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Why is the Lava Lamp Game, called a game? And this re-new is still COMPLETELY confused about it!

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by jasminemoon, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. jasminemoon

    jasminemoon Guest

    I still don't understand if the Lava Lamp Game is called a "game" that there is nothing that I am supposed to do except to wait for a message from EA. At least that is what one person told me.

    How to play this "game"?? I'm assuming since it's called a "game" that there is something I'm supposed to do besides wait on an email saying "we are on round 3"!

    I realize I just re-returned about a week ago, but I read things like: "I have a target card". What IS a target card, do I have to have it to "play". How do I play? I've searched the boards but they are very vague...

    The threads regarding the Lava Lamp Game are always discussed in a way by those that have already played...assuming that the re-new player knows what they are talking about. Even when I go to the blogs, same thing, it addresses the people that are already playing and speak in a language that I cannot derive any answers from.

    Someone told me that once game 3 starts that I should go to the ATM..but what about this "target card" thingy...is it something I'm supposed to already have. And if I don't, does this mean I don't get to "play the game".

    And the words "playing the game" mean absolutely nothing to me, because I have no idea how to play!

    Can someone please explain this "game" to me in easy to understand detail??!!

    I've asked it several times, in drive by posts, but maybe those that are already playing don't even know if I am able to play? Or how I'm supposed to go about it if I want to???!!!

    Really, I could use some serious information here.

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. there is nothing in my personal inventory. Should there be?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    go to the blog site for info ----> click me

    the new part of the game hasn't started yet, so don't worry about having anything in your inventory right now
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So far we have had 2 parts of the lava lamp game.

    Game one (red) consisted of 2 cards that we had to match the design, we had to locate someone else with one of our cards to trade with so we had a matched pair.

    Game two (orange) consisted of 7 numbered cards and a target card in several different colors,the goal was to trade numbers and colors to make the target. For instance if I had blue 40 I needed to trade all my non blue cards for blue cards that would meet my target.

    We havent been given any details on the next game yet, they say they will get progressively harder.

    If we get all the colors (I believe 7) we will get an animated lamp with all the colors in it. Apparently other lamps wont be animated but will contain any colors you complete the game with. Even if you dont play at all you will get a white lamp.

    Anyone can get additional cards at the ATM including free players, by purchasing simoleans.

    You will get as many lamps as you complete cards for, if you get 2 red and one orange you would have one red and orange lamp and one red lamp.

    Hope that helps. [​IMG]
  4. jasminemoon

    jasminemoon Guest

    Thanks Niki,

    That's the most information I've gotten all along (mixed with some I've already read on the blog). I've been to the blogs but I don't know..am I supposed to go to the ATMs to get cards now? OR do I need to wait until the next "round" starts?? If I get cards now will I be able to participate in the "rounds" I've missed..will it help me in any way in the new rounds?? Do ppl trade cards? Do they buy them at stores?

    P.S. I am a paid returning player signed up the first day I came back, yet I've received no messages in my inbox regarding cards or this voting thing I just saw that ppl received a message about today..literally NO messages- NOT ONE, I even had a newborn roomie get birthday cake with a message {I didn't get that [​IMG] on any of my new avatars I've created -have 6 so far and intend to create the optimal 8 soon }...I'm beginning to feel like my MOMI (or is it DADI..I forget which one does what) is neglecting me *baby cry*

    Aren't I supposed to have some sort of "main card" in my inventory? Or was that just something included in the last game?

    And now I need to post about why I have received 5 error 23s in the last 45 mins. It's bad enough that I'm lagging to all get out..but before my sim can catch up on the lot..bam..error 23!

    And since I've got someone kind enough to answer, and thanks again btw, is there a better place to store my cc? I clean my folder out regularly, but I have yet to see anything but boxes as tables! Is it because of my slow isp connection?

    I'm becoming very depressed...a player in game told me I may not be able to play lava game because I wasn't here for the first two. I realize that the game is going through a lot of bugs right now, but if re-signing up means I miss lava lamp game, amnesty, and I never am able to see CC...I will wonder why I'm paying to play right now.

    Thanks in advance,
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The first two games are over but you can play the next ones!

    Give it til tomorrow on the voting cards, if you still dont have them send an email to [email protected]

    Are you talking about CC you made or that you just cant see other peoples CC?

    As far as I know your in time for amnesty...anyone else know for sure?
  6. jasminemoon

    jasminemoon Guest

    Ok, I will email devs if I don't get a msg by tomorrow thanks..

    And as far as the CC, I haven't created any of my own YET; but I intend to. It's other ppls CC that I cannot see. I truly have yet to see any of the CC tables and I see alot of the "black vase on a stand" everywhere. Occasionally, I will see what is supposed to be in it's place. I do though, most of the time, see the skinned items.

    Btw, per reading a blog..I am only running ONE account (always have only ran one). So, the explantion of not seeing CC because of running more than one at time, does not apply to me.

    I read in another thread that you can "buy or barter" cards..is this so? If I can, how would I go about it?

    I've read that you can get the cards from the ATM (don't know how to do that though)..but is this impossible until the beginning of the next game?

    Thanks again!
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If you cleaned your CC cashe you should see CC, so if your not it may just be taking forever to load. Prolly someone else knows more about this then me, I rarely have trouble seeing stuff except on my one lot, and I have no idea the effect of dial up but I suspect it cant be good. [​IMG]

    You cant get cards until the next game starts, next week I think. To use the ATM you need to find one and then withdraw funds from your paypal account. But you should get one set automatically on your oldest sim.

    In order to play the game we can trade, or buy them from each other, tho I think buying them is rare, most people are happy to trade for free to win themselves.
  8. jasminemoon

    jasminemoon Guest

    I have to completely give you complete props Niki. Since I've came back on board you've been the most helpful mod when I've had questions about re-entering the game!

    *give Niki cookies*

    Thanks again!
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yay!! Cookies!! [​IMG]

    Happy to help anytime.