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Why I'm glad most TSO players don't use this forum...

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Rach, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Rach

    Rach Guest

    *dusts off pom-poms*

    To begin, this post is not an attack on stratics or the stratics establishment. I think forums that allow discussions about a game and provide help to new players is and has always been a great idea.

    These are just my opinions, and of course I know you have the right to yours. I'm just saying it now, before somebody else does.

    You can say what you want about me, but I have been and will remain a gamer. Even as I became an adult, I am still a product of my generation. i love games.

    And as such I happen to enjoy TSO. When the more recent issues started coming up, some people left, some people got rage, others stayed hopeful.
    I have and am still hopeful for the outcome of the game. I don't want to see it die.

    I am very glad most TSO players do not come to this forum. Because luckily, most people still playing this game, do not carry the same negativity and disdain many people here have for the game. I make this post, not to bash the people here, but more so for the people that sign up new, that they see the negativity and complaining is not all there is.

    Now I'm sure someone will say that Stratics isn't affiliated with EA so it doesn't matter. But because stratics is probably the most popular forum that discusses this game, I think it does.

    What my main dislike is the thought of a new player coming here and being turned off of the game by what they see. In City Hall, there are a handful of posters that post regularly. Take a look through page one, you might find a few people who post once or twice a week, the rest are a small group of repetitive posters. Including myself, at times.

    I asked around, and most people said between 25-50 different users regularly post here, but I'll take into account the semi-regulars, and I'll give a generous 100 different posters. I'm sure somebody can tell me something different, but go back and look from january 1st on, and take a look for yourself.

    Now, 100 regular posters approx.... well, the amount of current TSO paying subscribers is currently more than 100x that. Not to mention the very large amount of people who have signed up for free trials. Now of course, some of these are certainly duplicate accounts, but the ratio is very significant. If you dispute that information, please seek it out for yourself.

    Also, do remember, Stratics is not officially affiliated with EA. I know they do not claim to be, but I think a lot of people forget. EA Devs CHOOSE to be involved here not just at the official places like the blog. But they certainly aren't obligated to do so.

    This is a cheerleader thread I guess... I've made one before, and I'll probably make another in the future. [​IMG]

    Btw... i just think it's sad when people think 9.99 entitles them to anything but the ability to play a game. Look, there are changes that I haven't been thrilled with. But I know, that EA doesn't owe me anything but a game for my 9.99. I'm glad EA is more open than a lot of other companies, many online games do not give the players the time of day except if they are reporting a bug. I just wish more people would remember, you have free will, no one is asking you to play this game.

    in closing... this is just another one of those rare threads that is hopeful, and supportive of the future of TSO. And unfortunately, I'm thrilled that a lot of the minority mentality that can be found here, hasn't translated to all of the over 10k paying subscribers the game still has. If it had... we might as well start preparing our TSO eulogies now.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am so excited for the future of this game Rach.

    I have always loved game, but TSO (unintentionally) was my first online game. And it will always be my most sentimental. I'd hate for it to sit stagnant and fail. I would love to be able to continue to play it.

    I'm all for the work that the devs are doing. I want to see the game grow and expand, I want all the things that we used to talk about years ago as (ifs) actually happen.

    I often worry about what a new player coming to this forum would see. They wouldn't see the posts like this. Full of excitement and optimism.
    Yes we need to be able to debate. But honestly most of what happens on this forum is not debate or improvement of the game.

    People can call me a cheer leader or any of the other similar terms used for a supporter of the game... thats cool.. I've been called way worse.
  3. Yes, b/c they would get the impression that the majority of TSO players are complaining. That is not true. Most Simmers just go with the flow and have fun. But some let it seriously get to their head, to the point where it's almost scary!! This could definately turn some players off away from the game.

    FYI ppl, beggers can't be choosers. I think MaxisLuc was nice enough to change the direction of the game, and yet ppl are STILL complaining. And it's not even finished yet.

    But still....
    ...the forum has boomed w/ people many moons ago. I hope it happens again. I want lots and lots and LOTS of new ppl on the boards! That would be awesome if this game would become that popular again. [​IMG]
  4. dinaj

    dinaj Guest

    Although it is nice that they did "save" the game (still waiting for the opening of EA Land to make that detemination) , I am positive money was more of an incentive. You know what they say ... A few hundred dollars a day, keeps the repo man at bay .... [​IMG]

    I whole heartedly agree though that the fighting and negativity on here leaves one with a sour taste and in the past has affected my game.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I agree, sometimes i actually laugh out loud at the comments made here, the kind that are not made to give devs constuctive feedback, but to rant and rave for whatever reason.

