my first "friends" on Siege. Another person was Furyous of KSS. He offered me a quest: make a runebook to all the player-run towns on Siege and in return he would give me 25K. That was a hell of alot to me as a new player. But what I gained just from finding all the towns was worth so much more than 25K. I should start giving that quest out to new players....

    Wow, there are so many memories flooding my mind right now. It's hard to believe its been two years almost to the day that I started on Siege (June 21, 2004).
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Each and Every <font color="red">RED PK</font>!!!
  15. Kuzara

    Kuzara Guest

    Raven Leigh, Kush, Falcon, and Oryx. Great people!

    I remember meeting Falcon and Oryx at Oryx's shop right outside of the Abbey. After some discussion it turned out that Falcon was the guild leader and he invited me to join. After that I met Raven Leigh, Kush, and a lot of other great folks.

    Raven Leigh and Kush always took me out on hunting trips and I took them fishing. [​IMG] Of course, Raven left the game some years ago but Kush is still going strong! [​IMG] These two probably had the biggest impact on my Siege years. Thanks!
  16. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    Each and Every <font color="red">RED PK</font>!!!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I resent that! One or two of those are your good friends! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. Mr X

    Mr X Guest

    I still remember my friend who got me into UO. He kept telling me about this pk that would keep killing him every time he would go out in the woods east of Brit. Way to go Freja you killing machine.

    A few groups have altered how I look at this game. UDL, guild built on board pvp. Talked a noble game on the boards and in reality were just a numbers guild. They taught me the names change but the [censored] doesn't. KGB, same as UDl except they were giant wussies and stayed blue.

    The people from Safe Heaven taught me you don't have to be a giant pecker to enjoy the game. Best of these individuals was Sarai. Kind hearted soul that was too naive for this game. What happened to her was a shame and the shard has suffered from her loss ever since.

    AAA taught me that ussually the "best" pvper's are the same people who cheat the most. The whole mentality that you have to be the best will drive most to cheat and win no matter what. (the one exception to this was willX, I think it was the fact he played solo and was not pushed to cheat by a group.)

    Also besides freja does anyone even know any of these people? heh.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Came here cause some friends did and I was sick of 4/6 casting with 50% SDI.. Pretty much had a bud Zeon set me up.. A|B came a few weeks later and from there I became hated XD
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    SnR used to have a guild on siege, I never joined but I think thats one of the reasons I started playing siege. By the time I made a character, most of them had quit playing or were very rarely on. I did get to pk dead eye once, woo! Ellehcim, another member, gave me his lil house there too, northeast of yew moongate. Just a tiny shack really. This was back in the days when you could have more than one house on one account. Eventually I had to make the tough decision to give it up as I wanted to get a bigger house on that account on Baja.

    I played solo a lot. I've always been a solo player at heart, I'm so fickle about what I want to do at any given moment. I did join a guild tho, FYR was the first guild I was on on Siege - a taming guild of all things! My first tamer was made on siege - I remember working on her, gosh I think it was november of '01, it was during the few months that they had taken RoT off of siege and put power hour there. She'd actually been a bard before that - but you couldn't provoke anything on Siege that was smarter than a lich in those days, and I didn't think they would ever change that, so I redid her template. Anyways, I power tamed one night and got from 70-75. Then there was a revert because people were buying up housing deeds and selling them back for mass profit, and right after that they swapped things back to RoT.

    So I lost the 5 points I gained in one night because of the revert, and spent the next week having to get it back because of the RoT system, hehe. Anyways, during that time I met this nice lady who owned a keep - I was still a new player in UO on any shard and her house just amazed me. Faaaabulous riches! And the sight of a someone sitting astride a powerful beast like a nightmare was impressive in those days, to me. We spent a long time talking and I joined her guild. I learned from her that there could be really nice people who played siege and didn't just want to pvp, they just wanted to live in a world where pvp existed, because living in such a world where you have to work twice as hard to keep what you get makes you appreciate the minor victories all the more. Or so I like to imagine.

    Since I'd never had a tamer before and had no idea what to do (so confusing! all...what? who...kill?), uncle sham from the SnR boards helped me train my first pet and teach it how to obey commands. I also went hunting with riply rivers (also from SnR), and hung out with bella noir the few times she logged in. CJ stole my boat key once, but I was giving him the boat anyways, I think, so that was ok.

