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why does it cost $6 more for a group meal then 6 individuals?

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Guest, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ok i have a question.. before the lower cost, all home cooked meals cost $10 per individual plate, or $40 for a group of 6 meals. Why is it in todays standards, it now cost you $3 for and individual plate but $24 for a platter of 6 meals. so we are being charged an additional $6 per group platter. If I were to make 6 individual meals the cost would be $18 but if i make a platter of 6 meals the cost is $24. Can somebody please explain the logic behind this? Why aren't there the discount for a group meals anymore, but instead a larger amount being charged? Guess we are better off making individual meals since ever dollar counts now lol. I am hoping this is a fluke. 6x3 = 18 not 24 unless there seems to be a new math out there lol. So to make 20 group meals tonite actually cost me $120 more then had i cooked seperatly for my guests and would have not had food thrown away and wasted. lol so I guess names better get his cooking up so he can stand over a hot stove all day or better get a soup kitchen started in our house, so i can sit and eat bon bons all day and socialize with our guest lol ... Names do you hear this? Quit sleeping and get studying that cooking! After all, you have your snow now so YOU have time to cook since YOU don't have to mow our grass/sand lot. (and no fair sending them to Walts for me to have to wait on them)
  2. names

    names Guest

    ok MRS mianames....

    I studied this problem... so have come up with a way to change the kitchen area

    1. we only serve individual plates of food
    2. we therefore save money by only needing one table and chair to eat off
    3. visitors will queue up to get served in an orderly fashion
    (this will make it easier for you to serenade them)

    any queue jumpers will be shot with my new shiny cannon

    its not going to be a soup kitchen................ as I can only cook Scouse

    hmmmm.... thinking about it once visitors have eaten my food they can then queue up to use the one toilet facility provided
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A similiar question was asked here, you might want to check out that thread.

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