    If anyone has seen "Waiting" the movie about restaurants, some ranters remind me of the lady who complains about her steak just because she can. You just want to spit in their food and tell her what her kind of people are doing for the world, nothing good.

  6. There are people that really want to be heard by fellow players or EA, and this is one of the only ways to do it. People get super passionate about what they do and do not believe in. Instead of looking at it as rating and raving, try looking at it as passion. Clearly there are some people that blow a fuse and say some things that are nasty about posters they don't agree with, but for the most part, stratics is a community of people with a love for their game. I try to see the good in every post and the point they are trying to make...whether ardently or madly.

    I would like to think that when a new player comes here they, too, get swept up in the heated disscussions, the ideas, the agreements and disagreements... the wonderful world of stratics as we know it! :p
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmmm... most of the chat I have been reading IG, seems to be mostly on the negative side - but, then again, maybe I just go to negative places.
  8. Rach

    Rach Guest


    Hmmm... most of the chat I have been reading IG, seems to be mostly on the negative side - but, then again, maybe I just go to negative places.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I think it's possible.

    Personally, the other night I was at a lot full of people playing a game and carrying on - everybody seemed to be having a good time, and not even a hint of the negative came up. Most the places I've been, including stores and money lots, everyone's spirits have been up. I think there had been a nice boost of in-game moral.
  9. People say City Hall is worse than it used to be. I find that untrue. A year back, or two even, while there were more heated debates.. there was also more of a positive compliment to them. Once the updates stopped coming everyone seemed to fall into a type of trend. Only a rare few kept believing.. I was not one of them, but I tried for so long.

    Now that the changes are here people can't seem to get out of that rut. I have tried a few online games and never have I seen people think they are owed anything for staying with a game they complain about for years and years. If $10 is that important to you, so important that you have put yourself into this negative mindset, perhaps it is better spent elsewhere. I'm not telling people to leave this game. Not even close. But good grief.. I'd rather keep my sanity.

    I've always loved this game. I hope to play it like I used to. The people I have met through TSO and Stratics are invaluable to me. The possibility of meeting more like them.. it's even worth my tree. [​IMG] I heart TSO *\o/*

    Yea, those are totally pom poms.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I couldn't have said it better myself...

    I fly Rach! [​IMG]
  11. JRock

    JRock Guest

    I so agree with you. Sometimes the posts discourage me a little so much so that I have taken the liberty to block the people that have nothing but negative things to post.
  12. As many of you know, I'm a cheerleader from way back. City Hall hasn't changed since the day it opened. Rants and negativity have been here since day one. Years ago, I would get caught up in the drama and outraged by the negativity being spread about the game I love. I made a decision then to be a cheerleader. People can disagree with me all day long. They can even hate me for being so positive about the future of TSO. Even two years ago when nothing at all was happening, I had nothing but good things to say. Why? Because it is still a very fun experience for anyone new that wants to try it! Some even fall in love with TSO with all its flaws and continue to play.

    If the rare thing happens and some day I become so disgruntled that I can no longer enjoy TSO, I will just leave. I'm not going to clutter the boards with a goodbye thread. I'm not going to rant about everything I hate. I'm not going to tell you what should have been done to save me from leaving. I will just stop paying and leave.

    I've had no problem posting about things I like and dislike but I can also do it in a constructive and positive way. I used to worry about what new players would think if they stumbled into city hall without warning. However, I've been here long enough to know that someone like Rach will come along and post something positive for them to read too. [​IMG]
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest


    If the rare thing happens and some day I become so disgruntled that I can no longer enjoy TSO, I will just leave. I'm not going to clutter the boards with a goodbye thread. I'm not going to rant about everything I hate. I'm not going to tell you what should have been done to save me from leaving. I will just stop paying and leave.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Right on Gracie! that is how I look at it too.
    And also, for all the years I've read this forum, I've always been rather impressed with the way you've handled negative and positive...

    I got nothing but love for Gracie.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If anything stratics has kept me playing longer. Of course, I can only speak for myself. My in-game friends did not come here and most left long before I did. Luckily I kept some friendships by moving onto other games with them.

    The complainers and negative threads (as already stated) are nothing new, and neither are threads like these. In a year it will be someone else making this post and the rest of us that are always here wonder where the time went and trying not to get dizzy from all the circles [​IMG]

    we can only hope that so many positive great things are coming that they drown out the negative (without losing the constructive criticism of course)