    After FYR I didn't join another guild for about 3 years till I got in PAG. Which was a great guild, but I joined at the tail end when it was disbanding and most of the members were moving on. Since I was such a solo player for most of my UO career it shocked the crap out of me when I mentioned that I was pk'd outside of umbra and guildmates actually came to my defense. PAG gank ftw!

    Anyways, now we're getting closer to present day - I'm just rambling now. Man I loved those early days tho. You were never safe, none of this finding a quiet spot to farm and getting a bunch of gold to get back to the bank. Reds would scout dungeons frequently, and you had to be sneaky to come away with anything at all. You could run around east brit woods and find some poor horseless red who would beg you to tame him a horse, then attack you as soon as he got it (happened at least once, *cough*).

    Everything was less sophisticated, rougher. Going out to farm a lil gold so you could buy regs was an adventure. Maybe because I started playing siege so soon after starting UO, my experience is inextricably tied in with my amazement at this new (to me) game. But it just felt so different back then. More solo players, more weird encounters. Sigh.
  20. Sloan

    Sloan Guest

    Relvinian, Pixie, the rest of PAG, Kelmo, oh there are just too many to name.

    I played solo the first couple of weeks and then joined pag. My first house was a small house. I met many wonderful people. Later I acquired The Yard which was originally a villa on an 18x18 plot that I turned into a shopping mall.

    After all the battles I went with the philosopy.... if you can't beat them... join them. So I shut down the shop and built an arena/bar, which i ran alone with a few people.

    there are just too many people that i could say shaped my first days of siege to name just one.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *smiles* It is funny, Sloan. The first people I would mention would be the good people from Ianstorm. There are so many of them. Shouts out to Asmo, Ragman, and Paradox. Devyn, Folger, Se'an, Spree, Sissy, Khamul, Delly, Ru, Deadmeat, Soifra, Bridgett, I could go on forever. Those people mean the world to me. I never would have made it here with out them.

    The folks out side of my clan that spring to mind first are Sloan. She was rather new to Siege at the time, but I did not know that. I thought she was a goddess! She introduced me to PAG. What a crew that was! I will never forget the times they came to our rescue. Heh! They even took time to help me raise magic resist one night. I miss those folks.

    Corwin was a special kind of foe. I really hated him for a while. How could one man lay so many down? He was diligent with his raids. Lord knows he was a gifted speaker. He talked a lot... I miss him.

    Lady Flame was influential for me personaly, she tought me politics. Many hated her, many loved her. She was a good friend. I hope she is happy where ever she is.

    The J_D crew was fun. Lothar and his gang as well. Man, I swear at times it seemed like the pk guilds took numbers to see who raided when. I imagined them in a holding pattern. Heh.

    Grot and the whole CWS thing captured my imagination. Lady Pyrite stands out in my mind too. I was rather intimidated by those two for some time. Grot I am ok with now, Pyrite still makes stammer.

    I could talk about the past for a long time. Even though I am for ever the newb. The shaping does not end. I meet wonderful folks all the time. The Waka crew is incredible. Love 'em or hate 'em, they are here to play. *tips hat to that crew*

    Py Lethius and KSS. Good folk, sorry about targeting you so often in the early days Py. *chuckles*

    Maleeka, Cybernickle, Ashen/Shugar, so many...

    I am especially proud of knowing TnT/TnA. Those folks know who they are.
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    One other, MJ. She is a special lady.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Aww. That is so sweet. That is from my heart.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Um, no. It's from mine. Quit stealin' my thunder!
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok, fine, to make it not so sappy. I'll add Spree into the mix.

  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

  27. kyrie_m

    kyrie_m Guest

    Kelmo, now that you bring up Flame, I have to say my bit.

    When I first met her, I didn't like her. We actually had a verbal argument. It was silly. It led me to leave the guild. I was talked into coming back by you and Folger. Definitely two people who meant a lot to me when I came here (well, still mean a lot). Hell, Ru and I will have our two year UO marriage anniversary at the end of the month... You performed the ceremony, Folger gave me away. My bridesmaids were Severina, TrinityX, Siofra and Spree. All of these people are so important to me. Miss Tea and Sissy were there with all of their support. I hadn't known them as intimately at the time, but they became people I loved and if I could roll back time, they would have been standing up there with me as well.

    Anyway, after a time, I ended up becoming friends with Flame. She is a phenomenal woman. Really. I didn't get her at all the first time we met, but thankfully I was able to realize who she was as a person. I can actually thank you for that Kelmo, your calm voice of reason in TS made me realize how hasty I'd been in calling a judgement. I can say somewhat of the same thing happened with Stark, the first time I met her. Granted it was a case of mistaken identity, but she told me off sideways to hell, but now has definitely become a lifelong and trusted friend.

