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Why are people panicking about this new final fantasy ?

Discussion in 'FINAL FANTASY XI General Discussion' started by andrewmoquin, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. andrewmoquin

    andrewmoquin Guest

    Im just wondering whats the big deal? So FFXIV was announced. Everyone already had a general idea in the back of their minds that SE was going to come out with a new MMORPG. Sure it turns out to be the next online Final Fantasy. Big deal.

    Have a lot of people here never seen or experienced what happened to EQ1? EQ2 came out and EQ1 lost about half its players that same month. a few months later, half of the ones who left returned. EQ1 currently has almost as many players as it did a year after EQ2 came out!

    The core players stick around!

    Yes we will loose some players, maybe even as high as 1/3rd of the entire population. Chances are though that a lot of the people who leave at first will end up coming back for one reason or another, its the nature of mmorpg games. It keeps you hooked.

    I doubt many people on FFXI would want to start all over again anyways, its a lot of hard work and time spent in this "Very excessively" time consuming game to just pack up and quit.

    I think people are making way to many predictions way to early. The only thing we have that we can follow on this similar issue is with EQ, because it happened there. As well as in Lineage. And Lineage 1 and EQ1 are still up more than 5 years after their sequel games were released. Don't Panic, Worse comes to worse we loose a ton of players SE merges the servers and we don't notice the difference, just notice the fact there are only 5-10 servers.
  2. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I'm asking, because I seriously don't know. How many expansions has EQ seen since EQ2 has been released? My husband read (and I don't know whether it was an official comment or someone speculating) that we will get the last two scenarios and that will be the end of our updates/expansions. If that's true, then that is how I will feel the difference, no matter what server I am merged with or transferred to.

    I also think you have it all wrong, comparing FF to EQ. We are talking 20some years of fanboys collecting everything FF they can get their hands on.

    Those who can't afford a PS3 and those on 360s may stay. I have a friend on PS2 who said last night he knows that talking the wife into a new comp or a PS3 isn't going to happen.

    I'm not sure what I will do. It depends on what my hubby does, I suppose. And he's looking forward to some things in the new games, specifically the fact that he could make a mithra without looking as much like a .... female (I'll be nice lol). Also the new species, new jobs... What would be super awesome is if they let us exist in the new world as we did in the old. But I doubt that would happen. *sigh*
  3. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    People are worried because FFXI is a party based game, and once a lot of people leave...that's pretty much it. Comparing other games is like apples and oranges when you can level up on your own in other games. In FFXI it is pretty difficult to do it on your own AND with the level cap quests.

    I have to say though...I don't agree with you. Being a hardcore player to a game means little. Not many people want to play an online game and be only one of a few people playing. It's boring to most people in my opinion.

    Additionally...that is why they made the feature where you don't lose your character when you have quit. Because as you stated...people don't want to start over. Only time will tell really how many subscribers the new game takes away.

    75 NIN, 75 THF, 75 BLM, 75 RDM, 68 WHM, 63 WAR, 63 BLU, 53 PLD, every other job at 37. (Semi-retired).
  4. Banhammer

    Banhammer Guest

    A fair number, actually.

    According to Wikipedia, EQ2 came out in November of 2004. Since then, EQ1 has seen the release of seven expansions -- Dragons of Norrath, Depths of Darkhollow, Prophecy of Ro, The Serpent's Spine, The Buried Sea, Secrets of Faydwer, and Seeds of Destruction. (By comparison, EQ1 was released in March 1999, and saw eight expansions before EQ2's release.)

    And EQ1 is at least as party-based as FFXI, as anyone who's been playing MMOs long enough to remember the old days knows. Sure, there were the occasional rants about quad-kiting druids, but having a party was pretty much the only way to do anything for the vast majority of classes in that game.

    Will FFXI live on? Almost certainly -- it's easy money. A game lasts this long, people are going to get attached to their characters and relic weapons and that Usukane Haramaki set they've spent three years earning the money for.

    Will it get as many expansions? Probably. The updates may take one or two months longer, but as long as enough people are paying S-E to keep the servers up, there's no real reason for them not to at least work on a few features here and there.

    Honestly, the worst that I can see happening to FFXI is a server merge. Remember, though, right now FFXI's community is scattered across 32 servers. Even if two-thirds of the players leave, S-E can just drop down to 10 or 11 servers and still keep it just as easy for people to find parties.
  5. Dol'Gorath

    Dol'Gorath Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I don't like FF11 cause of all this heavy group dependance for trivial things like leveling!
    FF14 is gonna take a more casual/solo approach like WoW which may make it a better game overall.
  6. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I can't link to the site because of their advertising, but there was a poll put up. Out of 2788 voters so far, 1518 say yes they will play FFXIV, 813 are undecided and 441 say they won't play. Found it interesting enough to share.
  7. Onewing

    Onewing Guest

    Gosh, I don't know if I'll switch or not. It's taken me FOREVER to get anywhere in FFXI, but I don't know anyone there. Everyone in FFXI seems to have their own objectives and their own clicks, I'm not sure if I can get involved with a group (especially a group that understands my casual play of the game).

    With FFXIV, the fresh world will have people wanting to experience it together. There will be a huge social wave. So I might try to catch it. Then again, it's hard for me to say goodbye to the hours I've put into FFXI.

    I just don't know. It's one or the other though, possibly neither if I can't get some job security soon...
  8. kouper

    kouper Guest

    Well, I think there is two reasons, one is the fear that XI will stop getting development love. Which could be understandable but I think as long as there is 100k+ people there will still be some scenarios and what not...

    The other fear is that of change. Its people who will go to FFXIV but want the exact same game. On the main forum site for it there where a couple of threads that I got completely flamed in for proposing different ideas and perspectives. And there is very strong hate for anyone who plays wow. lol. whatever.

    I will switch, but I've been waiting for this anyways. It'll be what gets me to fully quit wow, permanently and it'll be a new realm for me to explore.
  9. jamison

    jamison Guest

    Personally I am excited for a new FINAL FANTASY!! This is going to be fun! I have not looked into it at all because I hate spoilers... And no, I don't have a testing invite lol.

    I've never been disappointed with one of Square's tiles or with Square*Enix. I loved both movies and every game I've ever played. So the possibility of a new game gives me a chance for a new world, a new story and new everything but also the knowledge that it will be a quality game that will undoubtedly take the gaming world to new levels.

    In all seriousness, the FINAL FANASY genre changed the world. The original version changed how games were made, combat systems and even the concept of what a game could be!

    Final Fantasy 7 changed the world again with the unique thee dimentional view and the open play system, not to mention cut scenes etc which has become a halmark of the FINAL FANTASY family of games. Final Fantasy X did it again with graphics that stunned audiances and a powerful system that showed what a console could do. FINAL FANTASY XI did it again when they allowed people from Japan and the English speaking places to play together, all speaking their native language. They then allowed the PS2 and the PC and then the Xbox 360 to play together!

    What's coming next?

    Check out The Importance of Final Fantasy