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Why Bard/Tamer is the most evil profession

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by connelld1965, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. connelld1965

    connelld1965 Guest

    Snowball, a polar bear, was the first pet I tried to train up. I spent an hour or so getting her resists to 100 and with a taming skill of 52 I headed for the ice island to practice taming bears.

    It went pretty good for about an hour. I would tame, release, discordance, and send Snowball in to attack while I used Vet skill to heal. Gains were slow because I was doing so many tasks. But I loaded up on cut leather then gated to the bank to store them.

    So here is where I turned evil… We gated back to the ice island and into an ice troll. Before I could react (lag spike) Snowball was dead. I tried to resurrect but my feeble Vet skill was no use. So I tamed Fuzzy the bear and after about an hour an ice troll + lag spike equaled a furry dead mess. So I skinned Fuzzy took the meat and fed it to a new bear I named “A.” When it was time to gate back I blasted “A” and skinned it and left the carcass for the wolves.

    My wife asked me what I was doing and called me an evil, heartless, no good pet killer and hoped my pet would smack me then skin me for hides. (true story)

    At my level it seems getting attached to pets is not worth it because they are so week.

    My skills so far:

    Music 100 (locked)
    Magic 78
    Vet 60
    Taming 62
    Animal eval 89
    Disco 35
    Meditation 100 (locked - Will turn down once I am at 700)
    Eval Intel 80 (Will turn down once I am at 700)

    My plan:
    Tame Deer (Great Hearts) until 80
    Tame Bulls until 100

    Raise Vet the same as taming by taking a bear and having stuff beat on it while I heal. Slow but it is working.

    Once Taming and Vet are high enough 80 + I will start Discoing everything I see to raise that.
  2. maroite

    maroite Guest

    Well, at least when you're taming deer/bulls you can claim you're a farmer and when you kill them off you're just collecting the meat to sell at the market. ;p

    I always found taming to be... amusing? lol With the way its set up, its kind of strange. I think Tamers should get taming gains from giving pets commands on top of actually taming animals. Would do away with the need of tame>release>kill>repeat method as you could tame an animal, and use it to hunt other animals and get gains from telling it to follow/kill/stay and so on.

    But what do I know... UO Devs like mass animal slaughter I guess. Why else would they make super rare color spawns, instead of giving tamers the ability to "harvest" super rare items off their tamed animals which then when combined with something creates a super rare "dye".

    You could even make it rare food. Anyone know why flamingos are pink? If you do, then this should make perfect sense! If not, use google (or your prefered search engine) and find out before saying pet dyes are unbelievable!
  3. connelld1965

    connelld1965 Guest

    That is an intereting idea. Gaining taming from using an animal is a good idea. After a long slog I am up to 89.7 taming. The poor bulls and gamans shiver when they see me lurking around!