    Grody, I'm being all sappy.
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    btw i still have two wooden chests crafted by Deadmeat. Probably the oldest items in the townhall, even above the Charter.
  29. kyrie_m

    kyrie_m Guest

    One more person I have to bring up.. Sloan. She was around when Iantown started. She was always around during my early days of Siege.

    She was friends with all of my friends, but I didn't feel that we clicked right away. It took me over a year to actually get to the point where I felt like we were friends, but I have to say, she is an awesome woman. It took a while to get to know her (she honestly has so much on her plate) but I'm so thankful that I did. One of seige's finest.

    Again with te being grody and the sappy and the eww factor with me.
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Damn I miss Sarai too.

    "I still remember my friend who got me into UO. He kept telling me about this pk that would keep killing him every time he would go out in the woods east of Brit. Way to go Freja you killing machine."

    Wonder if he ever went out the woods or he he just saw me out there and never really died to me [​IMG]
  31. Fidessa

    Fidessa Guest

    Most of my Siege life has been formed by Mad Bod, Raath, Ace and Drithe. They were the onces who learned me how to defend, fieldfight and how to duel.

    You got to know that when I was a newbie, Siege wasn't looking for new blood. Siege was vibriant. They selected newbies by resskilling them as often as they could and drylooting course. There was no newbie training safe zones. Newbie killing was common and needed (to select the ppl who came to Siege). I walked around for around two weeks on Siege, before someone spoke to me. Before they were like 'oh duh another newbie, i bet she won't have the attitude to make it here '.

    Anyways I survived newbiehood here and inspired by the reds who resskilled me and drylooted I wanted to be able to kill ppl myself. There my friends come in. They tought me that pvp is all about teamplay and that xhealing was the essential to win the fight or loose it. Staying in screen yada yada yada. Everyone of us knows theese rules or should know it.

    Because choosing guild was more important than it is now, you had to think really twice before joining a guild. Cuz once you joined you were marked forever. lol and I didn't even read forums or what so ever.

    I got to know Siege community when I met the Vesperians (ppl who banked in/ or lived around Vesper). It was a wonderfull community who didn't look at colors. But if an outsider attacked a member of community everyone would attack that person no matter the color or the numbers of counts you had. Also Vesperians sold goodies cheaper to the community members than to outsiders. Wonderfull days.

    I, besides my old buddies, I got shaped by the Vesperian and the ppl I fought:TBB, UND, Orcs, UDL, TBB, KGB, ATF, =0= and many others and my preaos guild ICE which back then had a decent pvp section.

    The fun was always in finding a good fight, never in how can i be as lame and gimp as possible and not about win at all costs. It was about strategy, skill and above all teamskills. To 99% of the ppl who formed me left the game (they were smart, I am damn too sentimental).

    What I also miss is the red community. The red community was great. When your guildies were not on, you could go to Brit graveyard as a red and groupe up with others (or other places). You would duel other reds to learn the art of dueling or fight amongst their sides. Friendships were made, and even tho you killed eachother on field and drylooted, you were friends forever.

    Telling this on this forum must be like the old farts who were telling me about the first period of the launge of the game. I loved to listen to their stories, but always knew that thoose days told were over and won't ever come back.

    *whipes tears*
  32. Sloan

    Sloan Guest

    BoBo Peanut... I forgot about her... She was a hell of a crafter. [​IMG]

    And thanks Delly [​IMG] you're a peach!
  33. Feyre

    Feyre Guest



    [/ QUOTE ]

    I used to go to the hedge maze to kill that little stealther, he didnt like people taking his baskets. Then i looted his house when it fell and lol'd.
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A long. long time aog a player named Becket, my RL brother. Now he was a farmer in every sense of the word, in those days you really scrounged up everything.
    In any case kudo's to Becket.
    Thanks Bro.
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Fidessa did you start when we lost old RoT and got power hours?

    There was not much love for newbies at that time, there came alot of them and after a week they was ready to PvP. They came with their red vs blue hate and did not understand the Siege community and the fact that we did not care of colors of players but of their actions.

    This fast growing newbies was a pain in the ass, they messed up everything.
  36. Fidessa

    Fidessa Guest

    I don't exactly remember Freja. All I know that Siege was very hostile against new players.
  37. Fidessa

    Fidessa Guest

    PAG and Revolt helped me a lot during a difficult period in game and in real life. I will be always be greatfull for the help and support they gave me.
  38. Sloan

    Sloan Guest




    [/ QUOTE ]

    I used to go to the hedge maze to kill that little stealther, he didnt like people taking his baskets. Then i looted his house when it fell and lol'd.

    [/ QUOTE ]He was a hell of an rper...

    do you remember binky? the big blue monster? all he ever said was binky.... that was him too. had to be one of the best rp's i've seen. Hilarious
  39. TerryFyde

    TerryFyde Guest

    Dor must take the blame for Con Jurer migrating to Siege. Talking to her late (for a Brit that is) in the wee hours one morning in an Mirc channel awakened an urge in me for things closer to when Terry were nowt but a lad on Europa.

    I forget the guys name, *blushes*, but he pk'd Con Jurer on his first trip out of town ....... then he res'd and appologised for killing a shard newbie and gave me a bit of kit to help me get started.

    That unknown warrior is who shaped my first days in this land and to him my thanks for reminding me how some things were long ago.
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest


    . I remember specifically it was a few weeks (or less?) after you came over to Siege, and I was thinking about how it was one of the first times we had gone out as a group and that you and asmo were there. That was such a fun time. I wish I had the same passion for UO I had back then.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I remember those times so fondly. If I had to list the greatest UO days ever, that would be the time period for me.

    I miss it so much. I miss the way we all interacted.
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest


    do you remember binky? the big blue monster? all he ever said was binky.... that was him too. had to be one of the best rp's i've seen. Hilarious

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Oh it was him, that make sense. He was fun. It was short before he decided to play around with NEW http://frejasp.dk/new/viewtopic.php?t=114, sadly the thread on this forum is long gone. I remember we did put a price on his head and TBB and some others added to it.

    Even when he did thread NEW, he did not really hurt any of them, he just wanted to play with them.
  42. kyrie_m

    kyrie_m Guest



    . I remember specifically it was a few weeks (or less?) after you came over to Siege, and I was thinking about how it was one of the first times we had gone out as a group and that you and asmo were there. That was such a fun time. I wish I had the same passion for UO I had back then.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I remember those times so fondly. If I had to list the greatest UO days ever, that would be the time period for me.

    I miss it so much. I miss the way we all interacted.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Me too. My first year on Siege was the best time I've ever had in UO (five or six years now). I had so much fun every single night that I logged in. I felt close to and loved everyone in the guild. It was just an amazing time.
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmmmmmm... *looks over everyones own testimonies* I havent played on Siege long yet, and have spent the majority of my time either solo or with some of my friends that I dragged over to Siege with me, but...

    I would have to say some of the initial people that shaped my coming to Siege were: Aeric Horn, Spyderbite, Kelmo, Yasou Wakayama, Grot, Shad, and the others who posted and roleplayed on the original Wakayama War thread. I hadn't played Ultima Online since just before the release of the Samurai Empire expansion. Out of boredom one day, after not having played a good MMO in months, I saw that there was a new community section, and a post by Kelmo showing off some of the creative talent and storytelling on Siege. After reading some of it, I decided to come back to UO. By the time I had finished the thread, I had decided Siege was definately worth starting over to be a part of. Kelmo, its all your fault! Now I am hooked! [​IMG]

    Some of the red PK's that ended my character on the first few days of play - and yet did not steal my clothes. Granted I lost, it was a strange adrenaline rush. Did I actually have fun running away from a PK, and laughed dying? Then to see the maturity of some of the PKers afterwards. No "DoOd, you suxxors! LMFAO! Newb!". They didnt dry loot or stick around to res kill.

    RacerX and Lord Ian. Someday I am going to get back at you for killing me, cutting up my clothes, and making me run back to Iantown Theater in the nude. [​IMG]

    VmP, when they attacked the Iantown Race Event. They gave me my first chance to be in character. I saw them as I was running to the event. I could have easily made it inside, into safety. As I hit the steps of the house, I realized that my character would not run away like that - he would fight, even if it meant death. I turned around, and to my suprise, I actually hit someone before dying. I can attribute my first real in-character act to VmP. [​IMG] Someday...

    Hoffs, both for running an excellent event every Tuesday night, but also showing me the maturity of Siege players, even with the possibility of rares and awesome loot are at stake. She even gave me a gate to a bank after I overloaded myself with house decorations. Thank you Hoffs. [​IMG]
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've only been here for a few months, but I'll put my thoughts down.

    A while back, I used to play on Catskills. Eventually things got boring for me and I left UO for about six months. I picked up WoW again (previously quit 6 months after release) since my roomates picked up the game as well. We all played, eventually got to 60, joined a raiding guild and beat pretty much everything in the game. Things eventually got tedious or boring, and one by one we quit. For a small period, I tried as many other MMORPGs as I could, but nothing held my grasp for longer than a month or two. After that, I decided to come back to UO.

    On Cats, my house went IDOC from my account being inactive for too long. Lost a lot of good stuff there. It was the catalyst that made me decide to go to Siege. I wanted something new and challenging.

    The very first person I bumped into was actually Masumatek, who was red and was the leader of [K]. I was expecting quick death, but he realised I was a new player and told me to go look up NEW. So I did.

    When I joined NEW, there were a lot of influential faces that I met. Shalimar, Blind Otto, Arch Angel, and Obeta -- the co-leaders and helpers of NEW aided me through my early progression on Siege. My other NEW guildmates: Mr.T, Pouco, and Bennos Morales were all cool people. I still talk to and play with them today.

    My first death to a player was a surprise gank by VmP outside of Umbra. I was wandering around and accidentally bumped into someone invisible, which revealed me from stealth.

    After I graduated NEW, and got my gift chest, I joined TnT. There I met Shad, Kat and the rest of the TnT/TnA gang. This is now my crew, and I enjoy playing UO with them. I don't think there's anywhere else I'd be.
  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was a loner at the beginning of Siege, then my connection drove me off for almost a year... when I came back, I was still a loner... but I had an idea of what I would do this time around. A few people helped me develop that - Uthrac Tarn taught me about guild management (and mis-management), Dagashi and Ash Skarwyn taught me about roleplaying, Mangar taught me how to fight, Grot taught me how to die, and every dirty rotten PK, noto, thief and scammer taught me about Justice. From old pks at Delucia in the beginning, like William Swift and Plug, to jerks like Darth and Wolf, for all the people who spent all their time being nasty to other people, it made me want to fill the gap for the side of the just and the peaceful.

    Thanks to all of you for being who you are! Har!
  46. I'd say NEW....Arch and Mr T. (with a lot of help from lag spikes on Catskills)

    most of which in my situation, all hail Shalimar who introduced me to Lindisfarne. *bows* Me thanks you both...
  47. Quentico

    Quentico Guest

    I transferred from Great Lakes -&gt; Siege Perilous with a buddy named Fragma (a.k.a. Nick Dawg). We were good friends and played for a couple years on the Great Lakes shard but left after Renaissance started. While on Siege, we pretty much trained up together the first few weeks. Fragma eventually made contact with C8V and we both enlisted together.

    Unfortuantely Fragma decided to leave the UO world to pursue another goals. I have missed our in-game adventures. In the real world, he was the one who got me into sport bike riding and later into racing; thus having a remarkable impact on me in both worlds.

    Lord Quentico
    Flame Guardian
    TSR - The Seeker's of Righteousness
  48. Elric_Soban

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    Dec 7, 2004
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    Masuo Kenji was the first friendly person I met on Seige, helped me out a bit and gave me some pointers.

    I'l probably always remember getting attacked in town by KRYSTAL [VmP] shortly thereafter. The town guards are still speedy as ever [​IMG]

  49. Nixon[I-C]

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    Feb 14, 2003
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    Well initially my interest in Siege was sparked by one of my guildmates who played Siege years ago.

    I'd pk'ed for 6 years on Europa and Drachenfels in particularly, but I started to feel a bit disillusioned with the PK system, as AOS pretty much hit a lot of the love for PKing I had - although its something that never can be taken away, I really missed stat loss.

    I had a few stop and go starts on Siege, I always found it hard to play here initially because of all the history I had on EU and DF.

    Siofra was the one person who swung me round finally to Siege though. Having never met me, then give me an emount, was quite something. That gave me a real reason to play. I did quit a year ago and only recently came back, but I came back to play Siege, and I'm enjoying it. I don't really know where I'm going to go in terms of PvP here, as I don't really have the time to invest in getting reasonable items in order to compete.

    I can't say I've really met anyone on Siege properly yet, as I've kept myself to myself, but I have managed to encourage a few of my friends from Europa to move over and give Siege a try.
  50. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'd say when I went to britan sewers and got killed by the rats