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Why is space so limited in this game?

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Big Taco, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Big Taco

    Big Taco Guest

    I've never been in a game where you have so little space to put stuff. Why can you only put 5 pots in a stack? How many slots is the biggest bag? Can you make bags? No player houses like UO, and I can fit less in WoW bank then UO. [​IMG] In UO, you can put 125 items in your backpack and bank box. *shrugs* Plus if you get a house, that's like having 50+ bank boxes. Well, depends on size of house, but you get my point here, right?
  2. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    Why so many limits? Just they way it was designed. Probaby to keep people from becoming packrats...I mean, come on, did you SEE some of them UO houses?
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    to encourge you to sell stuff and keep the economy more balanced.

    It's a good thing and this is cming from a pack rat in UO hehe
  4. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    At the end of my time in UO, I had four active account all sporting at least an 18x18. Each was filled to the brim. In fact, when I decided to leave, it took 3 months to close down my homes. Give to friends, sell off, trash.

    I was a huge packrack, and still each of those toons, and their banks are packed even though I highly doubt I will ever load KR and try again.

    In WoW, space is as hot of an item as epic gear. When you first start out, all you have is a 16 slot bag. and a small bank. By later levels the starter bag is the smallest bag you have.

    You asked how big do the bags get? I think the largest is a 24 slot monster. They offer specialized bags for Miners, Jewelcrafters, Herbalists, etc. and with those bags, you can only hold items directly related to that skill.

    I have come to the conclusion that Blizard will probably not ever impliment housing. Each time it is asked on the official WoW Boards most players nix the idea saying this world is designed to let you call any Inn/Bank home.

    Even with the start up of guild banks, I see the hording already starting on my guilds tabs. Finally once I asked the GM, why are we keeping all of these lowbie greens? Dis them and give the mats to a chanter.

    Less is More in WoW my friend. Make a few bank alts and adventure on [​IMG]

  5. Big Taco

    Big Taco Guest

    Well, that's just it, how do I know exactly what I should keep and sell on auctions and what I should just sell to vendors?
  6. Tailor can make bags, largest standard bag is 20 slots. There's also specialized bags (for crafts, enchanting mats, smithing mats, warlock soulshards) that can go up to 28 slots.

    If you're a hunter, you can get a leatherworker to make you ammo bags (28 slots max).

    You can also buy bag slots in your bank space (1st bank space is 1g, then it's 5g, 10g, etc...but you can put any size bags in those bank slots). And if you have a guild, there's also a guild bank.

    As to what to sell, what to keep......

    an item that's white has some use (mostly for crafts, some for quests), those usually sell decently.

    green, blue, purple are all good things to sell (uncommon, rare, epic, respectively).

    and anything that's gray, you can sell to NPC vendor, those are just junk (some of these junk actually can sell for a bit of gold, like 1-3g, once you're higher level and getting higher level loot).
  7. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    Anything grey is a good selling item to npc vendors with a few exceptions.

    Here is something I have made a TON of money on.

    When you go an instance run, watch for grey shoulders for characters around 15-17th level. These grey items are worth a mint. Most shoulders are not available to characters until 17th level, so if you get some that drop out of WC, or VC or in the Stocks of SW sell 'em!

    Also, easy to get things like wool is worth a ton. On Kilrogg, a stack of 20 pieces of wool fetches 4.5 gold. Wool drops on foes around 15-18th level and I get great gold from them. In the later levels, a grey drop of armor, or an old weapon can net you 2 or 3 gold so I always get in the habit of grabbing all I can carry.

    Hope our wisdom is helping some, lol.

  8. Big Taco

    Big Taco Guest

    Yes, everyone has been very helpful, thank you ver much. [​IMG] I'm just overwhelmed right now. I know I can make like 50 chars on one server, but everytime I make a new char just to hold stuff, I can't help playing them and before long there bags and bank are full too. [​IMG]
  9. You can make 50 characters on a server? I thought the restriction was 10.

    Back when I was reading the Blizzard forums, one of the mods mentioned that lack of storage space was by design. Part of the game is figuring out what to keep and what not to.

    Part of the problem for beginning players (which, after two years, I am still one) is figuring out what to keep to the future, and what to discard. Sometimes I discard stuff I should have kept. I sold a lot of furry paws to vendors before I realized they should be turned in at the Faire. More often than not, however, I keep stuff I don't need. I have gone back to characters I haven't touched in many months, and am astounded by what I have been hoarding.

    It is like hoarding copper because someday you will need it for a blacksmith or engineer, or leather because someday a leather worker will need it. I would recommend selling everything on AH, taking the money, and buying larger bags and bank slots.
  10. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    You can make 50 characters overall. Only 10 per server. So you can have 5 servers full of alts, or 50 servers with 50 mains. Why someone would do that is beyond me though...
  11. Big Taco

    Big Taco Guest

    Oh, I thought i was 50 per server. Well, I would only make chars on the server I currently have chars. But 10 ait bad either. In UO, you can only make 5-7 chars per server(shard) depending on what expansion you have.