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Whoa boy...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Priam_Sonoma, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Priam_Sonoma

    Priam_Sonoma Guest

    So I went to Cove to see what kind of trouble I could get in to. Turns out more than I bargained for. When I died, my 150k ticket INSURED ring disappeared. Flat gone. I check the corpse and I see that the "container holds 2 items" but I cannot see the ring. So I paged a GM. 9th in the queue.
  2. Salty Pete

    Salty Pete Guest

    Doh! I go to Cove to do escort quests but when I see crap loads of red I walk the other way.
  3. Priam_Sonoma

    Priam_Sonoma Guest

    The problem is I have been #9 in the queue for 22 mins. When I opened the corpse gump it said "container hold two items" and nothing was in there. Also, the skeletal remains decayed in about 1 minute from my loot.

    I have to tell you Pete, with all the other things, I think if this stands, my return is over. I just can't play a game where my items disappear along with the other bugs. Trying not to pancake cause it may all turn out alright, but this shakes my faith. We will see. I will give them another thirty minutes or so.
  4. Eslake

    Eslake Guest

    The fix to that is quick.. Relog. :(

    But by now it's too late.
  5. Priam_Sonoma

    Priam_Sonoma Guest

    I did.
  6. Priam_Sonoma

    Priam_Sonoma Guest

    Now, I am on the opposite shore and spawn from Cove is landing on me. Spawning on my position. This is odd. I got a canned response but I am pressing the matter.
  7. Ceridwen

    Ceridwen Guest

    Relog in KR next time for the boxed corpse...
  8. Priam_Sonoma

    Priam_Sonoma Guest

    Canned response. Filled out a bug report. I am guessing my 150,000 point ring is gone. So ya.....
  9. Empty your backpack and see if it shows any items left in there. There's been an issue with items going into the "ghost" backpack even if it doesn't show anything in your "alive" pack. Page again, but use this phrase:

    Items stuck in Ghost backpack. Need GM assistance to retrieve.

    BTW, which shard are you on? If you're on Pacific send me a PM so we can meet. I'll replace the ring for ya if the GM's can't help.
  10. A.Entreri

    A.Entreri Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    wow, being ninth in queue must be a very common thing. i had to page a gamemaster earlier tonight and i was also ninth in queue for like forty-five minutes. after that i said the hell with it and cancelled my help request. but wow, that really sucks about your ring. don't get too bummed out by that.
  11. something very similar hap'd to a buddy o mine a while back.
    he had a very nice bow, insured of course, disappear when he died.
    he paged gm's repeatedly with nothing but the same canned response we are all getting these days.
    so he figures oh well, my bow is gone.
    a couple weeks later he died again, this is after many deaths in the interim, and lo and behold what is in his pack again?
    his prized bow!
    this is most likely the 'ghost pack' issue i have heard about.
    if only i knew about it a couple yrs ago when i lost an almost irreplaceable armor suit which went poof.
    my stuff never showed back up tho.
    and it wasnt just one item but 5, most of the pieces to my suit.

    i hope you have the same good luck my friend did priam; who i think is probably on sonoma connor ...hence the name 'priam_sonoma'
  12. UncleSham

    UncleSham Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    probably a graphics bug.
    put all your stuff in a bag somewhere . completely empty your backpack . then mouse over your backpack on the paperdoll . if it says 1 item . then its a graphics bug . usually a reload will resolve it . not just log out , go all the way out shut down uo and start over.

    if a full reset doesnt cure it , you might have to wait till server up tomarrow.

    edit = if you have uoassist and the ring is part of your "dress" hit your dress macro and see if your luck goes up (dress macro will pick up any items in range)

  13. Ya do as he says, happen to me one day, ring was hid in the pack. Also if you need safer runes for escorts [towns that are invaded] try my vendor's house in Malas, safe runes to Cove, Serpent's Hold, NJ in the back room.

  14. legendsguy

    legendsguy Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 7, 2008
    Likes Received:
    this is what ultima has become. perpetually 9th in the queue and never being helped anyhow. i can guarantee your ring is gone forever, because nobody from ultima will help you get it back. so.. if you can live with that, then i suppose you ought to continue playing.

  15. Sarphus

    Sarphus Guest

    You should keep KR installed even if you don't use it. The problem is probably that you couldn't see the ring, but in KR, you could go to the itemized list and see all items whether their graphics are visible or not.
  16. love2winalot

    love2winalot Guest

    Support has gone down by 3. You used to be 6th in Q, and wait for hours......:D
  17. Priam_Sonoma

    Priam_Sonoma Guest

    Thank you to all that sent PMs offering tickets. I can find ways to get points back to get another ring, trust me. I appreciate all the input and the community support, I am humbled by that.

    I am curious to see where this progresses now. If you lose an item in game due to a game glitch or bug, are you simply out of luck? If there is an issue within the framework of the game and the problem exists with Electronic Arts/Mythic, I feel as responsible hosts that they should replace the item.

    I am aware of two other game companies that do replace items when it is proven that they have been accidentally deleted BY THE PLAYER (although usually with a warning and account flag). In this case of course, this was caused by the game itself, and through no fault of my own.

    I am going to stay in the game and watch what they do. If this happens again, then I am a fool for staying and playing. I hope the future brings better luck.

    Thanks for all who provided advise and helped.

    ~ Priam
  18. Pish-tosh, Priam.

    If you play Ultima Online expecting true and exact justice from the producers and developers, then you, sir, are a fool.

    If, however, you linger in Sosaria because of the players and community...then you are a wise man, indeed.

    Forget about the items. Concentrate on what is *truly* important and valuable about the world that we share. Seriously.

    *smacks Priam a lil'*

  19. No no Dor, Smack him alot for thinking such things!
  20. Erekose

    Erekose Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 23, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I could lose all of my items and I'd be really, really, REALLY pissed, but I would stay nonetheless. The items are just pixels. The people are real.
  21. Fink

    Fink Guest

    From "container holds 2 items" I gather you're using UO:Assist? Did you add your new jewels to a dress macro? I couldn't find my jewelry the other night, I only found them by hitting my dress macro (UO:A picked them up out of a container). For some reason, I'd taken them off and stashed them.. probably for safe-keeping:blushing:
  22. Vesta

    Vesta Visitor

    Jun 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    UO is the worst for customer service. There is no reason at all why they can not return lost items to a player. Shoddy service.

    That said, I do love playing the game. I will play untill servers close.
  23. RaDian FlGith

    RaDian FlGith Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 19, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Yeah, there is, sadly, reason why they can't return items to a player. After 10 years, they STILL haven't built a REAL tracking system worth a salt. What's actually hysterical about that situation though is this:

    One one hand, EA Mythic claims, "We don't track that kind of information, so we just don't know what it is that should be returned, et cetera ad nauseum."

    On the other hand, EA Mythic says, "We've got tracking systems in place that keep track of dupes, and we DO catch them eventually."



    No, really?
  24. Lord Kynd

    Lord Kynd Guest

    it has always been one of the number 1 rule's of there's.
    they do not replace items. period

    thru the years i've had a few things mysteriously disapear. tried once to see if a GM would help, no chance in he11