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Why can someone flag on your pet and not be gray to you?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Krippy, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Krippy

    Krippy Guest

    What i'm talking about is that anyone can run up to a red dismount them and then a blue starts killing your pet, but they are not flag to you that makes no sense what so ever.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That does sound strange. Was the pet guarding you at the time? I would be happy to try and get more information on this since Petra and I seem to be doing pet testing prior to the next publish.
  3. It may happen when you're blue and the other guy is red too.

    It's as though someone attacking your pet just doesn't cause the most sensical flagging to take place. I believe it just happened to me today where someone had attacked my pet by casting a spell on it, and I put both of my pets on him, and this caused me to become aggro flagged. But then in a different case, I think i might have seen someone flag crim for putting their pet on my pet (we were both blue).

    These weird characteristics are used and abused by people on my home shard.

    There are other weird incidents which work the other way - one time I put my pets on someone in town and they appeared to auto-attacked back (melee struck the pet) and get guardwhacked for it.

    There may be a difference in how it works when someone casts a nasty spell on your pet vs. actually hitting it.

    I don't think they were looking at the weird flagging problems in this patch tho? It's a different thing from pet behavior.
  4. UncleSham

    UncleSham Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    ok ,you mentioned issues with guard mode... heres one.
    apparently poeple can give you a count just attacking your guarding pet.

    i returned to siege recently (and to the pvp sceen) now ill admit my pvp skills are a bit rusty , but even i dont think this ones right. (apparently its common yes , but it aint right)

    i had my new dragon out of town running support for my alliance brothers . im blue so im pretymuch standing there trying to cover my friends . i hadnt issued any commands other than guard me.

    i get a message on the lower left "player x is attacking you" . now im fairly observant and drew up player x's healthbar (hes red to me now) and barked all kill and targeted him. next thing i know i get a message "you have been reported as a murderer".

    im not entirely sure i even killed the dude . i AM sure noone else attacked me personally.

    how did i get a murder count when the only one i attacked was someone who had attacked me first ?

    my guild mates tell me it was because i had pet in guard mode .if i have my pet in guard mode, folks can attack the pet and give me a count whether i do anything or not.

    whether this a bug or "as inttended" i cannot say .
    as i said it might be legal .. but it aint right.

    if folks are gonna attack my pet i SHOULD be able to return fire without beeing flagged criminal.

    and this deal with my pet in guard mode is just rediculous . i didnt even return fire. does this mean i can never use guard me on siege cause someone MIGHT attack it anywhere i go ?

    i guess im glad i have a confirmed kill ... [​IMG]
    i just wish i didnt have to burn off a stupid murder count when i wasnt the agressor.
  5. There are a lot of flagging bugs.

    Last night some red attacked a guildmate of mine and called the guards on him. Don't ask me how that one works, but it's definitely an exploit.
  6. Calell

    Calell Guest

    Sar, was your guildmate wearing armor with reflect phys on it? Most pvpers stopped wearing it due to the flagging bugs because your reflect hits first before the aggressor hits you, therefore flagging you [​IMG]
  7. simple
    the person was fighting your pet NOT you.

    the person never attacked you corrrect ? only your pet judging by your own words.

    wasn't there pet changes just recently ? and oh hey, didn't they have something to do with how pet's behave and commands ??? Hmmmmm

    time to adapt [​IMG]
  8. Not sure, but I don't see how a red can attack a blue and flag the blue... that's asinine. It's like this...
    "when I try to murder you, you will be commiting a criminal act by being an innocent I am murdering"


    Flagging bugs make bunny angry!

  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What he means is since the publish that makes pets take on their owner's notoriety, when idiots attack your grey or red pet, the owner can not defend his pet. The attacker instantly heads for the closest guardzone and absolutely nothing can be done to help you pet. If you defend it, you will be guardwhacked. There's a lot of bugs in the pet notoriety. Grey pets never unflag, they will stay grey forever. Red pets can't be defended.