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Why So Serious - Mature US Order Guild

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by tasharin, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. tasharin

    tasharin Guest

    Inevitable City deserves a better class of asskicking. And we're going to give it to them.

    Mercy is the mark of great men...guess we're just good men...well, we're alright. We may not be the first guild to reach level cap, but we will be the last force standing on the battlefield. Our well coordinated relentless assaults will grind down even the most stalwart of defenses, leaving our enemies bloodied, beaten and demoralized. Because, let's be honest. What's more fun than slapping around some emo Choas, wannabe goth Dark Elves and dumbass Greenskins.

    We are currently looking to expand our roster with mature gamers who are interested in growing our community and just plain having fun, mainly through the stomping, crushing and annihilating of the young Chaos punks who would burn our homes, despoil our lands, mess up our lawns, and just generally be a nuisance.

    There is more information about the guild on our forums, but just to answer the most common questions:

    1. Do you have a website/vent?
    Yes and yes.

    2. What classes are you recruiting?
    Presently....all. We're more interested in getting good people than class balance at this point. Please remember that healers and tanks are always in demand, though.

    3. What type of guild are you? What are your end game goals?
    Anyone playing warhammer that isn't into PVP is in the wrong game. That said, however, I'm still personally interested in seeing all the game has to offer and will lead PVE raids should the interest be there. Might as well see all the content we're paying for in my opinion.

    4. What type of players are you recruiting? Hardcore.....casual?
    I've never understood the assumption that hardcore and casual players can't coexist in a well structured guild. Personally, I used to be very hardcore gamer (60 hours a week), however my schedule doesn't permit that on a regular basis anymore. On the other hand, I'm not really happy if I can't at least be competitive with even the most dedicated players, so I still play more than a casual player would (say 20-40 hours a week). This guild will NOT be accepting people solely on the basis of their supposed talent level or playtime.
    Good person with limited time >> jerk with alot of time on his hands.

    If you have any questions about us, or would like to fill out an application, please feel free to visit WhySoSerious.ownstheinternet.com.
  2. tasharin

    tasharin Guest

    Just as an fyi, are currently on the server ******. Will update should this change.

    Edit: Just found out even naming servers is against the NDA. Will provide server info should you decide to apply.
  3. tasharin

    tasharin Guest

    Appearently Tyrion didn't get brought over from Closed Beta to Preview weekend...or at least it hasn't made the list of available servers for at least a couple hours /cry

    So I'll be abandoning the old Tasharin and starting a new toon on Blood Keep. Why? Cause I think it sounds cool.

    If you want to meet up with some of us, feel free to roll there. Though just as a warning, 95% of our guild won't be on till after work tonight (Friday).
  4. tasharin

    tasharin Guest

    Anyone else suffering from withdrawal symptoms.


    *tears out hair*
  5. Noun

    Noun Guest

    Don't we all? :scholar: